Ceremony - Back In '84 Lyrics

Back in 84' I nearly choked on the u-cord
Until my dad came and cut me loose
He said, 'the pain you felt today, it will never go away'
And 'the best way out is always through'

He said, 'watch out for the world trying to shape you
Living here you got to know the truth'
Twenty five years later everything is the same
A civilization gone deaf-mute

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Ceremony Back In '84 Comments
  1. woobiehastelly

    This is a really good song about how to deal with bullying.

  2. Ted Nugent

    back in '84 I nearly choked on a unicorn..

    Nic Sterba

    it's actually U-cord, not unicorn. When Ross was being born he was choking on his mothers umbilical cord and his face was turning blue, thus his father cutting the cord.

  3. bob hope

    unicorn? lol

  4. Mary Hilton

    That's actually what it means! In an interview Ross said that when he was born, his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he almost died. And yeah, that's basically what the song is about.

  5. Corey Burlinson

    tons of great bands still doing what they did, but better.

  6. Shannon Proctor

    I feel like that's what it means.

  7. willalltogether

    whenever i hear "u-cord" i think umbilical cord.

  8. stefan elsdon

    back in '84 i nearly choked on a u cord!

  9. supakidgalaxy

    The best ceremony album I think.

    Pier-Alexandre Cloutier

    "I Think"

  10. Chris Alexander

    Its not unicorn.

  11. FarmerDoom


  12. BrazilianChillin

    back in 84 i nearly lost my boner

  13. Charon

    Still better than most newer music.

  14. Charon

    Punk music is finally back.

  15. Natalie .Slate

    back in '84 i nearly choked on a unicorn

  16. ScUmBag Beats

    boom first one