Cece Winans - I Promise (Wedding Song) Lyrics

I could tell by the way you smile
I could feel it in your touch
And I knew this heart of mine
This time would fall in love

All the hopes and promises given
And the pain that life can bring
Will build our will and commitment to face anything

I will love you faithfully, forever unconditionally
And my love I promise
Everything I have is yours
You're everything I prayed and waited for
And my love I promise you

Now we begin our life today
And though we've only just begun
The quest until we're old and gray is the vow to live as one

Through the desert winds that blow
I'll walk you through the winters cold
I'll be there to keep the fire alive
And when each passage we endure
We will stay strong, we can be sure
Our love survives

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Cece Winans I Promise (Wedding Song) Comments
  1. Michelle Bonds


  2. Barbara Casey

    I am in 2020

  3. Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    The other guy is proposing too. I am even being encouraged to register with dating apps. I don't want more crazy emotionally unavailable men. I got two thats driving me crazy already. Why would I want to start dating off of some computerized "random dating" app.

  4. Felistus Sakala

    Who is listening to it 2020?

  5. Janice Bloem

    Love all these songs ❤️

  6. Joseph McCain

    Delight and Desires

    Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalm37:4

    Delight in the Father has a transforming power and lifts a man above the gross desires of our fallen nature/self-monkey. Delight in Jehovah is not only sweet in itself, but it also sweetens the whole soul, until the longings of the heart become such that the Lord can safely promise to fulfill them. Is that not a grand delight that molds our desires until they are like the desires of our Father?
    Our foolish way is to desire and then set to work to obtain what we desire. We do not go to work in the Father's way, which is to seek Him first, and then expect all things to be added to us. (see Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31) [also in Proverbs18:22 he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of the Lord] { my 2 cents worth in this writing} If we will let our hearts be filled with the Father[/Jesus the Word of God/Holy Ghost the Comforter] until they run over with delight, then the Lord Himself will take care that we will not lack "any good thing" (Psalm34:10) Instead of going abroad for joys, let us stay at home with the Father and drink waters out of our own fountain. He can do far more for us than all our friends. It is better to be content with the Father alone than to go about fretting and pining for the paltry trifles of time and sense. For awhile we may have disappointments; but if these bring us nearer to the Lord, they are things to be prized exceedingly, for they will secure to us the fulfillment of all our right desires in the end. Spurgeon 1834-1892
    [one more proverb A wise understanding and prudent wife is from the Lord}
    [ooo ooo one mo proverb hope deferred maketh the heart sick; but when the desire cometh , it is a tree of life.]

  7. Guyanese pickney

    November 2019

  8. Shelly

    still listening Nov 2019

  9. Ponnle Adeola

    this song, timeless! Thanks Cece and Ben

  10. olivia hughes

    Who's listening October 2019?

    Judy Davis

    Here here😍😍😍

    Ursula Piersma

    It's my wedding song 🥰

  11. Jason Garrett

    Beautiful Song 🙌

  12. JE Stevenson

    May this song be played on every station throughout the earth

  13. Sonya Siles

    Tomorrow, and then forever

  14. Sonya Siles

    I trust you.

  15. Sonya Siles

    I will if you will, I thought it was about to storm

  16. Sonya Siles

    I feel this way about you

    Sonya Siles

    I love you and you know it

    Sonya Siles

    I need you it's so hard to know when youre coming thru

  17. ember michelle

    Her voice brings me peace.

  18. Dana Dana

    If someday in life I find my true love my rib my half soul I will dedicate this lovely precious song to him... Love u already my future husband, this song will be ur welcome package to my LIFE... U big X in my heart..💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 love already...

  19. Jessica Fauntleroy

    When she says "I'll love you, forever.. Forever.. At the end.. Thats my favorite part. When the time comes this will be one of the songs played at our reception.

  20. Jesusiswithme Mamita

    I promised I made with you ❤💏👰🤵🐞

  21. nonamichelle


  22. Sade Wilson

    Who is here in 2019 ?

  23. Beatrice Muchiri

    Its 2019 and this song is still a masterpiece, glory

  24. Ahavah Music


  25. Natasha Mwaba

    Dear God bless me with a husband

  26. Erick Hartwig

    Im still cray cray about Bri*****😇☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😘😛😛😍

  27. Candace Worme

    My wedding song choice

  28. Danii Da Silva

    Who's listening in 2019?

  29. Shaleen Swartland

    A very beautiful song im having my 7th year anniversary so im going to play it for my husband and renew my vows only to him😍😍😍Thank u cece for this beautiful song i love it

  30. Shambaka Rita

    I jst love this song,nd I pray dat I ll hav a chance to play it on my wedding day

  31. Machelle Machelle

    Love this song

  32. Gail Gibson

    Its been two years since our wedding day, this was our first dance song and it still moves me and make me love him more; the spirit of God is definitely in this song

  33. NadineTwags

    Played this song at our wedding 10 years ago and still in love with it

  34. Francetta Waltower

    I love this song!!!

  35. racheal chilumbu

    my song for my wedding next year

  36. maureen Muswele

    Lovely song

  37. Uhlarht

    This was the song I chose to be played on my wedding day when I did my big entrance 😘 My husband and I been together for 13yrs now but married 4yrs. (2k18)

  38. Trivena Afania


  39. Valerie Shaw

    Perfect wedding song, Love It ❣❣

  40. Realista Mensah

    I love this song soooo much anytime I hear it, feels like getting married...

  41. Super Tribe

    Best anniversary video ever just went viral. https://youtu.be/lcM9tLiKc8E

  42. Hélène Id.

    Beautiful song

  43. Russell Regan

    My daughter is singing this @ a family wedding on this Saturday. She can sang 2

  44. Deborah Steele


  45. Nthabiseng Nkopane

    Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this cover back in 2011, I still love most of the songs on the CD especially I PROMISE.

  46. Kezia Kandii

    One of my aunts played this song at her wedding like 12 years ago , but I didn't know this song until today, I've searching for it but thing God I found it!!

  47. Dealaz Officer

    This will definitely be my wedding song if we decide to do it publicly #beautifulsong...December 2018. I know that God will help us to go through with the planning for our special day.Hes able

  48. Athalie NK

    Dearest future husband, where are you hiding yourself ? I have already find our weeding dance

  49. Boss Lady

    This will be my wedding song in 2019...in Jesus Name

    Boss Lady

    will be back to testify

    Boss Lady

    September 2019

  50. Nicolas Plaatjies


  51. M. Isabel Posada-Rivera

    Love this song.

  52. victoria banda

    My song

  53. Darrell Allen


  54. Nuttyy Nyce

    Zama 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Nompumelelo Zama Hlulani

    Nuttyy Nyce Yes honey 😍

  55. Chassidy Lindsey

    Amen!!! Beautiful song CeCe and God Bless you always!!! Jesus is amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  56. Dibaba AppleNut Nare

    N Lord please bless m with life so that this song can be played at my wedding with my babe Sethu ..i receive God n I believe 💏❤😍😘🤗💑💑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  57. Melissa Smalley

    For me and my Husband to be!

    Melissa Smalley

    in 2018

  58. Essie JACKSON

    I want these songs played at my wedding

  59. Lisa Holmes

    I love this song I was listening to this song in 2006 when I was in New Jersey.

  60. amie liver

    I love this application!

  61. Rebecca Katende

    This is very good song thaks you my lord jesus

  62. Manay Malu Huguette

    God bless u cece

  63. Dibaba AppleNut Nare

    one-day God will bless m with a wonderful man get married n play this one

  64. Tonia Bard

    I love you Dee nobody else you for lifetime and nobody else my love and I love you Dee nobody else and I will love you forever and ever always for lifetime


    love u my Angelo

  66. Terry Sanders

    Divinely Breathtakingly Beautiful song... CeCe.

  67. Tiymbrok Brown

    Holy Nice, Quiet Nice; Noiseless Nicer!

  68. Deborah Ying-Saulters

    I didn't meet the love of my life until I was 52 years old. we married when I turned 60. This is our "Notebook." it's never too late everyone. I love you My Eddie <3


    Thats deep..i am 32 and i think i lost all hope..the ones i loved, are not there anymore.

    tomorrow again


    Janice Bloem

    Deborah Ying-Saulters then there must still be hope for me

    Nadira Ramnarine

    Well i say its too late but i suppose it still has hope for me findin my soulmate

  69. Maria Espinoza

    Such classy singer

  70. lubear08

    This song you used to sing for me. The times we shared,the promises we made. You promised to love me faithfully, forever unconditionally, but you called off the wedding 6 weeks to the day. What else can I do, I've cried all the tears i have left in me. All the promises we made to one another, you chose to shut the door at me. The Lord has been my strength. It is well. I wish you well. I pray God grants you all the desires of your heart. God bless you.

  71. hybrid sucre

    This is definitely my wedding song. God bless you CeCe. This song makes me smile always.

  72. Natalie Brereton

    Everything I have is yours

  73. Deonne Nelson

    for me and mu Bishop to be 2018 This Wedding Song

  74. Sharon Joi


  75. Lindy Melvin

    My beautiful bride too be.thank you father for my Angel 👼

  76. Denise Young


  77. Darcel Blue

    This song has an intoxicating effect. It is absolutely beautiful.

  78. Jayjay Jayjay

    This will be my wedding song for sure... Thank you Ccee..

  79. Lost without you Brown

    Hey baby I miss you so much. I've tried to move on I can't. I need you in my life you was my protector, my friend, my life what am I to do without you. I've cried so much since you been gone. God please give me the strength to deal cause right now I can't. I miss you so much please Lord help me.

  80. Christle Green



    My Love

  82. Cicely Feagin

    Listening in 2018

  83. Sonia Mubariki

    To my husband to be where ever he is

  84. Frankie

    I'm still looking for my soul mate~hopefully I can play that song for my wife to be. BEAUTIFUL:)

  85. Lost without you Brown

    Happy New Year baby I miss you so much my life haven't been the same since you died. I'm lost without you. I thought by now I would be able to move on. I can't I need you. I love you and will never love another.

  86. Ntombomzi Tyobeka

    Luv u mellen miss u my sister my evrything

  87. Ntombomzi Tyobeka

    Yhooooo this song for CeCe wonas luv it remind me my frend sister mellen that pass away now I'm crying when i hear it promise

  88. Tori Jones

    I'm Singing this for my brother's wedding May 2018

  89. Where Wedding

    A really heart touching song ❤️

  90. Tanya Key

    To Face, I love u with every breath In me. This is what our first dance at our wedding on 11/26/16

  91. Colotta C

    Love and Peace 👄
    Be Blessed 🌷

  92. Minah Phoku

    My wedding song its feel like yesterday 😍

  93. natural beauty

    This is the wedding song love it

  94. Vanessa Johnson

    this is one of my wedding song 6/23/2018 that will be playing

  95. Rosemund Onuoha

    Cece MA, you occupy a place in my heart. This song speaks Godly marriage! 🙅I will sure use it as My wedding song. Thank you

  96. cinnamon slice


  97. Tanya Key

    Me and my husband first dance was on this song. 11-26-16 this mark one year today... I love u face.