Catfish And The Bottlemen - Conversation Lyrics

I look to find myself
Looking straight up to you for the answers
For when I've found myself
Wrapped up in my own little world

'Cause you tell me to get through tomorrow
'Cause you know how it feels
Yes, you know how it feels

When the perfect conversation looks you in the eyes
Just forget get what you've been saying this whole time
You can look for confirmation all your life
But you ain't gonna find much better than this

You stood beside myself
When everything lacked momentum
You stood beside myself
When I needed somebody who knows

Who knows just how to tell me
How to get through tomorrow
'Cause they know how it feels
Yes, they know how it feels

When the perfect conversation looks you in the eyes
Just forget what you've been saying this whole time
You can look for confirmation all your life
But you ain't gonna find much better than this

And I know
After all that's gone on
There's no
Preparing us at all

How did you expect me to leave it
When you know me more than I know myself
The minute you're up for it, I mean it
We'll find a little moment in time
And set up somewhere different for a while

When a perfect conversation looks you in the eyes
Forget what you've been saying this whole time
You can look for confrontations all of your life
But you ain't gonna find, ain't gonna find much better than this

When the perfect conversation gets a little live
Just forget what you've been saying this entire time
Look for confirmation all that you like
But you ain't gonna find, ain't gonna find, ain't gonna find it

Get through tomorrow
You know how it feels
You know how it feels

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Catfish And The Bottlemen Conversation Comments
  1. Yasmin Milan

    god help i can't stop listening to this song.. oh and coincide haha love you loads catb

  2. derek stocks

    hands up if Paul Firth of Rotherham brought you here?

  3. Valued Person

    What an AMAZING world we live in.So many extraordinary experiences that we take for granted

  4. GncllYT

    Catfish and the Bottlemen Epico.

  5. Никита Солнцев


  6. Mônica Dantas


  7. Merisa Pecan

    2:32 rewatching this months later and just realizing that CHICAGO’S BEAN IS BONDY’S CAP WTFF

  8. annabell grey Ward

    These guys are really really good !

  9. Slayde Daville

    Kinda Similar to Oasis

  10. Marek Baran

    outragusly fantastic

  11. fia

    Comd the fuck to new york or ill die

  12. Karen Dalgliesh


  13. Jimmy Lewis

    Instead of hi fi, this is low fi. If I listened to this shit very long I would be suicidal. This sucks.

  14. crypto currbit

    This Album so unbelievably good its so incredible!!

  15. nosoupfuru

    shit song

  16. maximumHD

    being in mid sentience with yourself saying your not going to cry.............. . . . . . .. . . .

  17. JakesNation98

    I saw them as an opener for green day during GDs revolution radio tour and for some reason I always call them ned and the needlfish 😂

  18. Silva First

    im so glad i found this song its amazing

  19. Tim Blackburn

    The reincarnation of the band " Third Eye Blind "

  20. Fxck_hawk970

    I get chills everytime I listen to this tune 👌👌🔥🔥

  21. Harry Nelli

    Anyone know how they made this video?

  22. Amira Sezali

    the intro is just so insanely good!!!

  23. connor rumble

    Fifa 20 tune

  24. yuri melo

    The best music ever!

  25. Sarzi80 Sarzipop


  26. Liliana Villanueva

    Uno de sus mejores album de esta banda. Muy bien elaborado¡ Me encantan

  27. oli richardson-knight

    Just getting through the tomorrow's 😔

  28. Sheikh

    Amazing sound, keep rocking ✌️.

  29. Grant Cairney

    Aw a did wiz listen

  30. Lee Pinnock

    Love it, just like most, if not all tracks I've heard from Catfish and the Bottlemen

  31. Mr. Trump

    Fucking annoying song

  32. anónimo el

    Me hace recordar a una conversación hermosas con rous

  33. ernst de waal

    it reminds me of oasis

  34. r3wturb0x

    well this isn't so bad. for new rock, it kinda has its own unique sound which is refreshing. kinda reminds me of oasis

  35. Kombat

    Love the video and the song🙌both class

  36. Jay Rushlow

    how is tool mix in with all this shit

  37. Kevin Herd

    Outstanding, that's what I'm talking about. I think they just played Vegas too.

  38. Georgia S

    Where was this video filmed? :) xx like what concert?

  39. Martina Conci

    Tanto talento

  40. gui_ribeiro


  41. Riley Loughney

    I just found them a couple of days ago and am now completely obsessed

  42. Laura McCann


  43. Carmen Lamptey

    This makes me feel like im in a movie

  44. Wagner Vieira

    If you look closely, the beginning of the video, and the audio, is a continuation of Longshot, like a longshot sequence.

  45. KH HK


  46. Corner Back

    reminds me of Oasis. love it

  47. Bri P

    How does this song not have more views!? Such a great song for various moods and occasions!

  48. Pedro Hugo

    Sounds like a song you'd hear in Fifa

  49. Victoria Bridge

    How has this not hit 1 mill views yet???

  50. William Newton

    imagine van being peppa pig and the rest of catb being peppa pigs family lol

  51. Isah Hidemi


  52. Juan Francisco

    This is sick

  53. Elisemari.r

    Such a cute song. <3 <3

  54. Jorri Rossi

    Oasis match woahh

  55. Shanel Antonevich Talarico

    I love this band. They release excellent tunes and keep their video clips simple! This is how it’s supposed to be! Keep it up, fellows ❤️👍🏻

  56. Emily Carlyon

    Is this video star I see

  57. Lance Johnson

    Where all my American fans at

  58. Cecilia Salazar

    °w° Me faltan palabras para expresar lo mucho que me encanta el vídeo, se nota la dedicación y esfuerzo además de que refleja su amor en cada foto.
    Love you so much! ❤

  59. Haskil Shines

    Are you fucking kidding?

  60. Blue Ash

    Love this!

  61. S.R.

    A very good song <3

  62. Vans Peralta

    me likey

  63. Queima Quengaal

    Caralho eu ameii❤❤

  64. Kitty-Mae McCormack

    this video is so good but soooo fast, pls upload all the photos somewhere so we can all look at your pretty faces xx

  65. Gerardo Guzman

    This song is defenetly going to be in FIFA 20

  66. millena

    this is the best catb song, no doubt, spetacular, brilliant, amazing, incredible, orgasm giving

  67. stelmaszyk valérie

    super nouveau titre. bravo

  68. MIkisoBA


  69. Guillermo Ludvik

    This is like the neighbourhood but more heavy jajaja
    That's good

  70. Sean Kilburn

    This is great but these guys need to change it up a bit for the next album.

  71. valentina

    come to argentina plsssss 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  72. Indea

    Conformity 1 - 0 Originality

  73. Marioly Hernandez

    Pueden venir a Chile por favoooor?

  74. Skin Bag Becky

    Everything about this band is A+++

  75. S t r e s s e d O u t J e m


  76. Vania Alarcon

    Me mama esta rola y escucharla en vivo 👌

  77. Brayan Lucero

    Nice ^^

  78. Sophia Ramirez

    oh so y’all use color and don’t know how to act ...periodt

  79. Bres Ce


  80. Moe Tommo


  81. muri van artwell

    The modern rock n roll band,ladies and gentlemen please give it up ,caatfishhhh and bo el men

  82. abigxil b

    is this why larrys been taking picture at gigs?

  83. Renata F

    1 palavra: PERFEITOS

  84. Mmusic

    also 2:56 hey bob wtf cute as hell

  85. Mmusic

    2:16 i think my vagine ruptured

  86. Swiftgex

    Right now you just need to add basically to your setlist

  87. Fran B

    Come to Argentina perro

  88. luna walker

    the effort that went into this masterpiece
    my god, it's beautiful

  89. Evanthia Beahm


  90. Luana Rosas

    and this song says this a lot, I'm so in love

  91. Luana Rosas

    catfish and the bottlemen know me more than I know myself

  92. Gatos e Mais Gatos


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    best find from my youtube recommendations

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