Ceremony - All The Time Lyrics

Late at night living with myself I'm burning up all the time
Around the first of the month I'm breaking down all the time
Walking with my eyes to sky I'm outside in all the time
At the end of each day I'm digging dirt all the time

I was going on about town
Walked into a puddle and was put out
I don't burn like I did when I was twenty two

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Ceremony All The Time Comments
  1. Franz Rosenthal

    Where is Munich72 ??

  2. Rafael Neves

    A mais daora na minha opiniao é a de 2008

  3. Giovani de Oliveira

    2020. Ta na hora de fazer uma versao atualizads com os indios, as escolas de samba e as sementes do Rio. E chamar Toquio 2020 no final.

  4. Athene

    WHERE IS HELSINKI 1952??!!

  5. Jericho Galido

    How is nobody talking about the lighting of the torch at barcelona

  6. xoxo

    London 2012 was such an epic couldron. Looking forward to Tokyo 2020

  7. scorpioninpink

    Moscow, 1980 is missing.

  8. stephan frank

    what is the bgm??? I want to know

  9. MrDelvoye

    where's moscow 80

  10. 納豆ボーイ

    1:24 and 2:26 are wonderful productions✨

  11. Robert Schmidt

    "The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part. The essential thing in life is not conquering, but fighting well." I could not agree more. Life is not about winning, it's about doing the very best you can and bringing out the best in yourself and other fellow Olympians. Even if you don't win gold, you pretty much go the distance with silver or bronze and that is still an accomplishment in my philosophy. My advice to both athletes, parents, and coaches, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, swallow your pride and push on.

  12. Megumi Christian Anime Channel

    2020 Summer Olympics

    JAPAN 🇯🇵

  13. elan jan

    It started at london, it ended at London

  14. Carlos Valero Chavez

    Next Tokyo 2020

  15. Darryl Nimmons

    Beijing opening Ceremonies the most impressive to date . Hands down. That Archer in Barcelona Spain. Great Impression. most unique.

  16. TheNextGeneration - TNG

    The following editions weren't considered:
    Athens 1896;
    Paris 1900;
    St. Louis 1904;
    Amsterdam 1928;
    Helsinki 1952;
    Munich 1972;
    Moscow 1980

  17. Victor Ferreira Silva

    Moscow 1980?

  18. Cameron Ford05

    You missed 1980 Moscow Russia 🇷🇺 how dare they

  19. Carlos Valero Chavez

    See you on tokyo 2020

  20. Ephraim Moritz

    1896 - Athens
    1900 - Paris
    1904 - St. Louis
    1928 - Amsterdam
    1932 - Los Angeles
    1952 - Helsinki
    1972 - Munich
    1980 - Moscow

  21. Gajwardhan Belbutte

    so nice

  22. beach bunny

    Amazing, I'm from sueol South Korea, my culture is so beautiful. South Korea used to be third world country, then after the war, very slowly sueol starting building buildings, economy starting building up. Then in 1988 that's when South Korea started to thrive. Samsung is Korean, Hyundai, Kia.

  23. Henrique lustosa

    Rio 2016

  24. Lê Đức

    What’s the music’s name

  25. Risma Burns

    The important thing in the Olympic games is not winning but taking part. The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.

    Baron de Colub

    Ali Burns Foundation Inc. (ABF) Since 1948, More info available at the end of the year. More to come..

  26. Игорь Воронков

    Russia Moscow1980 ??????

  27. Angelo-Justice Borden-Tomei

    The Powerpuff Girls (1990-2018)

  28. chr1so

    Why would you remove Moscow? Olympics are supposed to be not political.

  29. Papitchaya Zheng

    Where is Munich 1972 (I'm come from thailand)

  30. Prasham Kumar

    What's the name of the background score?

  31. Juan Zuñiga

    Where is Munich 72 and Moscow 80

  32. dorothy isidro

    All the ceremonies were awesome!

  33. lanara

    Only Athens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ishak Sadat

    I love that the Olympic games bring the world together.

  35. Spaceorca

    Where is the first ever modern olympics?

    Green Hornet

    SpaceOrca it didn’t have an opening ceremony I guess

  36. Rol Dant

    Athens🇬🇷 (Greece) had the best ceremony. Except the traditional style of the ceremony and the amazing explanation of Greek culture from ancient times to nowadays, the fact that Olympic games returned to their home made more touching, unique and special this ceremony.

  37. Rodrigo de Castro Dias

    What about Moscow-1980? Unforgettable cut :(

  38. Nutrex HD

    who in 2018 ?

  39. Joseph Stalin

    Im proud of 1988 seoul Olympic games

  40. Γιώργος Σκλίας


  41. Muhammad Maulana

    can't wait Tokyo 2020!

  42. Heiwa

    I think it’s *BULLSHIT* that Athens weren’t the hosting rights to the 1996 Olympics

    Green Hornet

    Filmmaker they would have gone into debt quicker

  43. Lourdes Martinez

    Didnt they missed athens 1998??

    Lourdes Martinez

    Sorry 1898??

  44. one bbosh


  45. Tails the Anti-Satanist

    2008 is the best opening ceremony ever

  46. jp meunier

    It's magnific

  47. ajvp1988

    Munich And Moscow????

  48. nathmare foxy gameing and plush

    Now what Tokyo hold

  49. Catherine Heridis

    Why was Paris 1896 left out?

    Green Hornet

    Catherine H. 1896 was Athens

  50. Kirisuna OTP

    Uhh where is Moscow,1980?Got some beef against the Soviet Union?

  51. Muhammad Arif Prasetyawan

    What an okay tradition! Too bad these little short months is the only times the universe could somewhat get along!

  52. Kemy Bolt

    Beijing Olympics is something we will never see again. Absolutely mind blowing !!!

    Green Hornet

    Kemy Bolt cough Tokyo 2020 cough

  53. SethKookie BTS

    Wheres Munich and Moscow?

  54. Field Marshal Rommel Vonporsh

    Visually stunning and emotional video it’s just a ride through time when the world comes together and creates the most spectacle events known to man .

  55. Googlefluff857

    "Wow, they sure were selective with their 1936 footage."

    **Sees this is the official Olympic YouTube channel**


  56. Agustín Ramírez

    México 68 ♡ 50 Años

  57. Agustín Ramírez

    Londres 2012 es mi favorita ♥ Beijing 2008 no se queda atrás y Barcelona 92 fue el inicio de las fiestas grandes

  58. Hi y'all I'm Amy the Pizza man

    What about Athens Greece?

  59. snowycat403

    Best one is Seoul 1988 and those grilled pigeons.


    Where is Helsinki 1952

  61. кунфу панда

    А где московская олимпиада? Вот сволочи где олимпийский мишка?

  62. ITS EWAN

    Moscow was the best

  63. F Sady

    but hitlers 1936 is there wow

  64. F Sady

    what happened to moscow 1980

  65. Kostas Mitsis

    No Moscow???? 👎👎👎

  66. Patrick Schmook


  67. Tide-pods Are yummy

    So inspirational

  68. Acey Lacson

    It is very heart warming when you see the world come in peace and harmony

  69. dromeus21

    Barcelona, Athens

  70. Tyler Zelt

    Rio was the best to me tbh

  71. jude0328

    Remember.....Seoul 1988 ♡

  72. Omer Mallhi

    my dad used to watch barcalona 1992 opening cermony

  73. Santtu12


  74. Potato Videos

    But but..2018?!!

  75. a fearful jeffrey

    not gonna lie, I teared up

  76. Sophia D.

    Athens 2004

  77. Peter Mariquina

    I hope in the Philippines have an a olympic

    Green Hornet

    Peter Mariquina you can do it if you’re willing to pay millions of dollars just to bid

  78. Daniel Pittard

    He forgot Vancouver 2010

    Green Hornet

    Daniel Pittard this was only summer Olympics

  79. 우라질유튜브

    seoul 1988 is not fier
    becaus is brid burnt down

  80. Gillian Golah

    Canada oh Canada

  81. Fernando Kaiser

    This...is...GREAT! :D

  82. fredact

    Where's 1980?

  83. JohnnyL REACTS

    I would have to say Beijing #1 and Athens 2004 close second.

  84. Delia Pudney

    London is the best. It has JAMES BOND MAN

  85. Delia Pudney

    1984 Jump Man. Makes it just a little bit better

  86. USS Iowa

    They didn't put 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics?

    Green Hornet

    USS Iowa this is only summer Olympics

  87. Antoinette Louie

    Why is this missing the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Opening ceremony??????????????

    Green Hornet

    Antoinette Louie this is only summer olympics

  88. cat silly

    i really like that olympic clouds in tokyo

  89. Suhyun Park

    Now I am proud of being a human.

  90. Настя Трофимова

    Olympic games are not political, but we will not show you Helsinki 1952, Munich 1972 and Moscow 1980. Ooookay, I believe you, Olympic games are not completely political.

  91. PoRcHik

    Where USSR ?

  92. shedult

    Oh.. How beautiful.

  93. Tasneem Ahmed

    congratulations. Best of luck to all the Athletes. keep it up. Go ahead. God continue blessings and cares on all of us. long lives with good health.

  94. NewWaveFan1

    The Rio games were fun. Loved the bike events through the mountains, beach, and forests.

  95. Husa01

    Barcelona the best

  96. Field Marshal Rommel Vonporsh

    This was truly a visual stunning video

  97. Edmundo Miranda

    Where is "Moscow 80"?...are you really the Olympic games?..
    Please....fake like the western social media and news!!!!

  98. edin tailor

    1984 was in Bosnia not in L.A