Ceremony - Community Service Lyrics

The community
This community
Their community
Our community
Which community
Where's community
What community service
No one wants to be burdened

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Ceremony Community Service Comments
  1. xsethmichaelx

    I fucking love this shit. It's still Ceremony, and it still kills.

  2. JoeDobz95

    they are tipping their hats to pre-hardcore old school punk. garage stuff :-)

  3. Brandon Hom

    theyre still the same band.. their energy has changed probably due to playing thousands of shows. imagine them covering this in their old style and then realize that they have matured

  4. Ballsack Jack

    I wonder where they will go from here...

  5. Pete Wade

    All Ceremony is amazing regardless

  6. Pete Wade

    It's like The Cure.
    But angrier sounding.
    Also, a bit of The Cramps
    Not as good as Rohnert Park but still amazing

  7. Suburbannite

    in their next album they better travel backwards in time

  8. Scott Downes

    Dude, they've naturally progressed to this. Think about how Violence Violence sounded to Still Nothing Moves You. Then compare that to Rohnert Park. Then compare that to Zoo.

  9. Lil Dinkums

    This album isn't hardcore. Every album before this was hardcore/powerviolence though.

  10. brosephstalin7

    this is ceremony.

  11. brosephstalin7

    they call themselves CEREMONY.

  12. bob mccrack

    why do they call themselves hardcore ? has hardcore changed the way it sounds in the last year? is this really hardcore?

  13. 666supercaca

    woops i'm in the wierd part pf ceremony again

  14. Avery Oliver

    what the

  15. Tick dickle

    This sucks compared to Violence Violence

  16. Jesse Laderoute

    that's not very community minded

  17. Isolator_One

    This honestly sounds more like Titus Andronicus than anything else. Not that that's a bad thing, but they're a completely different band.

  18. Hence SeventyTwo

    love this!!! - the wonderful Eye Ear Brain Machine website recommended this to me

  19. skndet

    fuckin trend punk

  20. Jesse Laderoute

    this is goddamn terrible

  21. JoelingJade


  22. projectAcy

    @captainchaosism i dont think this is supposed to have zoviet france like depth to it...its just some post punk

  23. maximus50238

    its not the same band anymore. i liked the change with the rohnert park park album, but they got a little too soft with this one.

  24. Jackson Doty

    @cesteacy terrible lyrics compared to his old stuff. His lyrics used to be so much more poetic. This song is shit. Horrible catch-phrase lyrics and his voice does that weird whining thing. Then, a fucking reprise of the verse at the end? Terrible. It's weird but the sounds of the instruments I like, the music though, I hate. The guitar, vocals and drums sound so cool but what they are playing are not.

  25. cesteacy

    I first heard about this band today and thus have no knowledge of their past works. i can not compare this song to any other of theirs but, as a song, this fucking sucks. who cares if a band has progressed/ evolved, whatever. this song is total dreck.

  26. Robbie Pauley

    Good for them for not making the same album over and over again. Good for them for exploring. I like the old ceremony, but this isn't bad. I could get into this.

  27. Scott Angus

    OMG THEY DNT S0UND LYK HARDC0RE. Change with the times you morons.

  28. Nick R

    @ForTh3PUNX Regulations are better fagot.

  29. Apple Sauce

    To me, Ceremony was a little glimmer of hope in the sea of shitty current hardcore. A part of me
    just died today.

  30. Anthony W

    This is really good and all, but they did change a lot. They're like two completely different bands now... Still liking this though!

  31. andpannell

    this is so fucking good. i'm glad ceremony is always evolving.

  32. David Mata

    I love this but I miss the old Ceremony too!

  33. Richarddunn666

    i love this

  34. cachewunna

    Is he telling me to watch community?