Cece Winans - Colorful World Lyrics

It's a colorful world it's a beautiful world that we live [repeat]
It's a colorful world

She wears nose rings with weird things floating through her hair
She is slightly embarrassed by everyone who stares
And when she walks away you might say she's a little wild
But she could rule the world when she opens up her mouth and smiles

It's a colorful world that we live in, a colorful world that we live in
It's a colorful world it's a beautiful world that we live in(repeat)

Now he's been cheated, mistreated by the color of his skin
He is rarely contrary over what should not have been
And he holds up his head instead and he wears a smile
What motivates him most is what he finds deep down inside

Celebrate all our differences
Instead of building these lasting fences
What's in your heart matters most of all, most of all

We have millions of children with possibilities
From the streets of Nairobi to the hills of Tennessee
Every hand you touch has a friend with a different name
What makes this world a better place is that we're not the same

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Cece Winans Colorful World Comments
  1. Nehemiah Gatlin

    This is by far one of my most favorite song of hers. It is beautiful and peaceful with a brilliant and wise message.

  2. TheKing Initiate

    this is breathtaking

  3. Jp Sanchez

    This song is flawless!!!!!! #PurePerfection

  4. Coko Fans

    This song is fun and oh so hecka amazing! 😍😍😍😍

  5. CielThePhantomOfHives

    My class had to sing this like 50 TIMES!! In music class

  6. Don't worry Be Happy

    Tha way she sing the song is amazing then when you listen how nice n true it is it's a colorful world a beautiful world look around at all different culture n different places look at yourself how you are beautiful the way God made us so devine different unique how we all are created BEAUTIFUL Amen

    Angela Hendricks

    God so sing you here eveyday

  7. A&M Gang!!

    Love the song and the book

    Niya Lovez

    same i really do we also have the same name

  8. Liz Gichora

    Thank you for such a beautiful uplifting SONG!..💜

  9. Yours Truly

    my God. this songs gives me encouragement

  10. Romel Rudon

    Feeling blessed here inTaiwan!

  11. Skim Bill

    I love cece and his brother. They send good msg.

    Jp Sanchez

    That's her brother!

    Nico Chisha

    Jp Sanchez 😂😂😂

  12. Borkan Borkan

    رائعه تحياتي لكل من آحبهم

  13. Charles McKinney

    Gosh...I'm so geeked cause this song has inspired this year's Macedonia English Essay Challenge for all eligible students throughout the country. Cannot wait to see what they will write as the Peace Corps volunteer leading coordinator!

  14. Eliane Nani

    Here in Brazil I listen this song every day!!!!

  15. Hope Conn

    you are the best

  16. danielle meigs

    1 of my fav song

  17. Emma

    I love you also the song too

  18. Sierra Elizabeth

    This is my Ds'Diner song!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sierra Elizabeth

    Who's watching this in 2016?

    Ayanda Booi

    Who's watching in 2018? <3 you Cece

  20. Gianna Johnson

    this is the song that I have to sing😃😃😃😃😃😃

  21. Inge Haygood

    A colorful world and thank you Jesus .. Heavenly Father for opening my heart, mind and spirit. You are my everything. My light when things are dark. I look up to the moon and stars or sun and sky and I am reminded that you will never forsake me.

    Tammy Pham

    Inge Haygood you are so nice how u said that note for this song!!! You are correct about the song!!

  22. Megan Lafleur

    it sure is

  23. Solomon Smithy

    She could rule the world when she opens up her mouth and smiles. 😀

  24. Ashleigh Hope Walker

    This is such a beautiful song! I love the message behind it.

    Khylil Showers

    Ashleigh Hope Walker same here and I love this song so much

    Coko Fans

    Me too, Ashleigh Hope!! I agree!!! 😍😍😍

  25. Latiesha Prince

    I love this song

  26. susan collins

    This has become my "MARCH FOR JUSTICE SONG!!!" Beautiful.

  27. Alex EMP

    Remember hearing this a few years back :)

  28. Jesus Coronado

    This is an awsome song its meaningful

  29. Malvina Iakantas

    At my school in Music class we sang this song XD

  30. Nicole Best

    What a beautiful song!!!

  31. leajossie

    So well said

  32. Joan Priester

    Everything God made He made in colors, and the thing He gave free will to is the only thing that has a problem with color. I mean I have never seen an Oak tree get up and move because an Elm tree was next door. Roses do not refuse to grow near Tulips, so why is it people have such a hard time appreciating our many colors?

  33. Caroline Jennifer Knight

    Thanks for posting a truly meaningful, beautifull song. Hope you don't mind me linking via my website:spiritualjourneyman. Why not check it out? Love love!

  34. Claire Archibald

    this song is so beautiful x

  35. tiffjo2011

    It's a colorful world and this is a beautiful song... I listen to this song and it makes me relax.

  36. Random bobbypin