Celldweller - The Last Firstborn (Remixed By Klayton) Lyrics

I hear the sound of a heart
I see the darkness surround
I hear the din of the screams
I see a heart set free


I hear the sound of a heart
From the shadow in the dark

I see the darkness surround
the shape on the ground

I hear the din of the screams
Sorrow in streams

I see a heart set free
And my legacy

I hear the sound of a heart
From the shadow in the dark
Waiting for the poison to hit its mark

I see the darkness surround
the shape on the ground
The killer straight up and a body face down

I hear the din of the screams
Sorrow in streams
The smell of farewell and gasoline

I see a heart set free
And my legacy
Hear a voice from a shadow
That is beckoning me

I hear the sound of a heart
From the shadow in the dark
Waiting for the poison to hit its mark

I see the darkness surround
the shape on the ground
The killer straight up and a body face down

I hear the din of the screams
Sorrow in streams
The smell of farewell and gasoline

I see a heart set free
And my legacy
Hear a voice from a shadow
That is beckoning me


I hear the sound of a heart
From the shadow in the dark

I see the darkness surround
the shape on the ground

I hear the din of the screams
Sorrow in streams

I see a heart set free
And my legacy

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Celldweller The Last Firstborn (Remixed By Klayton) Comments
  1. Dracones Scythicus

    there is a version where the staring tune is more longer?

  2. Danilo Nascimento

    Great Sound !!!!

  3. Elias Johnson

    Remixed by Klayon...

    Mira Pelkonen

    Elias Johnson one letter here and there lol

  4. Lucas Sanchez

    you should do a collab with Infected Mushroom!!!


    Holy shit I hate this

  6. Weltall

    He wrote his own name wrong in the thumbnail :D

  7. //Ddimethyltryptamin~ॐ

    imagine him making psytrance

  8. Frost

    anyone else noticed the spelling error in the thumbnail? "remixed by Klayon" xD

  9. Milo King

    Klayton I doubt you’ll ever see this comment but my dad was a huge fan of yours and I literally grew up listening to you. This song was always my favorite and the remixes version is even better. I love your music and you’re a big inspiration to me. I hope I’ll be able to see you and meet you in concert someday, and see you perform live :D

  10. HNTR

    Trance done by Klayton is always amazing!

  11. Gaz J

    Let me tell you, this Klayon guy is *_way_* better than Celldweller!

    Immanuel Hunte

    Klayton is Celldweller.....lol

    vandeuch walid

    tha was just a troll XD


    @Immanuel Hunte Woosh

  12. hecensial

    Damn fucking awesome sound!!!!!

  13. HNTR

    This is more Trance than A State of Trance these days lmao

  14. Eigenlob Riecht-Seltsam

    Rainbowdweller - The Last Unicorn

  15. Benedicta Valentina

    Klayton thanx for existing! This where you actually FEEL the emotion behind the music 🦋

  16. res20stupid

    Can I just point out how weird it was to hear the original Last Firstborn on NCIS, since it's normally a show my mother watches?

  17. FadedWorld

    To much repetition tho

    Reprehensible Meshuggah

    Dante actually it has enough switch-ups for a song its length

  18. JannetFenix

    This one sounds more generic, thus it's probably better at the targetting - but I'll still adore the way the original digs into the bloodstream with the transmission between despair from inside and hypnotizingly measured pulse chorus.

  19. equilibrada


  20. brandon kelly

    The thumbnail thing has a spelling mistake, it says "remixed by Klayon"

  21. Prinity

    this song makes me SOOO much better at PVP thx :D

  22. mossnoth

    I was at a party last weekend and what I thought was this song came on the playlist - turns out it was "Blush" by Razed in Black. Now I have another artist to listen to!
    "The Last Firstborn" came out on 1/1/2003 and "Blush" followed later the same year, sounding like a trance tribute, and then Klayton remixes his own track in a more trance (less metal/progressive) style 2 years later. Love it.

  23. JustAdam.

    "...yyyummmy Lays"

  24. Pavel Novotný

    It sound as mix from Kevin and Perry go large :D

  25. Manuel Ruf

    this is ..... SICK

  26. Nick Vallese

    the perfect mix for destiny pvp

  27. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Klayton is a genius! Awesome remix. Damn, that guitar tone is phenomenal.

  28. Rick Morks

    who got here cuz of cobrak? :)

  29. Cameron Carson

    I actually like this better than the original

    The Nova Wolf

    +DarkKuno yoooooo same!

    Arthur Emmanuel

    This is the purpose of a remix

  30. Cosmic Nava

    Original is way better.


    +CosmicNava The Original isn't "way" better imo. but it's a bit better

  31. conrad marshall

    damn.... can't stay still, listening to this tune, feeling huge energy!

  32. Rosem 7435

    celldweller. The last Firstborn remix by Klayborg. www.fixtstore.com/celldweller #Loyal. Nice remix Klayborg really good!.

  33. Sergio Zertuche

    Oh sorry I was lost


    +Sergio Zertuche Did you get found?
    Or are you still in the box?

  34. Ratchetman

    Best remix of his in my opinion. Effin' love it!

  35. Shade Slayer

    You need a more round view of music to comprehend the beauty

  36. El rincón de Szarps

    original way better, the remix of a a song of this kind is just too much of techno and makes them really bad

    Nathan de Groot

    +El rincón de Szarps he rmixed his own song

    El rincón de Szarps

    mix-ception? :o

  37. The STAIN

    like someone could remix celldweller, cmon, this is shit, simple as is.


    You do know that Klayton is Celldweller, right?

    The STAIN

    i think u dont get my comment ^^

    The STAIN

    @al112v4 ...... another one.


    just say "nobody can remix celldweller, not even himself" and it'll be ok, because initially you sounded like you didn't knew that Klayton was celldweller

  38. Chris Payne

    This was pretty awesome. 

  39. Joshua Alexander

    hey clayton i really need help mixing on my turn tables they are pioneer and it would really help if you can get back to me thanks and love wish upon a black star

  40. t-max22

    I feel that like any remix this has good and bad elements to it in comparison to the original

  41. Tonverg11

    The original one is amazing, but this? Wow

  42. Andromeda Rising

    I just love how he is updating most of his older songs to go with the newer albums coming out.

  43. Cool Critique

    Sorry guys, I prefer the original. But this one is good too ;-)

  44. ThatFuckinGame

    I first heard this in the Pump it up PRO Dance game, was so fun :]

  45. Crash Hazzard

    First heard this on FlashFlashrevolution back when that game was in beta, love the evolution of the tune and that fucking breakdown at 3 minutes
    Got me fueled~

  46. Livv Q

    I don't even have words for this. Just...wow. 

    Alpha Dalpha

    Feeling the Same! <3


    Me gusta

  47. Alpha Dalpha

    <3 it as much as Original! You'r doing great Klay 'Scott' :P Don't stop making this GREAT Music!!!

  48. Soldier Vuster

    First song I heard by him was the original in the first crackdown when that game  came out XD

    Andromeda Rising

    I would have never of heard of celldweller without that game.

  49. Dragon Chama

    I love his songs too much... I guess I'm already addicted not a day goes by with listening to at least 10 of his songs xD

  50. Gary Cooper

    I've been listening to Celldweller since my high school days when Klayton came out with his first album, and to this day "The Last Firstborn" has been my favorite song of all time. 

    I also ran into him twice, briefly. Really cool guy.


    I've only been listening to him for the last few years after I found his music here on YT but I'm the same. I've listened to as much of his music as I could find and The Last Firstborn is still my favorite of his. It is easily on my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Really wish I could meet him! He and Bret from Blue Stahli both seem like really awesome guys.

    Tuke Lee

    I've bin listening to the guy since he was Circle of Dust. love seeing him get better and better.

    Jake The fox

    Is he easily recognizable? I have a slow memory

    Eridin The Virgin

    @Jake The fox There's no way you can't recognize that hair 😂

    Jake The fox

    @Eridin The Virgin unless you're 5'6" and think you saw him at WalMart lol

  51. Radoslaw Dlugowski

    Celldweller - The Last Firstborn (Remixed by Celldweller)


    @***** rockstep is his game 

    Omen Ahead

    @***** actually klayton is a nickname (i think) too 

    Omen Ahead

    @***** Exactly.

  52. Jules Nowak

    your music is better  than that fucking comercial shit which is played every day

    Alpha Dalpha


    Jules Nowak

    thanks alpha

  53. Jules Nowak

    why you're not famous
    you deserve better

  54. killAneika

    Klayton is a genius.

  55. Switch Klay

    much respect to you cellmate :) VERY RARE FANS ON EARTH ARE BLESSED :) KLAYTONFORLIFE!

  56. JazzJackRabbit

    Thats insane.Howcome he aint mainstream then. I mean with music this good...The community is relatively small compared to some other guys

  57. Deatonis

    do not forget he makes alot of these with stahli and he works with many artists! Celldweller has many friends worldwide.

  58. JazzJackRabbit

    Is klayton the guy singing in celldweller?

  59. X/5

    es una de mis canciones preferidas

  60. iTz I AuToFreAK

    listen to Celldweller- Sharpshifter or One Good Reason

  61. HyperSkelly

    I got into Celldweller through the Paul Udarov remixes and I've been addicted ever since. The Last Firstborn is probably my favorite of his songs.

  62. Siún Coogan

    I'm pretty sure the rumoured "porn" is of the auditory form, and that this is an example of it.

  63. Siún Coogan

    Heh, I sometimes refer to Bret's metal-ish songs as not metal, but, more specifically, S̶t̶e̶e̶l̶ Stahli. I suppose CELLstep makes sense. You're clever, lad.

  64. Siún Coogan

    Never thought of that until now... Maybe the same person who did the female vocals for Bret.

  65. Siún Coogan

    I'm not a Dubstep fan, nor one of metal, but anything from FiXT, especially Scott and Bret, Is just awesome, no matter what. You, sir, know how to pick a role model.

  66. Daniel Klein

    When a musican makes a remix of his own song (Y)

  67. Chase Schlueter

    need more of the female vocals and of your own "LISSTEEEENNNN" would make it way more epic.

  68. Keats Goodwin

    This is the live version that didn't cut it to the live album just so everyone knows.

  69. Yudron Micros

    maybe CELLstep.

  70. Living1tUpAllday

    I just refer to him as industrial. But he uses many different styles in his music. He constantly evolves and I love it.

  71. Rusty Shackleford

    Micheal Klayton

  72. Neonskitz

    Psychedelic Industrial

  73. Q13E5

    His genre is somewhat difficult to pin down.

  74. CalzerDan

    what do ya mean

  75. Q13E5

    I can't judge you...

  76. xteme

    YAPHETS !!

  77. CalzerDan

    Its more like punk

  78. willothewispMC

    sounds like something that should have been in farcry 3 blood dragon

  79. Павел

    Ремикс не понравился(кроме первых 40 секунд).
    Оригинал, всё равно вне конкуренции.

  80. Jesus Rezvalok

    He is asking because it's Klayton, not Klayon, thats why he answered...i think.
    Btw, Klayton is the best musician i know :)

  81. Connor Kenway

    Who is klayon???

  82. Jeremy Barnes

    If I had a booger hanging out my nose in public, I'd hope someone would tell me. It's kinda like that.

  83. Laura Esperidon


  84. thanasis123

    fucking awsome

  85. Dan Small

    Love the remix

  86. Alexander Cosmin

    Best album i ever bought <3

  87. TehCakeIzALie1

    It's not a matter of intelligence. It's more a matter of seeing how many people you can annoy in a short period of time :P

  88. Riney

    Love it when new Celldweller comes out. Even when its old stuff just redone. Klayton rocks.

  89. Flayzor

    I am grammar nazi, no hate here, but nice to see the improvement in your grammar. Rest assured you are no longer under my nazi radar.

  90. Fanoren Gaming

    you kidding me? The guy's English is better than most people I know.

  91. TehCakeIzALie1

    It's fine. Most English people can't spell most words in English either.

  92. card969

    Spelling police is lame in any country or language.

  93. Darkshine2606

    I'm sorry that my english is not the best but its just sad that the most german cant even spell the most easiest german words (im a german on my own) its atleast 'better' if they just shurtcut the words instead of totally failing to write them :)

  94. TehCakeIzALie1

    Note the ironic abundance of mistakes in this comment.

  95. Xaris Kouletakis

    So many years....Iam growing up...


    this brings back memories..... I've must have been only 14 when I heard this song the first time. best album.

  97. Jared

    Not really, hes more of a half-assed one. Considering how many grammatical errors there are in the comment he targeted.

  98. Vokoca

    You give a whole new meaning to the term Grammar Nazi, considering your nationality. No offense. :D

  99. Gertjan Van Gastel

    First of all, I ain't German. Second: I'm 19.