Catfish And The Bottlemen - Laid Lyrics

This bed is on fire with passionate love
The neighbours complain about the noises above
But she only comes when she's on top

My therapist said not to see you no more
You're like a disease without any cure
I'm so obsessed that it's becoming a bore, oh no

You think you're so pretty

Land my hand inside the till
Slammed your fingers in the door
Fought with kitchen knives and skewers
Dressed me up in womens' clothes
Messed around with gender roles
Line my eyes and call me pretty

Well, shake it up, baby, now
C'mon and twist and shout
C'mon c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby, now
Come on and work it on out

Moved out of the house so you moved next door
I locked you out, you cut a hole in the wall
I found you sleeping next to me, I thought I was alone
You're driving me crazy
When are you coming home?

Feeling hot hot hot [x2]

You think you're so pretty
Yes you do baby

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Catfish And The Bottlemen Laid Comments
  1. Ellen Wohlers

    Absolutely in love with this whole cover!!😍👏🏼

  2. Clarke

    you love aldi fish u XD


    thsi bed is on firere whith ,ove the neighrb ou anfbpuit neiosres bove but shes cums

  3. Sarzi80 Sarzipop


  4. Escaba Sweets W. Beans

    Where's the lyric dude?

  5. rummie

    i love this man

  6. Dreamlife DS

    James, best band ever !

  7. roqueeeeeeeee

    that intro is shit

  8. Caseyruth Lyle


  9. the_katman

    Looks like a young Ramone.

  10. Lucattsur

    What is the other song he mash up? I recognize twist and shout. But the other? ?? Like "stealing hot hot hot?"

  11. oasisjuani

    sounds like twist & shout

  12. Nikka Broce

    Van is a godsend i’m crying

  13. Syed Shams

    you need to learn how to sing dude!

  14. Grace Pearson

    Van is so fucking hot

  15. Grace Pearson

    I fucking love this so much

  16. Kenneth Lane

    Loved James and now with this cover all cool.

  17. A R

    I'll never not be amazed by how he plays the guitar like a right handed player

    yudit epic

    ???? he is right handed

    Merisa Pecan

    yudit epic nah he’s a leftie!! Yeah I was surprised too, but I guess that’s just what Van does, surprises us!

    yudit epic

    @Merisa Pecan in this i swear hes right handed though. If he is left handed though then my bad. i swear this guy can never be uninteresting

  18. Mandi Marie Morazan

    the moment he started playing i had a feeling he would add in Twist and Shout. It's so fascinating how his mind works & how he'll play a song while thinking of other song that match that. He's so talented

  19. Victimized Idiot

    he kinda looked like Julian Casablancas Phrazes for the Young era on some angles

  20. dudeitsannaagain

    I've been listening to this cover for so long. But I have no idea which songs he added other than Twist And Shout. Can someone help a fellow Catfish and the Bottlemen fan out?(:

    Patrick Casey

    The Merryman - Feeling hot hot hot
    James - Laid

  21. mariah

    My iconic son

  22. Siena Noelle

    can you believe I'm seeing them today

  23. danny flint

    was going good until he was nowhere near as good as John lennon

  24. Luis Adlam

    what is van mccann?!?!?!

    Gabrielle Bruce

    Luis Adlam amazing is what he is

  25. jennifer •

    I love the beatles remix lol 💞

  26. Andrew Cruz

    "OK HERE WE GO " , I litteraly heard that when The Arctic Monkeys were on that radio station.

    Help, I need assistance

    Andrew Cruz It's Miles Kane, I thought it was Liam Gallagher for ages, but it's not :/

  27. anna macleod

    I never knew van's voice could do that

    Sidney Alison

    same 😂😂😂

  28. Scott Paton

    This is so underrated

  29. Carleigh Bates

    123,394 of the 123,395 views are from me, by the way/ Obsessed.

  30. Carleigh Bates

    he is the greatest I'm dead

  31. Nathaniel Hornblower

    Is that McLovin?

  32. Marshfacekillah Hi5

    Matt nathansons is good too.

  33. Emilia Lind

    this is too beautiful

  34. Stevi Emmanouilidou

    The transition to twist and shout is beautiful

    Fisk Allure

    dandelion burdock he usually does that to covers

  35. Gayle

    Works for me!

  36. Gina Salerno

    Twist and Shout aghhhhh :)

  37. Frances O'sullivan

    This impregnated me

  38. Dylan Collins

    I love vans voice normally but what in the name of fuck is this? if you wanna hear him properly listen to the things he did on triple j

    Joseph Edwards

    +Dylan Collins nonce

    Jamie Shiels

    +Joseph Edwards casually watching van and seeing Joe calling someone a nonce, legend xoxox

    Joseph Edwards

    swear down that wasn't me X

  39. joe Réunion

    trop bon cette version acoustique ! j'adore !

  40. Avni T

    van is so cute, he always forgets the lyrics when hes covering :))

  41. Don Ackerman

    great cover & love the mashups thrown in!

  42. Billy Jango

    I have never even heard of Catfish & The Bottlemen, I am just a pissed up 42 year old fart typing old songs what bring back good memories into youtube. Todays technology is brilliant. Glad I stumbled across this anyway. Great version.

    Rascal W.

    Love it walt.. I'm 41 in a few weeks doing the same haha ;)

    Billy Jango

    Russ w I am 44 in a few weeks now! Time flies.

    Rascal W.

    It's only a number m8 ;) feck it..

    Hannn Spanner YNWA

    Billy Jango boss this 👊❤️

    Valerie Bower

    best thing he will do all day mate

  43. Lizbeth Sifuentes

    Twist and shout 👌

    connor guy

    +Lizbeth Sifuentes wym? same melody?

  44. Live Nation Clubs and Theaters

    Awesome video! Look out for their upcoming tour featuring Jamie N Commons!

  45. Dani Petkova

    is it him saying "ok ,here we go"?

    Claudia Arabaca

    Yes it is! (:


    @Danny Petkova No that's Miles Kane's voice actually, it's used in every videos for acoustic sessions of this radio :)

    Dani Petkova

    +191Hachiko thank u

    Kieran mew

    +191Hachiko I always thought it was Liam Gallagher?

  46. Kieran Dacey

    sooooooooo good Van

  47. Kate Lowin

    are u real

  48. Alex Mason

    Van mate your a class act🎤

  49. James Round

    some covers are good but this is beyond shite

    Donna Dick

    @Sidney Chinchilla Darling, the only bitch here is you.

    Donna Dick

    @James Round That's only because my mum and dad are brother and sister...

    Sidney Alison

    @Donna Dick thanks babe bite me

    Sidney Alison

    @James Round haha

    Donna Dick

    @Sidney Chinchilla U r supa fly, a wull bite u all ova babe. <3

  50. Dapp

    The guitar sounds like piss.

  51. Daisy C I Hull

    Undoubtedly in love with this.


    This kids really fucking good.

  53. bob

    superb, seriously