Cavetown - It's U Lyrics

I guess it's just another one of those nights
When I'll spend way too much time
On something so small that no one really cares about at all
I guess it's just another one of those thoughts
And I can't really find a cause
Whether it's all just in my mind or something more here in my life

It's u, it's u
Oh god, it's u, it's u
If you're awake then I am too
If you're lost then I'll find you
If you're hurt then I'll fix you
If you go blind I'll describe the view
If you can't feel then I'll hold you
If you fall know I've got you

And if you fall down too far and I can't see you through these marks
And your eyes are covered in scars, and my head's filling with tar
Don't worry we'll find another way out

Your silhouette doesn't look quite right
And I can never find the time
To bury my hands in words
I'd grow a new kind of evergreen tree, just for you and me
On second thoughts, will you even remember me?

But it's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u (It's always been u)
It's always been u
Is it me for u?

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Cavetown It's U Comments
  1. babybiscuit11

    I hate how this isnt the VERY FIRST thing to come up when i search “its u” :(

  2. Axegirl 2018

    im over here thinking of my crush that will never like me

  3. Girly cutesy cutesy

    I guess it's just another one of those thoughts

  4. Anonymous

    Where are the all good people? Perhaps a person like whoever wrote this song. Because I CANT, in anyway, find people like this. They do NOT exist. And if so WHEREEEEE😂😭

  5. Haylee Noelle

    I can feel myself losing her. All I ever do is worry about her and try my hardest to help her in every way I can. She said she wanted to take a break to work on her mental health, saying that she was ghosting everyone practically. But she reassured me we weren't breaking up. But then she posts pictures of her going out with friends. She seems happy. And its breaking me, because I'm scared she'll realize that she's happier without me. And i can't fucking do anything about it because I'm just a fuck up and I screw everything up somehow.

    Sorry for the rant. I dont have anyone to talk to and its hurting me to keep this to myself

  6. maralize Herbst

    My sister when she finds out i stole her clothes:

    *it's always been you*

  7. Mellow Xx.

    1:10 me when I'm trying to sneak out and I see my mom in the hallway

  8. Jenny Ohanlon

    The people that disliked this are having another one of those days😂😂

    Like who dosnt like cavetown?Xx

  9. John Rocero

    .75 speed sounds gurgle but the feeling is too heavy

  10. Mintgreentea

    oh, i guess this song is relatable

  11. linds


  12. Unknown Unknown

    This song is so unsettling to me because I have this relationship in my life. I don’t know how to say I’m sorry enough, I’m just not the one.

  13. Corrtt

    Me not knowing what love feels like anymore (soft sobbing)

  14. Scott A

    I doubt it but I hope one day you will see this I love you Olivia

  15. Ghost Boy

    I listen to this and I want to cry.. but I don't. I have no more years left to do so.. I don't know why I'm telling this to strangers and it's not like anyone cares but if I kept that in then I fear I would have done something I'd regret later.

  16. unknown bisss

    I was singing this to my stuffed animal (penguin)( peggy) when I was having a mental breakdown...I need love....lmao

  17. KrazyDav LapisGaming

    My best friend Katie sent me this, makes me feel a million times better

  18. Blushaay Animates

    I have an ex bff, and when we were still friends, i loved her so much. We would always do everything together, we both drew and wrote and it was the best. Tbh i think i even had feelings for her (probs still do). One day she told me she didnt wanna be my friend anymore and i had no idea what i did, she never tried to talk to me about it, and i feel terrible about it all the time. I have changed myself so much i dont even recognise myself, just to try and make us friends again, but i know she never will. She told me she never cared about me, while the whole time i really did love her, i wanted to be with her forever.

  19. 6red rat9

    me and my bird sing to this

  20. Layna Moon

    Listening to Cavetown while drawing on a rainy night is the best thing I could ask for

  21. Mark Gelling

    I really like this..It just simply sweet..

  22. Killer Girl

    Me and my crush liked this song sad thing is he never liked me and time was wasted and im still not over him hah ... I wish i was jokeing

  23. milkii moo

    I miss my emotionally abusive ex so goddamn much

  24. A Twat Called Yaas

    No one:

    Background vocals: UwU

  25. Nya-Ni Blast

    came here because i am sad..heartbreak

  26. Mister Gray

    Me: *at 3 am* ooh song

    Me:*sobs until I'm severely dehydrated*
    Me: *calls every person I've ever known*
    Me: *leaves drunk sounding voicemails telling people I love them*
    Also Me: hahaHAHAHAhahhdhahahab squidward has SLAY QUEEN

  27. Luke D

    Im in love with this girl and I everything is amazing between us despite having small disagreements occasionally ( nothing severe) and I really hope it lasts bc she's perfect for me and I think shes a keeper

  28. Sherry pullip

    Lmaooo im crying so damn loud wtf

  29. Maryam Al Omari

    I wish she would love me as much as I love her

  30. That One Gurl

    I dunno know why, but this song makes me think of a weird scenario.

    You're at your house, but you're fighting with your father. He slaps you, and you fall down on the floor. Crying, but knowing you can't let him get to you. You stand back up, shaking like crazy. You go to say something, but he kicks you out of the house. Tells you, "Never come back again." And he leaves you on the streets. Didn't have any time to pack anything.
    You're just endlessly walking down the cold dark streets. No cars are passing by, and you can't hear them. It's dead silent. You feel like crying, but nothing comes out. You're just empty.

    Dunno know when I got that kinda vibe, but I did. Welp 🤷🏼‍♀️

  31. Fatass

    My crush doesn't like me :D

  32. Skittle Barf

    Okay but, it really is u

  33. Glossy Star

    This is kinda random but I need to tell someone it I really hate when people say your to young to be in love like I really like this boy I talk to him a lot and I feel like I have known him for years but I have only known him for like 9 weeks and I think I’m in love with him and I told him I liked him and he likes me :) But when we tell people they keep annoying us about it like I just wanna be with him

  34. Wendy Boyd

    How about 2 people in love, because a separation of communication,they don't think the other has any interest,or knowledge of what each really feeling


    Honestly this is how I feel about a guy rn. He is a total sweet heart and he always makes me smile. He can always tell when I'm sad even if I'm smiling through it. He tells me I'm pretty even though I'm not. He gives me the best hugs I've ever had. He always encourages me with everything I do and everything I am. But he didn't love me. He talks about his crush all the time and I sit there thinking I wish you were talking about me. He sees that I'm sad when he is talking about her and asks about my crush ( which is him) and I just can't bring myself to tell him because I'm scared he doesn't like me or that he'll be weird age awkward after that. Please give me advice.

  36. Katiana Parman

    eyes covered in scars? Head filling with tar.
    Don't worry? We'll find another way out.

  37. Mary Sanders

    it really be like that sometimes doesn’t it

  38. x tonib x

    experiencing my first heartbreak today.

  39. Prim Prim

    sometimes i wonder what she actually thinks of me.

  40. Alex Stowe

    I deducate this to my ex and that relationship. I was so devoted in it and loved her whole heartedly but she wasnt at all. I didnt see it and was heartbroked when she broke up with me for some guy. Hell i still am but still. This song is beautiful but reminds me of her.

  41. Kristin Tate

    Matt brooks 8004190333 yes yes yes i really really wanna run far far away with u and chloe nikole toniteish yes i really really do my hott love matt brooks its so so true and its very for real my hott love matt brooks u and i signed up too get married and live together forever and ever and u and i are really in this together always my hott hott love matt brooks im not ok at all my hott love matt brooks 8004190333 love u a whole lot its kristintate ur sexy sexy fiance and i really know its u 100percent and i do know u drive that nice dark blue truck for real yep yep and i still have mine and urs picture frame thats gonna have mine and urs wedding picture in it and i do have a silver ring i wear on my left ring finger also and i do know everything too ur busted bigtime and u also got caught by me ur own sexy fiance like omg kiss me good and give me a big hug my hott love matt brooks love u

  42. John Wayne

    It’s always been you

  43. Epic City

    God! I’m inlove with my pillow.

  44. zaige

    where do I find this norm lmao

  45. XD ZaHn

    The people that disliked couldn't see the like button cause they were crying

  46. Mxrshx

    When you are feeling sad and you are going through a playlist of sad songs. And YouTube decides to put a ad.
    Me: not right now YouTube it’s sad time.

  47. hannah mae

    this song still puts me in my feels :(

  48. Vanlalruata Wakauh

    Im sitting at my window smoking cigarettes i look at the stars, clouds under the blue night...and i play this song

  49. Hum Moon

    i can't... the lyrics is way too beautiful to handle. help me, need a bowl for my tears 😭💕

  50. Sharon Perry

    I cried when listening to this

  51. Lie Chan

    I'll dedicate this to my crush, not now, not yet haha. But i'm hesitating because i'll be looking weird because i already dedicated some songs like this to him, so yeah. Haha it's weird, but i still want to continue.

  52. MariaC lucky13Me

    AWESOME !! 😎
    Nike! Nike! Nike!

  53. Fuchs :3

    i wanna send this to my crush ._.

  54. Roberta Luchey

    You know we all have made mistakes , we shall continue, but always try your best at whatever. ; Heck, i am not perfect ; Now we shall talk, no gaurantees, no arguements,
    Listen to each other, You.know now i just cant argue about the past, i get bad headaches, so please just give me your word as a gentleman and you have my word as a lady.. Ok . ?????

  55. バンタンのニーナ

    It's always been you, Dave. ❤

  56. JammyPlayz

    My friend said this song will make you sad or fall asleep i replied and said no it wont / thirty minutes later/ mom walks in WAKE UP

  57. a human being :D

    everyone : * talks about their relationship or past relationship *
    Me: ha can’t relate :D

  58. Mike Casperson


  59. smouf smouf

    for the people who dislike this comment they said "Dis I like"

    The thumbs down is just another like button. :)))

  60. Wolf

    *you, if you're going to make a lyric video, at least spell right

  61. Victoria Perkovic

    You make me laugh hahaha thanks

  62. Victoria Perkovic

    Sleep nice dear
    I'm done for today

  63. Victoria Perkovic

    I know received clips again new enemy, woman

  64. luvmin

    I feel so lonely listening to this because I have nobody I'm just thinking of someone who doesn't even care if I exist oh well

  65. Estra Chan

    Me and my boyfriend are long distance...and he's having to leave for a long time...
    I told him there we're so many things that could go wrong...he sent me this...I really love him...even when he's gone

  66. Leighanna Gilbert

    I just found this song a few days ago and I’m obsessed ♥️

  67. Danny Meyer

    Such love ☺️❤️

  68. Ainzley Miller

    you have to learn to live with the hurt

  69. Hi meme

    like: *Cavetown its u*
    Comment: *Ali gatie its you*
    why not both? :)

  70. Ayush Ranjan

    Yes I hurt you with my words but it wasn't me at that time it was my inner overthinking 🙂! Sorry bestie

    Ayush Ranjan

    @Veritas Aequitas no dude!!
    I lost a real friend 🙂

  71. closing sky.

    In a toxic relationship
    been hurting since then
    but I have hopes in our relationship
    he can improve
    he loves me

    closing sky.

    @Veritas Aequitas I don't know but rn I'm crying over the fact he's ignoring me hahahaha

    closing sky.

    @Veritas Aequitas it said your name is Bart icus haha-

  72. Ruby Gavotti

    are the people in the back moving ? or am i trippin?

  73. Groovy Waves

    haha in a crushing phase ;(


    Same 🥺😔

  74. Sophia Zhang

    Except all wasn’t me realistically.

  75. Kady Thomas

    I loved and still love him that way... He stopped loving me though. I still care but he doesn't care about me at all...😔

  76. Twisted Tea

    Oh, boy does this song remind me of my best friend... who I happen to also be in love with.

  77. crybaby

    this got me thinking of my ex and i feel like my heart is pouring, i've learned to love him from afar, and i hope he's living the best life.

  78. Stella Dalglish

    Sitting in the park soaking up the last of the sun and trying not to cry

  79. Emma

    this makes me think of a girl I've been in love with for seven years and a bit now, but she lives too far away from me now and doesn't talk with me anymore. I don't think she reciprocates but I love her and I've never found anyone who could fill the hole she left. I don't know if she remembers me much now, she has new friends and things. I'm just happy she's happy.

  80. mony y

    Ross to Rachel :)

  81. PineTree

    Can you do fool by cavetown? That will be great uwu!!💖💖

  82. tuwufu

    song: and if you fall down too far

    my ears: and if you fall dont you *fart*

  83. bethsy lea

    i thought this song is by ali gatie but when i clicked woahh ahahah

  84. sad man

    I think he misses his ex, it’s not me for him, but it’s him who I want, need.
    I know I’m gonna get played, I always fell for him even if I said I didn’t, shit hurts a lot cause he means a lot to me

    sad man

    it’s always been him

  85. Aaron Harlow

    Never really thought i could fall in love again. But it happened

  86. Rosario Ren

    it will always be him

  87. Dacian 1101

    A L E X A N D R A.

  88. Di Bn I love you ask the heavens....

  89. Audrey Siasat

    Reminds me of the red jumpsuit apparatus' 'it was you'

  90. masa

    It's you... It's me... It's me banana

  91. Bluemoon_.

    This song reminds me so much about my ex girlfriend

  92. Erica Färlin

    Oh my! 😍👍

  93. Occisor

    Bitches will say "i'm ok" but then listen to this song at 3 am, it's me, i'm bitches

  94. humble box

    This is a nice song . I like those positive lyrics and the light music makes it a good melody with that good voice .

  95. Getting no Subscribers with no Videos

    Damn this recommendation! 😭

  96. Violet Storm

    Thank you for watching! Write down some song suggestions that I could do

    Kendall Does stuff


    How about devil town (v1) but a warning is that it talks about divorce and it’s ok if you don’t want to make it because of the themes.

    Edit: it’s by cavetown


    Don't tell me to stop loving you

    slik skittle

    Where have u been recently? I haven't seen any activity from ya.. :/