Cat Power - Dreams Lyrics

Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream

When I feel blue in the night
I want you to hold me tight
Whenever I want you
All I have to do is dream

I can make you mine
Taste your lips of wine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is, gee whiz
I'm dreaming my life away

I need you so that I could die
I love you so and that is why
Whenever I want you
All I have to do is dream

Dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream

When I feel blue in the night
And I want you to hold me tight
Whenever I want you
All I have to do is dream

I can make you mine
Taste your lips of wine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is, gee whiz
I'm dreaming my life away

I love you so that I could die
I need you so and that is why
Whenever I want you
All I have to do is dream

Dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream

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Cat Power Dreams Comments
  1. Jackie Brown

    Absolutely love the piano on this. Such a beautiful instrument. Her voice is beautiful too though ☺️

  2. Gary Cringan

    Thank You Easyjet,Goosebumps..Anychance you can get this full ad placed back on UK television commercial slots please? 🙂🙏🏼

  3. Skogur Sk

    Beautiful song!

  4. Pierpaolo Ferretti

    la canzone preferita di mio figlio....che ha solo 1 anno....

  5. Shonamatopeia _

    Bland covers are so banal. But this cover of the Everly Brothers classic is special.

  6. Robert Fox

    Molto Bella !

  7. Ambient Walking

    I love this song. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Bob74_Comedy & Entertainment

    Isn’t there another version of this song

  9. Pat E/

    j,adore j,adore cette chanson

  10. Kruger Fuchs

    Love this

  11. runningjockey2

    Great version of this song

  12. Colin 913

    They should re release this little gem

  13. faridjabba

    hi, whos the girl on pic?

  14. Ray Ellery

    a great everly brothers hit of long ago

    Jimmy Bernardovich

    Don't think so

    Ray Ellery

    I think its a everley brothers of 1958. written by boudeaux Bryant and easy jet has this arrangement ,old song great duo and I was a teenager when this was around

  15. james eustace

    Well looks like I've joined the club lol


    Marilyn S


  16. john shrimpton

    Beautiful version of a classic ...

  17. Michael Mccloskey-Ooi

    I love Everly Brothers and Cat Power equally because Everly has that sound and charm of the 50s while Cat Power has made her cover her own without making sound depressing and really slow like every other cover today

  18. TheCrazylegs69

    I came here because i heard it on that advert.. all I could think of is my son Lewis and one day he'll be with me again... dream


    This full version is far better than the glimpse the advert gave. Its deep

  19. Jackie Baker

    Love this song. Bought it the first time round.

  20. Shea Robinson

    love easyjet ad

  21. JayJayPlayz - Roblox

    Apologize i dream about normal thinks not to hold my tight or somethink


  22. C Wat

    Like if you’re NOT here because of EasyJet 😂

  23. Paul X International

    A great song for Easy Jet,

  24. Bounce swfc

    Bloody easyjet haha

  25. Matthew Kay

    Awww remake of Glen Campbell and Bobbie Gentry and what a song absolutely brilliant new spin on it well done

  26. Peter Withers

    For me it coungers up a piano/singer in a large tea house in Shanghi in the 1950s.

  27. Lynda Frame

    Music depicting how I feel...

  28. Max Scandella

    Great Song, first class singer. Thank you for dreaming.

  29. elsa lofg

    i like this song ❤️

  30. Michela 75


  31. Daniel Alan

    EasyJet anybody????


    The singing is way too try-hard. Makes my skin crawl immensely to be subjected to it. Thank God we have truly intelligent bands like Tool, Can and This Heat to cleanse us of this bullshit.

  33. Lynn Rushton

    Love this version ❤️🎶🎵👌

  34. Sara Kitty

    I love this song...
    I dreaming...😊

  35. Lisa Duncan

    Apple Music get this please, thanks


    never been in a plain but i like the song :))


    never been in a plain, but i like the song :))

  38. Brendan Robb


  39. Dorian Barbier



    I love this song, i also found it because of easyjet, it could have been worse tho.... a ryanair advert😲

  41. Sandrina Touhami

    Merci easyJet admirable j'aime..

  42. El Blanco Antrax

    Thank u easyJet for this song

  43. Billy Walker

    This is prime horror movie soundtrack stuff... Imagine it over the end credits of a Nightmare on Elm Street "whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream"

  44. JayJayPlayz - Roblox

    I was so confused cuz I see dis song by a reclame

  45. Fernando pamos

    Madrid 2019, recordando la original, tan preciosa!

  46. Josh 104

    This is generation easyJet!!🍊🍊✈️✈️

  47. Fabfab2009 Fab006

    ❤ DIVA ❤

  48. Andrea Murrone

    I like these G chords


    Good balance and the Vocalist, well something else Great!

  50. X-gen


  51. Beau Krastel


  52. ousmanebadara

    Easyjet the best

  53. Tetelestai !!!

    Thank you for this song Margo...
    I will never forget you

  54. Lester Jane Claire

    Goose pimples every single time go ed Cat 👍👍👍

  55. andrea cetrullo


  56. Grace Davids

    That was a nice idea. :)
    I loved the song and her style. ;)
    And you did themes suitable. ^_^ It's not easy to find anything suitable with its song as theme, unfortunately.

  57. China Tech

    Imma admit, this isn’t my favourite song, but when I close my eyes and listen to it, many emotions rush through my head. This brings me forgotten memories I haven’t remembered in years. I never know what things will come to my next, mind after I listen to this. I Could write a book 3000 pages long about this song,. I’ve never known a song to be so powerful and pure. It’s amazing how some piano and singing can do so much.
    This song must be the most powerful song I’ve listened to. It will never get old in my mind
    This song means so much to me.


    So you could say it's one of your favorite songs.

  58. Julia Graham

    Here from the Everlies, not the EasyJet advert.

  59. Christopher Dean

    The feels.

  60. Hannah Williams

    Trash bruh

  61. Terry Mayes

    Everely brothers version was good but this puts a haunting and enjoyable slant on the song.

  62. Steve Price

    Wow.... A Nightingale descended from heaven and sang this beautiful, haunting lullaby for us all to listen to in amazement!!!! Catpower never ceases to to enchant with that childlike voice. What a force of nature she is. "Sea of Love" and "Paths of Victory" soar with a breathless honesty. A true musician!!!

  63. P HUN UK

    Love Cat Powers spin on this song, same words, completely different tune.

  64. Sick Boy

    I love you Chan

  65. Josh Catalano

    i love this it’s so relaxing

  66. giancarlo montisci

    qualcuno sa dirmi su quale cd si trova questo brano ?? grazie

  67. Saverio Torre

    I love this song

  68. Amy Springett


  69. Steve Albiston

    Dint even realise it wa good old Roy from advert Love it!!
    Everly Brothers.. my bad!! Respect to Roy too though he wa mi dads fave

  70. Georgous Snow saint fully sinner dragon killer

    💜 I wish I didn't remember some beautiful memories

  71. Jake Burrows

    Me likey very much

  72. Precious Mex

    This needs to be on deezer

  73. Ricky829

    Can't believe this song was dedicated to me

  74. Ken

    Wonderful, takes me back to the 1940's

  75. Alan Broughton

    Wow 😀

  76. Richard

    I love this version..Please re release it again. It's just brilliantly simple and great music....

  77. Jonathan Yanakiss Tsouvallaris

    Beautiful 🙂

  78. Hartley Hare


  79. PV Electronics

    Come on Spotify, pull your finger out and get this

  80. amanda simpson

    Absolutely love this!! Can't believe there are people who've disliked it!! Great voice and great version of this song!

  81. Noonoo60

    Yep - me too - great song

  82. Josh Catalano

    i was tripping out listening to this an i saw some tall cat people some crazy shit man

  83. Tricky John Bull

    What a beautiful tune

  84. Raggy60

    I reckon Don and Phil if he was still around would approve of this fantastic take on their song.

  85. Phil M J A

    Easyjet brought me here. Just had to hear this song in its entirety. So relaxing

  86. Viscount Biscuit

    I love the singing and adore piano being played 💖

  87. Roby Sic


  88. M. S.

    I've actually played this song all day at work🙈🤗

  89. Danny Ryan

    Hurry up and put this on Spotify for God's sake.

  90. Ginger Kickboxer 666

    New easyJet flight!

  91. Blake the III

    Thanks google

  92. Marie Laure Racine

    Cette chanson, me transporte avec mes moments magnifiques avec mon compagnon décédé, il y a 20 ans.

  93. Stephen Rowlands

    Goose pimples every single time go ed Cat 👍👍👍

  94. J G

    It’s powerful when you can make a person understand what it feels like to be melancholy... Sometimes the only thing that makes you happy is to cry.

  95. Michael Pierce

    An old Everly Brothers song

  96. Stella Artois

    Been trying to find this version live. Does anyone know of a link. God I am mesmerized by this song.

  97. Alice BACCAM

    Love Cat Power and the Everly Brothers