Ceremony - Turn Away The Bad Thing Lyrics

It's getting harder for me to be alright
My eyes adjusting to the dark
The momentum of all these last resorts
Built inside of me
I always believed there was a way
To get out of end times
Everything I was or said I am
Breaking inside of me

I hope you'll think of me one day
But even in my dreams
I wasn't good to you
I know I'll fall apart someday
But even in my dreams
I've always avoided you

I see a rose and feel disdain
The adoration and boredom of it
All the tired repose that it gives
Dead and meaningless
I don't wanna be bitter anymore
Bitterness is the sin
I wanna be soft and innocent
Soft as any palm

I hope you'll think of me one day
But even in my dreams
I wasn't good to you
I know I'll fall apart someday
But even in my dreams
I never trusted you

Just got into town
I passed by your house last night
No light
Don't ever come back
Don't ever come back to me, I've gone
And my whole life looking for something to love
And I can't find that thing, oh no
To love

The bad thing
Please turn away the bad thing
Please, please
Please turn away the bad thing
Please, please
Please turn away the bad thing
Please, please
Please turn away the bad thing
Please, please
Please turn away the bad thing
Please turn away the bad thing
Please turn away the bad thing
Please turn away the bad thing

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Ceremony Turn Away The Bad Thing Comments
  1. Pup Pup Man

    this is much different than Morbid Angel

  2. Ricardo

    I'm all in for 360 changes but this feels very low effort. Very small detail. Very small passion.

    Good thing I can go back to the old stuff

  3. brendon dodge

    Ross its abby good video

  4. D Cedrick

    is this Ceremony? like Violence! Vilence! "Ceremony"

  5. D Cedrick

    wow. this is classic punk. holy fuck. fuck violence! violence! I mean love violence! violence! but i also love this. holy fucking shit that etheric femenine voice... oh my god.

  6. Dan Rodelo

    What is this shit

  7. David Bearings

    Solo le falta el bigote para ser un señor rollon

  8. Matt Foster

    What the fuck has happened to Relapse?

  9. 8523wsxc

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

  10. Agustín Ortega

    I loved this, even tho is nothing like their old records, this is genius

  11. Putrid Abomination


  12. Gate 47

    A powerful, masterfully crafted track that packs a soothing punch. Stylistically different. Full of subtle dynamics dancing on a powerhouse of a rhythm section. Love it.

  13. Nick Archuleta

    They-The Yoga Class-Have Favored Our Undertakings

  14. TheGreasyStrangler

    What is this horse shit lol

  15. 13 Black Cats

    lol relapse

  16. Taylor Gulledge

    Well that was disappointing

  17. A G

    Pure and utter shit

  18. A G

    Pure and utter shit

  19. bradleeregister

    The video just doesn’t fit.

  20. Derwood Ellington

    Just put this album in the bin with polvo’s celebrate the new dark age , bad brains into the future, and pretty much anything by shudder to think,,, way ahead of its time... the naysayers will say “ahead of its time?? It sounds like 80s new wave synth pop” and will only respond with “In the spirit world now”.

  21. Marcio Calixto de Freitas

    It"s a formidable way of a band mutation!

  22. Lumpen Proletarier

    From gnarly hardcore, Negative FX covers etc to this..


    I know I miss those days. Seeing them live in Toronto for their Violence Violence tour was one of the best shows I ever went to and they were the only band I went to see that night. Actually This is Hardcore was a bit better, me and my friends from Canada almost got killed by FSU cause my buddy stole from the house we were staying at in Philly. I ratted his ass out when getting interrogated. I had no clue he stole anything, but I knew he would be the only one that would steal, and he stayed at the house when we all went for breakfast. When we finally found him he forked up the stolen cash and was mad I ratted him but the people that let us stay at their house were better people and I'm not going to stick up for some shady fucker who leaves me to take the blame anyway.

  23. Andrew R.

    I get a new wave of DEVO, punk rock of The Clash on this new record from them.

  24. Bruno Vazquez

    Didn't this post-punk song came out in 2000?

  25. Josiah Russell

    Does anyone else miss the Violence Violence days??

  26. Yeah Sure

    Fucking trash

  27. Konstantin

    It sounds like raining shit

  28. Mason Rogers

    Calling it now, this album is where Ceremony blows up.

  29. Viktor 1977

    Why youtu.be show me this video?wtf.is not my taste.... Merda...

  30. Morbid Apple

    Bruh I thought this was a punk song.

  31. YannicKalistenia

    no like but not dislike

  32. fadedsun303

    Honestly, their style change doesn't feel that different than if you were an AFI fan. It's still pretty jarring though. At least AFI's style change was gradual, and made sense. Ceremony just all the sudden became an indie/The Cure influenced band.


    I know after Rohnert Park it was a total flip of a switch. They had a couple songs on the Rohnert Park LP that bridged the gap but the rest was bay area hardcore at it's finest.

  33. John Olivo

    Damn hippies

  34. Yecid Ortega

    hipster music...shame on you Relapse. I long the times of Release recs.

  35. Ram Soope

    I was the 667 like.. it's a shame this songs so damn good lol

  36. Robert McFeters

    Everyone in this video is so goddamn pretty.

  37. 8523wsxc

    ass. Next step Avril Lavigne feature...

  38. Robert Vorberg

    Great song, Video is retarded.

  39. Project Excho

    I guess this is better than the previous album, but still kinda lame.

    "You can go fuck yourself with than trendy shit!"

  40. Kool Rock Radio

    KOOL tune!

    Skin Bag Becky

    just heard it on your SONOS station

  41. GoblinZaku

    Which American apparel commercial is this?

  42. William Cutting

    This....this is relapse?

    Derwood Ellington

    William Cutting relapses in the spirit world 😃

  43. Obey Silence

    Nah, it´s like putting sugar into salt, let´s rather stick with fried cockroaches.

  44. Tim McCarthy

    Idk how I feel about this yet... hoping the rest of the album is better
    but I will say that L Shaped Man was absolutely brilliant n a timeless masterpiece

  45. Phobos PC Gaming

    this is beyond terrible

  46. Anon Nymous

    Umm, no thanks. They're just a bargain basement New Order cover band.

  47. Esteban Castro

    Love it!

  48. sxvm 84

    Im of Sick of ceremony!

  49. Brian Kulakowski

    excellent !!!!

  50. Heliosonic

    Song is pretty good and I really dig both old/new Ceremony but this video is like watching a commercial for some idiotic hipster brand. Feels fake. Yuck.

  51. Ismael Huerta


  52. Pepito

    Song rules. Video rules. It feels like a COLORS showcase backed by Ceremony.

  53. bedtimefordemocracy

    Song: very good. Music video: not so much.

    Derwood Ellington

    bedtimefordemocracy it’s a great music video Mr dead Kennedy

  54. Aaron Bourbonnais

    Stories are true about the german tool and HGH reference to solidarity in the orient.

  55. L·ӾӾӾѴĪ

    nossa que bosta mermão...

  56. luax

    sick of living in america

    The Lakers Man



    @The Lakers Man SICK OF H&M HYSTERIA

    Eric Draven Nevermore

    this looks like another pointless leftist propaganda video, millennial style

    Bane's Super Brutal Metal Funtime

    People dancing is Communist propaganda. Of course.

  57. Misael Tamayo

    Thunder and Lightning

  58. Corajehc

    Joy Division, New Order and Black Flag.

    Jared Giacomini

    Jd,no and Morrissey.

  59. JorJunkSpunk Games. JJSG

    2004-2019 still my favorite band. Ross is really nice. I remember watching him and lee from trash talk play skate at rain fest. Broke my brother are mirror hahaha shit was epic.

  60. Jborda20

    Hmm...how hipster of Relapse. Ha

    indica sapiens

    Hipster doesn't mean anything at this point

  61. tseawell90

    Music video sucks but good song.

  62. Samson

    Looks like a Katy Perry music video. Total garbage. Relapse has gone down hill over the last few years.

  63. Zero1234

    H & M 's summer collection?

  64. Henry Ticas

    So here's to fucked up youth
    Here's to burning lies
    Here's to each fucking day that just passed me by

  65. Endless Grind

    *Certificate of Authenticity*

  66. Melina Mardueno

    I’m OBSESSED with this song. I can’t wait until August. I really hope I don’t overplay it before then!

  67. Роман Демьяненко

    Did this band make " Tyranny from Above " album?

    diego ortiz

    No, this Ceremony used to play powerviolence/hardcore punk, now they play post-punk/indie

  68. Carpe Imodiem

    Love their post punk. But who was that enchanting voice in the middle?? Sounds like Whirr! Get hype...

    adit indra

    Chelsea wolfe

  69. bnoise siska

    What kind of label Relapse has become

  70. SinnedNogara

    If the last album was like Joy Division is this like New Order?

  71. Dave Shouse

    wow...I guess that whole "everything goes in cycles" thing is true.
    This is straight out of 1986.
    The band isn't hiding it AT ALL....this is 100% 80's pop worship.....in 2019.

    Get your acid washed jeans, grab a Tab Cola and your boombox and Rock Out to the RAD NEW SOUND!

  72. survivor geek

    idk this kinda reminds me of power ranger mighty morphin angel grove vibes haha love it tho

  73. Sideshow Bob

    I love ceremony. Not so much the music but their messages are always on point

  74. jasmine sidhu

    like it but hope they still play the old school bangers x

    Derwood Ellington

    jasmine sidhu I’m assuming you’ve never seen them live??

  75. WagnerXProGames

    Mas que clipe de merda hein rapaz!!
    ( o musica até que é bacaninha! )

  76. Nicholas Romig

    I remember hearing them when they played super-fast gnarly hardcore. I'm as much a fan of post punk, goth, and new wave as I am of heavy music, but this transformation is still kinda out there. great band no matter what they play though. L-Shaped Man is a great record and this is a pretty great track as well.

  77. steven smith

    this is upsetting at best.

  78. Joey Lummox

    Sounds like Public Image Limited if Johnny Rotten didn't hate women.

  79. BuenasJuergas

    CEREMONY forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...

    Derwood Ellington

    BuenasJuergas yesssssssss

  80. fartslash

    What is this a fucking iPhone ad?

  81. Shannon jaxx

    This reminds me of some 80s retro type stuff.. I like it alot.. I prefer metal, but this is something very different and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it.. the video looks like some kind of gap commercial or something, lol.. but very cool.. I'd like to hear the rest of their album.. thanks for sharing.. cheers..

    K Dan

    Check out Drab Majesty if you dig this band. Drab majesty is like an 80’s band like tears for fears, the cure, boy george.

  82. DespisedDumbass

    So it's New Order worship now instead of Joy Division.


    Its always been new order>joy division my dude


    @Jacob Ehhh I can hear some New Order in L-Shaped Man but it's much more Joy Division inspired to my ears.

    Jake Banks

    @DespisedDumbass ceremony is a song by new order


    @Jake Banks Oh wow really? Thank you I never realised that!!

  83. Elad Baran

    I swear when I saw the lyrics part I was hoping the the last sentence is a link "Please turn away the bad thing", what the hell is happening to relapse .....

  84. Hans penner

    Some heavy music fans can be so closed minded.. Personally I'm stoked that ceremony and primitive man can share the same label haha. Plus they used to be a Powerviolence/Hardcore band.

  85. randomassname

    My tape is ordered and ill be buyin the cd at the store when it comes out.

  86. LemmonFury

    Wow, love it. Pleasantly surprised by this latest Relapse release!

  87. svoboda simon

    how THIS can be on RELAPSE??????

    Keenan Ports

    People act like Relapse has only ever released metal. Merzbow, Goblin, Atrax Morgue, 27, Nothing, it's nothing new.

    Bane's Super Brutal Metal Funtime

    Literally half of Relapse's roster is Synthwave these days, my dude.

  88. Sound of collection


  89. Christian Garcilazo

    Promise to support if you play "sick" at shows

    Christopher Kanski

    They do

  90. A Witty Username

    Not what I'd expect on this channel, but not unwelcome either.

  91. Juvn Cvrlos

    Even L shaped man has a better new order vibe
    NOT GOOD 2/10

  92. William

    Stopped at 1 minute, this sucks. Relapse Records fucking up big time with this.

  93. Corey Drifka

    Made it to 1:15,proud of myself.

  94. gthanglsnnr

    Okay, I see you!

  95. Amir Jafari

    Stop trying to make New Order happen. It's never gonna happen.

    Nicholas Romig

    oh yeah New Order were never successful. Blue Monday wasn't one of the best-selling singles in UK history.

    Amir Jafari

    @Nicholas Romig Well that sure went over your head!

    Nicholas Romig

    @Amir Jafari let me be the first to tell you that your attempt at sarcasm didn't carry over the internet.

  96. Kevin Tiedeman

    Man these record labels will sign anyone these days.

    J-Luke Chesteen

    You may not care, but this band used to be playing blistering powerviolence on their first two records. So, their background in hyper aggressive hardcore and their large following of devoted fans may be the reason that Relapse felt they were a fit. However, I was very surprised myself that this record is on this label.

    Kevin Tiedeman

    @J-Luke Chesteen Thanks for the info, now I know why people are saying "Powerviolence".

    Kevin Tiedeman

    @J-Luke Chesteen Just checked their album "Violence Violence" and I love it.

  97. none of your business

    Tbh this is A LOT better than their last two records

    Juvn Cvrlos

    U don't even listen the record in it's enterity and you say this shit is better than L shaped man, u a deaf person btw.

    none of your business

    @Juvn Cvrlos no i just preferences. The l shaped man and the one before that were boring as fuck to me.


    none of your business Rohnert Park?

    none of your business

    @Edward no the two records after thst one.

  98. Lukas H