Cattle Decapitation - Cloned For Carrion Lyrics

New disease
New ways to reach out and torment
One by one
Cloned, throats slit and packaged for delivery
Creation of carnage
Reproduced for consumption
Waste heap sold through fast food
Human is as stupid does
Maggots, burrowed rot worms
Thrown in a vat of rice
No escape from carnivorous butchery
Swallow salmonella filled carrion
Cloned carcass from DNA
No meaning
There can be no god here

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Cattle Decapitation Cloned For Carrion Comments
  1. Breanna Almazan

    Can't wait to see them ❤️

    Cody Engler

    I saw them on the summer slaughter tour, fucking nuts!!!! They are soooooo good! I saw them with carnifex, the faceless, rivers of nile, nekrogoblikon, lorona shore, and a bunch of others

  2. decadepast decadepast

    Whoever came up with the idea for using The Ghostbusters for the intro deserves an award.

  3. CharlieFoxtrot


  4. Caleb Vanderlaan

    Gotta get that Ghostbusters in there

  5. Courtney Kreag


  6. A Cool Guy

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