Celldweller - Shapeshifter Lyrics

Get Ready,
Get Ready Get Set,
Get Ready Get Set, let's Roll,

Get Ready Get Set, let's Roll,
Road Warrior in a bit of Petrol,
Red, yellow, hit green, then go, breathe in slow


You ain't never seen nothing so rugged at 90
Uh huh, (motha'fucka) with the cops behind me yo!
The boiler's grinding, keep the cuffs, enjoy your doughnuts sir, you ain't gonna find me

It's not likely their brains is blown out
You're chasing a ghost with no brakes, slow down
Hundred proof octane, ready to drink bitch
Stop playing, I'm hot man, gimme that pink slip

Time's up, the animals crept through
Leave them in the dust with a packet of jet fuel
Too quick, eat 'em up, better for pet food
No brain, slow lane, missing your head screws
Skin and bones let mess with your chrome set
Tricked out, hopping like your cruse in a cold chest
Parked in eagle with a safety pin
Take the backseat, now let the games begin, yeah

Ha, get ready, get set, let's roll
Road warrior in a bit of petrol
Red, yellow, hit green, then go, breathe in slow

Shape shifter

Come on man, you can't be real
I'll show you what it is, let the anthem build
Shape shifter
Put the pedal to the metal and go

Tough match, you lost by a hubcap
The big boss spray painted on my mud flap
Get a rush, yeah we're calling your cold bluff
Can never get enough
Step in, hold your breath and hang tight
Known for the big dollar bet in the cage fight
You're playing with the sharks, step inside
Everybody on your mark, get set, now let's ride.

That's right, put the pedal to the metal and go
The yellow madellow with slicks on sending 'em home
Stick cars in the concrete, gripping the road
So quick, get in the palm trees, look out, whoa
We got car keys hooked to remote controls
Hit a button that'll smoke any whip you own
I told you, I don't want to close your casket
Quit now before you go blowing a gasket

Ha, get ready, get set, let's roll
Road warrior in a bit of petrol
Red, yellow, hit green, then go, breathe in slow

Shape shifter

Come on man, you can't be real
I'll show you what it is, let the anthem build

Shape shifter

Put the pedal to the metal and go

Melting! Meltdown!
While time is shifting
Transist! Transform! (out purposely)!
Yielding! Bending!
While time is shifting
Two shapes they can't constrain

Get ready, get set, let's roll

Shape shifter

Come on man, you can't be real
I'll show you what it is, let the anthem build

Shape shifter

If you want it, come and let me know
I'm right here, put the pedal to the metal and go

Shape shifter

Come on man, you can't be real
I'll show you what it is, let the anthem build

Shape shifter

Put the pedal to the metal and go

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Celldweller Shapeshifter Comments
  1. Jason Mueck

    Lets see if you can catch me now Razor. (2,000 ft. Behind)

  2. pawan rohidas

    showed this to my BMX bicycle

    now its a BMW

  3. EclipseRanger

    I know this is from NFS:MW but I think this track would also fit the MX vs ATV Unleashed soundtrack.

  4. vesacksi


  5. Ginger 1001

    I playing NFSMW 2005 in 2020 ;)
    Best NFS ever ;)


    İs free download allowed

  7. K.I.Z Of A Down

    One of the best Nu Metal songs ever 👍

  8. LongNBui

    Imagine trying to act gangsta when your name's Clarence

  9. Justin Attai


  10. JTCPingas

    Suspect is driving a yellow Lamborghini!

  11. Omkar Shah

    When I first heard this song I thought it's a Linkin Park song and those screams legit sound like Chester's screams.

  12. Kelly Estologa

    who still had NFS Most Wanted this 2019

  13. Kelly Estologa

    Suspect is driving a red Audi Le Mans :)

  14. TheSuperRelics

    2019.12.20 18h30m UTC 999820 views

  15. Фиксуляツ

    20.12.19 - 999657 views
    Go to 1KK

    No Name

    1000000 view

  16. The Technicians


  17. Skater Nexus

    Styles of beyond and Celldweller is a perfect combination I’m telling you with the good ole MW 2005 soundtrack with NFS Heat at night really hits different when driving BMW M3 GTR

  18. notTerabyte

    Suspect is driving a red Porsche

  19. Nikolas Summers

    This song hasn't aged well. :(

  20. Thiago Fc

    0:18 Nitro.

  21. Silentype Student Producer

    That scream on the hook reminds me of Chester Bennington.

  22. YD_ LoL

    My friend: bro! Look! Im buying a bmw m3 GTR!!

    Mi mind: 0:01

  23. Yücel Güven

    best nfs game ever.

  24. Billy Mercury

    Driving my Mustang into a wall while this song plays. Good times 🔥🔥

  25. FOLO_X

    Baja and Nfs

  26. KALSKingdom

    The days of old AMVs, anyone?

  27. Bertaz Z

    Qu'est ce que je kiff ce son bordel

  28. Bertaz Z


  29. Nick J Calcaginio

    Suspect is driving a red colbolt ss 😁 / me catch me if you can lmao

  30. 5C0R3


  31. Nick Higgins

    Name: Clarence "Razor" Callahan
    Car: BMW M3 GTR
    Strengths: Everything
    Bounty: 10,000,000

  32. TwistedClown912


  33. สมชาย บุญมา

    ● ●

  34. danX2M

    matt corvus is awesome

  35. Windowzik

    Ach, nostalgia... Ciekawe, czy ktoś pamięta Most Wanted 2005 i pasiastą M3...


    Get ready, get set, let's rowww--

    Row, row, row yer boat, gently down the streeeeem...
    Merrily merrily merrily merrily,
    Into calmer waters and shit. Lmao.


    If you're not laughing, just know... I'm laughing for the both of us. Gotdamnz, the hell typa shit did I just smoke?! 🤣💦
    I'm cRyAnnnn 'cause I lol'd and literally slapped my knee and lol'd s'moar since I didn't know that was an actual thing until just now. 'Cause I did it. 🥴

  37. Klayton Vinter

    Haha everyone is talking about a game and i really don't understand but ok lol

  38. Koronuru

    Blacklist #1 Clarence "Razor" Callahan.

  39. あかつきレヴィ

    Celldweller lives in my heart because of this song

  40. Wdical

    I downloaded this for GTA Online :3

  41. Вячеслав Сучков

    Oh yeah! NFS:MW 2005)

  42. MirelRc

    When this song is playing, NFSMW just feels like a whole different game. It is at a new level of EPIC.

  43. SpeedBoostMan 21

    Clarence "Razor" Callahan Theme

  44. Ghost Motaz

    and me to


    I love this game 👌

  46. Bennie

    Linkin Park 2 announced

  47. Sebastian Stone

    I found this off Spotify whilst making a car themed playlist

  48. Joseph Palma

    who else is depressed that numetal isnt popular anymore,it was always so full of energy and got you all hyped for whatever

  49. PhoeniX

    "suspect is driving white punto"

  50. TheMetaVirus

    God damnit, Razor!

  51. TJ []Time Patroller[]


  52. Aryan Sharma

    Blacklist 1

  53. redha amir

    Nfs mw is the best

  54. Lucas Souza


  55. Franco Rosales

    You are my Aphelion!... Oops, wrong song

  56. 2NA -NFS-

    "Suspect is driving a green carrera gt"

  57. Diego Paiva

    Chester Bennington

  58. TheSoulEater121

    Blacklist #1 - RAZOR

  59. zyzzbro az

    Fort minor ft celldweller

  60. MrPuppy

    Number 1# blacklist is me.

  61. Iron Fan

    Suspect is driving a silver Porsche ;)

  62. NintenDOS

    who else always though Chester Bennington feature in this song? :P

  63. Shvidko Driyko

    speeding ticket soundtrack

  64. 死xylen

    This reminds me so much of Linkin Park

  65. King Belial

    Suspect is driving a silver BMW

  66. xD Cringyyy

    *Comment Section*
    *99%* NFS Most Wanted
    *1%* They like the song


    I finally found this again! Nostalgia is too real, the hours spent messing with cops while listening to this on vintage Most Wanted...

  68. Chopasaur

    Someone from NFS:MW? ♥

  69. vash47

    when the chorus says shape shifter I always thought he was saying "IIIII SHOULD DIEEEEE" lol


    Nu Metal is just so bad ass!

  71. ismir egal

    linkin pac

  72. BAEnito Mussolini

    Beat the whole game with a Mazda RX8. The AI Puntos are what always got me. I don’t know why but it was always the AI Puntos are super fast in the later stages of the game.

  73. Vlad Cup - Игровой Канал

    Моя любимая музыка из игры Need for speed most wanted

  74. whatisalogan

    razor is a little bitch

  75. Cardinal

    Suspect is driving a red porsche

  76. x vladymyr

    sounds like linkin park

  77. VARIO

    Ставь лайк если ты из 2к19!)))0)

  78. Tando

    MXvsATV Wii

  79. X33 Ultrasound

    Cop: "dispatch, you got any more info in that call"

    Dispatch: "uh... Caller didn't get a clear look at the vehicle standby while I call them back"

  80. Striker Blue48

    Best song in nfs most wanted!

  81. Mark San Felipe

    Been playing NFS WM for a decade now and just found out how to drift like a pro

  82. Remi Fraser

    I think that this is the best song in nfs

  83. LotawekPl

    "Suspect is driving a corolla"

  84. Sarwan Kumar Sharma

    The vocalist sounds like Chester from Linkin Park

    Keegan Saetwhyr

    You mean he sounds like Mike, not Chester. They had multiple collaborations together tho, but he's not in this one.

  85. HiMyNameIsMiky

    2:56 Time to spin the NOS

  86. Iron Fan

    *P O R S C H E C A R E R R A G T !!*

  87. Jacob Xiao Long

    Am i the only who who thinks this song feels like it came from Persona 5?

  88. Lxrd Lobo

    2019 ??

  89. Er66rizeal Rvl

    BMW M3 GTR + this song =


    Lxrd Lobo

    Er66rizeal Rvl exacto

  90. Anthony George

    Sweet. £$%^&*( sweet :)

  91. Simul ki

    My Counter Strike theme song!!

  92. Nithin Raj

    99.999^ Infinity came from NFS MW

  93. Dashen Govender

    It's sad to say that local gaming has lost its gold, creative nature, audio bliss etc. This was one of my favourite games because of the environment, multiple tasks and just this VIBE! Games in the past were really something.

  94. Bitelaserkhalif 555 •

    no one talking about death race 2?

  95. Exiled Sku11

    Everyone else in comments:"Suspect is driving a (their custom),Silver BMW."
    Me with Darius' M3 or Audi:"Suspect is driving a Red audi,BMW."

  96. M.S. DimASS

    90% - NFSMW Players
    9% - NFSMW Players AND Klayton's music fans
    1% - Just Klayton's music fans, who NOT playing NFSMW

    I'm absolute 9%
    ...and you?

    aa miw1999

    @etuanno NFSMW brought me to Celldweller which brought me to the rock/metal genre. Now I mainly listen to metalcore.

    Joe L'Horri

    If it wasn't for Most Wanted, I wouldn't discover Celldweller

    Kilo Müller

    im that 1% sadly lmao


    I am 1%

  97. Velathore

    I feel a like I'm hearing a bit of early Linkin Park when I hear this song >.<

  98. TysonDrakeYT

    Anyone in 2019😂😂...Old memories 😍😍

    spacecat ghostboi

    The best Nfs game

  99. Jayant Singh

    I know you are scandroid.✌😊👌

    Crystaldabber 77

    Great. From the 80s. Isnt it?

  100. Poomsit Pongponnapa

    Need for speed Most wanted 2005 Logic
    Before the song : Shit. Police spotted me
    After the song : why is my bounty is over 3 millon$