CES Cru - Axiom Lyrics

Truth is something we may never know
Someday we’ll be free and take control

[Verse - Ubiquitous:]
Wake your mind up, you feel the earth spinnin?
You heard your voice was insignificant, I heard different
Committed people change the world even in small groups
It’s the only way that it happens man it’s all truth
John Lennon knew it, and Martin Luther knew it
The truth is you find it inside the heart of any human
So if you’re ready do it unlock it and set it free
Rest in peace, Jack and Bobby Kennedy, let it be
Where did Amphetamine originate? It’s man made
The war on drugs is just a motherfuckin band aid
And you’ve been fed lies, caught up in the head lights
I’m bout to break bad, Walter White tread light
Waitin at red lights, sit for the control system
Heroin addicts smack their arm and go to soul prison
Discard a dream for that sweet fix, feed addiction
And we don’t read directions, … or need prescriptions
I know a lot of people out there don’t believe in us
What freedom is, freedom was or what it even does
We’ll see what’s up when the score finally evens up
And these corrupted leaders pay for all the ways they treated us I know…


[Verse - Godemis:]
These aren't the arches, regardless, you gotta luv it
It's either that or leave it so pray to the god above it
They wish for crowns and heaven with brethren, I got a budget
Open the cellar door to escape and somebody shut it
And what I inhale is a little more than Kim Trells
No matter what I puff and burn, I'm neva fly as Denzel
But if it's true to you that I deserve the fire in hell
They must have made you the executioner, you got the intel
And ? fails, stood up against [?]
And actions will go unnoticed, that's even if they meant well
I drive a point, go a hammer on it when it's nail
The haters mad at me as if I'm the reason that should sell
You'll neva catch me in the pixie, I ain't gettin' near 'em
I know they make these tracks about me, but I'll never hear 'em
Sometimes I roll up and wonder where do I get it
This time uncontrollable urge of the driving force of my spirit
Peel it up, it's a habit, I'm feeling peace when I'm on it
Wrestled with it at times, but I couldn't stop if I wanted
My blood is in the pin and I develop it with every drop
And I know they pray that I quit, it's the reason I neva stop
Rock until I'm rottin', like fuck the spot that I'm not in
I feel double O T like in everybody was jockin' [?]
They come to pick my brain for the answers like I was Plotin
The difference is that my album's droppin', so who you mockin'?

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CES Cru Axiom Comments
  1. TheGamingOrangutan

    and what i inhales a lil more than chem trails, no matter what i puff and burn im never fly as denzel. but if its true to you that i deserve the fire in hell, they must of made you executioner you got the intel" bars

  2. Matthew Schreck

    Me(28), my mom(58) and dad (68) all feel the lyrics in this song, thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom you give life. Your music is a paradisr in the nightmmare we live in. Love you guys, keep going for the stars.

  3. Johnny Jr Beeler

    Im about to break bad walter white tread light

  4. Benjamin Natho

    Bless your soul fam!
    Ya'll have done more than just help thru hard times. Shits real!
    Love you, cause I have ni one in sight to love.

    Johnny Jr Beeler

    Benjamin Natho hold onto that love. The humans that love will all come together one day. And we can all help make a change in our own way. Maybe one day soon. Have a lovely one.

  5. Him Her

    Youll hear me someday i got yall for life

  6. Him Her

    Love yall its awake now ...zzz

  7. Joseph Berry

    The truth and axiom is something that is for sure true

    Kevin Peyton

    Joseph Berry oh yeah stone man? the axiom? explain the axiom?

    Infamous Sam Burton

    C.E.S. Changing Everyone's Soul

  8. james tally

    you guys are so amazing and inspiring. thank yoy