Cece Winans - Let Everything That Has Breath Lyrics

Lord you set my soul on fire, object of my desire
I finally realize that I need You in my life
Right here by my side, You cover me day and night
And I just wanna thank you
Thank you for your mercies

Hallelujah for saving me
Hallelujah for healing my body
Hallelujah for joy You bring
Let everything that hath breath give you praise (in the morning)
Praise (in the noonday song)
Praise (in the midnight)
Let everything that hath breath give it to You

When You pulled me up out of sin
When my body had done me in
There was nothing until You stepped in and saved me
Now, now that I know the cost
That You paid for me on the cross
I just wanna say thank you
Give You the highest praise

If only one return to tell the story
If only one return to give you glory
With all my mind, body, soul and each breath in me
Let me be the one, let me be the one

Would You let me be the one?
Because of all I have I know I gotta praise Him
Would You let me be the one?
I'll be the first and last to give Him everything
Would You let me be the one?
And if all I had was to give Him all my praise
Would You let me be the one?

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Cece Winans Let Everything That Has Breath Comments
  1. Justice God'son

    i cant stop dancing to this song

  2. Larnelle Grobbelaar

    Everything that Has Breath , gives you Praise

  3. Tiana Lewis

    So cool this song yay

  4. lovebug forjesus

    I love this song. Everything that has breathe giving to you.

    Giving Jesus the Highest Praise . Yes , God is Almighty, Sovereign and is King.

  5. NinaTinaBina

    This brings back so much memories when I use to praise dance 💯💜

  6. Ayanda Booi


  7. Melanin Magic

    The beginning why does it make me think of someone shuffling a deck of cards

  8. Coko Fans

    What an incredible and spiritually revitalizing song!!! I can't help but give God all of the praise that He's so worthy of!!!! #ImAJesusAddict


    Fantastic song

  10. Collins Amponsah

    God bless this woman and even her children and her entire family I just love her songs so much Cos they carry power

  11. Sharia Williams

    love this song

  12. Deltricia Williams

    When I think of gospel music, Ce Ce comes to mind..she is so filled with the Holy Spirit..love hr

    Kachelle Simmons

    Deltricia Williams amen


    "Celebrate all our differences instead of building walls and lasting fences." VJ

  14. dmontage

    Love this song I can listen all day !

    Collins Amponsah

    All month

  15. stenide fenelon

    mizik sa bel