Celldweller - Purified Lyrics

You can see we're alive
You didn't think we'd survive
From the hills and the ground
We've risen from the sound
Through the flames, Purified

Raise your hands to the sky
Raise your hands to -

Purified [x2]

You can see we're alive
You didn't think we'd survive
From the hills and the ground
We've risen from the sound
Through the flames, Purified

Raise your hands to the sky
Raise your hands to the sky [x2]

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Celldweller Purified Comments
  1. 3nt r4p

    yamcha's passion pit

  2. El Remolino

    Key signature: Ab major

  3. Pól Réamonn

    Klayton marathon tonight. Fantastic.


    PURITY IS ALL WE NEED .....................

  5. Ninja Assasin


  6. MaxoscosDM

    My eyes just kept widening as I went on reading that description.
    I guess I'll start saving some money for that, it sounded just as I like my life and favourites: complex, different and totally incredible O[]O

  7. Artem Ivanov

    Could you advise ? Do Klayton has a song "streetfighter"?


    Skrillex are good but I prefer Klayton's electronic music and art

  9. Empire of Truth

    Innovating Electronic music and Metal since like - forever ago.

  10. gircakes

    What I always hear at 1:52 is “beat up the Bi, beat up the Bi *beat a Bi”*
    Wow this song hates bisexuals XD.

  11. ShinjiNOIR

    play & repeat !
    thsi track is my favorit of BlackSTAR

  12. Acheron Rapture

    So old and still awesome in my eyes

  13. Ravagerblade

    It's a fine song, Though I would love to hear the straight up rock tones of it more, as a stand alone.

  14. MrBowser1989

    I'm not a big fan of electronic stuff because you hear it every freaking day,but klayton always hits the point to make it sound good.

  15. Mark

    Great. Children of the Corn are in space. Guess I'm not leaving orbit anytime soon. Oh, great song btw.

  16. Ceri Tsujimura

    Le random comments:


    Refugees: Oh shi

    Civilians: Help...?

    Dominion: No Zerg here git out scr0b before we rekt yuo

    Jim Raynor: Go ahead and try. *You'll regret ever trying*

    Aldaris: *MAKE ALL THE HYBRIDS!*

  17. Cole King

    Celldweller is my next dungeons and dragons character. Alchemist/Bard. His raves are gonna be a blast!

  18. Giovanni Valladares

    Grant Cardone brought me here

  19. Недовольный

    celldweller you the best!

  20. Neon Proxy

    Most underrated Celldweller song going

  21. Rob Parenton

    Thank You.

  22. Alex B

    So it was Klayton who created 2B and 9S!

    Lewis Hancock

    Conspiracy much?

  23. Karisma_ Fate

    Very unique artist , great songs along with blue stahli ✌️

  24. Rohan's Ass

    Celldweller is a must in my life! I'm in love with this guy!

  25. Virt Real

    Great song, great art work

  26. Rimohit Vokej

    Sorry guys it sounds like Pendulum...

  27. mojo bone

    Celldweller: Automata

  28. Dave Martin

    Great track - the iMovie editing kind of ruined it though lol

  29. Marcin Gti8v

    Trafiło do Polski :)

  30. Cobra King

    I like all celldweller songs but this is the best

  31. Bullet .45

    best soundtrack to play Elite Dangerous!

    Fuckin' awesome!!!
    Greetings from São Paulo - Brasil!

    Bullet .45

    Apresente-se cmdr!

    AeroSpace Plays

    CMDR Petterjack
    O loko lembra de mim não? kk
    Te vejo direto lá no grupo Elite: Dangerous Brasil no face hehe

    Bullet .45

    Sim sim, percebi pela mesma foto do perfil. Porém não tenho cabeça quem é quem pra lembrar de todos os nomes de cmdr no game hahahahaha

    Fly Safe, Jack!


    +Roberto Valente CellDweller in general goes with ED so well

    Bullet .45

    +I Am Fletch it's much more exciting - specially Transmissions: Vol. 01 and 02!!

  32. Skelling

    Those robot kids are nightmare fuel.

    Ainsley Ficks

    +Synapse Beautiful aren't they?

    Chyna Pope

    no they aren't

    Ares Walker ARES8

    I was gonna be like "Yeah that's what is newborn kids are gonna look like at that age!" (he's got twins if you didn't already know :D)

  33. Jimu D

    OMG!! awesome!!!!:D I can never get tired of listening to this song :D

  34. Luckky One

    Reminds me of Criss Angel's show. REALLY GOOD SONG


    I like skrillex and EDM STYLE but ROCK is my favorite ! WOOW THIS IS ERM(ElectroRockMusic )style and i like too
    I think Skrillex and Celldweller are like brothers, only differ with Electro dance music and the other with Electro rock music
    Celldweller > Skrillex
    Sorry quickly tapped.


    skrillix is good
    cellwelder is goldlike level
    plus most of skrillix songs aren't good only efew while 90% of cellwelder music is just amazing

  36. Raj Viper

    He's the best


    +Raj Viper I thought this since 2007, still think he is, he probably ever will be!

    Raj Viper

    +NikolayNikoloff yet so few people know about him in my circle :(

  37. abien rheza

    like a rampage

  38. Malcolm Holborne

    Hmm... Clayton has Staraptor hair... or Staraptor is a Celldweller fan.

    Jimu D

    +Arash-Hijun Ihmeki Just noticed that the back and side of the hair looks different than Katze's hair :P But it looks pretty similar on the front, also cause of the red colour that it reminded me of that hair :P I dunno what it's called but it looks pretty awesome :)

    Jimu D

    +Udens Zirnis sickness?:S sorry, you've lost me... :S


    @Jimu D Ok, let me rephraze that. What is 'Katze'? I am tto lazy to google that/

    Ernesto Ledesma

    Udenszirnis that's a Yaoi Anime I believe.

    Jimu D

    he's a character from a light novel series and OVA called Ai no Kusabi ;) so it's not a "what" but a "who"

  39. Gabriele D‘Andrea

    Grant Cardone brought me here

  40. Jacob Simonsen

    Would have been the best song if it wasnt for the dubstep part.

    Dušan Mitrović

    What's wrong with Dubstep?


    Jacob Simonsen doesn't like it

  41. Lord Killearn

    dota cinema bring me here

  42. Razem Baum

    2801 like is MINE !

  43. Zamalko 96

    Celldweller 4 Ever ! 

    I love him :*

  44. The Revolutionist

    Personally, my favourite Celldweller album is his debut from 2003. But I love the cinematic elements in his newer releases. This song is a perfect example of those cinematic elements, it just gives music a more epic feel!

  45. BrotherAlexander40k

    This is one of my favorite songs he's done.  I have a lot of favorites when it comes to Celldweller.

  46. PRIS3 Conspiracies

    Celldweller outweighs Skrillex. I had to listen to his mouse-voice sh*t all day everywhere like my friends' houses or studios for workout. I can say, Celldweller has the key to making Music much better, and Skrillex's wubwub, lfo, wow, woah So-called "Music" is just major trash. I do love dubstep, but the REAL Dubstep drops like Celldweller, Excision, and Downlink are just the madman's bass drops. Celldweller is the alternative artist to the roads of Electronic Rock Masters, and so is the same with Blue Stahli, Skylar Cahn, Excision and SeamlessR. I love Electric, Neon Rock, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Pop, Dubstep, Hard Rock, Punk-Rock, Alternative Rock, Orchestral Rock, and Metalcore. Celldweller's new album, AKA End of an Empire, is a perfect blend of Electronic Rock, Nu Metal, Rock, Pop, Drum and Bass, and Alternative Metal, and Soundtrack for the Voices in My head Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are just pure perfection! Skylar Cahn makes Alt Rock, Movie Soundtracks, Dubstep, Metal, Choir-Orchestra STs, and Excision makes the perfect drops of Metalstep, Rockstep, Drum and Bass, and Electro. I personally like all these artists myself, but I must say that my favorite album of Celldweller is "Wish Upon a Blackstar."
    When I was younger, I loved Skrillex and Fox Stevenson, I loved their wub wub drops and Skrillex's stuff, but as I got older, I just realized that I lost my taste for the two artiss. I LOVE Metallica, Ratt, Asking Alexandria, Crown the Empire, Linkin Park, Skylar Cahn, and Excision. I am a music composer myself, as contributing to my rock-music style. I make electro music too. I make a couple of videos with friends, with their voices and characters put into them as well. Skrillex is still an 'every-now-again' artist, and I will never lose my taste for metal and rock. Empyrean, Elara, and the Sentinel are my favorites by Klayton, and I like some other songs as well. I love creepypastas, animating, music-production, action movies, and CGI, and I will most likely be able to do animation-profession jobs one day. I have all 24 albums by Celldweller, and I have many albums by other artists. If anyone that loves Skrillex or likes to complain about dubstep being better than other music, then I won't bother to respond. I respect the musicianship of Excision, Swoon, Fonik, and those other artists, but the glitching voices just go over my taste of that stuff.


    It's interesting that you say all these things. I'm sure you've heard the 4 original tracks on SftViMH, Vol. 3. and I honestly categorize those 4 songs as "cinematic dubstep". I don't know if that's a thing, but it seems to be what it is to me (this could be true for some tracks on Vol 1 and 2) and because it's REALLY hard for me to find similar material to those songs, I just hold Klayton up on a very high pedestal because no one else seems to be doing what he is doing.

    He's got the sick beats, he's got da droppin' of da bass, he's got the emotion and the feeling. I get goosebumps when I hear his music because so much is going on and he is somehow able to make a huge climax, and then give that climax a climax. It is just so unreal to me how a song can do that. I am so glad you posted those 2 bands that you mentioned because I've been trying to find artist with similar "cinematic dubstep" and I hope I can find material that is somewhat on-par with Celldweller's instrumental works.

    Also, can't wait for Scandroid, it's gonna be epic!


    An Artist. A Music ARTIST.

    Kalin Abriyam

    This guy gets it.


    do you know what's depressing? how long the comment is. you do know your shit tho

  47. News with D'Cruz

    Good job celldweller! You music is great! I hope you will get 100 000 subscribers in thw future!

    Night Prowler

    now has 130 000 subscribed...

  48. Miketastic

    the iMovie is strong..

  49. raydu78

    First time I listened to it, I was playing The Walking Dead Season 1 ... Now I always remember of that great game when I listen to that great song 8') Moreover, the lyrics are perfect for it

  50. Pavlik

    Amazing song. Didn't hear smth this lvl for a long time

  51. TheCyprusX

    For everyone that says Celldweller has to go back to his roots as metal-industrial, hear me out . 
    I used to listen to CD when I was 16 years old . 8 years later I still listen to him , and I appreciate the way he evolved and changed because I changed too . You can't stay the same 
    there is an evolution and change that had to take place , because things can't always stay the same. 

    Vanesa el Briged

    TheCyprusX his roots are what circle of dust is. :) I agree that he evolved, though combine his roots with what he is now would evolve him more!


    Reading your old comment, I'm so glad you finally got a new COD album.

    The Sleepless Knight

    it's why people hate Nickelback and Foo Fighters now days...

    Chessia Rüner

    Hey look someone who gets it. Musicians don't sell out. They evolve. Hell I am happy that my tastes have evolved with everything. It's part of life.

    Chessia Rüner

    @Andy Wolfe Benjamin Most people hate those two bands because of how overplayed they are. I mean Nickelback does have talent. Not my sound at all, but I get why people like them. It's just overplayed as hell.

    The "Photograph" meme was the best though.

  52. Gami

    3:42 is totally my favorite part


    My is 3:30. :3

    Elias Johnson

    My favorite part is 0:00 to 5:35....again...and again...and again...and again

    THE Z M4N

    +Elias Johnson so in guessing you really hated 5:36 :/

    Elias Johnson

    @TheZGang That part just sucked, hated it. It was like soggy Cinnamon Toast Crunch. X6

    Rosen Hristov

    all ugly things on my are the voices and the thing i feel hate u all u noot. haaahaa ugly forever and never can i get good for u that englisch skills afe epci.... 8

  53. hydnt main

    this sounds like wall-e trying to poop while having massive constipation

  54. TheChillVirus

    Thank to DotaCinema it bring me here:)

    Rosen Hristov

    thank to my dumb mind to bring me here we are same:)

  55. Zikri Kamarulzaman

    Celldweller > Skrillex

    Nat Wel

    +Alex Nexus He went out with Eliza


    Andres Paz Soldan

    By far.

    Chessia Rüner

    I wouldn't mind seeing a collab though. I mean the collab Skrill did with Korn was pretty decent.



    Cobra Filez

    Skillrex is like for kids y'all.

  56. Cellmate

    The lyrics are so fucking amazing!

  57. korina young

    i do not belong to anyone fuckers


    @Lucas Mulcahy Um what do you want to do on a regular day that you can't? Because I feel pretty free every single day.

    Lucas Mulcahy

    I'm not even going to start this chapter book of a response.

    Nat Wel

    +okami7777777 You only have compete freedom because all of your wants are legal, affordable, and don't have any karma slapped in your face , once your step outside of those lines man..

    Oh Dear.

    Ebenezer Jim

    @Nat Wel good job you just revived a convo that died 5 months ago


    *sinister laughter*

  58. Minionmancer

    Around 1:40 it sounds like, "Mmm! Cake! Mmm! cake!" 
    Awesome song. I picture Guardians of the Galaxy with this song.

  59. ggnet2839

    Raise your hands to the sky! Praise our god!

  60. Recon7890

    Someone needs to make a metal remix of this song. This version isn't doing it for me :/

    Monochrome ­

    Yeah, too much electronic I feel. I still love the song but still.


    same here


    paul udarov or viks sideburns could probably make a kickass remix. Quick somebody shine the bat signal in the sky!!

    Levi Verzola

    You should do it then

  61. EarnSomeRespect

    151000 view :D

    but anyway Celldweller is freaking awesome.

  62. aron alvarez

    muy buena musica se merece un 10 re groso que bueno 

  63. lunatiKK_synth

    Okay, I'm sorry.

    Both of his vocal albums were equally incredible, giving me goosebumps upon every listen. The tracks off of those albums are just so unique, epic, and powerful. But I have to admit, everything I've heard from both Blackstar EPs has been, surprisingly, very poor. He is not only turning to generic electronic music, but he is creating some of the most low grade examples of it I've heard. This track is just crossing the line. Indeed, here, Klayton is trying his hardest to just make another average dubstep song. And he does that. The product? One of the most vomit-inducing dubstep drops I've heard in my entire life that persists throughout the entire track. As for the other songs on the EP, the same analogy goes, and the rest of the tracks are just plain boring. Disagree if you will, but this is just a huge step in the wrong direction for Celldweller, and I strongly hope that he can redeem himself for his third vocal album.

    My review for Blackstar Acts One and Two: 1.5/5


    i don't know about me..but my fuckin ears love him!!!

    Rosen Hristov

    my ears are to ugly

  65. Roy Robin

    Bring out the pie, bring out the pie.

    I just......fuck.....omg....


  66. Dave Dörenberg-Veltman

    Epic sounds man!

  67. SubVengeance

    On this picture doesn't he look almost EXACTLY like BT? :P

  68. Samuel

    Try it on 1.5 speed.

  69. Ekim davis

    Fraking love this song!

  70. Teracide

    How did I miss new content from Klayton? It's really good too. Damn I need to get on youtube more often...

  71. Original Gonorrhoea

    *gulp* wow

  72. ARBOL

    Pendulum's Dubstep?

  73. Shallow Silence

    Still more musical than Skrillex xD

  74. sakkurae

    why is good song ruined a little with shitty dubstep shit

  75. Necrotoxin

    I can see cyborg Raiden chidren XXD

    Zagreus Nyx

    Mortal Kombat. Ikr?

    Anime Burger King

    @Lucas Wise I'm pretty sure Nekro's talking about the cyborg Raiden, not the lightning god. 

    Zagreus Nyx

    @Joe Phelps Perhaps, but either one fits.

    Anime Burger King



    @***** revengeance

  76. Djuggernaut

    Though it isn't bad, I still really prefer classic, debut-album Celldweller. I appreciate his trying to broaden his horizons, but I still think the industrial metal style was and is his strong suit.


    That's just like, your opinion man.

    Super Fresh

    An opinion i strongly agree with. Expanding on what you do is cool, but his strong points lie in the classic industrial rock sounds. I'd rather hear him try to do something different with that than just something different at all. 


    That may be, but to me personally appeals how rock and electronic braid together. I need music that is powerful, melodic, periodic, but not bland, and regardless of strenght of the riff, clear rock sometimes just doesn't do it. I'm enjoying Klayton's songs where out of chaos comes harmony, mastering electronic music that can convince even people, who till today claimed that what's not made with instruments only cannot be called music. And where the parts fall on you like tsunami, shaking ground with every beat of your heart and bathing you in light and flames.

  77. k o t o

    Whats his song with the spanish guitar in it again??

    Mark Fitzgerald

    Senorita Bonita maybeh? :P

    k o t o

    YUP!!! Thanks a bunch!

  78. Jovee Gillen

    The music references are so common in the book, it's pretty much like this:

    "The time between Klayton ordering the Blackstar through the mail and The Arrival of the Blackastar felt like an Eon. But once it arrived, he was so happy, he felt like this was the Best It's Gonna Get. He took it out to the beach and it drifted Against the Tide. Still, no one thought it was magical, but Klayton reasoned that since actions speak Louder Than Words, it was magical."

    (Note: That's not at ALL how the book goes, I'm just showing what it's like to read the book, in terms of references.)

    Eli S

    THAT ANNOYED ME SO MUCH! But it was still a good book.

    Jovee Gillen

    @Eli S yes

    lightninghawk 101

    what book?


    Klayton and Joshua Viola's novel 'Blackstar' ^-^

  79. DarkRavenFilms

    Very good song. Really enjoyed the book as well! Can't wait for Act 2!

  80. starscream

    very very very good 

  81. Wa Te

    celldweller 日本きてくれー!

  82. Z Bott

    Great song, I wish the person who uploaded it would have put the lyrics in the about section.

  83. Sheilajuh1992

    Raise hands to the sky~~~~~~~~ im purified ;3

  84. KuroiHato69

    Been listening to Celldweller since MP3.com days in early 2000s.  I am still amazed at how an artist can grow, change and just get better and better!  This is awesome!

  85. Zanderinfal

    Great song, love the chorus so much.

  86. Tuukky Bear

    this is definitely creativity at its best. Celldweller ur fuckin amazing

  87. linadsenoj

    #askbluestahli Maybe a collab remix for Purified?? Your Remix for Frozen was EPIC!!!!

  88. Bri San

    I love Klayton <3

  89. Felix Ironfist

    Suddenly, dark souls reference. \o/

    Rosen Hristov

    +Daniel Deblois twwwv on mee

    Spor List

    Felix Ironfist this is now Solaire's new favorite song.

  90. TraceurMikado

    dubstep? runs away.

  91. K. C. Lazar

    Fucking masterpiece.

  92. 100KAbg

    2:37 mind blowing 

  93. Gin :

    very nice.

  94. dragonheartbleed

    Threw this on while at track, could have sworn this caused me to burn through the back tires, if you know what I mean ;) love this song and the composer, pure talent.

  95. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Never believed that this was uploaded on one of my friend´s birthday. What an coincidence!

  96. Zapdo511

    For some reason, I think of halo when I hear this.

  97. ThatOneGuy3500

    Celldweller mains VS

  98. Yaso

    I dont aways listen to music but when i do i listen to celldweller