Celldweller - Ghosts Lyrics

Ghost in a place of fear
dreams and memories are decaying here

Cold constantly turning sphere
where shadows gather and quickly disappear

Stepping through time and our minds are always focused on our prey
Our Spirits gone recon
Our former lives have fallen far away

See the face of Fear
To think they know their enemy
will make you stronger

Recreate the Fear
to think its only in their minds
will make them weaker

We will vindicate

Ghost in a place of fear
The screams of enemies
are replaying here
Old phantasms perserver
Til threats to innocence
no longer interfere

Stepping through time and our minds are always focused on our prey
Our Spirits gone recon
Our former lives have fallen far away

See the face of FEAR
To think they know their enemy
will make you stronger
Recreate the Fear
to think its only in their minds
will make them weaker

We will Vindicate
We will
We will

See the face of FEAR
To think they know their enemy
will make you stronger
Recreate the Fear
to think its only in their minds
will make them weaker

We will
We will

Recreate the Fear
to think its only in their minds
will make them weaker

We will make them weaker
We will vindicate

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Celldweller Ghosts Comments
  1. iam Nobody

    I wonder why this track didn't make it onto the album...it's MAGNIFICENT!

  2. iamcasinoroyal

    Ghost Recon game series would be perfect for this song but It is already perfect to fit litirally everywhere!!! Thx for that masterpiece! Please, more!

  3. Rainer Himma

    Feel Ghost

  4. Victor Bursuc

    Hello music addicts, can someone combine this masterpiece with Darker Than Black - Deadly work ? It will be awsome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2YxJgbkrVw

  5. BabyQueen


  6. Ricky Spanish

    damn. give me my speed back


    It's the Ghost of Summer Pasttttt!

    Boo.~ 👻

  8. Некит Господин

    Terminus, anyone?

  9. DrownedCancer

    I think about GhostFace from the scream movies when I listen to this

  10. Alex Arias

    This song was made 2 years before they took the Killer Instinct Season 3 gig, making kick-ass themes, of Rash, Arbiter, General RAAM, Tusk, and others.
    These two oughta make more soundtracks for video games from now on

  11. Selewen 3

    Its just perfection

  12. Charlene Cabrera

    Make this a Danny Phantom soundtrack!

  13. Stephen Chow

    That trumpet at 3:32- I never thought I'd unironically appreciate stuff that came out of a trumpet, but it works so well with everything else.



  15. Velvet Acid

    How I wanna hear your music in devil may cry and Cyberpunk... God please

    Cape ' \m/

    Keanu Reeves Approved Ⓐ


    I like the way you think. 🤔

  16. Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    See, you all have a very black and white line of blood and not blood (hence terms like, "family" "friend" "associate" etc.), we don't. We're more than family, we're all like blood regardless of who/how we're made...which doesn't fit your rules or logic. We don't care. It's just an FYI.

  17. yukkuri nipah

    Nearly at 666k views.

  18. Колобок ТВ

    Celldweller foreva!!!

  19. I Leena

    I swear we are hanging on the same line. You harmonize my thoughts so beautifully 💕 #ConnectedXtime

  20. Ragnarok

    I might have to fire this tune up on TerA for my warrior.

  21. Keenan Robinson

    TOM SALTA!?!?!

  22. Redinstrumental753

    One of my favourites

  23. Eduardo Santos

    i dunno why a lot of devil may cry players uses celldweller musics but i'm glad bcause i got to know those awesome musics

  24. OtakuSparrow

    Sounds pretty good at 1.25 speed

    Isaak Welch

    Even better at normal speed

  25. Die Metal Schlagzeugerin

    New Ghostbusters intro!

  26. Ignis, Lord of flames

    Danny phantoms new theme song

    Charlene Cabrera

    Oof, I'm not alone in here!! 😃😃😃 Highfive!! 🙏

  27. Trivvy

    That intro/hook (not the 30 seconds of spook) is one of the best Celldweller hooks composed. Seriously fantastic.

    iam Nobody

    i'm listening it now for the first time and i'm pretty amazed. how come this track isn't on first album?? what a shame

  28. Hatake Kakashi


  29. Menthol Moments TV

    10/10 musician

  30. Kyllian Lansiquot

    this could go well with the new DMC 5 game thats coming out

    Selewen 3

    Dantes theme

  31. MaxX

    Man, I wish I could click like million times :D

  32. tom darrohn

    One of the sweetest jams I have ever heard!!!

  33. Cole McCray

    Someone uses iMovie for their lyrics videos :P

  34. Lovac Na Demone

    This remainds me of video game F.E.A.R...all i can see when i close my eyes is Alma Wade.

  35. Ahmad Rudi

    😈 setan !!!

  36. Недовольный

    Celldweller your music is the best!

  37. Akash T

    I think Celldweller and Linking Park should make an album or at least single release together

    iam Nobody

    not in this life pal...

  38. Reaper

    reminds me a a lot of eisenbrecher

  39. Uka Uka


  40. Morndas

    The first song I've ever heard from Celldweller <3

  41. Devon Tucker

    Oh JESUS CHRIST, Tom Salta and Klayton on the same song? Death take me now, my life is fulfilled!

  42. Sage Emerald

    Man does this take me BACK

  43. AbsoluteMMA101

    OMG this sounds just like Lacuna Coil's I Won't Tell You

  44. PIZZA starlightman

    beautiful song... i love it!

  45. Bowl of Tofu

    Who is Tom Salsa?

    Алексей Корж

    CrazyIvan1988 Celldweller friend. He created soundtrack for games.

    Mr. Giggles

    CrazyIvan1988 Mmmmm, Tomato salsa.

    mike johnson

    i just giggled really hard at this. congrats!

    Andrew Maksym

    Salsa verde for the win!


    The guy who composed PUBG theme song

  46. -Galm4-LoneFOx

    I'm a ghost I was never here.......

  47. Shiva Bachoo

    who voice is that saying ghost


    Klayton's (Celldweller)

  48. SonnyCloud

    wicked tune!

  49. ThanOs74

    The mother of FEAR is the IMAGINATION ...!!!

  50. XxSnow Goon

    Didn't Tom Salta have something to do with Need for Speed?

    Ken Thomas

    Yeah he did a few songs.

  51. Sebus


  52. aiTheVulture

    1) Wait until night.
    2) Put on headphones.
    3) Lay down.
    4) Turn off lights.
    5) Start music.
    6) Imagine Weeping Angels.
    7) Make a crap O_o

    Joseph Schadler

    Weeping Angels was the first thing I thought of too.

    pitaman11 The God of Games

    aiTheVulture 6) 1.25x speed

    Stephen Chow

    8) Imagine Khorne, Yog-Sothoth, Emrakul, Kil-Jaeden, Beerus or your badass deity of choice floating over your house and destroying the weeping angel population. Sweet dreams :D


    Is it just because of the album cover lmao XD

  53. Bossman

    There are so many games that this could go well with. So, so many. Primarily fighters or anything with a relatively fast pace. I use this for Brawlhalla, and I play hella offensive. It fits so well.

  54. Martin Štrunc

    Typical mediocre Celldweller song. :)

    Vol'Jin Das drogas ilícitas Lawliet

    Medíocre is your mother


    I mean, look at that mug. The pic is practically shutterstock, it's so mediocre.


    Martin Štrunc 'mediocre' What would you call a good song then?


    Mediocre comment

  55. Magmelok

    such a good song to listen to on repeat

  56. joshstylegaming

    Came from the awesome Linkin Park mashup that zwieR.Z did

  57. RandomAccessMisery

    At first I thought it said (feat. Tom Ska). That would be a rather strange mash-up.


    ikr lmao

    baldusak baldusaki


  58. MK PlaY

    You are the best

  59. EndWel Anime

    im afraid of ghossstttt ...Except not realy hahahah xD


    EndWel Anime That will make you stronger???

  60. Kiryu Sparda

    Would really fit on a Devil May Cry Game


    ...Or a return to the original DMC. The only thing I would like more than DmC2.


    either of these composers would fit perfectly. I dig Klayton's music for like 6 years but recently stumbled upon Tom and damn, some of his older tunes are so tight.

    Andrea Branka

    I thinked same thing!!!!


    I disagree about it being a fit for DMC games, but it would be tailored for a Sci-Fi game with similar gameplay.


    I hear DMC5 will have an option for custom battle music

  61. Brandon Eden

    This is not Tom Salta it seems sonny moore


    @Sir Axis Moon Dragon Half deaf and dense people should not talk shit about music.

  62. NakedMan

    Awesome music and lyrics

  63. Sate

    Congratulations to Celldweller and Tom Salta for:

    1: Making an awesome tune! (Love it)
    2: Having the worlds first YouTube comment thread without people arguing :D


    Good point there.


    Go look for jazz or classic music. You hardly find offensive people commenting below those videos.


    Bullshit! :D

    Oppressed Amphibian

    No it's not!


    Lauren Pepper fuck u nasty thot

  64. Мухаммед Чанг

    Dont blink.

    Anthony the mad stallion duck

    XD, nice one fellow whovian

  65. Jester.

    Ghosts disliked this :P


    how did you know? :p

    Electric SpongeZ

    GhostFOx of Razgriz If anything even mentions ghost they will dislike it :P


    Jester. The one right next to you

  66. Gondrak

    celldweller AND tom salta?!


    Alex Arias

    More kick-ass in Killer Instinct

  67. OtwórzOczy

    wyjebane jak się złapie zajawkę! Koleś ma podobny głos do typka z The Rasmus! :D

  68. AnkuranDreams

    some people are able to sound almost completely different when singing (in this case, singing and shouting) than when they talk. I kinda like how people can.

  69. Embersword

    what part does tom salta have? vocals or instrumental or?

    Srdjan Smudja

    Instrumental part i think.


    ok then, i really was not sure at all

  70. Adam T

    amazing song

  71. ocketman

    who's doing screamo?

    just a weird person

    klayton aka celldweller

  72. Royal Assassin


  73. Paulo Cerqueira

    Love it!

  74. Horkyr l'orc

    Good job, love that :)

  75. Ajay Kumar Singh

    <3 love it man !

  76. christian pires

    they exist :)


    Why's that?

    just a weird person

    i had sex with one

    Tuke Lee

    @housopsyco sitting on your hand till it goes numb doesn't count. 

    just a weird person

    @Jared Bruce ..................................ok :(


    @Jared Bruce Okay, that was good :')

  77. Ca- Blaze

    his voice in this song is similar to the singer from the band Rasmus

  78. Gameuser10

    This track BELONGS in a movie.
    Excellent instrumentals, especially around 3:30

  79. dannie12373

    I love love this sooonnnnngggh

  80. Matus Ondrek

    god :3 this song is just fucking epic :3

  81. RaptoRzilla

    cobrak is here

  82. Eminem Shady Mathers


    Eminem Shady Mathers

    Heh nothing just listening to Eminem <333

    Alpha Dalpha

    And..how are you doing?

    Alpha Dalpha


    Jerry Springer

    +Alpha Dalpha No it's not too late, it's never too late!

    Twisted Prime

    Recreate the FEAR

  83. SuicidalHustla

    If THIS would be the Theme for Cod Ghosts, it would at least have a good soundtrack.


    I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought about that


    Eminem - Survival is a great Song ;)


    @Jeagall However this song is Greater.


    Greatest *


    @Jessica Darosa Okay, if you're going to go ahead and correct that. You should have put 'The greatest'

  84. Scoulid Scake

    Got this song playing on my laptop through my earphones and on my PS3 through my headset at the exact same time. Orgasmic sound <3


    @Crimson miner soooooooo nice to meet ya aquaman lol

    Alexander Hazak

    @Crimson miner i am the god of gods 

    Mac Nazarian

    +Scoulid Scake (Icarus Nova) Turtle Beach m8?


    Well, that escalated quickly and for no reason back then, I guess :/

  85. RYAN X TV

    to stop all the genre discussion, its just industrial rock, ok?

    Donavon Evans

    I was thinking more along the lines of Industrial metal.


    +Donavon Evans Aaaaaand ruined xD

  86. paradoxicaldragon

    This suits Darker Than Black... kinda

    Pink Dark Boii


  87. William Graham Hamilton

    The BEST

  88. Nathan Biggin

    The musics good when you feel it as well as hear it!

  89. Watch the Watcher

    time to face some demon scum

  90. thebowman2

    wish the piano intro was used more in the song :)

  91. Alpha Dalpha

    i <3 it soo much,i bought the album on Google Play ^^

  92. StormFury

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / \ so he can take over
    and return the old comment section


    Psh, thats the old bob without the tank. What a loser.

    Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    @***** Sounds like something I would like to say to others for other reasons too. Well, I bet everyone can just die for their stupidity all over.

  93. presveti jovan zlatousti

    p.s.i am talking about klaystons music in general ,not this song only.


    Klejston ahahah Balkan style :P

    presveti jovan zlatousti

    @LolDudeSRB lel m8


    Klayton's music is the genre Celldweller. C:

    Stocking Anarchy

    you forgot orchestral

  94. Srdjan Smudja

    This music is a masterpiece!

  95. Final Light Films

    Celldweller isn't a group, It's one man force!