Celldweller - Breakout Lyrics

It's been seven long years in a slam on Helion
We've been here for so long we can't Remember who we are
And we eye the sky through prison bars,
Hope fading with the light
To hell with this cell, we're breaking out tonight

(We're breaking out)

Been gone seven long years from the place That I call home
My only crime is that I'm made of flesh, Circuit and bone
As we eye the sky we see the light of our Faction's satellite
To hell with this cell, we're breaking out tonight

(We're breaking out)

It's been seven more years that have passed Since we've been gone
New frontier with no fear - we remember who We are
And we eye new skies with distant suns, wait For New Elysium
No more hell in that cell,
No breaking out tonight

To hell with this cell
We're breaking out tonight

To hell with this cell
We're breaking out tonight

We're, we're, we're
Breaking out tonight

To hell with this cell
We're breaking out tonight

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Celldweller Breakout Comments
  1. Zak Xzile


  2. Gastão Esteves Design

    You should be on Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack. Seriously.

  3. sKumbag70

    How this doesnt have mainstream play is beyond me.

  4. Ben Knight

    Have to say this would be a kickass song to hear in an action Sci-Fi musical.

  5. Ben Knight

    heh heh heh, Klayton's playing with himself.

  6. Steven s

    I really hope Celldweller's tracks are featured in Cyberpunk 2077

  7. Ben Knight

    If he can do this then Pendulum should collaborate with Knife Party

  8. Jake The fox

    For those of you wondering who the hell is Celldweller, refer to Breakout 3:40

    (lol.I just referenced it like a Bible verse XD)

  9. Evgeny

    Beautiful chords and two-voice idea at on 1:26 at the word "eye".

  10. david ross

    I swear there is a story associated with this song... If im totally ignorant some please enlighten me, this sounds like an awesome scifi waiting to happen...

    soil the stillborn

    All of his music is a story its all made inside a fictional land and its magnificent and beautiful

  11. Cybermedia Corporation

    This song gave me inspiration to write about an SCP Breakout story

  12. Ramathustra

    While I love the album, I couldn't help but notice that there is always a break in the otherwise good lyrics past the halway of the songs - a bit where the quality of the lyrics drops suddenly for a few lines when the musical fireworks start. Other than that, no complaints here at all. Love it!

  13. tony lopez

    celldweller - celldweller ( feat. celldweller) xD

  14. djlivewire

    now that there is a collab with Scandroid, we just need one with Ghost or Perturbator

  15. UseLess Lass


  16. carlcarl167

    Killer track, never fails to get me pumped!

  17. UItraVice

    Imagine "Hell in a cell" match from wwe with this theme.


    AWESOME ..........................................................

  19. Suzen Jump

    Goooood shit Maynerd! 💕

  20. Theo Krueger

    Amazing track.

  21. Ki Ki

    He got put into this prison complex because racism? Or what is it like? Hybridophobia


    Fits well while playing payday 2

  23. Rob James

    No breakout out tonight. I love it.

  24. daytonaaaargh

    Besides the typo at 2:47 ... such a great song - and I like that there is a video :)
    (who noticed it?)

  25. Strongnite - N.B.

    the salvation code cameo at the end gives me the chills. amazing song.

  26. Jan Bradáč

    3:12 : Why is there the sound of Skype starting up ?

  27. Finn Gilmore

    . . . to the salvation code

  28. Богдан Костылев-Карпов

    my favourite moment of this song is from 2:21 to 2:50,

  29. Youllexpectnothing

    Celldweller - Breakout (feat. Celldweller) (Official Lyric Video)
    Heh, Funny..


    Get it? Cause Scandroid is still technically.. klayton.. Im sorry.

  30. Mark

    Off all the Celldweller / Scandroid / Circle of Dust songs that are wonderful, this still holds the Top Spot.

  31. Dale Stokes

    New elysium already out though

  32. Mark

    This IS addictive (is this song a play on Riddick? "Helion" - "Breaking out"? I'm thinking so. Which is AWESOME!!!

  33. Araf V0rT3x

    Borderlands 3 should definitely use this song.

  34. InvaderMEEN

    They need to make a heist in PAYDAY 2 that uses this as the soundtrack.

  35. Ivan S.

    Wow!!! Suena increible 👍💨🔥 excelente producción!

  36. that one guy with a really long name lol

    Scp containment breach vibes, anyone?

  37. Invidious Ignoramus

    Wait, featuring Scandroid? This is too meta for me.

  38. HNTR

    Get you a man who can do both
    Aggressive Industrial stuff and Retrowave

  39. Skelling

    Klayton - Breakout (feat. Klayton) (Klayton remix)

  40. Niska Magnusson

    celldweller ft scandroid? so one guy ft himself? :P

  41. Raphael Gomi

    The best song on the fucking album oh my FUCK this is soooo damn amazing! You're awesome at all you do Klayton!

  42. Valéria Uhljar

    Ok, I'm officially back to Celldweller, i mean, Klayton, and all his alterego/personality. So much I missed... I have a book to finish! Aaand... what else? There were two parts out of his first book, what else I missed?

  43. Vlaynie C.

    ahh. late 2015 and early 2016. end of an empire and tales from the borderlands. good times.

  44. [SWX] sp00kY

    that guitar is just so awesome

  45. Integrity In Christ Lazlo

    whether it's dark celldweller or dubstep celldweller or scandroid or circle of dust, Klayton ROCKS!!

  46. Willmison Lima

    Henrique de Sá brought me here.

  47. Ashleigh D.J. Cutler

    You've earned a subscribe.

  48. Alex B

    I can feel the Scandroid vibe. I see what you did, Klayton. You're amazing!

  49. テノー・アンダスコー・バイ

    Celldweller feat Scandroid, Scandroid feat Circle of Dust (Probots and the Robophobes). I wonder if there's a "collab" named Celdweller feat. Circle of Dust?

  50. Raddy P. aka Velo

    0:13 - 0:19 I hear Pendulum

  51. WalkingDead97

    why does Helion sound so familiar


    I might be thinking Helios from Tales From The Borderlands.

    Kitana Corvidae

    Isaac Briley Richard B. Riddick. Triple Max Slammer.


    never heard of it

    Galileo Gaming

    Kitana Corvidae Oh wow. I didn't remember that. Damn good catch.

    Galileo Gaming

    Isaac Briley It's mentioned in his other songs and some stuff.

  52. PhalanX

    Hope I'm not the only one who noticed the reference at 3:57 when a voice says "to the salvation code" e.e


    This video is over a year old and a whole scandroid album has come out of course you're not the only one lol

    Skilz 321

    This leads me to the fact that this is actually a prequel to Scandroid.


    It hasn't yet been confirmed if it is

    Alex B

    Yes! I glimpsed it!

  53. Shiva Bachoo

    bus up d place celldweller

  54. Adrian Bronić

    The vid reminds me of Portal and Half-Life 2!

  55. Clara Brügner

    isn't "Celldweller feat. Scandroid" basically Klayton featuring himself :D

    Gareth McDonald

    Y'all need more Klayton.

    Alex Taunton

    If Circle of Dust covers this it will be Klayton ft Klayton -- Klayton cover

    Kevin Serwin

    @Montgomery Meyer And what if Klayton then covers the song made by Celldweller, Circle of Dust and Scandroid? Klayton, featuring Klayton and Klayton, remixed by Klayton!

    Rafael Bossoni

    @Kevin Serwin Some day Klayton will have more projects than Kevin's (Split) identities.

    Josh White

    @Gareth McDonald Ya'll mother fuckers need -Jesus- Klayton

  56. Zubb

    What in the christ is this Klayton? How do you amaze me after so many years!?? WHAT CAN'T THIS MAN DO?


    How have you just heard this?!?!?!?!


    I have no clue. I gathered the 4 pts of End of an Empire and figured those 4 just put together was the whole album.

    Since I made that comment, I now realize the truth. I feel so damn stupid right now.

  57. fran klyn

    absolutely awesome

  58. Anti You

    ...I can't write a decent comment at this time of night...
    I like this song!

  59. Juan

    i love this

  60. banishedXlove

    just found you from a speed draw and now I'm hooked! I love your work!

  61. Poi Poi

    I guess you can say that Celldweller is no longer a "celldweller" *hysterical laughter*

    Alex B

    cellbreaker ;)

    Lucius Heart

    I would like this comment but 69 likes is such a sexy number. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Poi Poi

    I've tried, but even in death I can't live without my anime


    That wasn't bad.

    Cyberspace Troublemaker

    *[ROTFLOL ROTFLMFAO]* Haha! Nice one, I love it!

  62. ruddthree

    Do we go this way? Nope that's got pipes, the other direction looks clear. Now I'm going back the way i came...just gota....turn around. *bang* dang shoes...

  63. Alan Cris

    This is a masterpiece, this is my fav song of yours. Keep the good work. Hugs from one of your greatests fans in Brazil!!! //_^)

  64. DDC News

    My favourite part of this song is from 1:39 to 2:07

  65. Admiral Danby

    amazing video celldweller please can you make more music videos

  66. Rex Harris

    this is one of coolest songs I've ever heard in my life... you crushed it with this one Celldweller (tip of that hat!)

  67. DDC News

    This song was released on the day of my last O Level examination. For those who don't know the O levels is a major examination period for many 16 year olds in Singapore, and this described exactly how I felt at that time.

  68. DDC News

    This song was released on the day of my last O Level examination. For those who don't know the O levels is a major examination period for many 16 year olds in Singapore, and this described exactly how I felt at that time.

  69. koin

    I had goosebump and motion sickness after watching the whole video

  70. Bardhi Emanuel

    daaamn....guess how much work this 3 minute video requires :0 !!! although its awesome

  71. Finch

    Borderlands, anyone?

  72. Zeser


    JOHN CENAAAAA!!!!!!!

  73. Katelyn Marsh

    I'm really new to this, this is my first song, and I totally love it. Can anyone explain to me the general overview?


    Of course good sir.
    Celldweller is Klayton's, and I quote: "Hybrid electronic rock orchestral sound design playground". His music is fantastic. The man hasn't made a bad album, and I doubt he ever will. His debut album, Celldweller (which I highly recommend listening to) is a phenomenal piece of work and every song on that album has appeared in some form of media. His original project, Circle of Dust, is an industrial metal/rock band and he has recently digitally upgraded all those tracks. His most recent album release was The Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head, Volume 3, which I would also suggest checking out. His next release is for his newest project, Scandroid. Scandroid is modern electronic music combined with 80's synth pop and that album is set to release within a month from now.

    Everything he's done is phenomenal and he basically does all this himself. He's easily one of the most popular and best underground artists I've ever heard. He makes music for trailers, video games, and then he just releases music as well. He also has his own record label (fixt) and he has many other lesser known artists on that label that he helps to publicize. I highly suggest doing some more research on his music and what he does because he does it so perfectly.

    I've been listening to him since 2012 and I just now stumbled upon this song. He's got music *everywhere* and it's super hard to find it all.


    This Sir is exactly what think as well, but can't say it better than you did! I listen to Celldweller since 2007 when an online friend of mine sent me Switchback and Louder than words links in youtube, both songs got me instantly as I was starving at the time for good music, not that there wasn't good music at the time, just all the neo metal and other rock bands which we're my fav's didn't made many new stuff at the time, so I slowly enjoyed the debut album from 2003 and what amazed me the most that he was making tons and tons of new stuff for different project, so this was a sure sign of huge potential within this man. There we're moments when I repeat a song and wonder myself, how the heck did I missed all this great music(ian) for 5 years unheard ... Cheers up for you Zubb and Klayton, stay awesome guys! Oh wait, also for Bret Blue Stahli, awesome guy!


    @NikolayNikoloff Cheers to you as well good sir!

  74. MusicAddictsAnonymous

    Petition to make this into a movie? Anyone?

  75. SoHzAssassin

    Love the 3D models. Do you have an inhouse modeler, or use someone else's assets?

  76. Bryn Farrell

    Discovered this song not that long ago and now I can't stop listening to it

  77. PhoenixNDSTRY

    hellion-a disorderly, troublesome, rowdy, or mischievous person. makes sense

  78. PhoenixNDSTRY

    what i thought was magic was technology and what i thought was technology was magic. there is no difference between the two

  79. PhoenixNDSTRY

    i just realized i listened to the playlist backwards. but still. the story fortold here is the one my memory was missing. thank you Klayton for reminding me of the truth

  80. Revan Thresholm

    Klayton Ft Klayton, Breakout.

  81. CalzerDan

    I find it weird that Klayton is technically featuring himself

  82. Amanda O

    this song is inspiring me to draw so much rn

  83. Bartek PAbian

    what kind of music is it ?

  84. DJ Smith

    Klayton is the man.

  85. Dr. Jiggles

    i was wondering why it has "feat scandroid" in the name...... cuz its not really scandroidy..... than i heard "the salvation code" in the backround at 3:58 :DD

  86. Horizon

    The only song I really like by them is just like you, im into more rock, post hardcore blah blah blah, but I really respect celldweller

  87. Resqperz

    I wonder what's the story behind releasing Breakout (I will never be the same remix) in 274 kbps? Good stuff - just curious.

  88. Ayy lmao

    sad satan with good music?

  89. Jimu D

    Awesome album this!!!:D

  90. michael lumnitz

    so fking nice man

  91. Jessica Harpley

    Please tell me someone can make out what he's saying at 3:58...

    Caleb Berney

    It's "(to the) Salvation Code", a reference to and sample from Salvation Code by Scandroid.

  92. Assault Zinal

    Rechyy bring me here

  93. Mali Kitty

    I want to breakout tonight!!! but it's the day time ;(

  94. Callum

    Wait... So he collaborated with himself...

  95. Rodrigo Souza

    very cool...

  96. GameZstrikeR

    rechyyy army

  97. Waleed Bin Alim

    My favourite track from 'End of an Empire'
    Song was too awesome that Klayton had no idea whether to publish it via Scandroid or Celldweller. Featured Scandroid and then put up a Scandroid remix. Well played Klayton!

  98. Mr. Listener

    Heh, nobody noticed that near the end he actually made a typo 'No Breakout Out Tonight' Instead of 'No Breaking Out Tonight'

  99. SneakyDeekyLike

    It's not the cold steel that makes one a prisoner, it's the mindset they've programmed people to be trapped in a cage of lies. The truth is the key that will truly set you free from the lies and deception. No more will we be restrained. We're Breaking out tonight.