Celldweller - Retros Lyrics

Everyone has had too much of now.
From mega-cities, like Central, to the vast and desolate Outlands.
Nobody wants more of it.
How it used to feel is what the people want, and Re:Memory offers us exactly that;
Retros - remembered treasures of the forgotten past.

Retros - remembered treasures of the forgotten past.

Everyone has had too much of now.
From mega-cities, like Central, to the vast and desolate Outlands.
Nobody wants more of it.
How it used to feel is what the people want, and Re:Memory offers us exactly that;
Retros - remembered treasures of the forgotten past.

Retros - remembered treasures of the forgotten past.

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Celldweller Retros Comments
  1. willianaol2000 Cookie

    I reaaallyyy love this song it's amazing, i see too many people talkin of this song remind them of tron

    But this songs makes time travel to my childhood somehow!!! AAAAAHHH IM FLY

  2. XThe Dude

    The two time 🔥

  3. JumboJoffer

    Love the songs so much I thought they were more popular

    Alex Arias

    Would be cool, but mainstream music tends to fuck up the unique genre of artists and which genre they come from

  4. Derpidot

    I read blackstar its great

  5. Ursula Livesey

    This track reminds me of Vangelis Blade runner and Daft Punks Tron music.

  6. Altalus

    I am extremely late to the party, but MAN is that disk awesome. Made me buy the book to get the full story , and loved to see your "mark" //_^) in it!

    BRB, gotta check your full discography x.x

  7. Archaeon Timothy Joans

    all the people who disliked this please listen to it again. sometimes it takes more than one listen to like it

  8. Epsilon The Ethot Slayer

    Great CS:GO music kit

    Epsilon The Ethot Slayer

    Here is the times for what is played
    1:32-1:36- Bomb Planted
    1:47-1:59- Ten Seconds left on bomb
    1:00-1:05 - Choose Team
    2:09-2:12- Deathcam
    2:21-2:26- Lost Round
    0:29-0:59 - Main Menu
    1:07-1:20- Round MVP
    1:47-1:59- Ten Seconds left
    2:24-2:26 - Start Action
    4:16-4:25 - Start Round
    2:28-2:38- Won Round

  9. Adorian Korvin

    For me you are the greatest exponent in the scene, you touch every fiber of those who like the future as much as retro, thank you very much for giving us and delighting us with your music !!

    para mi eres el maximo exponente en la escena, tocas cada fibra de quienes nos gusta el futuro tanto como lo retro, muchas gracias por darnos y deleitarnos con tu música!!

    greetings from Mexico.

  10. Yaroslav Akulov

    It's just... just... I dont have any words. Just eargasm!

  11. Anti You

    I feel like there might be some kind of deeper message in this song....

  12. Toxicolaris

    Is this supposed to be Synthwave?

  13. Eric Sarason

    Where do you guys think humanity will be in the year 3239?


    Eric Sarason Hopefully in other star systems, maybe we will have cyborg or uploaded consciousness.

    The Ace of Space Official

    IDK...but i hope that they will listen to Celldweller


    N If this is the case Klayton is the first to be uploaded so he can make music forever XD

  14. Bosanski Gopnik

    this should be in hotline miami

  15. Wookie schnitzel

    Where can I find more of this "Outer space" themed music?

  16. Raj Viper

    //_^) Love your music \m/

    Yaroslav Akulov

    me too lol)

  17. sepehr afshari

    Awesome Song Man. I heard this from Rechyyy video about Doppler knife Guide for Counter Strike Global Offensive

  18. Paul Reimann

    very nice

  19. Phlegmboy

    So cyber-phunky


    im sorry ;_;

  20. Marcel.

    Wow! Wow!

  21. Jimu D

    Wonderful!!!:D This is one of my favourites, kinda reminds me of a scifi movie I saw about a world where ppl would escape into their memories, is it based on that by any chance?;) I can't remember what the movie was called...

  22. jownye

    Hah this is a great homage to Jean Michel Jarre, THE pioneer of electronic music.

  23. Mathew Kowalsky

    Awesome song, celldweller forever, greetings from Poland.

  24. swagimir putin

    liek dis if u want a karambit doppler sapphire

  25. Anios Arkhangelisk

    This song reminds me of War of The Worlds because of the normal talking with the musical instruments underneath.
    Its beautiful a perfect song Scott //_^)

  26. Declan Cooper

    Reminds me of Unreal Tournament :D


    @Declan Cooper Yup. You read my mind... IN THE FUTURE.

  27. Santiago Peña

    Melodies eighties. Very good bass. Excellent production. Mattresses very convincing.

    Congratulations Celldweller.


  28. E N D E R B O R N

    remind me gost

  29. yim132

    This is my best ear bleeding dog ever

  30. Sensenwerk

    Damn this is awesome.

  31. Dylan Leraix II

    Awesome !

  32. Silver Fang

    Reminds me of destiny somehow


    @Princess Velvet Night DESTINY SUUUUUUUCKSSS!!!!!

    manwithaplan 27 jp

    +TheManWhoPwnedYou u are 500% right

  33. Dwellceller

    Yes, it certainly suits a possible Tron 3 soundtrack....I loved the Daft Punk soundtrack but i hope that Klayton gets a big gig like Tron 3 or similar soon!

    Martin Kostka

    that would be AMAZING!


    He has had his music played in a few movies / games actually. That "Death Race" movie for example, I believe they played Switchback.
    I don't think Death race is nearly as large as trons total gross but oh well haha.


    NotYourAverageTechy Yeah Dead Rising is where I first heard his music, it's just at the time I didn't know it was Celldweller XD

  34. David Dad And Mom

    This song is so good it's ridiculous 

  35. omar Inthedark

    Sick !! Sick !! Sick !! Sick !! Sick !! Sick !!

  36. zinedine606

    Its good a pretty cool, catchy tune. I like it!

  37. Aleksander Großmann

    Just 26000 views?! C'mon guys!

  38. Icky Ace

    Children are doing biotics. 


    BLadeRunner 2 :)    Love it. Really like your cinematic stuff.
    Followed you since Circle of Dust. You've nailed the rich metal/tech/synth vibe I love

  40. MaximTheBeast

    No before Tron, Klayton has to make the soundtrack for Devil May Cry!!! :C

  41. Zcyteck

    Have a tiny bit of kraftwerk in it as well, it seems...

  42. GrgoljBlaster

    Absolutely sublime :)

  43. Drunken Pirate

    -_- oh yeah...

  44. Cameron

    This is 100% Jarre inspired!  Hate the spoken word, but LOVE the music!

  45. Silence .Blackfox

    this song reminds me of captain Future Niiice^^

  46. CalzerDan

    did anyone else think a retro was a person with some sort of special power before Purifieds release

  47. malik peralta

    I love this so much

  48. ClumsyPlant

    tron over lord voice RAWR ;D :P

  49. Maarten

    They should put a movie in this music xD

  50. Firebreath56

    This song reminds me of Mass Effect. :D


    Ahhhh I was thinking that the whole time! Now I want to go kill some reapers.

  51. GoR Noki

    ...reminds ME in Mass Effect!

  52. PC_GameWorld

    Klayton should be a DLC character in Injustice, or the new Infamous game

  53. Blood Paladin

    this music should be in next TRON movie...awesome \m/


    yeah first time i hear this song it reminds me to tron

  54. Chobe

    Hrhrrrrr.. this is awesome.
    Is it just me or does that sound like the sound of (good old!) AMIGA games' music?
    Love it!

  55. srasm

    Reminds me of the Tron soundtrack ... Jeff Bridges talking about the gird.

    Blood Paladin



    I bet it's something Klayton was basing it upon, whether it's a copied idea or not, it's pretty awesome. Alongside his tronified stage set. 

  56. Caedo Genesis

    Find a sci-fi director, and there's an immediate classic. I wouldn't put it past Klayton to direct a movie though either.

    Ersatz Human

    He did direct the Switchback video, but I think he would be better suited in a producer's job, providing the creative input and, of course, the music. I also think this should be a movie though.

    Minimoog Voyager

    Fun fact: He edited the Switchback video himself, too.

  57. Alexandra Kovacs

    amazing! great job, Klay! <33

  58. Zach Wilson

    This was the one track off this particular set that I was most excited about. I cannot wait to actually own Blackstar.

  59. zunady123

    I know these songs are mad for the book but I can't stopp thinking about Mass Effect.  These songs would fit so good in that game series.

  60. Elias Johnson

    Ok, so, all this new music is very retro like and I have to play icaroga, Raiden, or Doom now.

  61. DjDarkD

    Cant wait for a Solarstone remix btw!

  62. DjDarkD

    Great Tronlike stuff man! Definetly retro!

  63. tense37

    No offense to Daft Punk, but this track lead me to believe Klayton could've done the Tron: Legacy score. I don't believe they're doing another Tron film either, unfortunately (or fortunately, since Legacy lost $$$, right?).

  64. mr_tux_fox

    This track is amazing... and after thinking about it, I think Celldweller would do a great job if he were to do the Tron 3 soundtrack. :)

  65. Sean M. Acevedo

    Feels like tron! XD lol.

  66. Zachary Culbertson

    Klayton im so glad ur music reached me. Thank you.

  67. DJ BROLY!!!

    I've been waiting for this for a LONG time. Thank you so much Klay for finally bringing this out.

  68. AvengedLinkinPark

    klayton u r the person i admire the most, as a human kind and as a musician, u r inspiration. the meaning of epicness. thank u so much for your work.

  69. DenzelRealm

    This voice, god! It is so beautiful!

  70. Jeyster

    Goes good with Shadowrun 

  71. Ray

    Retros FTW!

  72. Archangel Wake

    He has been making these songs based on the book, wonder when the movie comes out

  73. TimFly


  74. ATTA rokie

    l love it

  75. Chuck U. Farlie

    I so hope Klayton releases this as an audio-book with the score placed at the right intervals. That would be so EPIC!

  76. Blank Space

    umm not feeling this one...

  77. xSIlentzNation

    Damn Klayton…..this is sick

  78. Thexial

    This is awesome. I love it.