Cavetown - Another One Of Those Days Lyrics

Cycling down town
Thought the fresh air would pick me up
Up up and away from the ground
But there's no talking dog up here
Blowing up balloons with my dear

Hoped maybe I'd see a familiar face on my way
Passed by some cannabis seeds, it all smells exactly the same
I saw a girl in my dreams but I don't remember her name
I guess it's just another one of those days when I'm missing everything

Carousel round and round
Like a kid's toy you wind me up
And I've got nothing to say
So you just throw me in the dump truck
Hoping round the corner I'll see her

Passed that kid from chemistry who made fun of my name
He didn't look very happy, I guess we all turn out the same
I saw a girl in my dreams, she kissed me on the face
I guess it's just another one of those days when I'm missing everything

When she shows up she can sit on my shoulders
Cause I'm so strong, I wish
Piggy back ride to the hill, then we roll down
Feeling like kids for the rest of our lives

Hoping in the morning I'll meet her

But for now I'll just be lonely, and my arms will feel so bare
Dreaming 'bout her body round me, with my fingers in her hair
It might be so easy, but I am just too scared
Cause I saw a girl in my dreams, but she doesn't like me

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Cavetown Another One Of Those Days Comments
  1. こう

    no face is called ”kaonashi” in japan🇯🇵

  2. doggy 123

    that picture is what i see at night

  3. GÂCHÅ ._.ŠTĀR


  4. ur mom 栄ばス

    *_i dont remember her name_*


  5. •SPEC•

    i love the song but why is that image me trying to get my dog to come near me like-

  6. 《Cactus Flower》


    Hoess maybe I'd see


    It all smells exactly the same


    My dreams

    It's just

    Those days






    Got nothing

    You just throw me at ultra (getting All Might vibes..)

  7. Hqneybees

    am i the only 1 that thinks the ''but theres no talking dog up here'' is referring to the dog meme (cloud dog and wisdom dog)

  8. very emo

    Anyone else wanna dick daddy no face down?

  9. Cosmicv1bes S

    lmao taht looks like thirsty demon on tiktok

  10. 7u7 kookmin

    I love this music,IT's very beautiful song
    (Intento escribir bien en inglish) ahr

  11. metticandy

    This song hits too close

  12. millie ward

    ' i saw a girl in my dreams, and she doesn't like me ' that one lowkey hit different

  13. briley Mass

    Those 514 dislikes are clearly just are death

  14. Jake Rodrick

    -no face legs lookin' dumb thicc-

  15. Sophia Bannon


  16. Just Cami

    "who made fun of my name" i can relate everybody says i have a "boy" name.

  17. Akiko Royn

    well no face did _not_ skip leg day

  18. #dragon,cats #DC

    No face!! Where u been buddy UwU
    Also this song it fricking amazing UwU

  19. neo neko

    Blowing up balloons with my *deer*

  20. nyonkittie

    No face baby! c:

  21. Meowchi Tea

    n o f a c e i s l o o k i n g t h i c c c t o d a y b o i s .

  22. Kermit The frog

    Forget the song I’m trying get that mans number no cap no homo

  23. miss baddy

    if ur scrolling

  24. Mister Gray

    You ever become so emotionally attached to a person you made up in a singular dream and wake up and cry forever?


    Just me?

    Emmitt Robbins

    Same, but I'm not dreaming and I make this amazing person AND THEY DON'T EXIST A A H

  25. Link724


  26. XCrusher

    Im dead

  27. Harry Potter and the panic! in Motionless


  28. Zjaeriq Sanders

    I generally try not to apply lyrics to my life but it’s pretty hard when cavetown can apparently write my biography

  29. オタクAlexa

    ѕ o в e a υ t ι ғ υ l ;;

  30. P̸͟͞i̸͟͞n̸͟͞k̸͟͞y͞ W̸͟͞i̸͟͞n̸͟͞k̸͟͞y̸͟͞

    no face is cute

  31. A Weird Random Person

    some of cravetowns songs give me the feels...


  32. Blue armadillo

    The background picture is me trying to pay for stuff at a store by myself

  33. Yeetertots

    me: *otp with my crush*
    me: *plays this song*
    him: *starts singing along*
    me: 𝓶𝓪𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓶𝓮 𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓮 :)

  34. depressed _gacha

    *i saw a girl in my dreams, but she doesn't like me* I felt that one man

  35. babywolfrl

    Who, made fun of my, name..


  36. incognito2 ****

    °Hey..please take a sec to read this : ... I don't know you... Nor I even your name... But I just wanted to tell you that you are worth alot and that someone out there genuinely cares for you....and you'll find them one day..if you can't find them, let me be this person... Take care cause you matter... 💙💬

  37. depressed _gacha

    cause I'm so strong I wish
    Same thoooo

  38. Razer Princess

    This song is one of my favorite songs from cavetown.

  39. Jasmine Lapeyre

    I’m watching this movie right now

  40. Eliza Martinez

    No Face be lookin' thicc!

  41. Frankie Farris

    I love this song but I relate to much it's freaky I love this person but they didn't but still they kissed me on the face and they won't date me? And I've been rejected 2 times and I dream of being with this person but I guess I'll be lonely 🙁

  42. Ameleigha King

    No Face is my favorite character from the movie

  43. Rain Coat

    I-is he referencing Up?

    *Love for Robbie intensifies*

  44. Kiara West

    Spirited away and cavetown
    perfect combination >...<

  45. wraxius well

    I relate to that 'made fun of my name' on a spiritual level.

  46. ANGEL

    Who else thinks he sounds like steven from steven universe

  47. Dylan Heck

    This shit hits way too deep for its own good.

  48. Mikaela- Senpai

    what anime is this image?

    Mikaela Arellano

    spirited away, it's a movie by Studio Ghibli, one of the best ones :)

  49. Beurre De Cacahuéte

    man I wish I had friends. If anyone out there is looking at this, make the most out of your younger life. Establish great friendships, that's something I failed to do. And now I am at my lowest point, and no one even cares. No one is here for me. All I have are these sad songs to cry myself to sleep to. And if you have someone special. Please never take them for granted like I did. Out of all the people in the world, they chose you for a reason. Never forget that.

  50. JavenderDan

    this picture scares me just because of the scene in the movie.

  51. santiago vera IDH

    this song is really , really sad and in the same time cool

  52. Un_known

    No face !

  53. unusual artist

    No face looks happy, he looks like he has CHICKEM NUGGIES

  54. Jomar Panganiban

    This song reminds me of Owl City

  55. Weebmememachine

    This is my favorite song I listen to it every day

  56. Patrick Hage

    1. Go to full screen
    2. Type awesome
    3. Watch the time bar
    4. Enjoy!

  57. A fuckin toaster

    Dude I just want a boyfriend

    Beurre De Cacahuéte

    Dude I just want a toaster

  58. Daniel Perez

    Que buen cumbion joder banda <3

  59. 「策克」

    Idk why but I listen to this after I overslept and missed dinner time

  60. Chadiac101 L

    This song gives me courage to ask people out

  61. Danny Neal

    omg i love this song! I put on loop thats how much i love this song!

  62. Tiger LP

    Why is cavetown such a big mood

  63. Clearlynotokay Bleach

    Cavetown confirmed best artist in the world, according to girl with anime profile photo.

  64. _somebody_ _here_

    I feel like melting whenever the background beat just smashes my door down

  65. Josue Calderon

    What if this is just the movie up as Carl re-imagines all his memories with Ellie and the reason " there's no talking dog up here" is because he is imagining it and as it ends he slowly goes into the afterlife with Ellie again.?

  66. Midoriya Izuku

    Aesthetic pictures + Aesthetic songs = *Dead*

  67. Isabel Brown

    I have two reasons why I clicked this video
    1.Cave town

    Midoriya Izuku

    s o t r u e

  68. Unknown

    Le spirited away

  69. nixx

    Awww I missed No face from Spirited Away

  70. Everything Madi

    Why does the mask remind me of the Anbu Block Ops??

  71. Brielle Santos

    Just another one of those days of me waking up to my demon friend offering me m&m's.

  72. Penelope Giebel

    "Let The Music drift away all your pain."

  73. KING Cosplayz

    At exactly 3:00 Kazoo Kid comes in

  74. Wait what

    hey megan, i think i kinda rlly like you. (pls get this to the top cuz my gay ass wants her 2 see)

  75. Bebi. jupiter

    Daddi long legs!

    Why dis comment section so wholesome? I love it. 😗

  76. Gacha kazzy

    Ok. Now I'm obsessed with cavetown....

  77. MaFia-Dota `SwaggySmoke

    Another one of those dreams 😭😭

  78. шамарданова гюзяль

    2019 октябрь...

  79. YouEatedMyCookie

    lol no face

  80. mystery 7_m

    That picture is me on my period eating candy 😂

  81. B-But why tho?

    When ur parents force you to share your cheesepuffs to your cousins or else you get beat

  82. Charlie Murray

    This reminds me of a girl I used to have feelings foe buh she lives half way across the world wish we could go back I miss her n it sucks big time

  83. Jocelyn_447

    the picture is me staring at the bag of shredded cheese at 2 am

  84. A_Very_Large_ Noob

    The thing in the picture looks like the halloween monster from gravity falls!

  85. Anika Russell

    but what is in the background.

  86. Danika

    I'm having a really bad day. My friends seem annoyed with me and all the new people who came the group don't really like me ig, I almost had an anxiety attack in theatre because of some boy and I just found out my cousin overdosed, he's brain dead and they're gonna pull the plug. My aunt had to give him cpr. He was doing fine, 5 months clean from heroin and the suddenly something happened. I'm so mentally tired, I don't know what to do, I just needed to say this without telling someone face to face :/ have a good day person


    I hope things start to get better soon :)

  87. Zoe Erica

    "*Thought the fresh air would pick me up,*"
    Me: Breathes C02
    Me: Ya sure that's fresh air

    (Edit: You should be playing Minecraft right now)

  88. MaybeRobo

    Live? Alright in devil town
    All? Those thing
    I'll? Cut my hair
    Hotel? Trivago

  89. Rxsez

    0:01 ●━━━━━━-━━━━ 4:05
    Replay button cost : 1 like

  90. Rqsiie Gacha uwu

    right now, it is one of those days so

  91. Elise anderson

    What picture is the character I forgot

  92. BT AWW


  93. Ruby Gamer owo

    03:00 was cavetown playing kazoot there in a sec?

  94. Bellathebluekitten PS. I love togami

    If someone wants to know the image it's a movie called spirited away and that's no face. I watched this movie at the age of 4 XDDDD so it's about- OOPS NO SPOILERS!!!

  95. Anferney Tumala

    Ghosted... It's another one of those days again 😔

  96. Jack the Grave Robber

    getting some Up references , i think :/

  97. FoxyFriend

    Did anyone realize they background photo is from spirited away or no...?

  98. HackySack

    Hey brother


    @child of god stOp

    Purple You

    I missed you:(

    S BW

    There's an endless world to rediscover???

    James Scheuermann

    Hello, got any cheese whiz?

    Abby Thoreson

    Ima sister, but hello