Cece Winans - Purified Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Life is a winding road that never ends
Oh full of ups and downs and turns
Too many cloudy days and sleepless nights
There's gotta be an answer to this pain inside
So now searching for a hero
Someone who can help me through this rain
And though I've tried I can't erase the shame
Only You can make it happen
I pray that You will make it happen

Purified, I want to be purified
I want to be fresh like the rushing water
In the presence of the father
Purified, I want to be pure inside
I want to be fresh like the summer breeze
It's what I wanna be

Yeah, through the living waters I will run
Where I'll find a better place
Oh, I'm longing for a perfect heart
I need for you to make it happen
Only You can make it happen


So here me cry as I pour out my heart
Telling you how I feel
You know where it is so I'm asking you to heal me


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Cece Winans Purified Comments
  1. Quinntellia Fields

    I need this on Amazon Music ♥️

  2. Global Community Affairs

    In a times of the world chaos humanity need peace. Thank you Winan Family For The Sounds of Peace.

  3. David Geer

    2019 anyone???

    Caleb Hamilton

    Me 🤗

  4. Thegood _nurse

    This song!! My God! 💛

  5. Coko Fans

    This song is absolutely perfect! It's CeCe Winans at her absolute best for 2005!! 😍😍😍

  6. Nicola Harris

    This song made me cry 🙏😭😭

  7. Justin Moran

    God bless you

  8. Florence Parker

    This song is such a bold, healing & cleansing song! It's one of refreshing beauty!! Last but most certainly not least, it has an amazing, melodic vibe to it!!! 💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝

  9. Nyambati Kwamboka

    Praise the Lord!!! Amen!!!

  10. Nordia Thomas

    I listen to this song 70 minutes of a day

  11. Jameela BellingPort

    I Believe The Lord used this song to minister to me at a young age when I first heard it, I believe I was 9 years old, I needed to be purified then and God saved me purified me, filled me with his Holy Spirit Acts 2:38, and everyday I still must walk Holy as he is always at work in me, he purges, sanctifies, delivered, protects, keeps and saves in JESUS name.

  12. anonymous girl

    This song is my childhood💖💖

  13. Christopher Vassell

    Beautiful song!

  14. Ntombomzi Tyobeka

    Yhooo CeCe winnas ur CD is killing me purified all this song I was in dark place that time OMG I'm in tear

  15. Bless youth blessings

    In love with this song 😍😘

  16. Ronda Helvy


  17. Mack Bolan

    something to aspire to....

  18. dmontage

    Love this album can't wait for the new album Let Them Fall In Love it's going to be great.

  19. Beverly Bat

    I found my hero in he rest inside me amen.

  20. La'Keila McFadden


  21. Michael Thwaites

    love Cece.

  22. Michael Thwaites

    love Cece.

  23. whoisit203

    I always used to hear this song and never knew she sung it. Love it!

  24. Solomon Smithy

    Beautiful song cece thanks for sharing.

  25. Troy Poole

    Heard this song on Pandora the other day and been hearing it in my head ever since. ...an anointed song.  Cece, you doin it girl!  I saw you on TV after you got your Hollywood star dedicated to you and Bebe. I remember you said that you did it all through worship!!! Amazing!! Thanks for your dedication!!

    Briaja Smith

    Troy Poole wow didn't know she got a Hollywood Star! Amazing ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  26. Jojo pitts

    Me to Michelle Harris

  27. Lisa Holmes

    I want to know someone put a bad spirit on you.I was in the church and I felt something different like wrong spirit trying to fall on me I caught it off and left the church.

    The was saying some angry words to me when I was leaving the church.
    He said that yeah your family can eat.
    I didn't know what he ment by that but I just left the church..
    I was trying to find out what did I do.

    I just a songwriter who record my own music.I don't belong to any lable I work by myself have been since 2005 with writing lyrics. and poem ,short stories.

    I Hope that wasn't a threat. that's been since 2011.

  28. Briaja Smith

    I LOVE this song!! Ya know whats funny though, some of her notes sound like Michael Jacksons!

    Jon-John Pinckney

    @bls s its funny cause she grew up around that time frame, so she is as old.

    Oloidi Olumuyiwa

    That's true, MJ's kind of music

  29. michelle harris

    I bought this cd when it first came out and I can truly say each song has ministered to me I love this whole album Cece is my girl love her to pieces may god continue to bless her and her family Amen.

    Jojo pitts

    Me to Michelle Harris :-)


    Same :)

  30. Ebony Owens

    I love this song!!

  31. Anthony Western

    This song is the best

    Miss Harvey

    Anthony Western

  32. Anthony Western

    This song is the best

  33. Micha Wright

    Love this

  34. Micha Wright

    She's Amazingly talented

  35. Anthony Western

    I listen to this song alot

  36. Maribel Saavedra

    she is a great singer....beautiful voice,..,,

  37. Latrice Lover

    Love this

  38. Lucas Gomes

    Let God bless you sister CC...

  39. Jess D

    Love this song. 

  40. dark ness

    ❤❤❤❤❤ FIRST TIME HEARING THIS AND IM IN LOVE WITH IT. Speak to me Lord yessss

  41. Prince white

    This song is amazing & beautiful

  42. Brittany Thomas

    Love this song it makes me feel like I'm on a fresh scented Sandy beach and being by the beautiful blue ocean in the fresh breeze in the wind!!

  43. Lashrae Charleston

    Makes me feel free like I'm on a fresh sandy beach

  44. InVinceAble

    Great song

  45. Chadwic Mears

    AWESOMEEEEE!!!! Purify me God!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. kandace1908


  47. JM_savant_

    How can u not like this song

  48. Brittney Thomas

    Beautiful!! And uplifts my heart and it helps me fall asleep!!

  49. Jeremiah Moultrie

    she sings this song like a baby angel

  50. PowerOfEncouragement

    This is one of my favorite songs. It uplifts my heart and ministers to me every single time that I hear it. Such a genuine and beautiful worship song.

  51. devon misner

    love that song

  52. Brian Anderson

    This song will forever be the song that I play when things go wrong in my life.your voice and these words saved my life.

  53. Luwi Donalds

    Lord give me strength to live a pure life. .

    Jameela BellingPort

    pearl royalty Hello Did Acts 2:38 Bible. Hebrews 12:14, God calls us to Holiness but we must first Acts 2:38 Bible. Ask him for the mind to serve him, and to purge you of everything not like you he will if you ask from a sincere heart in true repentance . Also according to Acts 2:38 in the Bible, repent and be baptized in JESUS Christ name for the remission of your sins and ur shall receive the gift of the Spirit. Worship God from your heart with an open mouth with your words clearly, Hallelujah is the highest praise, thank praise him exalt him for. The heart, Hallelujah is the highest praise, keep worshiping and seeking God and know that he wants to fill you, keep worshiping and exalting him with your praise from your mouth, he will fill you with his Holy Spirit evidence of speaking in tongues, if you seek him in true reprepentance wanting to truly be saved, and letting go of all sin and idles. Holiness. JESUS Loves you, God lead you in JESUS name.