Cavetown - Lemon Boy (Acappella Version) Lyrics

There once was a bittersweet man and they called him, "Lemon Boy"
He was growing in my garden and I pulled him out by his hair like a weed
And like weeds do he only came and grew back again
So, I figured this time I might as well let him be

Lemon Boy and me started to get along together
I'd help him plant his seeds and we mowed the lawn in bad weather
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So, I got myself a citrus friend

But soon his bittersweet started to rub off on me
You'd think smelling like lemon zest would be pretty neat
I found out that my friends are more of the savoury type
And they weren't too keen on compromising with a nice lemon pie

So Lemon Boy and me, we just gotta get along together
I'll help him plant his seeds and we'll mow the lawn in bad weather
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
So, I got myself a citrus friend

But what if I run out of fertilizer
What if the clouds run out of rain
What if Lemon Boy won't grow no longer
What if the beaches dry of sugarcane
Oh well

The whales start to beach themselves
The tortoise shells tear away from their spines
It happens all the time, it happens all the time

Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever
Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever
Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever
Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever
It's actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him
'Cause we're the bitterest boys in town
Yeah, we're the bitterest guys around
And I got myself a citrus friend

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Cavetown Lemon Boy (Acappella Version) Comments
  1. XCodyX

    the karaoke please please

  2. river

    i've been listening to cavetown for almost 2 years now and how am i only finding this now

  3. Alexandria Stephen

    This is so beautiful!

  4. Clara Fedatto

    I love this part cuz u can notice he is smiling singing this

    Maria Marie

    im not the only one..

  5. C O C O N U T ; ; OWO


  6. WolfDancer

    How did I not know this existed???

  7. Олена Петришин


  8. Fernanda Caivano

    this is so great

  9. AwkwardoTheTurtle hi

    This is beautiful <3

  10. Juan Sierra

    Hmmm... Juicy 7u7

  11. Cam Candle

    I LOVE this song!!! <3

  12. Crayonday

    "there once was a bittersweet man and they called him lemon booooooooiiiiiiiiii"

  13. The_Big_Blue_One

    to the random kid who left there youtube account open on a school computer , enjoy cavetown . hes a beautiful human :)


    Yo did you see this?

    Maria Marie

    if they did that would be hilarious.
    id wanna know what happened

    Fellow Fander

    Update me plz

  14. Cinder Has No Idea

    How lovely <33

  15. Bloo Moon

    I like this one better

  16. Borenya Born

    Finally Finally Finally I can do a *remix*

  17. aNobody 420

    this video is 4:20 long

    i have a problem

    Maria Marie

    nah dude mine says 4:20

    That one theatre kid

    Maria Marie
    Mine says 4:21 :(

  18. Anarchy_X

    *The talent is insane...* ❤️

  19. Mallory Shannahan

    AHEM EVERYONE, this is an auto posting robot that posts songs in the place of artists. ROBIN DID WANT THIS TO BE POSTED, LOOK AT THE SUBS ITS HIS ACCOUNT!

  20. willi’s wonky

    the video length 👌

  21. Cavekid 31


    Cavekid 31

    Laurens programmiert MEE

  22. Communist Nut Biscuit


  23. єυииιє

    I on,y discovered the song lemon boy yesterday and I listened to it so many times I already know half the song off by heart

  24. Portia Hurst

    Yassssss caveboiiiiiii❤️🍋🍋

  25. jessica—amberg

    freaking lovely I can’t

  26. bigboi

    this is so pretty

  27. Arsey The Music Guy

    Both versions of this song are beautiful

  28. thejohnsonperson

    I just now realized these weren't posted by the actual artist., you posted his whole album and put ads? What...


    these are auto generated by YouTube

    L!NK _

    these videos are made by youtube using the audio provided by their distributor with FULL PERMISSION all profits go directly to the artist

    Maria Marie

    This is the real artist

  29. Michie B.


    Laurens programmiert

    Yes, you're right!


  30. Fuck Off

    these songs are so beautiful<3

    John Sihn

    I know right?!

  31. Summer Wooden

    Sad that they posted this without his permission.

    Dead Dreams Moons Studios, Not Buzz

    This is the real cave town you know this is kinda dumb don’t wanna be mean but it is.


    I do believe you are talking about the other video posted by someone else. Which yes, it is sad. But this video is by Cavetown.

    candle stick

    Summer Wooden tf u mean this is his channel


    @山本 静子 Cavetown isn't a band, he's one guy

    yess nooo

    @山本 静子 cavetown isnt a band..

  32. Chase Allen

    How good can the acapella version be? I said. Followed immediately by 4 minutes of smiling :)

  33. Trinity Roberts


  34. Lina Phan

    oh my god I’m gone

  35. Daneille Hansen

    Releasing the whole album is kinda bogus.

    Lina Phan

    Daneille Hansen
    oh, I’m sorry my my ignorance. This is why you should always research before commenting, but at least they bought the album..
    I hope
    And I don’t use tumblr so I didn’t know

    Daneille Hansen

    Kid Called Me it’s okay. You didn’t know

    Lina Phan

    Daneille Hansen
    Let’s just enjoy this angel fuel

    Maria Marie

    this is the real cavetown channel, is it not? Is there another hoax channel or did everyone a year ago think it was fake?

    That one theatre kid

    Maria Marie
    At this point I can’t tell

  36. Anna Dieter

    I love this song sm