Celldweller - G4M3 0V3R Lyrics

I pin my heart to my sleeve
So that the whole world can see
I have a heart on for you

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Celldweller G4M3 0V3R Comments
  1. Paul Trigger

    Master-level remixing

  2. Iron Ballz


  3. Iron Ballz

    Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer

    Hell Is Where You Make It

    I thought he died of space aids.

  4. Iron Ballz

    Most of my shit is organic... ya don’t wanna poison the liver - I need it for at least 5 years (hopefully longer than that)...

  5. // Echore

    the first time i listened to this i was high off my ass and I had listened to the full album

    i was just like "END OF AN EMPI-- HEART ON-- KLAYTON YOU CAN'- WHA-"


    Did we win?
    DID WE WIN?!!!
    ¯\(º o)/¯

  7. Hello There

    Sounds like Mario being chased by bowser on steroids

  8. ComaCharger

    Who else is here from RageSaq?

  9. ComaCharger

    Someone put this in a fucking game already.


  10. BismuthTheSandy

    Anyone else here from Vexium’s map part?

  11. Jlexa PM

    наитупейшее видео!!!


    mf type like a homestuck character


    spy kids 3

  14. El Remolino

    If anyone likes this i recommend rq

  15. El Remolino

    Like rq

  16. Bryan Lim Jun Yen

    Does this count as a remix or a mashup?

  17. Vitaly Snep

    wait, I thought you called this "rise of the battletoads" what did you change the name for?

  18. FindYourWay Chucky

    How much of a god can this guy be.


    FindYourWay Chucky Enough of one to give you a game over.


    WICKED STUFF.... COOL ..............



  21. Jody Cooper

    Klayton doesnt deserve any dislikes in any of his songs

  22. Chaos Engineer

    Ready player one should of had this

  23. Templaric Legion

    Celldweller is consistently good.

  24. XerDav

    Klayton is love, Klayton is life. this song kicks ass.

  25. gamer overload

    This and good luck your fucked r the best

  26. Nycholas Hughes

    TJ Perkins??

  27. Minh Vuong

    You break my heart !

  28. Anderson Gutierrez

    G4M3 0V3R, R3S74R7?

  29. Chieferson Keeferson

    Chiptune + metal.

  30. 4u4MapuHo

    This track is bloody awesome )
    Wish you make some more tracks like this one :)

  31. Garry

    Nintendo Super Power!!
    Moving on to the next song ...

  32. Sketchpunk

    1:31 is an AWESOME part of the song

  33. Aaron - Rotful

    May I use your music in my videos if I give credit?

  34. Furebel

    1:32 - Entering "Serious mode"

  35. ApexWolfHunter 789

    It Would be if TJ Perkins Used This Theme

  36. re/arm

    Is a G3N!U5

  37. Coran

    There's a really good drum and bass song lurking in 1:46... wish that was a track in itself.

  38. Ryjak

    So is it pronounced Celd-weller or cell-dweller ?

  39. Aurélien Bartholomew

    Is that a mashup of like 3 or 4 of your songs? xD

  40. Khfan D98

    This needs to wind up as the main theme (Or Game Over theme, because.. well. title) for SOME kinda 8-bit, retro-modern-style kind of game someday.

  41. realscapegoat


  42. Alex GamerofHell

    I love his music so much. <3

  43. Sketchpunk

    You know those crazy 8-Bit remix levels in Rayman Legends? This is that. It's AWESOME

  44. Cassandra Waters

    I want to make a video game based on this series of chapters and you play as an augmented klayton, but I'll need his permission first, I'm already a game designer for Unreal so I could probably pull a few strings


    Pulling strings? When you're against Klayton?

    Cassandra Waters

    Naw not against I'm all for klayton, love his music and respect him

  45. Valics

    smells like machinae supremacy x)

  46. Vinyl666

    I need the battletoads remake with Celldweller's ost.

  47. AndreZ

    hermano sendo tema xD esta muuy bueno

  48. Avocado Luvv

    He's his own genre I swear


    That's what I like about Klayton, he doesn't try to conform to one genre. He could make a nice melody or create complete musical chaos depending on what he feels like doing.

    Avocado Luvv

    I prefer his more metal songs though like Stay With Me and Switchback, would be good to hear more of it agai

    Olaf van Ess

    maybe circle of dust would be worth checking out, thats his first band, he rereleased old material and i believe some new stuff too

    Anti You

    He transcends genres. And once you've done that, in an ironic twist of fate, you become a genre.

    ^^That's me trying to sound inspirational and deep.

    This is a great song.


    That's "I can't see you at the bottom of that hole" deep, good sir.

  49. Nassadross

    what song at 0:30?


    Sounds like down to earth but I'm not sure

    Ilora Rosenberg

    yea down to earth confirmed

  50. Miyoko Hirosuke

    swear this song has abit of the jynx song in it.

  51. EdgeOfInsanity

    This makes me happy.

  52. Elena Lonskaya

    Celldweller discovered vocaloid? Yesssssssss! >:D

    Elena Lonskaya

    +sxjou Really? It sounded like Len...


    nah dude, it's lady parsec

    Elena Lonskaya

    +sxjou but...you just said... ;-;


    its lady parsec F R O M C H I P S P E E C H

    Elena Lonskaya

    +sxjou Thanks. I fail at life.

  53. Dimitri Bossart

    Extended version plz

  54. LZtv Entertainment

    this is great!

  55. Penguin Snow

    i love playing on KF2 with this song,you want kill more,more,more zombies! ^_^

  56. TheSaemi

    This reminds me of Initial D xDDD

  57. yahiya selman

    man, imagine the theme for rash being as good as this.*mindbogeled*

  58. Redorik

    This is perfect for a ringtone!

  59. KrazyK Gaming

    Recently used this song in a montage. omfg, this song is amazing.

  60. István Nagy

    We need more tracks like this. Love the way you've incorporated chiptune.

  61. EqualNox

    bro your music is hype man i love it =)

  62. Grizzerz

    1:45 always gives me the chills every time, I have no idea why.

  63. Beatzoo

    I´ts perfect, gaming style. I think create a gameplay retro from Metroid or some game cyberpunk world with this song. Thx Celldweller.

  64. Derp This Development

    This song is not on my album...

    Walter Horelick

    +Derp This Development you have to buy the Collector's Edition (5-CD Box Set) it has a few songs not on the previous diskes

    Derp This Development

    (but I get all music the from them for free from being part of the freedom network... I just checked though. It just became available. Position music is slow on releasing there songs and licensing to us.) 

  65. Andrew Vella

    Do you guys know whats the song at 1:46 pls >< ... ty :3

    Andrew Vella

    +Роман Хомутов I'm well aware about the title thanks :P


    +Andrew Vella Pretty sure that's New Elysium.

    Andrew Vella

    @Vedlom Nah, found it, its in the beginning of "End of an Empire" @ around 1:11 .. but thanks anyway ;)


    @Andrew Vella Aaah, yeah. Went over that one.
    They're one after another on my playlist, so I mixed the up, haha.

  66. Red and Black Cat

    I'm a video game nerd and this is MUSIC TO MY EARS! So many sounds in perfect harmony as well!!

    Gavin Clark

    sorry to respond to an old comment but i just had to lol. maybe it sounds like music to your ears since you know its music

  67. d1V1n3d

    art.....PERIOD !!

  68. swordsmanGFX

    remind me alot of machinae supremacy ! great mix !

  69. Space Bar

    how this song was made: "Got any idea's for A song?" "How about A remix where we mix every hit song that we made and put in some retro music?" "Perfect!"

  70. The Captain

    That Vocaloid Len Kagamine though... never expected that.

    Anti You

    The Captain The general consensus is that it's Lady Parsec.

  71. Sander Valckx

    This is Fucking awesome! Holy shit!!

  72. Kyle Chilton

    mega man remix time

  73. Kostas K.

    If this is the game over song then I want to lose again and again!

  74. Zefurry

    All Hail Lady Parsec

  75. Yae

    1:21 sounds like Lady Parsec from Chipspeech


    OOor Glados from portal

  76. Astral Raven

    this belongs in terraria it sounds so awesome!!!

  77. Kurtis Allison

    whoa... carzy good mix of all the songs O-o

  78. Sprint Wyvern

    Why is this so epic yet so simply bitsy :D ... Jeez you gots talent Klay

  79. K. C. Lazar

    Klayton: *throws songs in a blender and accidentally utter awesomeness*

  80. MATA

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) GOTTA GO FAST!!!!!

  81. Voicians



    175 |-|49|) 2 934|) 916|-|7?
    try real 1337

    Refined Ice

    no it would be R35T4RT


    Refined Ice nope its 9357497

    Heir of the Sith


  82. Manuel85

    okay, this has gone to wierd side now

  83. Matthew Bedient

    hell yeah another good song from celldweller

  84. XX XX

    P0k3m0n mu5i2

  85. gandharzero

    Nice old school sound. Would be a fitting theme for Metroid(on Game boy);)

  86. Emmanuel Hdz

    I find it funny how at 1:30 Klayton pic appears and syncronizes with the 8-bit sound so it looks like he got a new life.

  87. Emilio Perez

    M042 CHIP7uN3 P15!!!1!!!oneeleven!

  88. Isaiah Court

    all of them

  89. Isaiah Court

    this guys music is the bomb,  heart on and this song is my favorite and just like you

  90. ChristianIce

    Ma chi sei?!? :)

    Marco Bruno

    Pure sotto i video di Celdweller ti trovo christianice ... si vede che hai un'ampia visione musicale

  91. Tributes2GreatAMVMakers (darkskyxAMV Project)

    Anyone can send me an epic AMV that fix with this song? I don't find anything and I want to do it..

  92. daBak93

    A true masterpiece!

  93. Max Lyshtva

    This one here sounds like a fight between all the factions

  94. Schneider Alejandro

    Neither life nor death, it appears Kl4yt0n w4s th3 00lt1m4t3 ch1ptun3 3nthus14st l33t h4x0r

  95. Pappy Monticello

    trying to sound like The Algorithm?

  96. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    Once tried hard and got game over....

    Good Luck aaaaaaand I´m not going to end that sentence with the rest, so Yo_´re F_cked- whooooouuups.....

  97. Tom Albrecht

    Amazing, Klayton proves yet again, he is the king of ReMix!!!