Cat Power - Woman Left Lonely Lyrics

A woman left lonely
will soon grow tired of waiting
she'll do crazy things
on lonely occasions

a simple conversation
with a new man now and again
makes a touchy situation
when a good thing's comin' to an end

and when she gets lonely
she's thinkin' 'bout her man
she knows he's takin' her for granted
honey, she doesn't understand

well, the fevers of the night,
they burn an unloved woman
yeah, those red-hot flames
try to push old love aside

a woman left lonely
is just a victim of her man, yes she is
when he can't give up his whole world, no
she's got to do the best that she can

a woman left lonely
that lonely girl

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Cat Power Woman Left Lonely Comments
  1. Jeff Piccolo

    Written by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham

  2. Cosmo Grape

    Janis was a dumpster fire.

  3. Jul ofDenial

    Cat Power, you know you're still beautiful with a magnetic and soulful voice after all these years I've been listening to you. Godspeed.

  4. starcopper x

    After watching this I have 2 questions..why the gloves and are you on speed? Be honest...all the best peace

    ashtree Camacho

    Lol I love her but this comment is so funny especially at the exact moment I read it.

  5. An Urban Groove

    Cat is amazing but I have heard other versions of this track and the band , man the band - the keys... unreal... so good

  6. Randall Brooks

    I *finally* got a chance to watch the documentary "Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue" (that I recorded from PBS a few weeks ago) last night, and as much as I loved it, it was almost wrecked by this completely unnecessary performance of one of my favorite songs by Janis, "A Woman Left Lonely", ugh.
    It would have been less unpleasant to have jammed rusty nails into my eardrums, LOL!
    And don't even get me started on the way she be-bopped around as she was singing, SMH!
    Other than that, it was a very good documentary!

    Randall Brooks

    Seriously, lol. Obviously you're the one trolling here.

  7. David Pierce

    A truly abysmal, soulless cover of a great song. This poor gal can’t sing, but just bounces around in hopes that this will add some thing to the song. Sad!

    Zed Dravot

    You like the song only sung one way and cannot comprehend another interpretation. That doesn't make the singer soulless. It makes you ultraconservative, and temporarily hearing impaired.

    David Pierce

    My how you’re quick to jump to conclusions and judge, because you THINK that I “like the song sung only one way.” I happen to love the versions by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham, the one by Irma Thomas, the one by Charlie Rich, the one by Maggie Bell, and finally Jody Miller’s version. The last two have a great C&W twist. So, I am able to comprehend they are “another interpretation” and I don’t just like it “only sung one way.”

    You know nothing about me, yet you immediately label me “ultraconservative,” seemingly because I happen to have a different opinion than you on the rendition of a song by a singer you happen to like. Well, I happen to be ultraliberal and any of my friends would be happy to tell you that.

    Realize that I’m only expressing an opinion, not making personal condemnations. Next time don’t be so quick to judge and diss someone for their opinions. I stand my my original opinion of this singer’s rendition of this song. I don’t care for it. You don’t agree. So???? You listen to your version and I’ll listen to the one’s I like. It’s OK to agree to disagree. It’s pretty cold to condem someone simply because they don’t agree with you.

  8. Bob Timlin

    Thought Dan Penn wrote this?
    That's what it says in the credits of Ella Brown's superb version on Lanor Records out of Louisiana.
    Recorded in Macon,Ga.

    nancy darkes-stiles

    +Bob Timlin Spooner is her Dad...

    Bob Timlin

    +nancy darkes-stiles
    Really?I never knew that.
    Penn/Oldham must hold the title for writing more great Southern Soul songs than anyone else(with the possible exception of the late,great George Jackson).


    Charlyn Marie Marshall (Cat Power) is born to Charlie Marshall, a blues musician.

  9. Scott Scott

    todd u aint feelin it please dont sell yourself short try again bro

  10. doberman921

    Please don't.

  11. Michael Lee Duttweiler

    Cat Power ain't never been left lonely.....I'm just sayin'..

    Zed Dravot

    No, after years together that actor creep (not saying his name) astoundingly left her for a subpar model/actress. The gall of it....

  12. Anthony Warner

    Chan is badass.

  13. Victoria Bennett

    Comparisons to Janis Joplin are unavoidable because of that certain rawness they share, but Cat Power has her OWN style and it is a little more tender than Joplin's.  My ear prefers the less abrasive soul, personally.

    todd goslin

    +Victoria Bennett The only thing she's got in comparison to Janice is her gender.  There's no confusing the two on any other level.....couldn't get through this version, boredom set in.

    Mike Keyes

    She has a tender heart, and amazing presence.

  14. iole96792

    interesting interpretation.... gorgeous voice but after you listen to Janis Joplin rip her song out of her guts this interpretation is sub par.

    Susan Law

    iole96792 💯💯the heart of rock and powerful soul from Janis need to sing this like James brown style and rocking it at the same time

  15. peepsk771

    Just heard Cat for the first time on Friday night playing on the house speakers at a local Jazz Club...just from the first few notes, this song grabbed my attention..GREAT song!!! 


    +nancy darkes-stiles I forgot all about this song. I'm glad you brought it back up 💕💕👍 Ty for the explanation. Have a great weekend! 😊👍

  16. thenuclearshow

    so cute, how she says that at the end

  17. Andrew stibor

    I am in love with this woman. LOVE.

  18. Andrew stibor

    thats funny while listening to this I was thinking of Joplin before I read this comment. I feel you. this woman is amazing though. I can't get enough of her.

  19. Kaveh Hassankhani

    At 2:31 she is asking for something from someone in the studio, while she is singing. Nice gesture.

  20. Kaveh Hassankhani

    going Joplin's way. She is qualified for it. She is just great.

  21. marko1978st


  22. Jessica Aguirre

    Chan is amazing!

  23. belatriste1

    gostei da cat power. não gostei do arranjo musical. tá meio country...

  24. rootindogg

    Isn't Spooner Oldham her father?

  25. Anton Z

    She's so gorgeous, I can't...

  26. Hilquias Scardua

    A canção não perdeu em nada... Cat Power mandou muito bem!!!

  27. Rymns Snmyr

    Compare different singers is just stupid ... don't waste your time arguing with those kind of people.Ii is worthless wolf ... if only all those fan boys and girls could just watch only their idols videos ... Janis is about wild vocals ...power. Cat is about voice quality and voice tone ... grasp etc. Cat is more technical too. Both are really great singers, with their own vocal qualities and music stiles.

  28. Rymns Snmyr

    Amazing vocals ... his voice is perfect for these kind of songs. Same for jazz.

  29. Wrongly AccusedXO

    Greg Foreman on keys and vocals.... GO Greg! Represent!

  30. John Doe

    What a sexy voice

  31. kishosoundandvision

    so much love 4u babe ...always <3 3 3 3 3 3 3

  32. ApparentlyNick

    I think she says "I sing the stuff, I don't write the stuff..." not like.

  33. MrElegance1

    A magical performance

  34. bellarina1294

    I love this women! Cat power is truly amazing!

  35. Gayla Lameier

    You just stepped into a pair of shoes you can't fill. Nothing compares to what Janis did to/for this song. It falls flat. Not saying you don't have a good voice, but there's a reason that most people don't re-do her versions... it's a matter of respect, and knowing that your version won't hold up. Your hopping, arm-flapping, rocking and pointing doesn't help either.

    Susan Law

    Gayla Lameier amen 🙏🏼

  36. Dakota Rose

    This kind of reminds me of Ray Lamontagne

  37. anthroscott

    janis would be proud

  38. Olivier Pichat

    What a woman ! So beautiful :o

  39. LunaSeaSane

    This is pretty good... but I would have to agree.

  40. elztnik

    I call it SOUL~

  41. Sinisterene

    Joplin was a terrible singer with a voice that I would describe as "cats having sex"


  42. gian paolo Puglisi

    Very very nice !

  43. Mirzhay Bandol

    chan marshall is beautiful as her voice..loviin her! hope all is well with her now!


    Que c'est bon !

  45. Joash Halevi

    This woman - amazing voice and so much heart - makes me feel so good

  46. Nathan Parsons

    i want to have a roll in the hay with cat

  47. jbsamakis

    I miss Cat!


    very good cover by Cat Power !

  49. twas brillig

    @jowabro GTFO - you need your ears and eyes checked -- seriously - fool

  50. jowabro

    It looks far worse than it sounds. And it sounds real bad.

  51. blackjackbob777

    she has an interesting color to her voice, very evocative - but this arrangement doesn't account for her lack of vocal power - Janis (for example) really pushes the second verse - Cat would perhaps be better serves with sparse instrumentation, or just guitar - and a groove that is a tad slower

  52. Moondance

    too much.."poor"? Sadly, I guess.

  53. Flur Chorrein

    after see this thing, i think i'm going to make some Beethoven cover, by myself, with a pair of drumsticks an a can.

    fuckin' black-rimmed glasses

  54. Flur Chorrein

    this cover makes me feel embarrassed

  55. Dick Butt

    lolin pretty hard at all the band guy's hair

  56. MusicEd1

    I like this alot! Go ahead girl. Long live Janis and Cat Power. Peace. : )

  57. alisonisthebomb

    Beautiful...I love Cat Power =)

  58. FredyCola

    No llega a ningún sitio esa voz... destroza la canción.

  59. Cosme Cunha

    i miss Joplin...

  60. Peter Gef

    Elle est totalement habitée par son chant merveilleux (texte et musique)!!!! Quelle voix!!! Sublime interprétation de la chanson de Janis Joplin qui me rappelle celle qu'elle a fait au concert du Bridge School au Shoreline Amphitheater avec Neil Young où elle chantait avec les mêmes musiciens. Chan possède un talent énorme et beaucoup disent que c'est la grande et une des plus belles chanteuses de notre époque.

  61. Fernanda Hilário


    She is amazing!

  62. L. Acidophilus

    camarggio and kasturihowls = idiots.

  63. Camarggio

    She can't sing to save her life, the poor thing!

  64. kasturi saikia

    this women made me angry.....very poor cover

  65. Diego Rodriguez

    muy bueno

  66. Natalia Pasten

    Preciosa y adorable.