Ceremony - Video Lyrics

Pacing the room dragging my feet
Watching the fog fill the street
Melody Drive empty at ten
Houses look bolted and low set
The network shows the movies
About persons through the blinds
Watching waiting and everyone cries

I felt the woman come closer
Fifty years moved from picture to picture
Inside it was pouring rain
I could hear the drops hit the screen
And nothing's the same as it was before
Outside the video
I would have loved to be there
To see it


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Ceremony Video Comments
  1. Daniel Maher Gaming


  2. Charlie Sigurdson

    I finally decided to check these guys out. Great song. It reminds me of early Disco Inferno but heavy.


    this song is perfect, because it talks to me and the videos i've made.

  4. Julian Lozano

    Mini Oreo...mini oreo.

  5. Carlos Astudillo

    i cant stop listening to this song

  6. nedsammy

    Good album. Not Rohnert Park good, but fuckin' a. This is one of my favourites from it, I never thought of it as underrated per se, until reading the other comments on this.

    Damn shame. This song is amazing.

  7. Nowheremovies

    it's an okay album, not bad not great.

  8. R Hailey

    i tried, but to no avail.