Celtic Thunder - Comfort Ye Lyrics

Comfort ye
Comfort ye
My people

Comfort ye my people
Says your God
Says your God

Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem
Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem
And cry unto her
That her warfare
Her warfare is accomplished
That her iniquity is pardoned
That her iniquity is pardoned

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Celtic Thunder Comfort Ye Comments
  1. Barbara Stevenson

    Thank you for posting this, Emmet! Christmas is and was always the music and going to church for me.Hearing you sing some of the Messiah makes me feel like I am really celebrating the birth of our Savior. I only long for more! The beauty of your voice is mesmerizing!

  2. Angeles Piccinini

    And the first performance of The Messiah,was in Dublin.

  3. Angeles Piccinini

    Amazing! A few hours ago,I was speaking with a friend ,musician too, about the circunstances in what Handel composed his Messiah.Then rings the bell of my notebook and enter Cahill singing, very well as always,this precius piece.In a hurry send it to my dear Alex.

  4. Adriana GT

    Thanks for sharing! What wonderful voice Emmet has! Helps me to think in the Heaven

  5. Becky Wilkinson


  6. Kapeka Dunn

    What a Heavenly voice!!