Celldweller - Jericho (Circle Of Dust Remix) Lyrics

"I'm gonna kill everyone. It is time. Make sure they're all dead before you leave"

You build 'em up, you layer stone on stone
You build them high to keep out your enemies
The sky grows dark, the earth is trembling
An unhappy ending to your final fantasy

(When your walls fall like Jericho)

You feel so safe inside
The walls you fortified
Supremacy implied
Who dares to overthrow?
Arrogance justified
Self-importance amplified
It's down you go when your walls fall like Jericho

When your walls fall like Jericho
This is over
We'll all enjoy the show when your walls fall like Jericho

"In a grim new age of warfare, today's fighting men must be fought survival on the common battlefield"

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

You're looking down, and feeling so profound
You're so impressed by your own false humility
The sky descends
The ground is rising up
An unhappy ending to your sense of deity

You feel so safe inside
The walls you fortified
Supremacy implied
Who dares to overthrow?
Arrogance justified
Self-importance amplified
It's down you go when your walls fall like Jericho

This is over, this is over
This is over
When your walls fall like Jericho

You feel so safe inside
The walls you fortified
It's down you go
When your walls fall like Jericho

"I don't want to hurt you"
"But if you try something else, I'll rip your face off!"
"I'm gonna kill everyone"

You feel so safe inside
The walls you fortified
Supremacy implied
Who dares to overthrow?
Arrogance justified
Self-importance amplified
It's down you go, we'll all enjoy the show
Can't wait to see you go when your walls fall like Jericho

"You don't threaten me"
(You are fragile!)

This is over, this is over
This is over, this is over

We'll all enjoy the show
G-G-G-Gotta go
Can't wait to see you go when your walls fall like Jericho

"I don't want to hurt you"
"But if you try something else, I'll rip your face off!"
"I'm gonna kill everyone"
"It is time, make sure they're all dead before you leave"

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Celldweller Jericho (Circle Of Dust Remix) Comments
  1. Default Male Orc

    Talk about an earworm. this has been playing inside my head for the last two weeks!

  2. gameswithmike 1225

    when your walls fall like cherry coke!!!!

  3. Horizonstrider

    The intensity of 2:00 gets me every time. 🤣🤣

  4. raphael hanna

    where are these military related quotes from

  5. Dan Rosner

    What is "...make sure they're dead before you leave." from? What's that quote from?


    does anyone know the answer?

  6. Adam Williams

    Argh! Prime took Empire off standard music so now I have to come here to hear it 😖



  8. Bratwurst

    Those cuts gave me the hardest boner of my life.

  9. Teanna Gaboury

    its great... celldweller and circle of dust is awesome

  10. MyFaceIsMyShield

    "You are fragile" aaaaaa

  11. pzuio

    Why this song reminds me of detroit become human?;d

  12. SummerBurger CPG

    I'm guessing no DBH fan has found this song yet

    Spor List

    I'm assuming DBH is some kind of anime, particularly of the Dragon Ball kind. The age of AMVs has passed, and emos no longer roam this world.

    SummerBurger CPG

    Prop Feds Actually, I'm not into anime lol. With DBH I mean Detroit: Become Human and Jericho is a name of a place in the game

    SummerBurger CPG

    Though I know Jericho comes from the Bible

    Quad turbo supercharged Regera

    @Spor List the reason is because detroit become human is a scifi/future/pseudo-cyberpunk genre game and this genre of music is along those lines. And jericho is a place or rather a place within the essence of a subculture of androids in the game.

    Side note, age of amvs? That shit is still just as much about as ever, emos are still around but who tf cares.

    Spor List

    Well the other guy already explained it.

  13. SpecialEffectsRecord

    DAmn this is gooood

  14. Erdnussbier 42

    4:18 YOU ARE FRAGILE ! [Disengage anyone?]

  15. Skylar Cadwell

    Where do you get those lines from? Like kill everyone here or rip your face off

  16. Lost Melody

    This Remix is what introduced me to Circle of Dust, and while I still prefer Celldweller, Circle's pretty cool.(They're both Klayton so lol)

  17. Shaq

    Str8 sick h5 montage??

  18. Neopaxia

    Totally fell in love with it. Remindes me of Psycho Pass <3

  19. Khype8

    LOVE IT!!!!!!

  20. cx01

    This is the first remix of any song I have ever really liked

  21. Frederick Young

    this was the greatest CoD easter egg that went straight over my head when it was first released .-.

  22. Jan Bradáč

    I have only now noticed how few views this video has :-O . It is one of my favourite songs that I love comming back to, yet it has so few views. Any ideas what the case is?

    May it be that since the song mixes so many genres together, fewer people actually like the result? Seems like the resulting audience is an intersection of groups of people who like all the combined styles (as opposed to an union).

  23. Vanesa el Briged

    any one notice the west side story references?

  24. Mr mushroom

    this is even better than the original..had no idea that was possible...circle of dust, you THE MAN!

  25. Σ υπερκύβος

    Please send the fucking mothership. Thanks.

  26. Chris R

    Absolutely love this remix and the original, fiance gives me crap all the time about how I practically listen to this on repeat, but I don't care.

  27. 1000 SUBS SIN VIDEOS

    Vine a darle Dislike, pero me di cuenta que ya tenia mi like :'v

  28. Andrij McConnell

    Loving this song. Can listen to it on repeat and never get tired of it!

  29. Umbral Chroma

    I love this remix!!

  30. Real Black Lion

    What's better in your opinion, the original track or the remix

    RS Darx

    Too tough to answer. I fell in love with the original when I heard it for the first time, and this one's just fkin awesome as well.

  31. Juri Green

    3:30 and on: shit gets real.

  32. DerMeister812

    "You are fragile!" :} One of my favorite CDs back in the day.

  33. Rich Pianos True Form

    so fucking dank ノಠل͟ಠ༽ノ

  34. Matthew Geiger

    I absolutely love this track! What movie are the quotes from?


    I'm trying to find that out since I first heard the song. I swear I know these sentences from somewhere.

    Q Anon

    @Tabalugaß Breaking bad?

  35. The Black Reaper

    Someone needs to make an Attack On Titan AMV with this song!

  36. Lerchs

    This one was amazing! The best one from the album

  37. Eva Barbara

    Le meilleur mix que j'ai entendu de toute ma vie ! ;) merci pour l'inspiration que ça me donne ^^ <3

  38. Ethan Swain

    https://youtu.be/mYspXZG9vaA?t=3m30s you thought it was over

  39. Draconix Wingforged

    I love Klayton. He remixes his own songs under his other band's name. Because why the fuck not?

  40. Prizm


  41. Waleed Bin Alim

    "I don't wanna hurt you
    But you tried something out
    I'll rip your face off"
    Gets me every time

    Waleed Bin Alim

    @trvius thanks for the detail


    "Make sure they're all dead before you leave!"


    Andate con tu cursito de ingles onlain

    Anduron Lazul

    1: "I don't wanna hurt you."      2: "But you try something, and I'll..... I'll rip your face off!" 1 or 3: "I'm gonna kill everyone here." 4: "This time, *make sure they're all dead before you leave.*"

    Dank Fuk

    Do you know from where those quotes are?

  42. ruddthree

    Font name?

  43. Wade Garrett

    I don't want to hurt you....but I'll make sure that they are all dead when I leave :P

  44. Ben Watkins

    This is the best song I have ever had the pleasure of letting my ears hear.

  45. Tonol Togovoli

    1:10 <3

  46. ZerberusKnight

    Fucking brilliant remix! Way better than the original

  47. Anios Arkhangelisk

    _To be honest I never liked the Orignal version I just don't know how people think that that is his best song doesn't anybody remember End Of An Empire, Birthright(Orignal), I Can't Wait, Ghosts, Kill The Sound, Lost In Time,Against The Tide, Just Like You, Louder Than Words(Vocians Remix is the best), The Last Firstborn and many many more also all the instrumental ones including Purified and Retros and Blackstar and even Uncrowned so many great songs better than Jericho even Precious One and New Elesium(Sorry if I spelled that wrong) yeah I'm not typing that the Orignal Jericho is the worst I'm just typing that it's not really that good this version is better to be honest_

  48. Jack Ashworth

    Plot Twist: the audio cut-outs (e.g at 1:10) are actually because the sound is so incredibly awesome that no devices, except Kalyon's, can process it.




    I was thinking more along the lines of Klayton being one of the few people who can make silence so loud, but I like your take too. If you like that sort of thing, check out the song The Message by HEALTH. The similar part is at the end of that track though.

    Bethany Davis

    @trzigweid I'll check it out

  49. UpturnTheUncool

    That countdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. How's it vinGOing?

    this is wonderful

  51. chris neil

    Easily one of my fav songs of all time

  52. Eric Wells

    its awesome that so very soon in 2016, people will be able to hear the genius that was Circle of Dust when Scott re-releases the CoD and Argyle Park albums. I cannot wait to grab them. Have the originals and looking so forward to them

  53. Systema Uppsala Official

    where is the movie quotes from

  54. Josh Anderson Art

    Duuuuuuuude I never thought I'd hear the name Circle of Dust again!

  55. Darwin Allen

    This is a killer remix. I really wish the Fixt remix contests would start up again - this particular track would be an awesome one to play with.

    Tattered Humanity

    oh but they have sir, the comp for EoaE is up right the fuck now, bro

    Darwin Allen

    +Tattered Humanity really? Damn, I need to pay more attention to these things! Thanks man, checking it out now!

    Tattered Humanity

    Have fun, man?

  56. Elias Johnson

    Circle of Dust is back!!!!!


    Elias Johnson Switchback

  57. Robb Noxious

    Thank you Klayton. This makes us old school fans of yours giddy.

  58. machjac

    This is legit. Like.

    Really legit.

    I love Celldweller's work, and now I'm going into the Circle.

    TheRisingSun 777

    Not just legit, but, REALLY LEGIT

  59. Stormtali

    For some reason I can picture Celldweller, Blue Stahli or even any of the members of the FiXT Team & The Band Cryoshell Teaming Up for a new song XD

  60. KanSirKing

    Haha! Ah man, right in the childhood!

  61. TheRealn0s0uL

    Where is the beggining verse from?

    Matt Fright

    +TheRealn0s0uL i think its from faction 14

  62. Tom Hathaway

    1.25 Speed. You're welcome ^_x

  63. Kathy Prior 42

    What a great remix! Anyone else get chills when they heard "You are fragile" from CoD?

  64. Akis Mou

    SICK remix!! absolutely eargasming

  65. coldfire

    i love the whale sounds :D
    makes me feeling im at home hehe

  66. Nathan Harshman

    orgy for my ear holes! so bad ass.

  67. Nathan Harshman



    not bad

  69. Life Decoded

    oh my GOD that arpeggio 1:27 gave me fucking goosebumps, so perfect

  70. E.B. White

    Wow, for some reason I really want to hear Marilyn Manson singing this version...

  71. Wayne Meyers

    Wait wait wait. I thought that since 1998's release of Disengage that Circle of Dust was officially done with and dead. Now, clearly, I have absolutely no issue with Klayton bringing CoD back, I'm just clearly curious as to why now all of a sudden and out of nowhere?


    +Wayne Meyers Even though Klayton was the main producer behind Circle of Dust, that 'band' was signed under a label. He couldn't continue to make music under that name without having to give them the right to tell him what to do, etc. It's safe to assume Klayton recently repurchased the rights to his own music (Circle of Dust) and can now continue to write music under that name. Legal stuff is a pain in the a**, I'm happy to see he finally was able to get around it ^_^

    Kakou Ton

    +Wayne Meyers Then just watch Ask Celldweller ep.30 and you will have your answers.

  72. WisteriaRotting

    Daaamn. Loving everything about this remix. Those sudden pauses surprised me too. Definitely catches you off-guard before slamming you back with intense music.

  73. nuvaboy

    @ImmortalAD indeed, he is :)

  74. Necrotoxin

    what exactly happened with Jericho?


    @Cassady1AndOnly thank you, I had no idea XD


    +NekroPaci No problem! It's good to understand the references the song is referring to lol, makes more sense that way.


    @Cassady1AndOnly and we didn't talked about the lyrics XD

    aa miw1999

    @Cassady1AndOnly But to me it sounds like he's speaking about God. He's saying "when your walls fall LIKE Jericho"...."you sit alone up on your lonely throne"...."the sky....."...."an unhappy ending for your sense of DEITY"
    What do you think?

  75. ImmortalAD

    So, he already created an awesome song, and then remixed it himself which led to an even better one..
    You, Sir, are a genius!

  76. JacobyDakotko

    definitely best remix of celldweller and one of the most rhytmic and powerfull celldweller tracks

  77. Joe Bassett

    #askcelldweller hey klayton. I was wondering if I could remake a video for lost in time? Also would you say happy birthday Michael for my dad (who's been listening to your music since the early 90’s)? Thanks!


    +Joe Bassett Not to mention, get you into Celldweller!

  78. Дмитрий Александрович

    Лучший трек за последнее время, продолжай в том же духе!


    ш вщтэе ызуфл кгыышфт тщкьфдднбшэь фсегфддн утпдшырю Иге ш ерщгпре ш цщгдв ыфн руддщ шт кгышшфтю

  79. Ashmedia Gaming

    is anyone having eargasms right now?

    Danilo Bertolla

    +Lunatic Psyker YEsssssss!!!!!! Bro!


    +Danilo Nicolini (Boss.) myself and my old deaf neighbors

    Lexi Johnston

    Who isn't?

  80. AVJR

    #celldweller #circleofdust #electronicmusic #industrialmusic

  81. J0my

    So awesome to see more CoD stuffs! I love the raw sounds it brings, Circle Cell Dust Dweller!

  82. Hydra

    are the silence bits suppose to be there or are they a production glitch

    Daniel Conlin

    +Hydra its klayton... of course they are supposed to be there.

    Martin Kostka

    +Hydra There has been a video of him editing songs, where he is saying that he enjoys that he can actually clean the tracks of guitars, synths etc. where they are not 100% silent. This song is perfect example of it.
    It even makes me even twitch (in a good way) in these parts when I have this on my headphones. :)
    Simply amazing.

    Angry Liberal

    +Hydra So the notion that after extensive reviewing, nobody in the studio actually noticed the silent parts entered as a possibility to you?

  83. PsychedelicSpark

    This sounds sick! Jericho's already my current favourite song but this remix gave me instant goose bumps.

  84. Andross

    Jericho is my fav new song from this album.

  85. Sboros Diet


  86. Mnemic_must_Die

    Love that old school industrial feel of this remix.

  87. Albert van N

    Awesome mix, Klayton!

  88. daBak93

    Great remix!

  89. Norbertsson

    This reminds me of your older stuff which makes me really happy! Thank you!

    Tattered Humanity

    well it is Circle of Dust so lol

  90. Sky Scotcher

    Remix to be killed by celldweller . Am from Kuwait <<^.^>>

  91. Fabien Mater

    Awesome remix! I love the tracks with Circle of Dust and Scandroid on the record. Even though it's the same guy behind those projects, it brings new soundscapes to the album.

  92. The Incredible Lexocore

    where's the movie quote from?

  93. Giro

    OMG!!! Ft.Ursa Minor (?) lml

  94. Sloppy Dao

    i haz love

  95. In It To Win It

    Those silent cuts are jarring. I like them a lot but every time they hit I check to make sure my computer hasn't had a hiccup... Celldweller is making me doubt my hardware!

    In It To Win It

    Pretty sure it isn't about revenge but about toppling structures that held people up without foundation.  I have been in that exact position, so I might be a tainted sample, but when you finally have had enough of the status quo and decide to bring it down it is freeing to watch it crumble around the people who built it.

    Nemengedjobbat Gugli

    +Sojuuk the foundation to everything is mutual trust and understanding. once you start fragmenting and become a "celldweller" the smokes and mirrors of our perception distort the reality and we forget we are all one


    +Sojuuk To be honest, it sounds like it is directed at someone. The "walls" are not structure, but are used metaphorically often when speaking about people's emotional defenses they put up.

    The "You are fragile!" sounds like criticism, like he is telling someone that being that tough exterior and all those emotional defenses, they are weak. The song sounds like it is about fracturing someone's personal defenses to expose them as inconsiderate and weak, despite their show of narcissism and selfishness.

    "You feel so safe inside", "arrogance justified", "self importance amplified" It's definitely about a person, perhaps a person who sees themselves as "holier than thou" or powerful, or influential, and the song is about destroying their personal defenses and space to expose them as a cowardly narcissist and a fraud.

    Terrance Pyrope

    Yeah, I'd rather the cuts were incomplete, with some things stopping but others continuing. I think cuts in the chorus of exactly this song was a great idea though.


    As much as I'd hate to break to it, but Celldweller unfortunately seems to have a unhealthy fetish for narcissists, because about 80% of the songs he seems to make are about narcissists and "How EVIL and BAD they always are", and seem to stigmatize beauty and wealth with narcissism (Yes, Fadeway reference), which really isnt the case and that's not how Narcissism works. Besides, he always dresses up beautifully and powerful in his art covers with all of the cutting edge and "Tough" music he makes, while showing no empathy to Narcissists and designing "Beautiful" and "Tough" assault schemes (Music) on them back is pretty much Narcissistic behavour on It'self, so It makes it all ironic and It all falls into this pretty weird, inconsistent circular logic.

    On the plus side, It's just getting pretty annoying and repetitive, no hate just a thought of critism, cheers.

  96. firenthefire2

    This is awesome plus hearing the "you are fragile" bit made me scream of happiness inside.


    What's that referencing ?


    +danielshets97 It's a line that appears in Circle of Dust songs "Chasm" and "You Are Fragile".

  97. CodeDarkBlue

    whoa... i have goosebumps O____O