Celine Dion - Where Is The Love Lyrics

If ever a boy stood on the moon
All the heavens would call them angels 'round
Stop the tears from troubled sky's....from

If ever the river could whisper your name,
Would the choices you made still be the same?
Like a flower that dies from angry rain,
Why do we hurt ourselves?

Where is the love that lets the sunlight in to start again?
The love that sees no color lines?
Life begins with love,
So spread your wings & fly,
Guide your spirit safe & sheltered,
A thousand dreams that we can still believe.

If ever a boy stood on the moon,
Carrying all of his treasures from the stars
To a rainbow which leads to where we are.
Together we'd chase the sun.

Where is the love that lifts my brother's voice to the skies?
The love that answers a mother's cry?
Life begins with love,
So spread your wings & fly,
Guide your spirit safe & sheltered.
A thousand dreams that we can still believe.

A boy stood on the moon
The ancient souls can still discover
A thousand dreams that we can still believe
That we can still believe
We can still believe
We can still believe

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Celine Dion Where Is The Love Comments
  1. douglas hagan

    Wo ist lieben

  2. Gemma Walker

    Im in such a sad dark place right now, everything just seems to go wrong...
    I really dont think life is for everybody and I just cant go on anymore...... 😢

  3. real mdrid

    I love this song

  4. Rauth Mayanja

    My twin flame is puzzled doesn't understand reunion is failing .... Thanks dear dion

  5. rose eshiemomoh

    Love is the key! Yep!!

  6. rose eshiemomoh

    Life begins with love ummmmm

  7. Michel Kitenge

    J'aime cette de ma préférer et je continue de croire qu'il existe un amour vrai ;-)

  8. Moor Living

    Had to drop a like on this shit ❤

  9. Gisselin Bouyom

    Au début l'amour à la fin l'amour

  10. Salomon Marquez

    De sierto es y de sierto será que el amor se encuentra en el aire que respiras y el agua con el sabias tu sed y en un rosal de lindas rosas Rojas y en cada corazón de cada niño cada joven cada anciano y en cada corazón de cada ser viviente que coexiste sobre el planeta tierra que por herencia de Jesucristo rey de reyes y de Dios padre todo poderoso y que estaba estará para todos porque todos somos parte de todos y así es y así será por los siglos de los siglos amen

  11. Lynsey Marron Camille

    My twin is running again he's not ready for our reunion, j'taime Mon Cherie Lamour de ma vie always I wish you well in your life maybe one day we can reunite bisous

  12. memo atwa

    Thousand dreams that we can still bielive

  13. Diana Nairn

    Another beautiful song by Celine, a beautiful song for a funeral! because it's so gentle and with lots of feelings into it!

  14. roxanne sehman

    my son passed away had this as his song fly high son love ya always ma xxx

  15. Lynsey Marron Camille

    I miss you so much, please whatever is going on in your life right now know that I deeply love you and always will. Don't let these fake people and karmics make you stressed and sad I believe in you darling we can build a better life together full of abundance love and prosperity. J'taime mon cherie lamour de ma vie

  16. Gold Family

    Best ever

  17. Blu

    "Where is the love that lifts my brother's voice to the skies? The love that answers a mother's cry?"

  18. Wayne De La Roche

    Why no live videos of that song?

  19. jihad ismail

    11/2/2019 still adoring

  20. قناة الاسرة المغربية

    Life begins with looove

  21. Jordan Mills Evil Queen


  22. murti muharmis

    love this song

  23. shimenga1

    I think I might have lost my virginity to this . Either this or the 2nd last song on this album , no it was definitely this .

  24. Chris Prud

    December 2018 still a tuuuuune

  25. John Jay Cabande

    Spread the love.........coz we achieved peace if their is unity,love,and perseverance.

  26. harry coronel

    God,what a wonderful voice

  27. A R

    La canzone più bella del mondo <3 fantastica j'adore

    Mauro Man

    Hai ragione una canzone dolce struggente.... La canzone piu' bella del mondo..... Da Oscar...... Cantata da un'artista straordinaria❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. A B B Y

    Oh my heart

  29. Patti brower

    And yes this Album is one of her best but every album has such awesome music it's really hard to choose which is her best. They all are and that's why she at the top. <3

  30. Patti brower

    When you think about it, Celine and Michael have a lot in common.

  31. Fatima Reis

    Celine Dion Where Is The Love ❤️ linda essa música alguém ouvindo 09-2018?

  32. Rodwell Simon

    So soulfully and emotionally expressed. Love this song! #Queen Celine

  33. Honey Rakout

    love it

  34. Nunung Nurlina

    to my husband...i hope you can listening this song,and i hope you understand how much i love u...

  35. Kenny Scott

    Osiris did. He shared it with his devine wife, and son horus.

  36. Hassan Machano

    "Incredible "

  37. WideOcean

    céline is the best

  38. The Vocal Trinity

    Me singing the lyrics:
    Spread your wings and fly.....butterf.......oh wait.....wrong song

  39. Patricia Brower

    Thank you for posting the words. I will write them down for when my mom. Passes away. I think would be great to have copies printed for the guests also with pastel colored balloons to release into the air during the song. That's just one idea but I like the story in this which fits our family history, Title that is. I would have to use this video for the words since my cd I'd some where in storage. Anyways thank you for adding the words. Very beautiful song. 🙂

    suada abdirashid

    You are waiting for mommy to die and sing this song ..so fucked up

  40. Eka Jurita

    I hope someday i can meet you....

  41. alex diew

    We can still believe there is a love..

  42. kayode Olaolu

    Where is the love that answers a mother's cry

  43. anna latchman

    Still listening and loving this!♥️

  44. Monsieur Donald

    Sweet and tender words

  45. Etieka Ituen-Umanah

    still listening in 2017....so soothing

  46. Terrachat Terra

    Damn this whole album fly me back to 1998.There was this lovelly and beatiful girl, and we had a cumplicity between us wich i couldn´t find on anyone else in my whole life. At that time this Celine Dion album has just been released here in Portugal and she loved Celine Dion but for me it was more like "Celine Dion is for girls or pussies" but even so i bought it to Marta´s birthday, she made me hear this album thousands of times in repeat mode and i also start to love Celine Dion. The sad part of the history is that soon after i was called to the Army and was deployed on a base far away from home, the love between us was strong but sadly dint passed the test of time. This album is very special for me just wanted to share my story with you guys, never shared before with anyone, it seems more easy to open the earth to perfect strangers.


    I know this is a late reply but I want you to know that was a beautiful and sad story. Thanks for sharing!

    jassem gabsi

    Terrachat Terra get her back brother its simpel as that

    H Jon

    celine's voice can be hypnotizing so stay away from it when in romance. prevents one from being realistic


    Yes I loved every song on this album.

  47. ferjaacu

    If ever the river, could whisper your name, would the choices you make still be the same? Such powerful lyrics! Where? Where is the love?

  48. Etieka Ituen-Umanah

    this song always in my head.... I love it so much thanks Celine

  49. Shawna Edenfield


  50. Shawna Edenfield

    Reincarnation is amazing and real. I have seen it myself.

  51. Adel bachir

    this Music express our self we feel our mind

  52. Shawna Edenfield

    ?Enough said? I love all the seeds on my side of the family. s ee ale has never been any sacrifice to me. I love my children more than anything in the whole wide world. No one is alone here. How much more has to be sacrificed. I admit that the hatred in my heart is due to jealous sacrificed souls. Together we can move stars.

  53. Etieka Ituen-Umanah

    so peaceful and soothing

    Emilie Barya

    Etieka Ituen-Umanah hh

  54. Michael O'Halloran

    I listened to this song about a hundred times on a flight from Doha to Sydney while getting a bit tipsy on red wine, was fantastic :)

  55. Amelia May

    love ,love so much one of my favs

  56. Kadra Ismail

    28-2-2017 and still listening
    I love this song

  57. alanis kaka

    i love everything she does but her voice on this song blows my mind

  58. Rudi Jalel

    where is the pump pussy

  59. Heng Lee

    Sweet Song

  60. Vick Lester

    I don't care how old she is. I'm 27 and I would marry her.


    Vick Lester go ahead! the kids are waiting for you! 🙈

    Rodwell Simon

    I would too. Lol. I love her to death!💐💐

    Joseph Goes

    lol lol lol me too! rsrsrsrs kkkkkkkkk

  61. Nedo Ken

    some track. beautiful

  62. asma chouikh

    amazing song

  63. Kareta Harrison


  64. riseanna launstein

    no one can sing like her ,she is truly amazing anyone that knows her is sure very lucky

    LixbeeexD Pintooo

    riseanna launstein Except celine tam xDD dkdnxj

  65. glenpratana

    i love this song year of 2010

  66. leilson leo

    Amo essa música.

  67. Charlie C

    mummy loves you so much

  68. Magnolia Costa

    adoro hovir as músicas de Celine Dion elas me deixam caminha de mais

  69. Villalyn Gervacio

    Love this song

  70. khadem rasul

    Celine Dion - Where is the Love (Audio with Lyrics)
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    738 38
    Published on Oct 1, 2012
    Audio with lyrics of the song Where is the Love by Celine Dion

  71. Ahmed Saidu-Kamara

    Every time I hear this song, it's always magical.

  72. ayman dwedar

    انا بعشقها

  73. MsArnone

    Celine there is no one like you on this planet earth ...You had to come from heaven above...you have captured my heart & soul...no other artist has ever done that before,...Incredible

  74. The last Super Sam

    love this song

  75. emmanuel mukom

    ohh Celine Dion u a the best

    real mdrid

    emmanuel mukom yes👌

  76. Lynn May


  77. Dan Abogado Sermillas

    i love it .

    #celine dion

  78. Ebenezer Kwesi Horla Walters

    you are so amazing dion

    Stxx Stxxx

    On Spot

  79. THE GIDO

    เพลงเก่าสมัยเด็ก มี เทป ด้วย ซื้อเพราะเพลง มาย ฮาร์ท วิล โก ออน 555+

  80. M Upton

    This song is needed for the world more so today than ever... 11/13/15. <3.

    Kylie Hughes

    M Upton and today 18/8/2017 Spain Barcelona. 🌍🌎🌏🙏🏻

  81. Alia Soussou

    i love you mama

    Emilie Barya

    Alia Soussou

  82. christine plummer

    love this song....

  83. Sammy Blue

    Love.this song

  84. Natalie231065

    Spirit heart & mind touching lyrics

  85. Cahaya Mash

    For mY ex boy frnd, really i miss u, mmm

    International Immigrant

    @Cahaya Mash i understand u perfectly, got my heart smashed but still i miss her like it hurts and burns

    Cahaya Mash

    +Denis Victor :-)

    Adel bachir

    next time
    good luck

  86. Farshid Savaddar

    love will never hide.[living in devotion]; bobby savaddar

  87. fakenails


  88. Josephine jamin

    You will always be my number 1 fan love it

  89. Cersei Lannister

    Life begins with love,Céline!

  90. Judith Esther Martin

    Simply just love it

  91. Shawndelle Dey

    Celine has such an angelic voice no matter what she sings its magical..

  92. qte99

    I love this song and others as well. Celine has a beautiful voice.

  93. Dervalina Robinson

    i wish i can meet you celine dion my wish would truly come through

  94. Jane Princess Elliott

    I love this music so much!

  95. TheQueerOfSoul

    1 person can't find love. soothing vocals and solemn instrumentation. Celine!