Cat Power - Song To Bobby Lyrics

I wanna tell you
I've always wanted to tell you
But I never had the chance to say
What I feel in my heart from the beginning til my til my dying day

I was fifteen, sixteen maybe
In the park I was waving my arms
You were wet with sweat
And you sang the song I was screaming
I wanted you to

Another time was in South Carolina
It's always been the third encore
Whose wind came blowing in
Can you tell me who were you singing for
Oh my God, can you tell me who you were singing to

A phone call from your New York City office
You were supposedly asking to see me
And how I wanted to tell you
That I was just only four hundred miles away
Who could believe that you were calling I was in DC
I was four hundred miles behind
Backstage pass in my hand
Giving you my heart was my plan I wish I could tell you

My chance
In the middle of the stadium in Paris, France
Can I finally tell you
Can I finally tell you
To be my man
April in Paris, can I see you
Can you please be my man

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Cat Power Song To Bobby Comments
  1. W Vrieling

    whow what a eye nice as brown as my own.

  2. Monique Rodrigues

    Hey Bob

  3. Adam H

    crank it to 1.5 speed to hear a decent cover by Dylan

  4. Maarle J Rain

    This is what happens when you type your name in on YouTube

  5. Letro

    Song to...

  6. Kelly Peterson

    Ahhhh....thank you for making wanting to fuck Bob Dylan public.....(lol) I would just like a little hug.........

  7. bronyr

    The song ended too early!! What's up with that?

  8. JOSE CARLOS Rossi

    Oh ! Cat Power ... Just his velvet voice on this hot night , calming my nerves , calming my ghosts ... Nothing else want tonight ...


    Lots of Bob Dylan here, great song

    kit 66

    Bit of Dylan, lot of Nick Drake too.

  10. Fernando Reyes

    Song to Bobby Fischer.

  11. carstenen

    natural beauty
    great singer

  12. Bryan Palmer

    Jukebox is great stuff.

  13. ZenfireTheWizard

    check my channel if ya can

  14. paul wright

    Im now 51,and i know my music,ive listened to all the greats.In my humble opinion,its cat and then the rest.

    nellie milne

    paul wright she's definitely up there


    Sa c'est de la musique !!!

  16. Laura Di Filippo

    Chan is like if Dylan and Joplin had a love child.

    nellie milne


  17. anushree kapoor

    What a song... what lyrics.... wahwah

  18. Mat.covert

    I have a gay friend named bobby

  19. Jesse Owens

    David Bowie has a "Song to Dylan". I'm sure there's others as well.

  20. Twilightsong1021

    @jakewino221 I've decided I love you.

  21. Geoff Wilde

    I don't understand why some people think she's the Female Bob Dylan
    Thats like Bob's 'Voice of a Generation' during his Christianity Period.

  22. Geoff Wilde

    Before anyone argues with me, I have nothing against Cat Powers.
    I think she should have chosen a different title.
    This song doesnt address Bob Dylan. The only thing that includes him is the title.
    I think she's ruined the chance for another Singer/Songwriter to write a deeper song about Bob. One who will be able to actualy personaly write about him, not just some old memories and wishes of some mystical guy belonding to her.

  23. im4out again


  24. FucklyDuckly

    @iamductri wow man, you put does words so nicely together

  25. urthcreature

    what can you say...wonderful.

  26. Robert Beth

    My name's Bobby :D I should probably give her a call, lol. No but seriously, great song!

  27. Murray-Baugh Songs

    graet song & vocal

  28. NixonIn China

    kind of reminds me of Joni Mitchell

  29. Keith Whitaker

    Oh absolutely, "Maybe Not" is one of the great songs.....

  30. blakirish31

    i lost someone, woman left lonely, sea of love, silver stalion, metal heart. they are all really great

  31. akstuzen

    her most recent album is [her second] one of covers. it's phenomenal. jukebox.

  32. beewing

    she is so incredible. Shes a female bob dylan!

  33. Bryan Palmer

    And her eyes melt my heart and soul. This is true, she is amazing.

  34. Bryan Palmer

    Never ever have I ever heard someone capture Dylan's tempo, emotion and story like Chan does. This song is my all time fav of her's.

  35. iobject

    seems someone hasnt heard i dont give a shit how they spell in canada. considering its a nation of sodomites and french. oh woops i guess i can just say french because it already implies sodomite. owned.

    natalie bia

    Fuck urself

  36. Larissa

    Seems someone hasn't heard the Canadian spelling.

  37. iobject


    oh and honor*

  38. Hans Roland Habegger

    She`s really the greatest.I love her soo much¦¦

  39. clarhilary

    beautiful..she looks so different in ever picture!

  40. jizzle

    its an honour to be the first to comment on this