Cece Winans - Pray Lyrics

I know that you think you can't pray after that mistake
but I know it's the only way you can make it better
And I know situations get too much for you to take
and you feel like you're gone break and it makes you say

I can't take it
When will things get better?
I'm so frustrated, but it's gonna be okay cause
you've got someone in your corner
Who's gonna be there for ya
Just fall on your knees, say a prayer and receive

When the world feels like it's on your shoulders (I pray, you pray, we pray)
When your life seems like its upside down (I pray, you pray, we pray)
When your lonely nights are getting colder (I pray, you pray, we pray)
I pray, you pray no matter how dark the day

I know you think you've gone too far and you waited too late
But I know that He loves you and there's no love greater so
And I know that it's hurting and you want your pain to end
And you feel like you can't win and it makes you say


Our Father which art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
All you gotta do is say

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Cece Winans Pray Comments
  1. Tribe 5431

    love this song did a praise dance to this dance

  2. Noble Warrior

    My favorite CECE Winans song Pray, I also like For Love Alone and the duo BEBE and Cece Feels Like Heaven!!

  3. Charles Bridgewater

    She is good good!!!!!! 😀😃😀😃

  4. Charles Bridgewater

    Rto get me to the other is in a meeting at the library on the phone for the program and I will let you hi to everyone I will let the new house And Daaron I have to get the Thomas and Montgomery and I will get you a check or do you need me to get me a 1 to be Harris and Montgomery and I will let you know if Williams and I was wondering I

  5. Cdr Ram

    gifted family in music

  6. Cdr Ram

    mario i need girl part 2 lit

  7. Cdr Ram

    i love mario and cece

  8. Lil Murrkz

    Memories 😢❤️

  9. Klassy K

    This is my anthem!! Thank you for giving this amazing song cece!

  10. Lone Ranger

    I lost my dad Aug 21st 3yrs ago then my mom Aug 26th a yr ago! Both on a Sunday!

  11. Evolved Soldier

    Pray my favorite Cece Winans song. When things get tough and your starting to struggle pray that everything will be okay. I pray for the people, I want everyone to be surrounded with people that love them. I want everyone to have money, a nice home, and support especially for the people who are living with disabilities. If we all came together and prayed the world would be a better place, it's a good thing we got Heaven thanks for making the Ultimate sacrifice Jesus.

  12. Elizabeth Reaves

    No matter how dark the day ooh! My daughter suffers from lupus I have to watch her get weaker and weaker and she still smiles pray please for all who suffer with this

    Lakesha Mcfadden

    Elizabeth I suffer from it also keeping her in my prayers

  13. kween

    Still here in 2019, my anthem for life ☝🏾

  14. Condoleezza Perry

    I Pray, You Pray, We Pray all the more in 2019.

  15. Rexx

    i remember when i was at church and they played this. i cried happy tears because i was going through a tough time and hearing this song uplifted me.

  16. notjaredd

    This a throwback 😂😂

  17. Lil Duke

    I Pray I Loves God

  18. esi mo

    I pray, you pray, we pray...

  19. Q BlessednBeautiful

    My Jam! Ayyyyyyyeeeeee! I Pray, You Pray, We Pray!

  20. Fredrika Simpson

    I love it. I pray to have this house. I deserve it.

  21. Ruthie Franklin

    Kendra J

  22. Janine Destiny


  23. Hazeleyez Amour

    5:30am This song popped up in my head. I truly needed to hear this. God i need u more then ever. My heart. is just so broken.

  24. bj By tmobile

    Still love this song till today from Tulsa 💯 real

  25. Rosie Anderson

    Yep this what we need to do

  26. kryptonikdoses

    I absolutely 💜💜💜 this song. It is my go to song. I literally play it over and over, back to back.

  27. juanitag75

    I am praying, in Jesus name.

  28. child bye

    Pray I get my social security increase

  29. ShaCrystal Thomas

    Whose still listening in 2019 tho

  30. michael wood

    Best song i ever heard

  31. Rãïnbøw Çløùd

    This song is so old I remember being young and dancing to this with my little sister and my big brothers

    Carlos Edmond

    Same. But I have 2 sisters

  32. Blayne Carlton

    It has always worked for me no matter where i was or what was going on.

  33. Marrisa Robinson

    It's going to be alright

  34. jarvin Russell

    Sir sh sh i

  35. Charlotte Graps

    I love all cece winans music she a beautiful singer god bless her for blessing so many people like me.

  36. Bwire vincent

    I am so humbled by the lyrics. The answer is prayer

  37. Jarvin Russell

    DJ's as gchkfu

  38. Nakenya Cook

    Love this song!!

  39. Sarah Simmons


  40. Sharon Andrew

    We need to pray all the time

  41. Brittany Abson

    I love this song!!! Both my parents are gone😢😢 mom died when i was 7 dad n 08 🙏🙏🙏 I am struggling with my 10 yr old and his autism 🙏🙏🙏🙏😔 but this song helps n heals!!! Thank you cece n mary mary n kirk n trinitte 5 7 I looove yall 🎶❤❤💖💖😊😊😊

  42. Caramel Candy

    Listening 2019? This song lifts me up and lays me out every time! Pray!

  43. Tracy Jackson

    "Pray" is my go to song when I'm feeling low and the world is on my shoulders Pray!! Pray!!

  44. Bobby Williams

    I love this song

  45. gloria turner

    I love this song it's so uplifting it touches my heart

  46. Ce ce

    True this everyone.......do it and see the results.....amazing miracles happen, especially if that prayer is for another that needs your help, God intervention......it's awesome 💜💜💜💜💜💛💛

  47. Barbara Porter

    Never seen rightness for sake

    Barbara Porter

    Eric and Derrick

    Barbara Porter

    Eric and Derrick never seen rightness for saken

  48. Coby Hooten

    You have a beautiful voice CeCe Winans I love you. I pray hard 🙏😇 everyday.

  49. Victoria Vaughan

    Pray pray pray amen I only can here because of the rodio I know I love this song

  50. ccc horse

    Gone Cece .

  51. Shawn Williams

    This is really good and truthful song that ministers to my spirit at times when I really need it and the enemy tries to make me think that all is lost

  52. Marche Roseberry

    Through prayer to God in Heaven,things really do get better.

  53. Latesha Jude


  54. Kayla Scott

    2019 @3am ❤️💪🏾

  55. regina cameron

    I need hear this....

  56. Angela Hurst

    Yolanda Adams song victory makes you feel so happy that you about to Jesus I got the victory have mercy

  57. msmusicmaestro61

    Our father which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. All you gotta do is pray.

  58. Iashia Howard

    prayers do change things in your life trust me i know

  59. Jasmine Marie Hunt


  60. jafar kng

    I like song

  61. gamerbros awoseme

    This song has so much meaning to me I play it all day repeat LoL yes Jesus I pray Lord knows I pray

  62. Denethia Bennett

    Psalms 23.is all I need to pray.its gonna be ok.I receive...I pray you pray.

  63. Denethia Bennett

    If you ain't know that prayer brings peace.2019.

    Sugar Marshall

    Proof read before sending your word's. Make them plain.

  64. Stephanie Rickenbacker

    My Motto for 2019! Prayer is the Key.

  65. Dana Dana

    no matter what doctor says all u have to do is PRAY!

    Sugar Marshall

    Proof read your word's before sending them. Make them plain so other's reading them will understand.😉

  66. Latesha Jude

    "I pray, you pray, we pray!"

  67. Fredrika Simpson

    I love CeCe . I will be just fine . It"s coming I pray I pray. Those who wait will win. At the end. the love in my heart will continue for ever.

  68. Elita Bludsaw

    2019 still strong!!!

  69. Walker Marquis

    Armor of God.........

  70. Latesha Jude

    Thanks for a lovely song CeCe!!!!!

  71. Patti Pryce

    I pray,u pray,we pray🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  72. Kaylen Gorum

    Cece woman’s I love this

    Sugar Marshall

    Doll, that sound really bad. What you just said.

  73. Kaylen Gorum

    My song

  74. punkin pie

    When i first heatd this song on the radio three days ago i thought this was whitney houston

    Sugar Marshall

    Heard is the word i think you were trying to say.

  75. Jane Phiri

    I pray pray ....oh i love this song

  76. Latesha Jude

    I love this song!!!!  Thanks CeCe!!!!

  77. Fredrika Simpson

    I can't wait until it get better. I pray we pray.

  78. Fredrika Simpson

    Go CECE . I pray every day. I got someone in my corner. we pray we pray.

  79. Sharon Andrews

    I don't want nobody pray because I want be here for long

    punkin pie

    You shannon should be on your knees praying to god tell the devil he is a liar

    Sugar Marshall

    Check your word's. And why would you say that? You sound very bitter.

  80. Sharon Andrews

    I don't have no body in my life my life is up side down

    Sugar Marshall

    Pray. I do know that lonely and painful feeling but do you know this is the perfect time in your life ? Now you can hear God.

  81. Sharon Andrews

    It's seems like that pray don't work at all

    Sugar Marshall

    Yes it do. I'm so sorry u feel this way. Stop the woe is me and smile. I know u can't feel it but God is there with you sweet heart. I've been there so many times. See when you've done all u can do you just stand. Sometimes u have to stand in silence alone and that's good. You can't see it now but u will.

  82. Jada Mitchell

    You hear Whitney in the background 😍

  83. Sharon Andrews

    I pray ever day and night it's seems like it's don't work

  84. Lakeisha Wike

    She always lifts my spirit. God bless CeCe Winans.

  85. Joann Hayes

    Don't stop saying it

  86. Tamara Pagan

    Lift ur head high.......higher.......Amen

  87. Corris Linden


  88. J Phantom9421

    I love this song so much!! She sounds like Whitney in certain parts of the song!! Amazing

  89. Sharon Andrews

    Pray will change your life put ever things in his hands and he will love you and respect you

  90. Amariaun Sallee

    2018!!! Love this song! Keep the faith and keep praying! : - )

  91. Sharon Andrews

    I pray ever day and night pray will change your life put ever things in his hands don't look back just leaving it there

  92. Claudia Pitter

    Have faith when you pray 🙏🙏🙏

  93. Denischa Briddell

    Hallelujah Glory

  94. Johnnie Karaamba

    Love you so much cece winans I'm 25 my mom played your songs since I was born that was 1992 I love your songs and your spirit God bless you. 💜💜