Celldweller - Just Like You (Tom Player Remix) Lyrics

It's the dark of night and I'm at the end of the line
Alone in my head and waiting for something divine
To answer me
Drowning to silence
The internal violence, I pray
To make it through
The storm winds are growing as my dreams are blowing away
Just like you


Out at the edge the moonlight reflecting from me
The collapse of the waves echoing eternally, as I cry out
If I'm living my life then why does it feel like my heart
Will break in two?
Failure is calling as my dreams are falling apart
Just like you

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Celldweller Just Like You (Tom Player Remix) Comments
  1. TheRealLegohead

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Paranormal News Today

    If Beethoven did a Celldweller remix. That's what this is.

  3. MonarchBorf

    A fantastic song made fantastical

  4. Wilfred V Colerbet

    GRIMMORUM bring me here

  5. Hi there Person

    Funny finding a lot of weird peeps here I just like this because it kinda radiates vibes like eyes on fire

  6. AlexTV

    Dude, this is awesome, can I use this on a game, this song in the back ground

  7. Zoltán Perei

    The violin part is my favourite.

  8. Zoltán Perei

    Is this a remix? But this sounds like the original.

  9. I Leena

    My daily dose of ‘Dweller 💜🎶

  10. ImFxrr

    Definitely a good song for ds and bb bosses. Gj steam guides

  11. Ka.m Xo

    Holly shit... That's just amazing! I unconditionnaly love the original song but this... This is just perfect. <3

  12. Defective Grey Guy

    Any one here 2018 feb 21st?

  13. Reynnard96

    goosebumps <3

  14. Fourth Horseman

    Roblox brought me here Hahahaha.

  15. Marco Duarte

    Just like you.

  16. hung phan

    this song is a easter egg song in the game quantom in roblox.

    Hi there Person

    hung phan quantrum*

  17. Eric718

    Sounds like it should be a Call Of Duty easter egg song, anyone else, or just me?


    Nope not just you its an Easter egg song for the roblox game Quantrum by Nitenity Studios its basically a version of cod zombies in roblox

  18. Rich Stitch

    This is amazing

  19. Jacobo Aguilar Fernández-Llebrez

    Just... Fucking... AMAZING! PERFECT REMIX!

  20. Jacobo Aguilar Fernández-Llebrez

    Fucking amazing remix!

  21. EZ Assegai

    perfect remix of a perfect song :)

  22. Night Flame 2000

    I'd love to see a orciana cover

  23. V3RO Krhu


  24. Panbra Ubaya

    <3 no more to say

  25. Maaya Enma

    I love this remix!!!

  26. Tali

    Sounds like a fight of pain. Imagine this man who's face to face with his nemesis but his lover has been assisting them all this time. Forcing him to make a hard decision

  27. Елизавета Соколова


  28. MikeSharpMNI


  29. CrypticNovas

    lets go m2k

  30. Eszter Szalkai

    OMG I'm tearing up!!!! this is so awesome! T.T

  31. Scion Of dankness

    M2k brought me here

  32. 山田遥楓


    Manantial Eterno


  33. Moon Light

    I've liked it a year ago and forgot. Now I found it again. Why can't I like this twice?

    Berk Kaya

    You are like me bro.I found it finally i was listening that song in AMV after that imma open it on lyrics but i stoped play.When real creator upoad this video its makes me crazy i found it again! :D

  34. Titanic21

    Tom Player?!? How epic is this?

  35. Game Fanatic Abdou

    0.43 assasin's creed III

  36. Andreas Psichalis

    We want this in Assassins Creed Empire trailer!

  37. Snebuloous


  38. Foxtrot Elite

    1k likes? Time to leave this planet.. 0_0

    Andreas Psichalis

    Actually this is why aliens dont want to visit us..

  39. Akira Asakura

    this is a master piece anyone has instrumental???

  40. Wind

    This belongs in a trailer for an epic horror/thriller/sci-fi/action movie

    Game Fanatic Abdou

    like assasin's creed

  41. Omar Bekheet

    Came from Rechyyy's cologne 2016 highlights video :)

  42. pe6o991

    the ending is so high

  43. Lucas Garcia

    3:16 FalleN <3

    Epic br

    Confia no verdadeiro

  44. Mr. Youtuber

    Invoker's raging fury.

    Sean Yee

    man your late

  45. cute melon

    amazing and epic :D

  46. Coroin Enterprises

    some one should put this song in a epic fantasy sci fi TV series or a movie plzzzzzz

  47. Game Fanatic Abdou

    this is epic :o

  48. KirillDreamer

    a masterpiece

  49. Cloversunial

    What an absolute masterpiece.

  50. Nuria González Bermejo

    I think that I am the only one that came here for a Code Geass AMV :'3

    Keira Jade

    I did too XD

    amvsoftomorrow s

    +Keira Jade same here


    Tokyo ghoul amv for me


    plus I like Celldweller and what Tom Player did with this song

    Super Fighters

    I also came here because of Code Geass

  51. Shino Asada

    This music was epic

  52. Mayank Deshmukh

    Grimorum :)

  53. Jonathx Toledo

    the second wind brought me here


    This is an incredible remix. It could be in a movie.

  55. IrgendwieForce

    Rechyyy brought me here :D good music :D

  56. irontailsoftime

    feel like a trialled don't you guys think?

  57. Tomás Pires

    tweeday- second wind... anyone : D

    Stian Langaas Moen

    yeah :D

  58. UppeR

    Tweeday anyone?:D


    mee #GONINJAS <3

  59. LonelyToaster

    ending is so GOOD!!!!

  60. Martin

    Best Invodka ever!

  61. leow193

    Is there an instrumental version ?


    i dont know


    xDharak HD Over on Bandcamp or iTunes. Look for the End of an empire remixes instrumentals. There ya go. Might be a bit late on reply.


    tnks man !

  62. Anthony Wijaya

    Grimorum Is the Legend of invoker

  63. Meme13100 !!

    I feel like this would be great to listen to while playing Blade and Soul....

  64. S Zoldyck

    this is a masterpiece!!

  65. Inthiran Kumar

    Grimorum :( see you again legend

    Anthony Wijaya

    ya but he will be the master of invoker

  66. Jagan Sarraju

    Anyone ever cried listening this song....??
    Coz I did..... I got emotional..... 😖

    Farewell Grim!!

    kyle chilton

    +Jagan Sarraju im a vampire, brings a tear to my eyes, as this song is literally what all vampires say to themselves.

    Blackyonbi Kage

    +kyle chilton no they dont , idk why people believe vampires have to be emotional and pussies ,,kids like you turned vampires into glittery casanovas


    +Jagan Sarraju what happened to him

    Jagan Sarraju

    He was diagnosed with some disease that might make him handicapped due to overuse of fingers and palms.... What worse can happen to a gamer T_T

  67. kymsy

    This is the best Rip to grimorun !
    The song just is amazing with what he did

  68. i'm not death

    Good bye Grimorum

  69. Fahad Maniar

    Grimorum \m/

  70. Alperen Bayraktar

    Thanks Dotacinema


    DotaCinema's Invoker's Raging Fury 9 brought me here ! <3

  72. Nikola s7


  73. Luke Kapetanios

    Grimorum anyone ??


    +Saud Shah the problem he had though he was very limited on time so he couldn't get the most amazing plays

    Sean Yee

    @harryhab2 well compared to his other videos the last one was the best(well in my point of view)


    +Sean Yee I think it's the best as well but its an unpopular opinion

    Sean Yee

    +harryhab2 true

    Quinton Dominic

    Luke Kapetanios yeah... Grimorum.... its so sad that he couldnt play anymore...

  74. Mindaugas Janušauskas

    Just when I thought Just Like You couldn't get more epic...

  75. Anios Arkhangelisk

    This is one of the best remixes for a Celldweller song I've heard in ages.
    I think I broke the replay butten and my favourite part is from 0:5 to 1:24

  76. Rachel Talley


  77. Rex's Sourcemods

    Reminds me of black mesa

  78. Martin Kostka

    I'd love to buy instrumental version of this

  79. Syren

    I want a version of this without the lyrics.... An instrumental if you will.

  80. Mae Helsinki

    who else has this urge to cry everytime you hear this song, just being struck by its immense beauty, its melancholy and realizing that this is what we all have felt or will feel in life.
    It's like an anthem for our broken hearts and souls in a way.
    Now we wait for the sun to rise again and the stormwinds to settle down again.


    Up and down all ur life till u awake to see the light into darkness


    And eventually grow up by learning from ur pain and broken heart.

    t r e b 9 1

    This is the perfect explanation for this song.

  81. Sander Valckx

    Is there an expand version of this? :3

  82. Serox Mirusaki

    Celldweller do you enjoy making these songs?

  83. Poszáta Holda Tóth

    I want this to be a music of some movie, that would be so epic

  84. Patrick B.

    Please, do more songs like this one !!!!

  85. michael irbe

    There is a thunderstorm going on right outside my house...... This is the best combination since peanut butter and chocolate!!!!!

  86. Starwall

    This song is the only song with no lyrics to have made me cry.
    I don't know what to say, it's just that beautiful.

  87. HEXcellerate

    This remix is majestic as hell.  Great work, Tom Player.

  88. WhiteErFox

    For this remix, I ordered the CD instead of a download version of the Chapter 3 album. 
    I never wanna lose sight of this song, it wakes me up in the morning and I go to sleep with it for the last few days. It inspires, lets you dream away, evokes emotion, gives courage.

    Good remix Tom Player, this is worthy of a movie score!!!

  89. ChrisGaming

    lenght 4:20 gg xD

  90. Omgwtfcritz

    You know a song's good when it sends chills down your spine and gives you butterflies.  Absolutely epic, keep it up :)

  91. Jack Ashworth

    Where the fuck has Tom Player been all my life?!

  92. Edward J. Nashton

    Damn this song/mix is so beautiful it kills me and makes me feel alive and like human. I don't how how I could discribe it but it's really beautiful! I love you guys!

  93. Mamushka

    both of these remixes are good, but this one just has so much more impact of the two, brilliantly done

  94. JustMIB

    omg i cried :'D

  95. Tawny Palmer

    This is just so beautiful. My eyes welled up. Holy crap.