Catfish And The Bottlemen - Hourglass Lyrics

You know when you're gone I struggle at night
Dreams of you fucking me all the time
And I know you're tied up
And I know your phone's fucked
I'm craving your calls like a soldier's wife

I wanna bring you home myself
Bring you home myself

Come back, move in, mess my place
Chest infect me, waste my days
Cause I know you love to drive me up the wall
I know you love to drive me up the wall

I wanna bring you home myself
Bring you home myself

And I'm so impatient when you're not mine
I just want to catch up on all the lost times
And I'll say I'm sorry if I sound sordid
Cause all I really ever want is you

Offer my hand and I'll take your name
Share my shower, kiss my frame
Cause I wanna carry all of your children
And I wanna call them stupid shit

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Catfish And The Bottlemen Hourglass Comments
  1. Boni Vinicius


  2. Andres Isaac

    "Hello There"

  3. Eduarda Bernardo

    catfish e ewan mcgregor juntos é demais pra mim ❤

  4. na julia

    thats my favourite song of all times, and my favourite band, of course

  5. Miles

    I miss you

  6. C W

    I always knew obi wan was a cool person in real life

  7. Lyricsdoe

    Been at their concert in Leeds 2019, the atomoshpere was absolutely amazing! Glad I made it to their last city of the tour.

  8. John Harvey

    He is shit

  9. LifeOfNate

    After all the years of listening to this I just now realize Van is singing this from a woman’s perspective.

    When he says “Dreams of you fucking me all the time”

    I thought it was the man dreaming of a girl fucking him but now I realize that that doesn’t make sense because in most cases girls fantasize of men fucking THEM.

  10. never let this go

    imagine being the neighbor of this two lol i would die

  11. trying my best

    this way of sorry
    oh my-

  12. Khjut

    What a beautiful song. Unfortunately I was led here from a suicide note.


    Zakaria Taouti Yes

    Zakaria Taouti

    How sad, me too dude T_T

    Zakaria Taouti

    I hope he didn't do it tho


    Zakaria Taouti Same tho, i literally cried while reading his note .-.

    Zakaria Taouti

    I know right, it got me so emotional tho, and this song was so 😭😭😭 I love it

  13. Luke Woodward

    Obi - wan sings the song better than he does.

  14. S J

    Would love to see ewan cover black skinhead by kanye

  15. First Name Last Name

    omg obi wan should sue catb that's his song u morons

  16. Bee Mel

    Everyone here is talking about Obi-Wan Kenobi becoming an indie musician, but I'm just thinking about how awesome it would've been to have Catfish and the Bottlemen along on Long Way Round.

  17. Susan Elizabeth

    I love this 😍😍❤️♥️😍😍❤️♥️

  18. Yessica Hurtado

    Para él.

  19. nz doris

    2019 ... still love this song!

  20. theleylegend1

    Hello there

  21. Dany Osuna

    This goes after Trainspotting

  22. Jae Lo

    💛 JM

  23. Naka

    Choose life

  24. Бека Мелисовский

    That's his fc*ing song (>0<)!!!

  25. Salah Usufi

    I’m so in love with song

  26. Laura

    Why I don't find this before?

  27. Catfish Hilton

    Im catfish hilton

  28. Gillian Gaw

    The streets blinded by the lights

  29. Diego Díaz

    Hello there

  30. Lauz Potat

    1:34 (thank me later)

  31. devon meeks

    I will serenade my future wife with this song.

  32. Tom _

    General Kenobi!

  33. Escaba Sweets W. Beans

    Ewan means i dont know in my country, skl

  34. panickedpilots

    5:51 face it Ewan, Van has the high ground now

  35. Tam :D

    My friends wants me to play this song at her funeral... btw she isn’t dead yet

  36. tool485

    What advert was this on?

  37. Nathaniel Martinez

    “I wanna meet all of your family and I wanna call them mine someday

  38. Daniel Kearsley

    Just found catfish and bottlemen through hearing someone talking about them. New favourite music

  39. Kali Kugelman

    Ewan McGregor has the high ground with this one.

  40. Laura McCann

    this story is sooo funny haha what a song

  41. Billie Salazar


  42. VXHV 1975

    come to México🙏🙏

  43. Cassandra Chavez

    But Ewan... save mE

  44. Agustina Carranza

    Ewan casate conmigo, te amo chabón

  45. Higgyjr


  46. aari

    "How wonderful life is, now you're in the world..." hmm?

  47. Jessica Casali

    Que homem! 😍❤️

  48. Kelly Blair

    Fuck...I love this video! SO well done right down to the last swig of his drink to listen at the door!

  49. Nick Faris

    Hey give lyrics pls

  50. Shelby Kiel

    Still one of my favorite music videos ever. I love the way its edited and how it all comes together. Its like watching a mini movie from one of my favorite bands!

  51. José Augusto dos Santos


  52. Jip Harbers

    5:16 Hello there!

  53. Skylar O'kane

    Choose life, choose aesthetic emo indie bands

  54. Rebecca Lockharth

    Thanks god for this beautiful song <3 That goes on my channel as well!

  55. bjark

    i cant get over vans hair

  56. Adrian Albon

    great song, shame you can't hear any of it in this video

  57. Markitos10a CocoLoco

    lollapalooza Chicago 2018
    Cant waiiiiittt

  58. Krzysztof Dunaj

    Sick so f bro

  59. Krzysztof Dunaj


  60. Anakin skywalker


  61. Mem mas es mas

    same history with me, i lost my phone

  62. shotsofmaria

    Evan & Ewan. Two legends.

  63. Darío Bernal


  64. Maria Pia

    Love this!

  65. Hyoukasama

    Strongly reminds me of "Welcome Home, Son"

  66. Sam Batchelor

    I didn’t realise when he said he wanted to choose life he meant choosing indie music

  67. Ste Richards

    You were the chosen one!

  68. Aileen Bordelon

    Tag yourself. I'm the turtleneck

  69. almira özek

    evan made me melted damn much 😍

  70. Jenny Herron

    I saw you guys when you opened for Green Day on the Revolution Radio Tour in Cleveland, you guys are awesome!

  71. smokedks

    I came for a Lamb of God cover. Was sorely disappointed.

    Great song tho, but still, lol.


    Welcome home?

  73. AJW

    This is the biggest scam since rents robbed all the money from begbie and sick boy

  74. Corneilia Carnivorous

    M Y F U C K I N G S O N G

  75. Kai Macfarlane


  76. TheRoaster

    2:10 . You're welcome.

  77. Laurenti


  78. Ashik Mhamud Ontu

    on acid broo

  79. Parry Stark

    easily my favorite by TBM :)

  80. Ethan Manning

    I love everything about this

  81. Gabriela Paños


  82. Jenny Lane

    this is the best thing ive seen in ages.
    5:55 TFW you listen back to your twiddles and get a kick out of it to hear yourself sing the dumbest adlib lyrics. that made my heart go dumptrucks

  83. Vengeful 0ne

    Well,hello there!

  84. Simon Collinge

    Pure class on every level. Good luck and best wishes

  85. Prostate Pulverizor

    Bigfish and the Bottlemen

  86. marito buebito con catsun

    "Cause I wanna carry all of your children
    And I wanna call them stupid shit" best lyric ever

  87. Skyla Edwards

    men age so beautifully

  88. aleksandra

    in summer 2016 I did a Facebook quiz, something along the lines of 'what song are you' blah blah, I got Hourglass - Catfish and the Bottlemen, and all through that summer i listened to their song and here nearly two years later im still listening to them, with all their albums, thank you facebook for blessing me with these boys

  89. thor abc

    This is the world's best song I heard. The music is awesome. Only thing I felt was that they should have made a better video cos it's too long

  90. Mariana Okajima


  91. The Rarca

    My favourite song from Catfish and The Bottlemen!!

  92. kismetlifted

    Looks so identical to Rich from Skins after he had his haircut...

  93. alex monson

    I saw these guys over the summer opening for greenday i love these guys

  94. alex monson

    Thats fucking Obi-Wan Kenobi

  95. Average Commenter

    How the fuck did they get Ewan McGregor in this?

  96. eatrouks

    so cute

  97. Senchy TM

    My god I love this

  98. Ajieren Rose

    it's beautiful discovering he's a singer. wow. my love just doubled

  99. Cane Libéro

    Mark renton