Cavetown - Poison Lyrics

Ease your breath, untie my hands
Release my neck, if you can
You don't have to be like that

Don't be afraid, there's nothing strange
It's not a trap

But there's cars coming closer
And I think they're trying to run me over
Poisoning my food
And putting drugs inside my water
There's ghosts in my house
And I can taste blood in my mouth

Don't be afraid, I'm not insane
Just irrational, but isn't that the same?

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Cavetown Poison Comments
  1. Maya B

    This song is the auditory definition of paranoia.

  2. Pembe kiraz çiçekleri'

    Harika bir şarkı.... Bu adamın sesi...., yeni açılmış çiçek gibi


    The only thing wrong with this song is that it isnt 5 minutes long. I love when great songs are really long

  4. S U N F LO W E R B E S T F R I E N D

    There's always a light hidden inside you but all you need is Cavetown/Baziltion to help you find the light that's inside you! :)

  5. Franco Torrealba Marcano

    I'm using Cavetown to cope with "Valentine's depression", because I know the gal I asked to be my valentine won't say yes. I just put myself on the verge of a ninth friendzone without thinking twice about it. Now I dread for tomorrow, when my own heart destroys itself.
    I've already given up hope, I can't look at this as an optimist in any way, shape, or form - and I know Cavetown isn't enough to cope with all this.
    It's all hopeless, it's always been.

  6. Melia Roberto

    Was thinking about writing a song on “you don’t have to be like that” looks like it has been stolen by my favorite bean 2 years ago lols

    slowly killing myself

    I hate writing something just to find out someone has already written something similar

  7. memphis_savage

    Lmao I can tell when a Cavetown song comes on, even if it's one I don't know because they all have that really nice sound to it.

  8. Logan M. H.

    i tell my friend i like cavetown and she says that this describes me, i honestly dont know if I should be offended

  9. B L U E BLUE

    I have anxiety attacks a lot about some stupid shit and i can relate to this song on a spiritual level XD

  10. Peachorgans !!:D

    why this song literally just described how my brain works

  11. jack stuwuber

    my boyfriend: is taller than me
    me: 0:27

  12. Trinity Savant

    As someone who has suffered from paranoia since i was little, this song hits a little to close to home.

  13. Subscribe to this cookie For no reason

    I litteraly discovered this dude like half and hour tday and.. IM OBSESSED HELP ME SOMEBODY

  14. silent. core

    what do you use to make lyric videos?

  15. Alexandra Jones

    There’s cars coming closer and I think they’re trynna run me over poising my food and putting drugs inside my water there’s ghost in my house and I can taste blood in my mouth dint be afraid I’m not image just irrational but isn’t that the same

  16. 강은주

    the beginning sounds like another one of those days 💗

  17. jack stuwuber

    dude i relate to this song so much. for some reason i’m always thinking my moms gonna poision my food. or when i walk through parking lots, im gonna get run over.

  18. Mary Liggins

    i heard like 2 songs and now my closet is full of their merch

  19. dozyapples

    i know this is about someone with paranoia and possibly hallucinations, but i correlate it with my anxiety. i feel like someone is always trying to set me up to embarrass me. it's hard to trust people. i feel like my friends get annoyed when i talk about it, too. idk. just a thought.

  20. Momo Zia

    *I can taste blood in my mouth* bruh not kidding same

  21. Amethyst Girl

    Sad Love Crap story below
    My girlfriend is moving soon. I love her so much but I need to break up with her because a long distance relationship won't work for us. I wanna make the best out of it but I'm too embarrassed to even hug her in front of anyone, not because I'm ashamed of her, but because PDA (Public Display of Affection) isn't really my thing because I don't like the attention. I'm too scared to even kiss her, scared of getting my heart broken again. I love her so much.

    Amy Yop

    Omg I have a similar story

    I confessed to a boy and he liked me back but we had been teased before because people thought we liked each other so now we can't do anything. It feels really bad wanting to show love to someone but knowing you can't.

  22. 2d The lanky trash man

    I'm imagining this between a kidnapper and the person who kidnapped them. Like the person starts to fall for the kidnapper idk maybe I'm weird or something

  23. ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -

    why do I feel like one point of the song is about pollution?
    when he says "the cars are coming closer and I think theyre tryna run me over, poisoning my food and putting drugs inside my water, theres ghosts inside my house and I can taste blood in my mouth" maybe the ghosts part is supposed to be about smoke? idk

  24. Jig

    Why does this feel like this has the same beat as Lemon Boy

  25. Chibigirl Animates

    None of my friends know about cavetown yet hehe

    He's my little secret :>


    Until i start talking about him and they call me crazy-

  26. gutierrez angeladorein

    I keep questioning youtube, why did you just add cavetown to my recommendation now?! They’re songs are so good I wished I’ve known them earlier....

  27. Ace Of Spades

    This reminds me of myself where I get paranoid of anything that seems like danger could happen but there’s nothing wrong

  28. adara b

    Ok so it has a similar "base line" or chord progression to lemon boy. Think about it. Lemons are plants, which can die of poison. In my theory, this is a sequel to lemon boy in some way, almost dealing with the grief and fear.

  29. Layla

    There ghosts in my house,
    And I can taste blood in my mouth.
    Don't be afraid, I'm not insane,
    Just irrational.
    But isn't that the same?

  30. _Jamie Gacha_

    I can never hate a Cavetown song...I will just dislike it then listen to it another 1000 times and suddenly it’s my favorite song T^T
    It happened with Devil Town

  31. Patrick Cauton

    Depression and loneliness is waiting for you...

  32. ISPwarrior

    I know this probably isn't what the song's about, but I relate to it a lot by interpretating it this way. It makes me think of when there was someone in my life who was unintentionally abusive and the aftermath with my trauma, and certain things making me stressed/scared because of it

  33. why are u reading this

    this kinda sounds like lemon boy

  34. ღ princesskiya ღ

    _im not insane, just irrational, but isnt that the same?_

  35. kerk palacio

    this is so underrated?
    Dude I just discovered Cavetown about twenty minutes ago and I'm now obsessed and this is like second best song so far



  36. 27 YellowSharks

    The tune of this song is so calming and makes me want to fall asleep but the lyrics are so off-putting and give me insomnia.

  37. tamika d

    I love this and the background looks great❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  38. Abbas Bace

    bakudeku much just a thought

  39. Gabe and Gizmo

    I can hear thumping noises from above me, but i don’t move. i’m stuck, they come down the stairs in a rush. when my eyes finally fix upon the stranger, i see panic and fear. walking toward me, i sign them to the ropes holding me back with my heavily bagged eyes. “you don’t have to be like that.” i say, meaning they shouldn’t be scared. this’ll get better. i stand up, holding onto them tightly to get my balance. for so long i have been stuck, lonely, and tortured. it’s fine. i’m not broken yet. i take my love upstairs quickly, leaving the basement. i smile at them, caressing their face with my bruised bony hand. sirens fill our ears and my grin fades, they still have the same reaction. fear and anxiety. i look back and see flashing lights of red and blue, i take their hand once more and sprint out the back door. ghostly shrieks rip through the brisk air as we escape from society, into a nearby forest. wounds open and i can taste my own blood. leaving trails of blood behind, but we’re fine. this is fine. we’re free.............. :)

    [i could just see someone who’s been kidnapped and tortured that they’ve became insane and it’s already too late when their love finds and saves them]

  40. Boogie Woogie

    This song reminds me of lemon boy and i love both songs so this is nice. =)

  41. Adrian Frauca

    That's great

  42. torizier !!

    listening to this wish my crush that isn’t really my crush ? help ?

  43. Yoseline Valiente

    sounds like lemonboy is that on purpose or?


    its on the same fucking album you idiot

  44. Nonhle Sibiya

    Bazilton .... Is green your favourite colour????

  45. ItS_GaCHa_aLeX

    :)I just like cavetown music so much and yes he does deserve more attention

  46. Victoria Perkovic

    🤣🤣🤣player stoooooppppp

  47. Brincando com Rafael

    my brain are broken

  48. Knoodlecola

    This is the type of song I wouldn’t go out of my way to look for but I absolutely love when it comes on 💛

  49. Lilys world gaming

    So im sleeping with my sleep music playlist on, alright, and i wake up for school...

    And my phone is at a stack of battery percentage (64%)!

  50. zaige

    chance 2

  51. Shelton Willey

    Short but sweet one

  52. Ann Bbn

    i’m not alone but i’m feelin lonely

  53. la la

    This song fits so well with Tron/Rinzler from Tron

  54. TheDempnicSusi

    This song somehow became me and my ex’s song. We spent the day at the park and when we walked to a friends house we just sang this song and ever since it was ours. I tried my hardest for her but clearly it wasn’t enough.

  55. babylon

    this is lowkey the best cavetown song

  56. Doodlebug Animations

    0:12 uwu

  57. Kørosenai _art

    I relate a lot I’m a paranoid person I can’t let myself get close to people and feel out of place when I talk to them every second I feel like my friends hate me my family is hard to be around and my girlfriend despises me but I just deal with it cause I’m too scared to talk to someone who knows me I don’t wanna change the way they think of me

  58. Erica Bomhoff

    I think I want to use this as my senior slideshow song when I graduate this june?? I definitely want to use a cavetown song but I haven't narrowed it down yet 🌝💛

  59. KP Smith

    I was eating a whole gallon of ice cream while listening to this song and my parents walked in :/ 😂

  60. Katie Gode

    i want to die to this song

    on my death bed, whispering these lyrics.

  61. cool cat hannah

    whenever I have any anxiety, I just play this and it sets me at ease

  62. Phøinex Girl

    Listen, I'm listening to this, and my brother just bursts into my room and scared the poop outta me

  63. xLillepadx

    He should make a longer version of this song it’s really good

  64. honeyyy

    to be honest, his songs seriously give everyone a vibe. it sends goosbumps down my body just of how relaxing, yet vibe this is. his song "green" seriously made me cry. I suggest anyone who hasn't listening to it should, because it talks about your body. (also, can't stand the fact there is a song called "Flaming Hot Cheetos" on my list ;))

  65. lasagna lasanga

    Damn this song gets me into a mood to draw

  66. Edrina Jude

    Am the the only one that gets goosebumps when i listen to his voice ?? i close my eyes and listen to his songs and feel comforted instantly

  67. 【zen-gacha】

    this song really reaches inside my chest and pulls my heart out

  68. Lilly Bean

    Comment your favorite Cavetown song🖤🖤


    There's too many

  69. Vieguette 87

    This song is talking about scary things but it makes it sound calming

    Cavetown is a genius

  70. Koki Cat

    lol i know this is not my channel, but any of y'all got some drawing ideas? feeling blank today. :/

  71. Dual_Doodles

    Bruh this lowkey reminds me of the ice age idk why

  72. r i c e c a k e

    idk this song makes me think that he thinks someone is trying to kill him lmao

  73. Roblox Doge

    I look into a mirror and see this song. Just this song as my entire bodily form. Nothing else but this song. Blood bones and muscle are made of this song. that’s me, the irrational fear guy.

  74. Go Away

    This is the first song I heard from has a special place in my heart.

  75. panera smoothie

    Wait. WAIT.
    Put the lyrics to the chorus of lemon boy to this song.

    Oh my god it fits

  76. christopher surdel

    just put in a suggestion out there, this music seems to be drawn to a very very much younger crowd and that is fine but there are bands that have already been out that didn't receive as much credit as it should that you might be interested in listening to for example smile empty soul, at the drive-in, pleasure burn, ambulance driver, dishwalla, candlebox, there's always been very diverse music out there don't be stuck on one thing this is a very good song, keep searching young ones. If you don't own a smashing pumpkin album I suggest you start off with Siamese dream or Mellon collie and the infinite sadness...

  77. Noah is a FrEaK

    Robin is one of my hero’s

  78. Knoodlecola

    The guitar in this is SO GOOD!!!

  79. Elf Vibezz

    Cavetown is Underrated af

  80. Rain Dop3quickscope

    i sing this guys music to my gf since she has very bad anxiety

  81. Kaiden Carey

    Cavetown gets kidnapped by the mafia and falls in love with the boss’ daughter, the boss doesn’t like that and this song was born (this story is just what I feel like the song is, don’t fucking try to tell me that this isn’t what I should get from the song either)

  82. Spooky Amorox

    This is meh. :>

  83. Scarlett Anderson

    don’t be afraid i’m not insane
    just irrational, but isn’t that the same?

    if that’s not me then idk what is

  84. Jacquie Deshazo

    Why is this song still so nostalgic... like I’ve known it longer than I have ❤️❤️

  85. toasted

    Lmao it's cavetown - poison writing it like the way u wrote it makes it sound like a guy called poison wrote a song called cavetown

  86. Jasmine Payne

    when the smiley face appeared it made me extremely happy and i don’t know why

    child of god

    Maybe cuz its a smiley face

  87. Envy Optical

    I love this and another one of those days

  88. Aubriana Zamora

    "untie my hands"
    Robbie kinky as hell.

  89. SeattlePhoenix

    Can I ship songs? Cuz I ship this and Green.

  90. Peter Griffin

    I’m black

  91. Tea-eye-ay-nah Chick

    If i could like this song twice, i would

  92. Alyssa Olsen

    Cavetown has helped me bring my friend down from a breakdown, thank you for this lyric video.

  93. hoper4thebestinlife love

    Alec Benjamin and robin are like kinda the same but not they both will blow up (Alec already did but still) and then they will both go down we love them both