CES Cru - Changes Lyrics

My overtime wasn't on the check
Sick I suppose
I didn't call my girl back
She think I trickin' for hoes
The cab show
Twenty minutes out the ETA
Drove through mid-town and passed by some spots we ate
Perhaps it could've been me in the back of the seat ballin'
My head on heat with the pressure to keep callin'
But, with that reaction I appeared too soft
Besides I ain't got the time to get my ear chewed off
I need the

[Ubiquitous (Godemis in the background):]
I gotta get mine (Love, Hate)
I'm locked in the grind (Stress, Bills)
You gotta get in line behind me (Law, Dough)
This is mine (Life, Kills)
I'm right here now (Sleep, Wake)
It's all clear now (Stay, Strong)
I finally found the faith to face my fear now (Life, Short, Days, Long)
It's like

[Godemis (Ubiquitous in the background):]
Page it I can't call it (Cyph, Break)
I'm in to deep (Spin, Paint)
Tryin' to make rent (Life, Take)
By the end of these two weeks (Rims, Race)
I'm through with the beef (Roll, Rank)
But if they call me out I'mma kill (Clothes, Chains)
Believe it anybody can get bodied for real (Flow, Fame, Soul, Name)

I got a meeting with the label tonight
I got a couple of verses
Floatin' in my head case they want me to flow
I gotta feeling it was strange
It's like, a reality show
Let's see if I can rap to save my life
Now all my gear looks right
And my beard looks tight
I'mma stare it in the face to see what fear looks like
I got my demo in my hand
A flutter in my heart
We comin' out the dark
Now the fun about to start

[Hook x2 - Godemis (Ubiquitous in the background):]
Page it I can't call it (Black, Moon)
I'm in to deep (Rap, Crews)
Tryin' to make rent (Shack, Rules)
By the end of these two weeks (Gats, Booze)
I'm through with the beef (Shine, Floss)
But if they call me out I'mma kill (Crime, Boss)
Believe it anybody can get bodied for real (Blind, Cops, Lines, Shots)

[Ubiquitous (Godemis in the background):]
I gotta get mine (Get, Down)
I'm locked in the grind (Stand, Up)
You gotta get in line behind me (Life, States)
This is mine (Hand, Cuffs)
I'm right here now (Jail, Bars)
It's all clear now (Time, Flat)
I finally found the faith to face my fear now (Court, Case, Grind, Bout)
It's like

[Godemis (Ubiquitous in the background):]
Page it I can't call it (Cyph, Break)
I'm in to deep (Spin, Paint)
Tryin' to make rent (Life, Take)
By the end of these two weeks (Rims, Race)
I'm through with the beef (Roll, Rank)
But if they call me out I'mma kill (Clothes, Chains)
Believe it anybody can get bodied for real (Flow, Fame, Soul, Name)

[Ubiquitous (Godemis in the background):]
I gotta get mine (Love, Hate)
I'm locked in the grind (Stress, Bills)
You gotta get in line behind me (Law, Dough)
This is mine (Life, Kills)
I'm right here now (Sleep, Wake)
It's all clear now (Stay, Strong)
I finally found the faith to face my fear now (Life, Short, Days)

I need a change

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CES Cru Changes Comments
  1. Jackson Wright

    This may have saved my life.

  2. John Moore

    Strange music is on top of the game.... constant hits one after another ces cru. tech n9ne. ritzz can't nobody fuck with the success

  3. Micah Willard

    Sounds like something murs would be in

  4. Mace Windude

    really these guys! Much respect. I love their shit, just for a few months or so I found out about them, They is coming up hard in my Personal Favorites! Damn Gotta love great HipHop! Damn Thanks Ces! Respect to all!

    john doe

    My fav of all time. You should check out all their older albums if you havnt.. Capture enemy soldiers, the playground, and Iron giant. All these albums are flawless. (Especially Iron giant :D)

  5. William Seal

    god, this beat sounds like an Ant beat from atmosphere....please collaborate soon!

  6. Ευαγγελια Βλαχου

    on 1:40 it is a scene from greece??wow

  7. Nibby

    Been listening to Ces Cru for a while now, and I gotta say you all killed this video.

  8. Piedro Ud

    There's footage from riots of athens there! 

  9. The Truth Forum - YJ

    #minskys #kcshit get up on it 0:34

  10. Nicholas Bennett

    Lmao for real, fuck that shit

  11. have you seen this shit

    Lol tyga is wack! Ces cru needs to start headlining their own tours. I'd buy that ticket and skip work for that show!

  12. merk em


  13. T N T

    sick sick sick

  14. Joe Heastings

    An older dope track love this one as much as everything else they put out

  15. Wade Wilson

    i think that same thing every verse he spits

  16. uv6o7

    Man, you are illiterate. I had to piece together what you just said with grammar to actually know what you meant. Also, I disagree.

  17. naughtydawg300

    I do believe it refers to their future with Strange Music.Not another video

  18. Monica R

    Ubi be fresh as fuck

  19. brent boggess

    Nah not their best but close.... i personally Lotus is

  20. Tony S

    styll one of there best songs..

  21. Titan_

    Well no shit, I know what they're saying, I'm pointing out the fact that there aren't any lyrics around.

  22. wybie the loner

    just listen to the song, it aint that hard :]

  23. Justin Powell

    STRAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE!!!!!! music....

  24. 2vicious4words

    Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar, Vinnie Paz, Alexander Spit, Shoolboy Q, Dizzy Wright, MGK, Snak The Ripper, Bortha Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne, Flatbrush Zombies, .. and so on

  25. Shady Inference

    -Colosseum, -Unfair ft tech & krizz, -Klick Clack Bang, -Freedoom, -Lotus,

    If your lookin for a continuation to the story, check those out

    If your a born technician put your ammunition & your hands up in the sky.

  26. TheRealOtterpop Gaming

    ok obviously i know the signed with Strange, but at the end of the vid it says more to come, but i don't know what vid is next. i gots to see the next part of the little storyline they put together. that shit would be sick. anybody know where i can find it if there is one??

  27. Titan_

    Has ANYONE found the lyrics to this song yet? I can't seem to find this shit anywhere :(

  28. Brandon Harris

    Hahaha no they're not.

  29. FollowTheSunDown

    wheres techs verse? he just is in the vid not the song

  30. Ph3n0m47

    Man strange needs to sign me PROMISE to kill like a wild animal in all prospectives!!!!!!

  31. Da Mos Gifted


  32. Coathangastrangla1

    I wonder if they were putting verses on "unfair" at the end of the music video

  33. Caliboi902

    deff needs to be longer

  34. jose muniz

    ces cru changed my life!!!! #strangeeeeeeeee

  35. jose muniz

    this song gets me threw my days of work for sure.

  36. jose muniz

    does any one else get the chills when they vibe to this?

  37. jose muniz

    this shit is the truth .

  38. donniekong11111

    great song

  39. OKDC1990

    hope to see these guy collab with Swollen

  40. Dragon's Roar

    That means tech doesnt need to spit on every hot song produced by artist from strange music. If you think that than I suggest you watch a lot of other music videos. There are plenty of videos that have artist cameo who DON'T SPIT A VERSE OR SING ON IT.

  41. Quemical83

    Nothing special? How about checking out more of their music. Check out the 4 nothin' acapella, and klick clack bang

  42. GhettoSage

    Holy shit, Ubi does really look like Dmitri.

  43. Dragon's Roar

    Tech isnn't the only talent in strange music dude.

  44. Dragon's Roar

    You are,.... nvm

  45. imperial kushsmokers

    You have no idea.

  46. SPAZZ134

    It's not a question of popularity. Legends are people who have contributed largely to what we call hip hop. Legends vary from different people. They may be legends to you, but perhaps not to other people. I feel like Ces Cru will do well for sure though.

  47. Evil561

    All in good time people, they are getting the exposure they deserve, and that's all that counts. Real Hip Hop / rap still alive

  48. Alex Brown

    ces cru is my fav artists on strange but there the least popular artists on strange

  49. VolumeMHZ

    new to strange music homie

  50. kcstreetpoet

    Kansas City is preserving Hip Hop!!

  51. Tony Reilly

    These legends need more views this shit is amazing

  52. Revenge IsABitch

    u stupid

  53. xYouthOfTruthx

    true that.

  54. paco cordera

    how about u stop comparing them, they all have skill, the thing is most have different flows and storys to tell, the ones we like more and the story we relate to better is those we like more, but in reality, they are both jus as grand, sorry i didnt notice befo, we jus gotta get some "changes" no?

  55. Esteezy15

    at least we can say whoever is on this page listening to this music knows what real rap is

  56. WasurenaiYurusenai

    indeed anyone can be a rapper but not anyone can be a great one; that yela fool is shit compared to sadistik and macklemore.

  57. paco cordera

    thats some real stuff, couldnt of said it better myself

  58. paco cordera

    man, u dont kno shit if u sayin Yela aint a rapper, he got a lot more balls than this paul wall fool, and it dont matter where u come from, anyone can be a rapper, u jus gota have the skill to do so

  59. APrivilegeAI1

    I like this alot! Luv these dudes mayne!

  60. Rumble Beez

    lol y'all act like there ain't raw white rappers out there like myself...3rd best white rapper ever? cmon man

  61. CuriousGMusic

    this videos dope just imagine gettin in a booth with tech they're beyond hyped

  62. undergroundh1ph0p

    @michaelschneider305 Your trippin. Grouch, Eligh, Slug, Apathy, Benefit, Aesop Rock and Macklemore. All dope as fuck.

  63. qwqwqwqw99

    I want those xany bars from around 2 mins

  64. Bryan Perez

    thank god rappers that rap about something esle than weed, money and hoes.... fuck lil wayne!!!!

  65. michaelschneider305

    2nd best white rappper ever or maybe 3rd yealwolf, paul walll and him

  66. A C Brown

    i can see that

  67. AlakahnRah

    except i need one more verse from both of you :)

  68. AlakahnRah

    damn i think this one of my favorite ces cru songs,
    i enjoy the whole package.

  69. Schan Schan

    Give It Up is one of my favorite songs of all time!

  70. RedReaper89

    @MrCescru and unfair fire bro

  71. bossman510

    @RedReaper89 or roxies?

  72. RedReaper89

    @bossman510 maybe 1mg xanax

  73. FlareonBoy136

    dayummm.....dope track.

  74. bossman510

    @MrCescru what were those blue pills? volumes?

  75. bossman510

    I know the bars were xanax, nut what are the blue pills? volume or roxis?

  76. AlakahnRah

    holy fuck im feeling these guys, where have i been and how have i not found this before.,

    Finally a dope fucking duo!!
    with unique chemistry as well!

  77. Alejandro Sanchez

    Who knows where i could get the instrumental to this???? Or who has it????? HMU ASAP !!!!!

  78. Ghastly Jenkins

    Where can we get the lyrics to this song?

  79. Chriz Ramoz

    Awesome how they met up :D HipHop isn't dead it lives within strangemusic!

  80. Astroboy

    The white guy looks like Dimitri from gta IV.

  81. Michael McElroy

    @rippasix210 featured on tech... they hope he takes off.. they destroyed

  82. rakhim

    2:05 to 2:22 the Ces are ascending towards the king of darkness

  83. CuriousGMusic

    love these guys yo much respect

  84. Vanni Card

    They're not underrated they're underground lets keep it that way!

  85. german5192

    Can't remember who's who but one is Ubiquitous and the other is Godemis together they make up Ces Cru.

  86. J Wavy

    I'm not getting it.. Is the white guy or black guy Ces Cru... or are they BOTH Ces Cru.

  87. SunDevils

    damn I'm glad they signed with Strange, ill for sure buy their album first day it drops

  88. Quarib Chowdhury

    congrats on your strange sign up. can't wait for the official lp.

  89. Macc Dree

    @MrCescru Ubi, im so glad that yall got the opportunity to work with tech, not only am i glad for yall (that's a big fuckin step in the right direction yadidi) but if u hadn't I woulda prob nvr heard of yall..ur two of the sickest ive heard since i first started listenin to strange..i wish the best for yall and hope someday I get to do a track with the two of u.

  90. Alex Timmons

    @MrCescru Don't forget the new classic Unfair.

    Congrats man, expecting big things from you guys.

  91. Andy Ford

    @bossman510 they were oxy's

  92. Boony Brown

    Ces Cru and Swollen Members should do a song together

  93. mike cors

    FINNALY something that dont sound like young money... Keep at it! Welcome to strange music!

  94. ninjajake209dp

    Welcome to strange

  95. bossman510

    what were those pills?

  96. PhatyB THC

    Welcome 2 strange! 2 people are retarted

  97. D.A.M.N Music

    Welcome to Strangeland.

  98. Wood Berry

    Welcome to Strange!