Cece Winans - All That I Need Lyrics

You're crying night and day
You wonder how you ever lost your way
Nothing matters, you must survive
You heart is slowly dying and so you cry

All that I need is love
From the moment I wake
Let me feel your embrace
All that I need is love
Hold me closer each day, every step of the way

Like flowers need the rain to live
A bright beginning Lord, the greatest gift you give
You changed my, life forever
Lover of my life, I realize

When the morning comes and the sun rises to the sky
All my troubles will be over and the way made easy
Until then all I need is to know You'll always hear me
When I call out Your name, call out Your name

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Cece Winans All That I Need Comments
  1. Jennifer ntuele

    Que Dieu te bénisse. J'adore cette chanson. 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. ember michelle

    Her voice is so amazing.

  3. Richard Elias


  4. Yolanda Nelson

    just had an amazing dream with obama,malia and oprah.feeling like god showed me them for a reason.thanks big G.

  5. Ntombomzi Tyobeka

    Wooow this song

  6. Ayanda Booi

    <3 <3 <3 Its such a beautiful song, its 2018 and I still love it <3

  7. Lisa Holmes

    I like this whole CD all the tracks.

  8. Shamiel Dell

    When you want to be loved by someone then you caught feelings and that person don’t even want to be around you he treating you like how everyone treating you ever men that comes in your life caught feelings turn out it’s your fault you got to pick up pieces all the time

  9. Cartoon Master

    omg she's SO beautiful!!!!!

  10. Trinna Milla

    This song gives me peace

  11. Deja Jackson

    I love her ❤️

  12. letiitia gibson

    this songs draws me into my Lord's presence. soul touching.

    Dee Baker

    Cece Winans
    He is concerned is my favorite song. Listen to frequently.
    Dee Baker

  13. Cassandra Dixon

    Cece is a great inspiration to me

  14. mary nwoke

    Someone should tell Cece that I love her, her song and everything about her since I was a child.

  15. Natice Croff

    love this song❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Briaja Smith

    Such a beautiful song... ❤🙌

  17. Nigel Mudzingwa

    I just love this song,so touching

  18. Face Butler

    Such a lovely song..

  19. Tatyana Stevens

    My favorite song ever since I was little

  20. Jasmin

    This song uplifts my spirit and bring peace to my soul each and every day...

  21. Oscar Blake

    cried the first time i heard this song 

  22. Sharmaine Simmons

    I love this song!

    Virginia Williams 49 veiws

    I love this song to

  23. Anthony Western

    Makes me feel well

  24. Mayfair Jamaica

    wow this is music

  25. sophia elizabeth

    I absolutely love this song <3 :'(

  26. Jack Johnson

    I guess I like Marvin & Tammy singing YOU'RE ALL I NEED TO GET BY-Listen to the words & apply them to God-Today's gospel is too much like modern r&b-some oldies sound more like church music. Sorry.

  27. Natalie Harrison

    thats all i need :'(


    such a beautiful song it touchs your soul

  29. Imani Moody

    its truth of the heart

  30. tamika williams

    beautiful song

  31. Oscar Blake

    So love this song cried first time i heard it :)