Cavetown - Irrational Lyrics

I put a box in my closet full of things that I've loved
Sometimes I can't bear to look at it cause I won't deserve
What I find, I tell myself this every single time
Cause I'm not strong enough, not strong enough for this

I'll sing until my skin starts to feel something
I'll breathe again and again until the beat starts to mean something

It's not a lot of fun to think about
Everyone you're letting down
A sickness so incredible

You know it's all irrational
You know it's so irrational

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Cavetown Irrational Comments
  1. small frog

    This is my fav cave town song why tf does it have only 187k views

  2. Asher :p

    the repetition in this song makes it feel so real it hurts. you just keep repeating the same thing over and over but no matter how loud you shout, your heart won’t hear you.

  3. an actual bird

    I need some help at the moment

    an actual bird

    @Stop You're scaring my family good news I now have a 71

    Stop You're scaring my family

    @an actual bird yay! I knew you could do it!🎉🎊

    Stop You're scaring my family

    @an actual bird Yay 🎉, good job!

    an actual bird

    @Stop You're scaring my family thank you I feel low key proud of myself

    Stop You're scaring my family

    @an actual bird Good you should!

  4. Haru Chan


  5. Akira Lawrence

    Thank you robin we love you

  6. PyrusDoesLife

    is there a specific meaning behind this song? it holds a special place in my heart and i was just wondering

  7. kokichi ouma

    god Robbie i can't even tell u how happy u have made me when i needed your music i cant even put it into words....thank u Robbie i really truly love you

  8. DrJuce Jett

    Yo your song tho. They make me feel happy and that’s rare

  9. BT pineapple

    Who ever disliked is jealous that robbie had the balls to go through puberty twice and sang better than them during both

  10. zeke harness

    One of the new songs he playing on his tour called 'Empty Bed' the beat on the song sound the beat on this one

  11. jillian kilbo

    its a good song and robbie is so good at singing

  12. Isadora Greenberg

    Hmmm I wonder why the song is called Irratonal

  13. Tangle Town

    I got the Cavetown Home ad on this video 😂

    Lily's world

    Two cavetown songs in a row eh? Nice -im totally not jealous-

  14. PickleCat

    can this be a vinyl : )

  15. Belle Anne

    @cavetown I know your probably not going to see this but I just want you to know that you have given me something to go to when I feel like curling up and disappearing thank you so much for just being there and just making beautiful thoughtful and just calming music.

  16. Mood Foxx

    I love Cavetown... Its the best band out there, they actually cover topics through music and I just love them.

    The TuesdaySquid

    Not a band, it's one guy

    idek anymore

    One amazing, special, mind blowingly talented, guy

    James Kindlon

    It’s just Robbie

  17. mally nicole



    " i tell my self this every single time cause I'm not strong enough for this"

  19. dusk to midnight

    I love this song

  20. It's_Chloe_ 23

    Wait why are there only 36 comments

    The TuesdaySquid

    Not enough people have seen this masterpiece

  21. pet rat

    I love you so much robbie. Ah. You mean so much to me.

  22. Otter Hero

    Listen to watsky

    The TuesdaySquid

    Hey thanks man this reccomendation was awesome

    Otter Hero

    @The TuesdaySquid fantastic! I'm glad to see you like him.

    jrdn sgr

    This is good advice

  23. M B

    I swear it seems like every song from this album is not recognized by like half of the people subscribed to cavetown
    Nani the fuck

  24. King RyBread

    This song is my dysphoria and anxiety in 3 minutes and 9 seconds

    Akira Lawrence

    It’ll get better my friend

  25. Melanie Conway

    This needs more recognition!!!!

  26. Arianna Abel

    16/04/16 is such an underrated album if his? Like all the songs are so good?!?


    Arianna Abel my favorite album honestly it's so good

  27. Sophia Romei

    an absolute gorgeous piece that makes me get lost in his words every time

  28. Isabel Gardiner

    robbie i love you

  29. Leah R

    i cry every. single. time. i listen to this song and i NEVER cry when listening to songs

    mally nicole

    Leah R me too

  30. Mender

    My anxiety into one song

  31. Lavender Zone

    Still finding more and more of his music , I love you Robbie ! Your my Idol!

  32. Charlotte /


  33. afeni beale

    I can’t believe more people don’t know this song. I love all of your music and there’s literally not one song I dislike? Jesus. I’m so happy I found you and the meanings to your songs are freaking amazing.

  34. Dillan Crisp

    Underrated... It's sad

  35. Caitlin Fraser

    I listen to this when I'm confused why I'm always feeling this way and in the end everything makes sense. This song is so beautiful and helps a lot. Love you robs ❤️

  36. Morgan B

    i put a box in my closet full of things that I've loved,
    sometimes i can't bear to look at it 'cause i wont deserve what i find
    i tell myself this every single time
    cause i'm not strong enough, not strong enough for this
    ill sing until my skin starts to feel something
    ill breathe again and again
    until the beat starts to mean something.
    Its not a lot of fun to think about everyone you're letting down
    a sickness so incredible
    you know it's so irrational [x10]
    you know you're so irrational
    you know its so irrational [x5]

    La Reina Mata

    Thanks for this^
    Much love

    Ꮯαѵєᴄlσυᴅ -

    Morgan B oof jumped to 7

    leafy green foots

    Thanks fam


    Morgan B thank you

  37. Now that’s tea

    Whoever disliked this song is just jealous that Robin can sing better than them

    Melly spams E

    Now that’s tea or they didn’t like the song

    Kate Leedom

    no, just jealousy

  38. Lillie Hernandez

    I’m so sad because your music doesn’t show up on my feed anymore I have to search for it

  39. Shaun Denny

    the one guy who disliked smh

  40. Doughlicious


  41. MILES From yesterday land

    Purely amazing

  42. MILES From yesterday land

    420 subs (yes) I know it’s probably different for you...

  43. Yeet Mcgeek


  44. Lewis Biscotti

    0 dislikes....Let's keep it that way


    Comments like these only encourages people to dislike, seriously.

    True Crocs

    3 now ;(

    skidadle skidoodle

    QuacksLife how tf are you zlways in the comment sections of the songs i listen to

  45. Jakura

    Love this song 💞