Cavetown - Lemon Boy Lyrics

There once was a bittersweet man and they called him, "Lemon Boy"
He was growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his hair like a weed
And like weeds do he only came and grew back again
So, I figured this time I might as well let him be

Lemon Boy and me started to get along together
I'd help him plant his seeds and we mowed the lawn in bad weather
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So, I got myself a citrus friend

But soon his bittersweet started to rub off on me
You'd think smelling like lemon zest would be pretty neat
I found out that my friends are more of the savoury type
And they weren't too keen on compromising with a nice lemon pie

So Lemon Boy and me, we just gotta get along together
I'll help him plant his seeds and we'll mow the lawn in bad weather
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So, I got myself a citrus friend

But what if I run out of fertilizer
What if the clouds run out of rain
What if Lemon Boy won't grow no longer
What if the beaches dry of sugarcane
Oh well

The whales start to beach themselves
The tortoise shells tear away from their spines
It happens all the time, it happens all the time

Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever
Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever
Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever
Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
'Cause we're the bitterest boys in town
Yeah, we're the bitterest guys around
And I got myself a citrus friend

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Cavetown Lemon Boy Comments
  1. WhyDino

    This song is the only good thing I got from I ex

  2. Supreme tan

    I love you💕

  3. Kaia Wurtzbacher

    newwww nye new NYEEEEEEOOOOO

  4. katzuki_moon

    👟👟 my friend looks like this what about your citrus friend

  5. Nicole Sky

    Didn't even see the tree until
    Someone in the comments said something about it 😂

  6. Red Rose

    I love this song but god damn he litterally took bites out of whole lemons

  7. Angie Aguilera


  8. • Løser Mia •

    Love the fact that that tree almost fell a few inches away for Robert’s head-

  9. X_Nutella _Animations_X

    Moomin- ECK

  10. Geovana Barbosa

    my God this song will one day be in the adaptation of my book

  11. • chocolate milk •

    Lemons are yellow
    Boys are cute
    If you love this wonderful person
    Make this button blue

  12. emilli limaaa

    Como não amar?

  13. That One Grill

    “Lemon boy and me started to get along together”


  14. Black Catty

    This is real story of his life?

  15. Kord Taylor

    Talented. Can't wait to see a live show! If you hit Seattle hit-up @Baja Boy for a double bill.

  16. Kelsie Bell

    Tje more I listen to it the more I like it

  17. Kat Zakart

    I always here people talking about lemon boy but not green. Green is such a good song my favorite song

  18. MiiSierraMisst E

    put on the subtitles, it's worth it

  19. DrAg0nGuR1YT

    3:50 with captions on

  20. Ayu Permata

    He should be praised for being able to sing right after eating a lemon.

    Diego Calles

    Ayu Permata well the singing is pre recorded, the video is just lip syncing but still

  21. Ichigo-San

    The 2,5k dislikes are orange boy

  22. Kiara Cotzomi

    Honey two years ago and now it has 11 million views😌💜

  23. Joshua Friedman

    you are so fucking cute

  24. EmiloidDraws

    This is such a cute song, I can't believe I just now found it :)

  25. sergio godoy


    Good video no criticism.

  26. sergio godoy

    This is lemon boy
    You already know the drill XD ....KILL ME

  27. sergio godoy

    CC: NeE New NEww Ne nEwWEE

    Words of inspiration and wisdom

  28. Desiree Webster

    It’s been exactly 2 years and I still listen to this jam every day💕

  29. Léna Gbs

    Prettiest song ever I'm really in love with this song😍

  30. Foteini Nychta

    2020 anyone?

  31. Sofia

    Each time I just come here or to any other cavetown song and it just feels like escaping to another universe were it's just me and softness to make me relax.

  32. ice bear

    He likes the lemons with the shell

  33. dreadygirl :3

    this is one of those songs that should be weird but isn’t

    Cody Chismark

    It's about pedophilia...

    Kaia Wurtzbacher

    Cody Chismark
    Uhhh I don’t think it is actually

    Norah Badr

    Cody Chismark ion know bout that one

    Cody Chismark

    Would a pedophile like this song?

  34. KingPotatoChips

    Robbieeee whered you get that jacket I want it

  35. ED - 06GS - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)

    /|\ ❤

  36. Kticram

    dawum that highlighter

  37. Tryne Vermaas

    The captions be like: NeE New NEww Ne nEwWEE Nananana neeeWwwwww, Nye ny neww neoeoeoeooo NEe Nee Na na Nyyaaaeewww nenenene Nyeeeewwwww Ne ne Nyaeeww NA nA Nyaewwe neeoooo Naaah nya nye Newww Nenenana Neoooooo Nya nenoooo Neyyeeooo NA nA NyooOOOO, New nyew nene NYOOOO Na na nyaewww nana nyeoww Na NyeeEEEEEEEEEOOoooooo ...........

  38. U W U O W O

    I love the subtitles close to the end when the song finishes and it’s just instrumental.

  39. 1yinq

    3:49 go on captions lmao C:

  40. Adrienne Sophie

    11M views. What a master piece! Congrats Robbie, this entire album is so amazing!

  41. I will become a Hokage

    Rob:*bites lemon and then spites it out*
    Rob: *does it two more times*

  42. Jackson McLemore

    This is a song that I don’t have a word to discribe this masterpiece

  43. Charlie Time

    the subs during the guitar part had me DYING

  44. lel toast bath

    Who the fu-

    Cavetown *lémons*

  45. Maité García —

    I love the person who made the subtitles lol

  46. Amelia Niemiec

    I love this music

  47. ɦεαѵεɳ ɳ ε ѵ

    "Nananana neeeWwwwww, Nye ny neww neoeoeooo"

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    Alguien aca que es de Argentina (autolike para no morir)

  49. Amélie Snows.

    My boy is a lemon boy. ♥

  50. Шози


  51. Bonnalina Fuzbunny

    GASP he said "Like Snufkin and Little My," I love that he watches Moominvalley.

  52. SPNTrash’67

    turn on the captions at 4:00 cause what the fuck.

  53. somebreroo

    Do Orange Boy next

  54. Swe et

    I love lemons
    Lemon boy he will be little sour and have heart and he's cute and have beautiful smile and yellow eyes 😊❤🍋
    He's so rare ❤🍋❤

  55. Sanaa Broadway

    I love this song!!!!!

  56. Your Friendly Stranger


  57. ur dad

    this is how many people are coming to his london concert today

  58. AnarkyPlayz

    There once was a bittersweet boy called lemon boy
    Me who just got done watching Adventure Time: lemon hope...

  59. Tyler Lodge

    what dose this song mean??🤔

  60. Cool Crab Save The Goats

    i half expected this song saying that "Lemon boy" is a boy who is a lemon. I dont know why my mind thought of that. But, this is way better xd

  61. 5477H1R3

    best subtitles ever lmao

  62. spooky sama

    i made a robin cover! i hope you can go and check it out :D

  63. Teruwu

    Is it weird that I’m starting at a lemon while listening to this song

  64. IcecatID

    Eat lemon in front of the lemon boy

  65. Noëlle Merliah

    My friend sent this to me because it was about lemons and i was nicknamed "Lemon" by her (i call her "Peaches") and its actually rlly good!!

  66. q teaii

    11 million now :0 its 2019 n I feel old

  67. Millaray Gonzalez

    The english subs r the best at the end

  68. Karina de los Angeles Suntaxi Torres

    I love the song

  69. Abbey Hess

    I love it!

  70. Darth Bob

    Robbie: *takes bite of lemon*
    Me: *mouths waters while I simultaneously cringe*

  71. ana

    I really love the moomin reference lyrics T..T

  72. I Bleed Baked Beans


    it's beautiful

  73. Tamara eddsworld

    Friend you are my fans love you song :3Give me your telé fono please !!!! :D

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    This dude be more sAvAgE than Logan Paul taking a friggin bite of lemon

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    Que vibe legal

  76. lemon boy [mha oc quirk bittersweet tragedy]

    Thanks I'm less gender dysphoric and now think I'm lemon boy

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    Like si viniste por Mily

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    Elliot Smith

  79. Gabby Rich

    Whos still listening in 2020
    this song honestly calms me down so much 😊💖

  80. somewhat okay person

    english subtitles creator, i applaud you on the ending bit

  81. Sierra Kim

    Hey! Hi! Hello there! I just need everyone to see this series animated by @ananaalog. She uses a couple cavetown songs; that's how I found her. Um... so here:

  82. Yoda Sun

    R u gay? NOT meant like that.

  83. Ambrozia and Edits


  84. RebitPro

    me: *sees "This is Home (Gravity Falls)"*
    >sees that there is a channel with that music
    >sees the original video of cavetown "This is Home"
    also me: yep, my lazy ass will never achieve such accent and such a soft, beautiful voice.

  85. Caroline's Corner

    Time to watch this for the millionth time.


    LemonS grow on trees

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    End of 2019 anyone?

    Mac Bean

    No, just me..

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    Eu ativei as legendas ai na parte da guitarra apareçeu "nhe new nananoooo naooo,nye nya (GEMIDÃO DO ZAP)

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    Nearly the two year anniversary

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    I didn’t plan to cry today but it’s so precious I-

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    At 3:45 turn on English captions 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 neE nEw NeOOOw neeOE

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    0:35 Epic smoke dance montage

  95. Phantom Claw

    I know Im late. but I keep listening to this song everyday😅
    But This song inspired me get out of my shell as a BI person😊

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  97. cavetown

    2 Million views!! Absolutely wild. Thank you

    Born To Ship VICTUURI!

    How about like 9.3 million views I love ur vids❤️❤️❤️

    Acid_- Nite

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    Acid_- Nite

    9.3 mil...