Cat Stevens - When Butterflies Leave Lyrics

When butterflies leave their silk palaces
The scent of the garden blows towards Heaven's way
Like the toils of man

Those who work to tomorrow
Will not miss the dreams of yesterday

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Cat Stevens When Butterflies Leave Comments
  1. gioel

    Beautiful thanks.

  2. Diana Barahona

    Butterflies emerge from a chrysalis, which is a hardened skin underneath the soft outer skin of the caterpillar. A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis would be leaving not a silk palace, but a golden prison, because the chrysalis looks like gold. The silkworm spins its cocoon around itself and is trapped in it. In the same way, the mind spins a cocoon made up of discrimination, which gives rise to attachment, which gives rise to desire: this cocoon is the ego. Thus, the mind entraps itself in a silk prison of its own making. "Things are not separate and distinct, Yet ignorance leads to attachment. To use the mind to bind the mind--Is this not the greatest mistake?"

  3. Sandra Kral

    Visions of butterflies flying free toward tomorrow dance before my eyes as I listen, their time is short yet their beauty ( the Dream ) is still alive. Beautiful Poem.

  4. Ella Southportfair

    Wonderful words from a wonderful 2006 album .. An other cup