Cece Winans - Always Sisters Lyrics

Always Sisters, Always Friends [repeat]

Always Sisters, Always Friends
Let's stay real close till the end
Forgiving each other, letting love cover
Always Sisters, Always friends

We have to live in harmony
Even though we may disagree
Fighting each other, is not the answer
But sharing the greatest gift, Oooo
Let's be enriched with peace and love
Having compassion from above
Never forsaking just understanding
Ain't that what families are made of

Always Sisters, Always Friends

No matter what may come or go
We stick together and it shows
This bond between us
Foundation is trust
That's what true family is all about.


We really gotta' learn to love each other
I need to stick real close by your side
There's no way that we can live without each other
So why do we try


Forever and always , I'm always gonna be with you, always
Forever and always, No matter what you're going through, always

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Cece Winans Always Sisters Comments

    This is one of my favorite song off the album

  2. Bridget Vaughn

    love it

  3. TheKing Initiate

    had missed this entire album.. i love love

  4. Ivosimo mhezroni


  5. Destiny C Flowers

    this is such a good song. 2018 anybody?

  6. Brenda Foster

    I made this song my sister's ringtone!!!! I love this song and Always love my sister!!!!

    Kay Monet

    Brenda Foster I’m gonna’ have to find this ringtone for my Sistars when they call. TFS!

  7. Devonte Turner

    CeCe is a world of sacrifice from which she does in her singing. I love Ms. Winans and she is a good spirit woman.

  8. Nicole Beckom

    I love this song this song remind me of all three of my sister's.

  9. Lisa Holmes

    grand daughter watching her grow in so rewarding.

  10. Lisa Holmes

    Listen to while I have my vrand daughter that 10 months. she love dancing.
    start to walk on her own a great thing to see you grand child take their first step.
    God is good.

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  11. Katrina Lewis


  12. Katrina Lewis


  13. PrettyTiaF

    Where is the other version? It used to come on the radio. I liked that version better

  14. Beverly Bat

    I really like this song although I in my sisters were never close I still like this song.

  15. Carlos Edmond

    I love this album

  16. 6 Gramx

    All winann's wit their pants off life ankle slib

  17. Tearsey Martin

    I love this song,  love my sisters always !!

  18. Anna Kawka

    Amazing song!!! We have two girls and they love it two! Thank you for this song! X

  19. bryana jackson

    I love this song of Love for family. I love my sister's forever and always. Amen to this song!!!

  20. Fontaine Coker

    Beautiful beautiful song.

  21. Lau Lau

    I love this song it is absolutely the best 😄

  22. Jessi' Myonne

    My Sister's Keeper Inc.
    Always Sister's Always Friends

  23. Toni Gowdy

    Does anyone have any idea how I can get this song as a ringtone on my galaxy Note 3?

    Kimberly Abigail

    Maybe you can download this on www.mp3skull.com

  24. sharla Batangan

    I love this song. My friend and I use this song as our motto

  25. Marcia Brumfield

    I heard this jam at a Womens Day Service and I had to immediately go to Itunes and buy it. Great Anthem for Sistas Everywhere

  26. Isaisha Perry

    luv this song:)