Celldweller - Switchback (Remixed By Klayton) Lyrics

Switchback [major distortion and cuts]
I see, is what I get…
Switchback! Switchback!
Switchback! Uh!
Switchback! Switchback!
Switchback! Switchback! Uh!
Wait, how can it be too late
Late, late, late, late [repeats with major distortion and cuts] to-to-to
Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! Switchback!
Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! Switchback!
Never late to
Too late to
Never late to
Too late to
Never be the same!
Wait, how can it be too late
Because I don't want to play
With such a price to pay
Chained to what I can't reclaim
I'll never be the same
Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! Switchback! Switchback!
It's too late to look back
Ain't OK I've got no way to switchback
Same [repeats with major distortion and cuts]
How can it be too late
Late, late, late, late [repeats with major distortion and cuts] to-to-to
It's to late to look back
It Ain't OK [distortion sound]
To late to
Never late to
To late to
Switchback! [major distortion and cuts]
Ain't OK [distortion and cuts]
Wait [repeats with major distortion and cuts and repeats in the background]
Never late too
Never late too
Never late too
To late too
Never late too
To late too
Switchback [repeats and fades]

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Celldweller Switchback (Remixed By Klayton) Comments
  1. rudy zjeb

    imagine how narcistic he must be to remix his own songs lmao

  2. seba Villarroel

    Stoped to Remixed by The Pilot 2006's Wacky Races Forever ❤

  3. Chance Rogers

    I did pretty good at this song on flash flash revolution back in the day.

  4. seba Villarroel

    From The Pilot Episode of "Wacky Races Forever" Produced in 2006 (Not Picked on Cartoon Network)

  5. Parin Majithia

    Over 320+ remix submissions that time. This stands out after all of those. Klayton is God!

  6. twinfyre

    Guys.. it’s all of the remixes at once. He combined every switchback remix into one song!

  7. Chieferson Keeferson

    This should be a klayton edit. Not a remix.

  8. PhraXyDiS Nite

    You serious? Why am I hearing this colossal track now? This thing is pure fire.

  9. Ceri Tsujimura



  10. Terry

    I wish all of the vox samples, including the official, alternate and unused verses, were mixed into this track.

  11. Terry

    I love THIS version of Switchback the most.

  12. テノー・アンダスコー・バイ

    Celldweller, remixed by Klayton... Honestly, I start to get used to Klay's self collabs, especially after Scandroid remix of Scandroid's "Connection"

  13. Guy Garic

    The thing that pisses me off is that this is NOT NOT NOT NOT the song everyone says was in kart racer...

  14. holybagpipes

    Although I'm familiar with a lot of switchback remixes, the Wacky Races Forever pilot episode brought me here.

  15. Alejandro G

    Dat intro <3

  16. bladewolf VII

    the intro sounds nice, but it should be shorter

  17. Flame The Fox

    Did anyone notice in the thumb nail it says KLAYON instead of KLAYTON?

    El Remolino

    On the last firstborn

  18. amalfi5000

    Imagine if Bloody Roar went into a reboot and used this.

  19. Peterx648


  20. wow4Aion

    perfect track for warrior snowballing ;)

  21. Hellscr333m

    You know, I'd give my left testicle to hear a Celldweller vs KMFDM record.

    Nathan de Groot

    industrial nu-metal lol

  22. Mip Mup

    Hi rechyy sent me here xD

  23. manwithaplan 27 jp

    HOLY SHIT!?! epic intro man did not expected that also good remix ^^

    Original 3 thinker PharmaDocYORShitTM

    +jonathan page Always expect the unexpected, will you guys never learn \o/


    But if you expect the unexpected then it is the expected, so what your really saying is to expect the Expected!

  24. cosmic vibe


  25. havΘc

    Best remix ever! Klayton and Celldweller should team up together.

    Totally not sarcastic btw.

    He should call it "Klaydweller". Or "Cellton".


    He could also call it "No I'm Not".

    Oh wait.


    Don't forget to invite Circle of Dust for some industrial sounds and Scandroid for those 80-s beats.


    Celldweller for breakfast, Circle of Dust for lunch, Scandroid for dinner and other collabs and remixes for snacking... how about that?

    Game Fanatic Abdou

    Cellton 😂😂

  26. Lee Hart

    If this could have a little more punch with the bass this would be even better! Love it either way! Thanks for sharing

  27. Xiii Mordecai

    I like how it says Klayton remix, like he's not Celldweller


    dont mix it up ! celldweller is like his superhero alter ego , klayton is just him doing what lil klay wanna do ;D

  28. Rosem 7435

    Switchback. !!!!!!! \_^))

  29. R Kakade

    my ears just had an orgasm..

    Roland Mcfarlane

    +R Kakade my orgasms just had an ear.......


    An ear just had my orgasm

    Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    R Kakade An "eargasm".

  30. Andrew Vashkevich

    Love this version more than live. It reminds me of old Klayton stuff.
    Live version is tuned to be more energetic, while this one - more ass-kicking.

  31. Jesse Fleming

    The background was moving, I thought I was losing my mind.

    Nathan de Groot

    +Jesse Fleming haha yeah

  32. iDentify

    incredible bro

  33. Astr0ish

    That sintax sample at about 3:09 is like one the most awesome sounds to vibrate off my eardrums

  34. Jordan Mousseau

    reminds me of a Weeping Angel.

  35. leiurus

    switch back! switch back!
    celldweller is awsome as always(^^♪


    @josh cobb wow thanks

    Brandon Urieta Fernandez

    It is kawaii... haha

  36. DAudIcI

    "Remixed by Klayton"? (I didn't know anyone does stuff like that besides Renard.)
    I can hardly wait for the "Switchback by Celldweller feat. Klayton - Scandroid remix (Scott's edit)" version.

    Snow Fox

    Renard does something a bit different and for different reasons. Namely, Renard's a fucking cringe fiesta. Basically identifies as a furry music label. For him, it's a fantasy, and a poorly designed one. Klayton just has a few different "projects" that he puts under different names. A lot of artists do this; these projects generally have different teams or different companies supporting them. Then sometimes, artists change names over time.


    The persona probably refers to the style of remix. Scandroid is mild electronica witb 80s or futuristic feel, Circle of Dust is metallic, Klayton is the neo industrial version of electronica.

  37. chupacabra11583

    Awsome remix! Better than the original song imo

  38. Masterz Tecnorockerz


  39. ElPatron

    Best than the original,great work Klayton!

  40. steve0o100

    which mix is the version on kickbeat?

  41. joao20able

    Ok thanks!

  42. firenthefire2

    It costed him a fortune to make. Watch Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary - Behind The Scenes Part IV then you'll get why he hates it.

  43. -Cerpheseus-

    Because when he originally made it, it didn't sound right to him, and since then he has remixed it over and over and to the point that there are tons of mixes and remixes of the same song. It's just that one track he seems to have trouble with. For more information I suggest watching Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary - Behind The Scenes Part IV

  44. xvxSHIFTYxvx Shift

    i love how all the true celldweller fans are argueing why he remixed it, and why and if he hated the song truely or not... glad im not alone as a true klayton fan lol

  45. xvxSHIFTYxvx Shift

    sad but true

  46. ZayWooT

    I went and rewatched the behind the scenes stuff, from what I understood, he doesnt dislike the song switchback as such, but it took him 3 years to complete and a lot of money to make so it was very troublesome, however he said about the video, that the story he intended didnt translate very well so it ended up being a bunch of guys lip-synching to a song, which was not what he wanted

  47. diastole

    I don't recall him saying that about the music video :o

  48. Erik Light

    Cuz it's by him?

  49. ZayWooT

    the entire song? because I remember him saying that he hates the music video...

  50. Akula

    No, Klayton really does hate Switchback. He most likely remixed it to try to breathe his new style into it.

  51. Soulstealer050

    Absolutely loving the new grung feeling to this song!

  52. Matt Spinvey

    really...so why he did a remix
    is that a joke?

  53. Fanoren Gaming

    Yeah, I understand that. I write as a hobby and no matter how good anything I do is, I'm always a little disappointed that it wasn't better. I guess it's true that all artists hate their own work

  54. Breanna Kay

    He keeps coming back to it because he's trying to get it exactly how he originally envisioned it.

  55. Real Faction / Piercing Lazer

    Dear Klayton,

    Thank you for showing you dedication to your fans even though you hate this song, you've remade this song countless times even for the first album and yet you still come out with this a number of years ago. I love this remix. Thank you for being my first inspiration to start making music 7 years ago, you continue to inspire me. Someday I hope somehow I can either meet you or collaborate with you.

    Real Faction

  56. Blood Paladin

    Its too late to look back, i got no way to switchback... oh cmon klayton i know u can switchback so just do it and remake this in ur epic style.. i love you

  57. K. C. Lazar

    The Dead By Dawn remix by No I'm Not does that.

  58. Hieros Godhead

    Not until he makes the version the makes the universe's nether regions quiver in delight.

  59. K. C. Lazar

    It's okay, this version has girls orgasming. He's probably happy with it now.

  60. HyperJ123

    Y U NO 720P?

  61. diastole

    Well, as far as I know, he had lots of different versions of Switchback, he rewrote this song over and over again, but about this so called remix, i don't know. Maybe its one of his older versions or something. (note that these are old)

  62. Fanoren Gaming

    then why does he keep coming back to it? He just wants to make it better or is it because fans request it or something?

  63. UpturnTheUncool

    Does he really? I can't tell if that was sarcasm...?

  64. Aidan Timmons

    What does that even mean??

  65. Nut Protector

    only 2458 views ?

  66. BlaiddVlogs has been moved to Blaidd

    Is it complete now Klayton? Are you finally satisfied with Switchback? Your fans are but you keep tweaking it and we'll keep listening.

  67. Knonman

    720p THIS BITCH!

  68. Z3ro42

    I take back what I said. This remix is Sexy!

  69. Z3ro42

    I like this version. Klayton rulz!

  70. XeroPRODIGY

    Scott hates almost everything he does...

  71. Levente Tóth

    One of the best versions, however, still the Detroit 2001 version from beta cessions is my favourite

  72. hao wong

    the best remix is by klayton himself

  73. diastole

    Klayton hates Switchback :p

  74. Mio Tenacious

    epic as always

  75. Christopher Gustavo Moreno Bazalar

    Cool trance

  76. Niko kakadaw

    First !
    klayton i lovee you !!!!!