Cece Winans - He's Concerned Lyrics

God is, just a prayer away
All you need to do is call
He will hear, your faintest cry
He's concerned about you

So while your tears are flowing through
Your time of mourning
He is here to lift your heavy heart
'Cause He's in love with you

He knows
He cares
He sees
He's there
And He'll carry you
He's concerned about you

Weeping may, endure for a night
But the morning will bring joy
He won't give, you more than you can bear
He's concerned about you

He loves you, oh yes
He loves you, ooooo
He loves you, I know He does, He really does
He's concerned about you

He knows
He cares
He sees
He's there
He'll carry you
He's concerned about you

Well, He knows
And He cares
He sees
He's right there
He'll carry you
He's concerned about you
He's concerned about you
He's concerned, about you

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Cece Winans He's Concerned Comments
  1. Janelle White

    Jesus loves me too much I have love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ you

  2. Janelle White

    OK I'm work for Jesus loves you so you love me know if she will

  3. kerron mcsween

    This may sound silly, but, everytime I hear the, he loves you part, it's like the the last moment of one's life😢, before the maker took us away from the living, but also there is a joy in one's heart before we go😇

  4. selena davis

    I haven't had a drink since 5-17th-2019 , instead when I would get the urge I would pray or put on gospel , and surround my self with meditation to seek God and a word . Yesterday 8-6-2019 was a stressful day , from kids to work & family , birthdays coming up , bills , people being psychological bullies . I kept waring with my self to go to the store and get arbor mist (I felt it had less alcohol) so it was like barely drinking . And finally my last & permently choice was to go purchase it . I get home , make dinner and pop it open .
    I get a face book notification from a friend in Ohio that I have known for 7 years. He's not the church type I have never heard him sing a church song or speak up a favorite church song or even mention he likes gospel music.... I open up the message and he sent me the song, not even knowing the circumstances that just transpired. I told him that God used him to send me a message I receive it and I thank you for it and I thank you for him being open and delivering the message when he could have ignored it. He told me it was weird that he just had that song stuck in his head and he just sent it to me for and up lift .

    God is good yal!!! & he cares .
    Thank you jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm sorry and I repent , I let my trials & test get me down and I failed my test instead of resting in you when I got weary.
    God help us .

  5. Maya Freeman

    R. I. P to my beautiful baby boy #ChristianDeWayneCook (1-31-2018) till (12-30-2018)

  6. j k

    My sister is singing this song tomorrow at my cousin funeral.

  7. Leantra Newkirk

    Amen god i need you now

  8. Cheryl 2018 Myers

    Love this song my wake up song morning noon and night Amen

  9. The I.D. Movement

    2019 and still amazing

  10. Marcella Raymond

    Thank you God for being concered about me and my family. Going through hard times I know I can cast my burdens on you, and you will work everything out and bring joy 😀🙏❤

  11. Harold Shenette

    When no one is Jesus is concerned about those who reach out to him

  12. Karolyn

    I remember that she sung this song at Coretta Scott King's homegoing service. I think Mrs. King might would have liked it. It sounds like something she would have said. May her family remain comforted in knowing their beloved was loved by so many for generations.

  13. Corris Linden


  14. Corris Linden

    Thank you Cece Winans for your ministry and I as your number one fan adore you and your ministry and I thank god that he allowed you to use your voice to reach out to others that are going through tough situations and troubles and life’s challenges and ups and downs so thank you ❤️❤️💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  15. Brit n Ben Payne

    my boyfriend's mother sent me this song n a time of need and it really helped even though I knew the Lord. Thank YOU Chris P

  16. Corris Linden


  17. Corris Linden

    Beautiful song this touches my heart and soul

  18. Corris Linden


  19. Corris Linden


  20. Corris Linden


  21. Corris Linden

    This song is helping me get through life’s toughest challenges and ups and downs and I thank you so much Cece Winans I am a huge fan and I would love to meet you someday and hangout with you and have some good Christian fun !!!! ❤️💝💝❤️❤️❤️💝💝💕💕💕😘😘😘💕💕😘😘😘😘💕💕❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  22. Elect Lady Bry

    Don’t quit..don’t give up...suicide is not an option. Cry if you must..sleepless nights if you must. But know that you WILL make it through this. God loves you, he knows and He cares. Cast your cares upon him ..you are the apple of His eyes ...He’ll carry you through this!

  23. Ayanda Booi

    Anyone can relate to this song, I'm 12 years old and I LOVE it, God BLESS YOU CECE <3

  24. Ayanda Booi

    2018 anyone?? I'm in 2018 and I LOVE this song

  25. Bianca Thompson

    Beautiful song 💙

  26. kiss 4ever

    love you Cece you bless my heart

  27. Lisa Holmes

    I love this song for Jesus has saved me when I was dying. this song will always remind me of how he chose me. for I shall live and not die and do the work of the lord.

  28. Nadal Nadal

    Go head sangggggg 🙏🙏 xxx

  29. Lori A. Butts

    CeCe is a total class act and Woman of God. I just love her anointed music.

  30. Yañe Balog

    Indeed He's concerned.
    Thanks cece for the reminder. Praise God for this pretty worship.

  31. Tiffany Kleckley


  32. Lois Graham

    God Cares !!!!

  33. Stephen Durocher

    When my wife passed away 7years ago, this song carried me for about a year. Such a true song and God's timing was perfect to send this song my way when I was sooo broken thank you Lord.

    Jana Sua

    Take care my friend.

  34. D'Andrea Williams

    this song is still so good

  35. Toya Jones

    He’s concerned about me ... 😍😘

  36. Toya Jones

    Beautiful song

  37. Veronica Hardeman

    So happy and blessed I revisited this album. It's a great album with awesome songwriting beats chords the whole 9...brought me tbrough some very difficult times...I Pray You Pray We Pray...Praise Him!

  38. Veronica Myers

    I luv this song my fav ever!!😘😘💛👑he is king of kings!!!!!👑👑👑📿📿

  39. Christian Lesesne

    I love this song


    Brethren, I love Cece so much , I loved listening and worshipping with her since I was a child. I have a little worship session on my channel on Sundays, will be nice if you came to see my Sunday singing and worship. All for Jesus our King . Thank you.

  41. LAniya spruell


  42. Darkskin lavie

    my fav song of 2017 even though it was launched 5 years

  43. Mark Young

    i met god before it was the best experience ever

  44. Messenger Of Christ

    Love this song so much :) God is always concerned about us no matter what!!

  45. Chris Raynor

    friends,i need your prayers tonight.

    Chris Raynor

    FlyJubilee thank you


    God be with you Chris

  46. Lady Carolyn Harris

    Yes Lord!

  47. Lynn Ward

    Cece's voice touches the soul!!!!

  48. Bethany Chatman

    This makes me feel , so speacial

    Bethany Chatman


    Susie Dean

    Bethany Chatman it should!!

  49. wonderclass07

    Currently in a time of mourning and as I ask why this song chases away those thoughts and brings comfort.

    Chris Raynor

    wonderclass07 my friend,where Jesus comes,He brings peace. find other cece songs,and other Christian singers,lisren,watch troubles fade


    I know that feeling ' peace that passes ALL UNDERSTANDING '

  50. Shanikadaishawn White

    God God this song is so beautiful crying my heart out god knows how much I need him

    Chris Raynor

    Shanikadaishawn White .Lord,touch my friend,in the almighty name of Jesus. let your presence permeate them


    To know that He is concerned about us is minding blowing . Who do we have but Jehovah

  51. LaVerne Pryor

    Woke up with song on my mind. For those who has recently lost loved ones. God knows, He cares.....He's concerned about you.


    I lost 2 brothers, all is well, hurts badly but God comforts those who mourn .

  52. vanbikulsen

    Oui Cece c'est la vérité le Seigneur est au courant de nous.

  53. Mary Walls

    you sing buteful keep the good work up👼☺🌈


    can't listen to this song without tearing up!

  55. charmaine proctor

    It's so comforting 2 kno he's concern about us praise his holy name Jesus! !

  56. charmaine proctor

    It's comforting to know he's concern about us praise God Amen

  57. gloria walton

    Beautiful and Uplifting...

  58. Terry Walton

    Beautiful and Inspiring.

  59. 90's Nostalgia

    Thank u for uploading this album! It really blessed me!

  60. Yañe Balog

    Merçi Cece

  61. Kristina Burgess

    I use to praise dance to this when I was little ( Tiny Tots for life🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😍😍😍😍)

  62. Sindisiwe Ngwane

    Beautiful song .... God bless you Cece.

  63. Ekele Salmo103


  64. Ladine

    oh yes cece.... the lord is concerned about us

  65. Sharmaine Simmons

    It helps me get through hard times! God bless you Cece Winans!

  66. Virginia Jackson

    Yes! GOD is just a pray away..thank you for that inspiration to remind us when we seem to forget.

  67. Sharmaine Simmons

    This song is a blessing to my heart! I cry every time

  68. Gina F.

    I cry every time I listen to this song. It's beautiful.

  69. utbr01

    soo beautiful!! 

  70. Nitty Gritty

    She is so pretty. LOVE this song.

  71. Pamela Hill


  72. Sylvia Butcher

    one of my favourite songs...Spiritual upliftment

  73. mplover 21

    Thankyou jesus for being concerned about me it's says in your word as many as you love you chasten lord chasen me

  74. Hiram

    She is so anointed and she's an inspiration and and a great child of God God Bless you Miss Winans.

  75. Mouyabila Benedicte

    amazing song may GOD bless her!

  76. bugaboolala

    always singing this when i feel upset or alone :)

  77. ErinCM TheMC

    LOVE THIS!!!

  78. PrettyTiaF

    I'm singing this on the 15th! I could use some prayer. I'm praying God will really minister to the congregation:)

  79. king tra

    1:20 and on makes love cece more and more every day

  80. LadyTessfirstofhername

    Its sooooo awesome to know God, then to know he is concerned about me...leaves me speechless!

  81. Brian Anderson

    Ce Ce thank you for bringing your voice to me when i needed it the most God bless you.

  82. iOn BeCarin

    GOD is CONCERNED about your problems , im NOT___________

  83. Jeffrey Flood


  84. kronk99

    Is that Angie and Debbie in the background?!?! YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS MAAA'AM!!

  85. kronk99

    iTunes here I's come!!!!

  86. kronk99

    She knows just how to take the saints all in the waaaaaay in!!!!!
    Bless you CeCe!!!
    *Throwing my shoe*

  87. Glynn Morris

    best song

    Tim Pickett

    Glynn Morris 7

  88. jsmooththe1andonly

    Beautiful song CeCe Winans is truly blessed.