Celldweller - Uncrowned Lyrics

Make way
Royalty is coming
Though some say your welcomes overstayed

Fly high
While you're still able
In time
Your wings will surely touch the ground
When you're uncrowned and on your way down

Big shot
Everybody loves you
So what?
Soon enough they'll all forget your name

Fly high
While you're still able
In time
Your ego crown will weigh you down
When You're uncrowned and on your way down

My nights alone were worth it all,
Just to see your face on the way down
(you're on your way down)
There's no one to hear you when you call,
No hands to help you as you drown
(you're on your way down)
On your way down
(you're on your way down)
(you're on your way)

Hole in your face with pointless noise spilling out
Think about what you say before you open your fucking mouth
Everywhere we look
And everything we hear
You can only imagine how good we'll feel when you finally disappear

It's so sad
When I picture your face
Gone before you knew your place
Your dreams
Let them go
Let them go
With you pleas of desperation
No one wants to hear

My nights alone were worth it all
Just to see your face on the way down
(you're on your way down)
Here's no one to hear you when you call
No hands to help you as you drown
(you're on your way down)
On your way down
(you're on your way down)
On your way down
(you're on your way down)
On your way down
(you're on your way down)
(you're on your way)
(you're on your way)

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Celldweller Uncrowned Comments
  1. Porch Fyre

    This song is 16 years old. Feeling old yet?

  2. Kara with gun

    Reminds me of Zamasu from DBS.

  3. Bethany Mason

    Hey dude! I've listened to just about all of your songs, and I personally love this one the best. You did such an amazing job! That's not to say you didn't do a bad job on the others, though! All of your songs rock! I hope you have an epic day!

  4. El Remolino

    This was his longest song in the works


    MENTALLY AWESOME .............

  6. Pavel Vit


    Pavel Vit

    SPEED Drum'n'Bass Mix

  7. Kylie Wilson

    I love it:)

  8. Larry Fonzo 2x

    Ummm okkkkkkkk

  9. BlueFeral

    Beginning sounds like the spongebob fitness thing

  10. Synthetic Pacifist

    Ok, I just realized this. The track here and the track released with the actual DX-E reissue are different. What gives, Klay? Was this an earlier draft of the completed version of the song, or what? I'm genuinely confused.

  11. The FieryCharmeleon

    This song is to the people who they say that they have orgasim when listening music xD.

  12. tom darrohn

    Oh that is genius!

  13. Uffe Jørgensen

    1:57 my favorite part

  14. Trooper Chick

    with my subwoofer

  15. Seditious Spyke

    A perfect song for donald trump to listen to

  16. Darkness Destiny

    It would be a onor use this song in my project tiger in my next video

  17. Atlas

    fucking 3:23


    Oh fuck yes, this part is so amazing... An eargasm!

  18. Chris F

    Down To Earth Vs. Uncrowned


    Synthetic Pacifist

    Mmmn, that would be good. But, I'm sure someone else could do it too - and still make it great.

    Something tells me your combo and Jericho would mesh well too, lyrically speaking.

    Hannah-Alexandria Aleera-Grant THE GOTH QUEEN

    Chris F this must happen


    Your Wings will shortly touch the ground as you are falling down to Earth and your walls fall like Jericho


    not trying to be an ass, but its "Your wings will surely touch the ground". not shortly.


    You should type this to X Vitander. He makes mash ups so maybe he'll like this idea

  19. HippoHipp.


  20. CHEF

    Oh my god it's better for my ears than heaven. I was this lucky guy who found his fav music in nfs most wanted...xd

  21. Josh Anderson Art

    Dissolved...in time...reduced....to dust!

  22. EndWel Anime

    1 of my Fav song of CellDweller <3 :3


    Scram little weeb

  23. J T

    Former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper; This song's for you.

    Curtis Powell

    +Jordan Thomas Well, there's a comment I'd never thought I'd see.

    J T

    Well, he was "uncrowned", and went on his way down after some really unfortunate ways of running the country.

  24. PC_GameWorld

    This song pretty much says. You better get your life going before you dig yourself deeper in a hole because no one is going to be there to save you in the end its your own fait

  25. The Xealot

    Reminds me of Down to Earth a bit.

    Angel almanza

    DTE vs. uncrowned?

    El Remolino

    The Xealot reminds me more of I can’t wait

  26. Miketastic

    I sense iMovie in this video.

  27. Ionut Manuel

    He does have amazing voice :>

  28. Elio BOU KANAAN

    that beat at 2:34.. and that chorus at 3:05.. anyone knows what songs could be alike?

    Mark zabelis

    Listen to starset,they got some similar sweet songs.


    @Mark zabelis they are amazing!

  29. wotomy


  30. Banner Man

    my ears came


    +Banner Man Get that checked out by a doctor, ASAP.


    A friend sent a link to this. I was like "meh" until the part with words and THEN my ears came

  31. Erik Gustafsson

    i always though he sang "your regal crown will weigh u down".
    Awesome song!

  32. Billy Moore

    Is it wrong this song reminds me of my former boss?

    Rene Rousseau

    @Billy Moore If it is, then what does it say that this song is totally about my grandmother? <.<

    Ibuki Mioda

    Gonna add my opinion: This song honestly reminds me of one of my original characters.

  33. Joachim Mindahl

    wtf is this ?

  34. Bigpimping Papercut

    Listened to the whole cd (the actual cd) for the first time in an actual decent system. Worth the money- for the cds and sound system ;) Good job celldweller! Disclaimer- average person will not notice a difference lol

    Front Rock

    Is it lonely up there on your pedestal? 

    Bigpimping Papercut

    No, I got my PC, unlike them filthy console peasants that ain't got shit XD

  35. SpacerTable

    UNCROWNED i love it !!!! <3

  36. Benjamin Garay

    Does it seem weird that this song always makes me think of Christmas?

    Alexander Hazak

    jap definitely

    Hendrik W

    It's probably the background picture.

    Benjamin Garay

    Just listening to this reminds me of those delicious cookies, fallout tactics, and that book I had to read. 

  37. chris cull

    fucking epic

  38. Sparta

    Love the music, but the ending music creeps me out.

    Electric SpongeZ

    Sparta Mean the outro? yeah that is creepy.

    El Remolino

    That reminds me of what someone said on rq's cum monolith that they like the music but the album art is scary

  39. Diabeetus_98

    Why the fuck was this song not on the original album?

    Synthetic Pacifist

    Pretty sure he finished it just for the 10th ann. release.


    al112v5 "wroted"? Wtf, is that English LMAO 😂

    Electric SpongeZ

    Star Wolf Didn't know hydralisk were wolfs lol

  40. SeaSea Whisper

    Ahhhhh awesome

  41. Janelle Drake

    the song fit Obama real well hmmm? 


    @***** explain, kid. Not with brainwashing media

    Bigpimping Papercut

    First of all keep your fucking politics to yourself, it doesnt belong in music! 2nd of all, ALL POLITITIONS SUCK, including obama, bush, they are ALL a bunch of cash grabbing criminals.


    @***** lol, troll


    @***** sure sure, obama's slave

    cinnamon toast crunch

    guys just calm down and appreciate the music for what it is. We all like celldweller. that's why we're here, right?

  42. Kłamca

    sounds like a truth about me :c

  43. War Guys

    Nice but need Instrumental version:))

  44. The JoKerR

    1.Celldweller at headphones!
    2.Feeling badass!
    3.Gym time!

    The JoKerR

    @Yusuke Urameshi  You will send your Robin to find me?

    Piper Landry

    @The JoKerR Better still, he'll set his flying blue penguin mutant on you.

    Angel almanza

    +The JoKerR he'll send Jason Todd

    Dante from Devil May Cry series

    Headphones are nothing compared to High fidelity audio systems.
    I still have my old Kenwood Mini Hifi component it still serve me well.

    Exodus N

    @Dante from Devil May Cry series

    You do realize carrying an entire audio system while trying to work out at the gym is a bit of a difficult task right?

  45. Tomouski Labouski

    I find it slightly annoying that he must always sensor any swearing in his music, does he honestly think that his main audience would be offended by that kinda stuff?


    In this song, it was a stylistic choice, I believe. He dropped a few F-Bombs in The Last Firstborn, and I'm sure several other songs as well.


    @Thomas Rawlings Heart On, though :3
    "I guess that I'm just trying to say I F*cking love you!"

    Synthetic Pacifist

    And G.L.(Y.F.). Even if it's 'censored' in the title. And that there's a clean version too - which also goes for Heart On.


    I find it funny to read this song, because then he makes a song that literally says "I fucking love you!" multiple times. Oh, and the release of Your Noise (which has the chorus that says "So please, shut the fuck up")

    DragonStar Productions

    Have you HEARD Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)?

  46. ClumsyPlant

    i think ur voice is amazing klay and u dont give urself enough credit :3

  47. TheTonyMellonChannel

    This song is so cool!

  48. Eduardo Manuel

    new youtube comments section suck balls....


    you're right.

    El Remolino

    Oh you think that's bad? Check out the new.comment section

  49. Jess

    Thanks, I actually hate my name soooo much xD

  50. Jess

    Thanks :3

  51. Nathan Tavish

    Couldn't wait 10 seconds in to demolish the like button with 1000 clicks

  52. Martin Kostka

    the bridge reminds me lot of the Fadeaway, good work ;]

  53. Kix

    this is kind of mellow and out of sync to me. guess it's not my taste eh.

  54. Minimoog Voyager

    Eeyup. Klayton created, owns, and runs FiXT music.

  55. Aardvarkwrangla

    I don't really think of anyone. Sometimes someone talking to me.

  56. FragMentEditing

    Blue Stahli is friends with Klayton, but no, they do not make songs together.

  57. X/5

    es una de mis canciones preferidas

  58. GrungeDogs

    Nope. Friends, though.
    And same record. Which Klay (Celldweller) started, if I remember correctly.

  59. DS QA

    True words my friend.

  60. zxSOLIDxSNAKEzx

    They put hes songs on the next MGR


    He's a solo artist.
    You should love him more now <3

  62. Personoide

    Sounds like something out of Metal Gear Rising. Sweet.

  63. Oppai Master

    UK high school is Year 7 - 11 which is 12 till 16 then you can go to 6th form or college after that.

  64. FulgerTheDude

    I love to listen this song with the subwoofer on :D

  65. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    You can as always try to extend the song so it gets even longer. Guess why I make my own extended version of some songs (because they´re good songs and I like them) and if there is pauses that are in my opinion too long I do shorten or simply remove them for the full flow.

  66. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Reminds a little of Donny´s (DnB artist) songs at some of the parts of the song

  67. Vokoca

    Here, it’s 10th - 13th grade, even though the grades are called 1st-4th... and the schools (there are more kinds) are referred to as a middle schools, not a high schools. Hooray for confusing school systems.

  68. Daniyo Kappa


  69. Sucker Punch!!

    "Soon enough they'll all forget your name."

    Matches those assholes perfectly.

  70. ThatShitCrayZ

    Is the original version of the song edited at 2:57 too?

  71. ThatShitCrayZ

    High school big shots? Really? That's as lame as thinking about Joffery with the song.

  72. rogsocial

    how odd that this isn't remixed yet, though it doesn't need to be :)

  73. joao20able

    Huh. In my place that's 10th, 11th and 12th grade that we call it. I'm going there this year.

  74. Minimoog Voyager

    Here, it's considered 9 to 11th grade.
    (Sorry for the long response, I don't really check my inbox often)

  75. CalzerDan

    About two to four, scarred me shitless first time around

  76. SuperLAFWorld

    Lol, I hate to be that guy but you know the "weeping angel" in this video came a good few years before Doctor Who introduced them? And by that I mean from the original album cover as opposed to the reissue.
    Even so, I do agree that they look similar. Love that series and Celldweller so much.

  77. Secretariat

    Doctor Who is good.

  78. ThePunchY

    Celledweller :3 <3

  79. joao20able

    Hmm... high-school is like what? 10th, 11th and 12th grade? I believe where I live we don't give it that name...

  80. Minimoog Voyager

    As a girl still in highschool, I can confirm that that is true. So many of those in my school.

  81. Res_in Peace

    This song is so amazing ! it is soo awesome i love it ;D

  82. joao20able

    "Big shot. Everybody loves you. So what? Soon enough they'll all forget your name." Really good to hear when thinking about their kind-

  83. joao20able

    That's a good poem. And Jessica de Ruig is a cool sounding name

  84. joao20able

    or write replay after youtube in the video url

  85. ThasComrad

    Nice poem

  86. Hatsune. miku

    I love this u sould make more KIND of scremo songs like this

  87. WoLFyy THETHE

    simple good song

  88. Stalker

    Forgottenstar1, i just made a rap about that poem just now. It just felt awesome

  89. Jess

    My friend said my poem reminded me of this

    Make way for the princess,
    Make way for the queen,
    Make way for the person,
    That wants to be seen.

    Forget about you,
    Forget about me,
    Just care about her,
    Just nod and agree.

    Don't say a word,
    Don't make a sound,
    She'll gaze a mad stare,
    And you will be drowned.

    For you are a peasant,
    You are a pleb,
    So watch your mouth,
    And watch your step.

    -Jessica M. de Ruig 16/07/'13

  90. 敷島クルル

    Love this...

  91. MrFugassa

    To anyone who plays Monster Hunter, I heavily suggest this track as background for a Rathalos hunt. Fans will know what I mean ;)

  92. Fanoren Gaming

    Whenever I hear this song, the first thing I think about is Joffery from Game of Thrones. Anyone else agree?

  93. Bestow5000

    It's funny because I was racing while playing this song and it does fit! Oh, the irony. :)

  94. Revelificent

    He didn't necessarily say he wasn't going to sound like a dick, he just stated that he wasn't trying to.

    Just saying.

  95. leah alexander

    just like people who say no offence the proceed to offend you ugh i hate that

  96. Jokenx3

    F*cking love it! Cell, please come to Germany again! D:

  97. Chrysa1is

    Thanks for the hand, but i'm sure Captain Hook would've appreciated it a lot more though :P