Cavetown - Big Bowl In The Sky Lyrics

This one's for my best friend
We never spoke a word
But the way he looked into my eyes
I knew he understood
Grabbing on so tight
Like nothing matters more
My handsome little scaly guy
My pretty baby boy

And I don't wanna have to miss you
I don't wanna have to say goodbye
I don't wanna have to leave you
To the big bowl in the sky
So lucky that you were mine
Put your PJs on for one last time
And I'm really gonna miss you
Rest easy little guy

Rushing home from school
Couldn't stand to be alone
But this year I had someone there
With you I had a home
If I'm friends with everyone
Or have nobody at all
You helped me see that either way
There's a place where I belong

I don't wanna have to miss you
I don't wanna have to say goodbye
I don't wanna have to leave you
To the big bowl in the sky
Though it's crushing down on me
We both know it's what you need
But I'm really gonna miss you
So rest easy buddy
Yeah I'm really gonna miss you
Rest easy for me

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Cavetown Big Bowl In The Sky Comments
  1. Not Crypteo

    gonna hug my dog now

  2. Me and my BobbyGee

    28 people were blinded by tears and accidentally disliked

  3. hexa

    Rip Casper....

  4. Panic

    I lost my chameleon :( i didn't know I'd find a song just for her

  5. Nemmet X


  6. Nemmet X


  7. ThunderStone Productions

    Now I don't cry easily, but this song literally makes me tear up even when I'm not listening to it....THIS IS A MASTERPIECE

  8. Luminecentmoon

    This is my cry song, it reminds me of my best friend from arizona, I loved her with all of my heart and she was basically my "daughter". We would spend pretty much the whole day together (with her big sister my other best friend who was my age) every day and run around the neigborhood and play game after game, start tradition after tradition, we even had a little "biker gang" that we dressed as every halloween cause we all had scooters we would use all the time, and they became our motercycles. We even had a constant (24/7) ongoing game thing for years where we were all witches of low teirs at first but ended up being the highest witches in the multiverse around the end, and we would make potions and face villains and more. It was our thing, our joy, our life. But then one day I got some pretty sudden news that I was moving in about a week, and I would probaly never be able to see them again.. and sure enough it happened and it wrecked us all. 7 years of all of our lives stripped away too sudden. Its been a quite a few years now and I havent seen them in a while. After abour a year from me moving they were able to get real phones and we could get in contact and would call at least once a week, but as time's gone by we've all gotten busy with studys, extra curriculars, jobs, ect, and haven't been able to talk as much. We got 1 visit were I got to go see them for 10 days over the first summer break after the move and they were the 10 happiest days of my life. However I haven't gotten to see them since then and I get sad a lot. But whenever I get really sad about it, I listen to this song on honor of them and it helps me cry and let out my feelings to calm down. I really love them and cavetown and this song will forever be engraved in my heart alongside them. If it weren't for this song I would be much more emotionally distraught and raw, and my issues with the separation probably wouldn't clear up much if any. This song inspires me to hold on to the pasts best memories, and move on no matter how hard it can be. Thankyou robbie for making this, and thankyou to Hayven and Jayden, my soul sisters and best best friends till the end. If your reading this, apprectiate what you've had and what you have now, and be sure to support cavetown and all the people you love. Go give them a hug or a call and remind them how much they mean to you. Have a great one, and always keep an open and positive mind. Never forget though, its ok to cry, as long as you push to mive forward afterwards. Dont let yourself wallow in pity for the rest of your days. Stay strong, cause no matter what. Whether you think so or not, there IS always someone who has your back. Who beleives in you. You need to beleive in you too. Buenos noches from a friend to a friend. (Ir whatever tome it is for you) 💜💜💜

  9. Mint Roni

    Guess Casper is his name now lol

    But ye, I really love this song!! ♡♡♡

  10. Mint Roni

    My brother and his wife lost their pet lizard this past year. I have no idea how long they've had him, but at least since college. Rip in peace, Vinny!

  11. Aaron Bitner

    I cry from this because I hate thinking about losing a pet. I have a lot of pets on the farm but this song makes me think of my bearded dragon Zeus, sometimes while I'm in bed ( i face the side of his tank) he comes up to say hi he used to be my brothers but he didn't want him anymore so I took him into my room I don't want him to leave because I need to give him a bioactive cage and get my own insect colonies going I need him to stay a little bit longer I have so much I store for you, Zeus. I love you, my pretty baby boy.

  12. not a western spy

    My hamster died today
    I couldn't even say goodbye
    I'll miss you girl ♥️♥️

  13. Some_Blue_Idiot

    Anyone know how his ukulele is tuned?
    Edit: It's aDF#B for anyone who needs to know.

  14. Ember Davis

    Eddsworld vibes

  15. Charlotte R

    My dogs being put down tomorrow. This helped me get my cries out

  16. Robert Salyers

    We just buried my cat, Schrodinger. I loved him so much and I can't think about the good times with him without thinking about how we'll never be able to make more.

  17. Kyle Marquez

    I am going to be so sad when my cat dies.
    He is called my Buddy.
    I love you Buddy, and when you die,
    I will collapse.
    I will be nothing...

  18. don’t mind me

    don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry

  19. Louie Bassett

    I got a chameleon in October, he looks just like Caspar did and even though my little scaly guy will hopefully live for many more years, this song makes me cry sm

  20. ornella r

    I was listening to music an this song came on while I was on the plane to Madrid from Ecuador.
    I had been with (nearly all) my family for the first time, during all of my Christmas break.
    I couldn't help but cry so much when I heard the part 0:36-0:46, after replaying the song many times
    I felt a lot better, even if it's gonna be a lonely idk how many years or months until I see them again.
    Thanks for making this song Robbie :)

  21. Katar _

    some days ago i literally named my fish Casper. May his soul rest in peace ❤

  22. Belle Hetfield

    i know it's about his chameleon but it's 1am and I'm crying and listening to this while reminding of my brother who died 5 years ago and i miss him so so much :'(

  23. jam

    Everyone in my life is disappearing and this just lets me comprehend that.

  24. Kaitlyn Stam

    my cat is sick at the moment, nothing too much. my family thinks its a stomach bug. but im worried that it might be something worse. i love her , shes been with me since i was six. I found out this song around the same time i found out she was sick. then i was silenty sobbing, I just stare at my beufiful cat and cry. I hope she gets better

    update: my family got medicine, shes doing a little better

  25. Lil Skittles 2k18

    Before this song was released I lost a family member that was extremely important to me and I love this song so much because it reminds me of all the good times I had with her all of your music has helped me a lot when I listen to you

  26. yeehaw

    literally started listening to your music an hour ago and I’m sitting in my bed at 1am sobbing over this. my dog died a few months ago and it reminded me of her. your music evokes strong emotions

  27. Shiro Neko

    Aftet hearing this song I hugged my dog, I'm really afraid of when his day come... I love him so much

  28. BloodTypeAPlus sibling is playing their music and I thought this song was from a father to his stillborn child........

  29. tracers

    my dog might be put down tomorrow. this song has helped me a lot. thank you

  30. FibidustXOX

    I was listening to this and I started crying because I realized it was Caspar...I lost an animal too, my cat. and im crying over Caspar right now🥺✊

  31. Chibigirl Animates

    *sniff* i'M nOt CrYiNg YoU aRe-

  32. Lila Cleveland

    This song makes me cry no matter how much I listen to it. God damn.
    You know you write good songs when they make people cry aaaa-

  33. ugly germ

    i know this song is about a pet but it helped a lot when my brother was in the hospital thank you

  34. Yamilet Lopez

    i left my stuffed animal at my friends house when i slept over (mind you she has a brutally honest and bitchy personality but shes not a bad friend, its just who she is) and when she forgot to bring him to me two times i told her to please bring him back soon and she said "get over your stupid ass duck" (the stuffed animal is a duck btw) and i literally nearly started crying because every memory i have contains that duck and she still hasn't brought him back and now i feel like a pussy

  35. - Clorox

    i recently got a gecko and i named him caspy

    rest in piece casper
    thank you for making robins life better ❤

  36. AlexxSan

    This reminded me of my bearded dragon that I lost 2 years ago.... He would've been 7 soon cause his birthday is December 3rd.. This is my First time properly crying in so long so I want to thank you. Also could anyone reading this wish him a happy birthday?

  37. Audrey Bart

    This song makes me so sad because it’s about Caspar and he died and that made robin sad and the thought of robin being sad makes me sad and it’s cuz Caspar dead and he was a wonderful cham 😭❤️❤️

  38. smicley hehe

    Um I’m scared that my moms gonna walk into me sobbing

  39. Fanjee

    My cat, Tony, is going to the Humane Society and I've been singing this song to him all night. I don't want him to go. I'm really
    gonna miss him.

  40. D3M0N!C Studios

    At first I thought this was just a sad song..
    But today my dad called me and told me my fluffy baby boy, Hamilton, had passed in his sleep.
    I've been crying nonstop.. Everyone's trying to tell me he was just a pet, but he was more than that. He was my best friend.

  41. Lauren Delaney

    I miss my cat Leo so much. Got him when my parents split and had to move right before middle school. Easily one of the hardest times of my life. Being a 12 year old, barely above poverty. Just ugh. That cat was the sunshine that kept me and my siblings happy. No internet. Just throwing paper balls w Leo. The night we moved in (he “came with the house” because his old owners left him) I felt so sad and scared but he slept on me. From that moment he was my best friend. I doubt anyone will read this but I’m sad. I’m getting a tattoo of the constellation for him. I love you Leo. You were the sun. We all miss you.

    not a western spy

    I'm sorry for your loss mate
    If there's an afterlife I'm sure he's waiting for you at the door

    hello there

    I'm sorry for your loss, sending love and hugs to you ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Garrett

    i lost my bearded dragon, misha, and i really relate to this.

  43. Twenty Paphonies

    This was never really my favorite cavetown song. A few days ago, my pet cockatiel passed suddenly and unexpectedly and honestly this song has been on repeat since then.

  44. Carla Izaguirre

    My fishy-boy developed dropsy a couple of days ago and, I assume from the immense bloating, his tummy has began to ... ‘wear away’.. to spare you the details. I know it’s unpleasant and I can tell he’s been suffering. I’ve decided to euthanize him today. I cannot allow him to continue suffering. He was with me for nearly a year.. he was gifted to me last year for my birthday by some very awesome friends who knew I needed a little companion to help with my sadness. He’s been there for me when I was in my last semester in college, through all the stress and crying, figuring out who I’m going to be, my graduation, for my first actual job, transitioning into a new part of life and growing up. It sucks that I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday with him... just nine more days.. but I won’t make him suffer any longer. Rest easy, Sash. I’ll miss you every day.

  45. The Prince Of Cats

    I just finished the rough draft of a story I had to write for school, basically at the end the main character's friend dies but I was litsening to this album and the song came on and hhhhHhhhHHhHhHhh lemmie just say there were some *tears*

  46. crose

    I've always been on the verge of crying/cried at this song and 16 / 04 / 16. I had a cat who was older than me. She was born in June, and I was born in December. She's been very close to me and she felt like an everlasting best friend. On May 30th, she was taken to the vet, and when my parents came back, she told me that she died. I couldn't stop crying. We planted a tree for her remembrance. It was around her birthday, and I was 9 years old. I just wish I went with the vet for her last moments. Her last moments at home, though, were on my bed, and we were listening to music. I'm so lucky that you were mine, Callie.

  47. Melgan

    I sang this song at my brothers funeral but I changed the lyrics so now I just listen to it on repeat.......

  48. RabbitTeeth

    Rest in peace, ziyal
    You were the best baby beared dragon a disaster like me could've had, though you lived a stressful life, full of worry, it was a good one. I wish I could've seen you grow up and eat all the crickets in the world, yet if you grew up, it would be a painful life. I hope you are better and contempt in the big branch in the sky.

    R.i.p Ziyal 🦎
    October 6-19

  49. Cløudjckt _

    Mom:hey can you pick up that bowl please?

    Looks at bowl

    *BuTmOMcAsPaRBowLUgHH* 😢

  50. riley s.

    the lyric "i don't wanna have to miss you" makes me break down and cry every *single TIME*

  51. I s a b e l l e !

    i miss my dog.

  52. Sugar Free Redbull

    i didnt know caspar even existed a while ago when i first found the song on spotify now ive been watching the old caspar vids and realized
    caspar was sosososososososososososososo cute and i loved wantchin him sip them D R I P S
    rest in bowl-eroni, u will be missed caspar

  53. Matilda Vladu

    NOOOOOOO I told myself I wouldn't cry but everyone started talking about their pets that died and then I remembered my cat (RIP Bugaboo :"( ) and now I sOB


    i have cried to this for two hours oops

  55. Taken Wallflower

    This song didn't make me cry everytime i listen to it till my sister's viewing

  56. Timothy Blankenship

    my chameleon just passed away and I've always been too sad to listen to this song, but I think now is the time.

  57. stan day6

    Miss you Alfi, my best friend, my dear dog, i really loved you and still will pal ^^ it was really fun spending these years with you buddy but you had an unlucky end, it's okay, you're having way more fun there dear <3

  58. Walmart Brand Ryan Ross

    The first time I heard this song I thought "oh this sounds nice" and then I burst into tears

  59. Rachel Woodhouse

    Ah I started crying on the bus, I know what it’s like to lose your best friend, my dog died when I was six, and finally many years after, I’ve moved on to my new best friend

  60. Your local weeb

    Today, i found my precious Bunny Oliver had died, I can't explain how much this helped me, even though its about Casper. Thank you Robbie, and I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    so, this ones for my best friend. Oliver, I wish Icould have kissed you one more time. and I wish I could have said goodbye.

  61. Cus cus

    No se me ocurre mejor manera de despedir a una mascota, un amigo.

  62. skelebones

    Other music artists: *makes songs about killing*

    Robin: I'm about to end these guys whole careers *makes songs about his pet*

  63. GoobyGlob

    This song reminds me of my dead dog and now I cry every time I hear this

  64. katerina jordanovska

    Dammit i cried all over my math homework

  65. Tai Yoder

    First time listening to this entire album in depth and hot damn, I was definitely not expecting to be sobbing before the first chorus. Last time I was this caught off guard emotionally by a song was when the Mountain Goats played Shadow Song out of nowhere the first time I saw them live. This song is so simple but so emotional... 10/10 will cry again

  66. The Bree-saw Effect

    So my dwarf hamster died today. I immediately pulled up this song. I’ll probably listen it a lot for the next week. Thanks

  67. * LilliBilly *

    This is the only song capable of making me cry

  68. clavicle crusher

    robin im doing my homework and now i'm getting tears all over my decimals :(

  69. Crosbinato

    i know it’s about his beautiful pet, which i’m very sorry for his loss. but to me this song is about my close friend, he passed away in january, it’s been really difficult and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. i think of him everyday. this songs helps me cry and think of the good things about him - rest easy for me brody ❤️

  70. Celeste Addison

    currently laying with the most beautiful boy in the world who’s being put down soon i’m going to miss you buddy rest easy for me

  71. Koine

    I’m twelve second in and about to cry someone hElp-

  72. crazzy catt

    To day I had to put down my cat I only had him for like 3 years but I still loved him very much he like my only friend sometimes he made me feel loved when no one would I'm going to miss him so much but I know that this is what he needs and I rather have this than him be in Pain. I just hope to God that I was able to give him his best life and hope he loved every second we spent together. My mom says that we can adopt a new one and it course I want to but idk I just need to move on yet it's to early
    R.I.P Chicken Nugget you were the handsomest little idoit hope you have all the naps and chicken in the sky

  73. Xanthe De bondt

    this song describes my excact feeling for my cat suusje, we had to put her down a couple weeks ago,, i knew her since i was born.. dag lieffie i miss you

  74. Max Daves

    RIP to my fish, Tony. He was my best friend, which was sad enough already, but then he died last night. Love you 3000 buddy.

  75. sophia rose

    hello my friend has a stray kitty who she found who has a hole in her diaphragm and shes not gonna make it n theyre gonna have to put her down or let her die and i keep coming back to this song and sobbing even though the kit is alive rn (her name is millie. im gonna actually miss her so much).

  76. EDA !

    Rip Casper😔

  77. ratchild_ilo

    Everytime I listen to this I cry-

  78. Mageìa Dizzyverse

    I literally cannot get through this song without crying

  79. sunny

    I'm so fucking stupid and emotional that i am bawling my eyes out on every single one of these songs about things that haven't happened yet and right now I'm crying about someone else's scaly boy
    i very much hate myself right now and i have hated myself a lot lately

  80. Gamer Time

    I cant stop crying for my bearded dragon he died recently and i miss him so much i cant stop crying and it feels like the pain will never stop

  81. Amanda Gerard


  82. Alien Ghost

    I miss my bird 😢

  83. Andrea Borchers

    You’re not crying I’m crying!

    Aw I got it wrong didn’t I. My eyes are too blurry to see the keys hecc

    Copic Wolf

    I am crying toooooo ;-; RiP Casper 😭

  84. ʟᴇᴍᴏɴʟʏʙᴀʙʏ

    I'm gonna cry over a chameleon like--

  85. ʟᴇᴍᴏɴʟʏʙᴀʙʏ

    This is so *s a d* rest in peace Caspar :'( 💛

  86. lil rat

    This song always hits me on an emotional level . had pet rats and they were close to me and i loved them so much but then they both died of a sickness and i just didn't have enough mony to help them i feel like it was my fault but any time i hear this song it always reminds me of them they were so cute and i love them so much. R.I.P soot and totoro😔

  87. morgan m

    i have big sad

  88. Chiaki!¡

    I had to let my dog go when we found out he had brain cancer, i can’t stop crying rn :,(((((((

  89. AnnMochii

    Today my dog died, she was my little poodle baby and we had 15 years together, I remember arriving at school, crying because of bullying and she helped me a lot, I'm crying so much.

  90. cindee cervantes

    I’m crying over my friend Grayson suicide rn

  91. Milky Maid

    This is the one cave town song that hits me in the feels and makes me cry

  92. Emo Rat

    my cat just got killed by a coyote today. rest in peace Lilly, you were one of the best cats :')

  93. Citruz Lemonz

    This song has much more meaning than losing a “pet.” Caspar was robbies’ friend. Caspar and Robbie, you are loved. Much love from Minnesota, And much love from me.

  94. Arthur Kirkland

    My dog just died yesterday unexpectedly and this song really makes you think of the good times you’ve had with them. I loved her so much. RIP Siri.

  95. Lila Gismondi

    It’s been 2 years since I had my hamster friend :( I’m scared ... everyday I have the thought that if I go to open my baby’s cage he won’t jump to see me .. I’m scared he’ll stop moving. :(

  96. Lovely Flower

    I actually cannot bring myself to finish this song i almost start crying

  97. DuwangTown

    I didn’t know what it was about but when I heard that


  98. Tyler o

    I M I S S C A S P A R S O M U C H 😭