Ceremony - Your Life In France Lyrics

You remember sitting inside the café
Selfishly aware of things you couldn't change
Edith was buried down the same street
Give your heart and soul to me

You remember the first time you called
Life arranged by feelings you felt
Standing in the snow
Always gone
The door in the floor
Always closed

You sat down on the patio
watched the cars go by
Heard the splash from Icarus
Falling from the sky
There was something you couldn't move
You couldn't be
Love turned into reasoning
Became so harrowing

People you loved
Places you saw
Portions are gone

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Ceremony Your Life In France Comments
  1. Stefany Muñoz Torres

    los amo!!!

  2. HollowTrees

    doomer life

  3. Christopher Jordan

    damn theyve changed since scared people*

  4. Christopher Jordan

    damn theybe changed since scared people

  5. Bradley Smith

    I love you.

  6. Lexiaei

    Ceremony es una banda grandiosa no entiendo por que no es tan famosa :c

  7. Lexiaei

    Ceremony es una banda grandiosa no entiendo por que no es tan famosa :c

  8. Christian Francia

    ..... I... I.... I just don't understand what happened to them :(

  9. lobo53695

    terrible album and song...should have stuck with power violence


    lobo53695 And yet you watch this often enough that you felt the need to comment twice...

  10. lobo53695

    trash song and album. jeez ceremony really did degenerate


    best one they've done since violence violence, fuck outta here

  11. Michael Belletti

    Take a swing at the world

  12. Kyle Krzysiak

    how the fuck you completely change your genera of music and expect not to lose fans

  13. John Thigpen-Kraps

    Yeah good job making this music to troll the hipsters. I just heard this and another vid due to a satirical facebook page. Just sounds like Interpol to me. It's not bad, but it's like mac and cheese without Ketchup. It's alright, but it doesn't pop....


    Johnny KRAPS II You're doing Mac and Cheese wrong.

  14. Fabric Couch

    This is a great song. Incredible that it was so panned by shitfork. This is progression.

  15. sebastian experimental

    they capture the feeling of night and loneliness so well in this song and video

  16. Josh Morgan

    Every shot in this has killer compsition. Awesome clip.

  17. Manuel Vásquez

    Apparently... as stated by some hipster-hating hipster in my town, they made this kind of music to troll the hipsters. I was fooled cause they did a really good job making this kinda music. lol


    well seeing as they are named after a new order song, are getting older, and have been slowly moving toward this genre, even stating they are "sick of hardcore" I think your friend is wrong, besides, this isn't hipster music, it's just not hardcore

    Manuel Vásquez

    @shredapocalypse not my friend, I love this post-punk sound. lol

  18. Ben Johnston

    What a video. Great album

  19. Rocket


  20. onehundredcats

    People you love, worcestershire sauce

  21. Xavier


  22. R JN

    This album really isn't that different from their harder and faster stuff. I think it has roughly the same mood and still sounds like the same band. I heard a good amount of post-punk in their older stuff too. Seems like a natural progression to me.

  23. Naaat

    Sounds like the love-child of Joy Division and Thee Oh Sees.

  24. feri crash

    fuck this is great mate

  25. James Charles Boylan

    I want to hear what "Throwing Bricks" would sound like now

    Taylor Johnson

    I've always wanted to see them live, but I often wonder what that would even be like now.

    Justin White

    +Taylor Johnson they still play old shit. theres videos on youtube

  26. Marcos Manso

    all structures are unstable

    Anthony Navarro

    Every Time I Die

  27. Esteban Parra

    perdieron, perdimos solo me queda repudiar su mierda

  28. k suzu


  29. loo nacy

    Not sure if this opinion is cliche or not, but it reminds me of a more "slam" Joy Division. Definitely a step in the right direction.

  30. Adam Schmidt

    this is way better than the hc they used ta play

    Based Elliot

    Debatable, old and new are equally as good imo

    Adrian Martin

    Adam Schmidt hell no!

  31. Mathew Peachey

    mind blown. Ive not listened to ceremony in a few years... really surprised by this. LOVE IT.

  32. 08bourquem

    fuck the government with your fist.


    @Eric Sandoval

    RS IV

    +08bourquem You gotta love both man! I definitely do!

    Krystal Gooding

    Why are cusen

  33. theefuckingboy

    this joy division /smiths worships gotta go..

    Dalton Cardwell

    Are you saying you don't like joy division because that would just be silly

  34. ollie wedd

    fucking hell this is good

  35. neurochunk

    This is good.

  36. Matt Steyer

    This song rocks, want this album to be out already

  37. Timothy Doherty

    Love it.

  38. Sam Valenti

    terrible music video. fucking boring.  like... I GET IT. editing is terrible too

  39. Planet Planet Headquarters

    I absolutely love everything they are currently putting out.
    I've been a fan since Violence Violence and I've gone to many of their shows since.
    I admire the idea that their constant change in sound reflects how much the band has grown as musicians, and as group of human beings.

    Whether or not it may sound like Joy Division, these guys are going through a natural progression. They were kids back when they wrote Violence Violence, and now as adults, they have other issues that they feel they need to express, and in different format. They're no longer angry. Although their influences do show heavily, when I listen to this I do still hear Ceremony.

    It just goes to show that some people were born to be musicians, like Ceremony, while others are only out there to escape. Bands like Agnostic Front and others will never change because of that.

    I love Ceremony, definitely my favorite band.

    Bradford Meahaw

    PlanetPlanet HQ I still hear ceremony as well, and hearing that infused with their evolved sound having joy division inspiration is just the Cherry on top. I love it all

  40. MyHerpderp

    It's dignity! Gah! Don't you even know dignity when you see it?

  41. Antlion161

    Love it

  42. ogg future

    i'm not really feeling this one

  43. jonas rodriguez

    They know its not thé french hymn in the music box right ?

    JP Roussy

    @jonas rodriguez It doesn't sound like La Marseillaise to me.

    jonas rodriguez

    Not at all

  44. Ann CV

    I heard this randomly and I loved it!

  45. Zach Shaub

    Really dig the sound. Getting hints of Joy Division and The Clash. Can't wait for the album.