Cat Stevens - Katmandu Lyrics

I sit beside the dark
Beneath the mire
Cold grey dusty day
The morning lake
Drinks up the sky

Katmandu I'll soon be seeing you
And your strange bewildering time
Will hold me down

Chop me some broken wood
We'll start a fire
White warm light the dawn
And help me see
Old satan's tree

Katmandu I'll soon be touching you
And your strange bewildering time
Will hold me down

Pass me my hat and coat
Lock up the cabin
Slow night treat me right
until I go
Be nice to know

Katmandu I'll soon be seeing you
And your strange bewildering time
Will keep me home

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Cat Stevens Katmandu Comments
  1. MrRUKnight

    He sounds a lot like Nick Drake on this track. Or maybe Nick Drake sounded like Cat Stevens.

  2. Mattias Öhlin

    Thank you Cat!

  3. Glen Naillon

    The tillerman pours me some tea.

  4. María Paz Greene F

    Great song and great city :)

  5. Pilfer Bean

    One of my most favorite of songs. The syncopation is delightful, and the lyrics are so compelling-- and, as is usual with Cat Stevens, perfectly consistent in tone with the music.

    Étoile Filante

    He is pure genius, nothing less....

    Pilfer Bean

    @Étoile Filante I agree. I think he's incredibly underappreciated-- probably because it's folk music, and so a bit on the outside of popular music.

  6. Richard Parkin

    Excellent from album of excellence have the album from early 70s. We of that age know what we have lost.......

    José Luis D. Zúñiga Rodríguez

    Yes, we lost a full pack of good, fantastic, marvelous of an age, on return we got this amazing way - the internet - we have now where we can enjoy more than millions of songs, (As you probably do, I would prefer to keep the first, even at the cost of the second) so let's at least enjoy what was left to us. Best regards.

  7. mieke soetemans

    Beautiful song of Cat Stevens always loved his music and still do.

  8. dereckvon

    Peter Gabriel on flute.

    José Luis D. Zúñiga Rodríguez

    I didn't have noticed that before your comment, Thanks.

    manu tre

    @Drake Magnum 19

    Mike Reiss

    @Drake Magnum Peter did this in between the first two Genesis albums so he was probably not very well known yet(as a flautist or singer).

    Pantagruel Panurge

    dereckvon : i didn‘t know that 😳

  9. Larry Sroka

    I heard this on radioparadise. Nice tune.