Cat Power - Cross Bones Style Lyrics

Oh how time flies
With crystal clear eyes
And cold as cold
When you're ending with diamond eyes

Oh come child
In a cross bones style
Oh come child
Come and rescue me

Cause you have seen some unbelievable things

Hater I have your diamonds
And still...

Cause you have seen some unbelievable things

Hater I have your diamonds

Oh come child
In a cross bones style
Oh come child
come and rescue me

Cause you have seen some unbelievable things

Hater I have your diamonds
And still, so still...

Oh how time flies
With crystal eyes
And cold as cold
When you're ending with diamond eyes

Oh come child
In a cross bones style
Oh come child
Come and rescue me

Cause you have seen some unbelievable things

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Cat Power Cross Bones Style Comments
  1. Derek Knight

    2:55, the US Flag shows up.
    What does this mean?
    Back then?
    Since then?
    How sad.

  2. Christopher Ramirez

    If you wish to learn playing an acoustic guitar, this can be one of the first songs you can learn.

  3. ghost

    Lesbian dance party

  4. Tap Zarref

    É "crush" que chama?

  5. Derek Knight

    When you face death or are lifted from Death back into Life,
    the shit you see is both dark & menacing desire to consume your trust,
    as well as positive things such as angels, pixies, jinn, fairies or sparkling entities in the air before you.
    Souls of people so sweet abounding around you;

    I heard about this from a Black Sabbath song and also Cultural Anthropology research.
    Maybe I saw these things for myself before?

    Unchain the mind to build trust & understanding to liberate all.
    That's the calling.

    Cat Power shares pure emotion to help people lift their spirits, souls & egos/hearts.


  6. うねりアイランド


  7. Carromacumba


  8. standing here

    i think the people in the comments listen to music

  9. Philou Mars

    Fuck damned I am in love
    Philippe De France

  10. Rayan Dizdarević

    0:58 Alhamdulillah

    Anton Yvan

    I thought it was some BDSM thing that submissive girls do

  11. Juraj Mojžišík

    It's amazing message, it's amazing power in it, it's amazing RESPECT and apologize and .... why???????

  12. Juraj Mojžišík


  13. Priscila PBN

    She is so beautiful and talented!

  14. nobbynoris

    How come I never noticed before that Cat Power was THIS gorgeous!

  15. Joseph Jones

    i dont know why but this sound like silent hill to me

  16. cornellius01

    bad bangs, bad touble

  17. Depcom

    LOL! Noise. Scratchy noise.

  18. Sinho

    oh no no oh my god noo oh goooooddd pls nooo

  19. Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    she's got that perfect voice for EDM and Trance!

  20. Timothy Ellis

    She's unconventionally beautiful and the music is good too. Hard to believe this came out in the 90's.

  21. Josh S

    white people dancing

  22. Leo

    she looks like a co-worker on a call-center office... so relatable!

  23. Dorcy Danso

    Is this a parody of people into themselves ?

  24. Léonard De st Tanguy

    Je l’aime cette fille ......mais trop d’alcool .

  25. jebusgod

    Man this chick looks like Maya Hawke

  26. 250 gto

    If you told me this song and video were made in 2019 I would believe it.

    Hugh Broderick

    I wouldn't, because Chan looks like a garbage truck now

    Celeste G

    Hugh Broderick what an awful thing to say

    Sabrina Cuadra

    @Hugh Broderick Let's see what u look like in 20 years

    Anton Yvan

    I surely wouldn't because this video stars a group of 3 or more people and the compulsory black person of the group is missing.

  27. Bruce Ifer

    I can't figure out how she fit a bigsby on a Silvertone 1448. I want to do this

  28. George Abraham

    One was sitting idle on the stone pillars of the rose omphallos

  29. Fernando Reyes

    Love me some Cat Power

  30. The Radiant Mrs Gloop

    From back in the sanctuary of the nineties.

  31. Mike F

    Gundlach Bundschu Winery on 11/2/19!!! Who's with me????

  32. Stephen Stone

    Yes. Good. Very good.

  33. Cog Niktive

    Old school Chan is best Chan

  34. Puffwell

    I keep coming back to this...

  35. Koettnylle

    These harmonies are siiiick

  36. Gerardo Bp

    I thought she was a lesbian because of the way she dressed

  37. yung homie fresh

    Idk what it is about her but I’m in love

    Cool Hand Luke

    90s chicks would smoke your brain. Have you seen any clips of Jennifer Connelly in Career Opportunities?

  38. ceounicom

    I think that drummer was the bartender Harry from Max Fish? (and drummer for douce/douche gimlet?)

  39. rochaleve

    supremely overrated.

  40. offworldresident

    Back when literally every "avant guarde" female singer sounded like either, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos or Kathleen Hannah

  41. RockSteady67

    Matador records? Not the same Matador from 1967 Jamaica pumping out RockSteady is it?

  42. Tony Toni

    ...what a voice

  43. meatwad74

    since I first saw this video, the curly hair chick always bothered me. looks like a fema-nazi on heavy flow day.

  44. Gerthez's Gerthez's


  45. Steve Mann

    at their first show, the guitar player lost his front tooth and they couldn't find it to put it back in

  46. Steve Mann

    stevie tone death

  47. Jason Fate

    I had this on
    Matadors VHS

  48. Snarkonymous

    Those dancers are bored as hell.

  49. intervalkid

    Ahead of her time by 20 years.


    She looks so young man!! Holy fuck! What a gal though...X.

  51. Lesseroldertales

    I love the sinister undercurrent in the song this could really set a tone in a movie.


    Lesseroldertales It’s used as landscape pan music through deep American south in the BBC movie “Searching for Wrong-Eyed Jesus” with Jim White and others. Check it out— it’s great!

  52. boxy

    intuitivement sous le charme

  53. Ronney Rendon

    White girls.....can't dance.

  54. Dave S

    super cute

  55. Gerthez's Gerthez's

    Great !!! :)))))

  56. Gavin Maitland

    How did they get Maya Thurman-Hawke to play Cat Power when this vid is from, like, 20 years ago?!

  57. Enoch

    The most good-looking boy I've ever seen.

  58. Blond Thought

    Wow. Who knew?

  59. the_katman

    The spatial separation of her double-track vocals is so cool.

  60. Гальванизированный Труп

    what kind of "man" plays drums in a only-girls band? only in murica!

    Гальванизированный Труп

    @the_katman " " " " male " " " drummers, ok

    The Vicious Chicken of Bristol

    What a ridiculous thing to say.

    Гальванизированный Труп

    @The Vicious Chicken of Bristol I forgot your political correctness culture in the rotten usa LOL!

    The Vicious Chicken of Bristol

    @Гальванизированный Труп It's got nothing to do with political correctness you moron. It's not even a girl band. It's one woman and a one man.
    Also, I'm not American. Could you be any more wrong?

    Гальванизированный Труп

    @zero well let´s say in the video , only one dude LOL, can you imagine that? when you put more than one woman in a work place they start doing their bs, gossiping, passive aggressive "rivalries", getting all emotional and stressed when things get difficult.. fuck that man, if I was the guy in the video Id go fucking insane touring with a bunch of fucking chicks

  61. Not One

    I have Always LOVED this song since the 90’s. But Chan not so hot in this video. She looks much better now in 2019. She looked like a dude in this video.

  62. Vincecouk

    Does no one realise this was a piss take of a particular Madonna video?

  63. Jack the Riffer

    Hate it when a band from the same areas seem like hey check them out...But as a member of the Mighty Drivin'N'Cryin' this shit sucks,bad...sorry truth hurts..

  64. T.C. Bramblett

    This song, just like all of her others, does something to me that I don't understand and can only feel, and it's the feeling of being torn and twisted apart in a way that's exquisitely painful and ecstatically beautiful

  65. Ideeem

    She looked like Aubrey Plaza today.

    Stop the Philosophical Zombies

    Ideeem Aubrey is hot but Chan is fire itself

  66. Jeff Baker

    "I'm pretty, buy my shit."

  67. Shawnqual

    Stunning and dark! 🖤💔

  68. Sunny Dazes

    I love this song but this video is so fuckin weird LOL

  69. samyoung2000paris

    All these "women" are going to end up childless and bitter.

    The Vicious Chicken of Bristol

    My god you're fucking stupid.

  70. Bloodklot

    Looks like she's embracing her inner David Byrne.

  71. tageted individual

    i think she moves so sexy it makes me forget my situation i am in in the netherlands,
    I never Want to die.
    Listning gives me hope not to be lethal injected by dutch law

  72. I say shotgun, you say wedding

    It's unbelievable how old this song is. Chan sure had a helluva journey.

  73. Court Beall

    Saw Blueberry and Cat stunned me real good.Gorgeous for sure.

  74. Nathan Wind

    Sounds like Beth Orton.

    Brendan Sheerin

    I thought so too

  75. Thales Magno

    male cant sound that sweet

  76. Gerthez's Gerthez's

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!! :)))))

  77. SABushcraft

    So this is what she was making before she changed her name to Yusuf Islam

    Mustaph Aliq

    I think that one went whooshing over a few heads here,it made me laugh though!

  78. Blindfolds And Daggers

    - Blindfolds And Daggers -
    was here

  79. Chris Corley

    You know what would be awesome? Chan going back to Myra Lee style material for a new record. Dark, heavy. ☕

  80. X Marks

    Boring yoga video.

  81. thewillingwell

    It's like a GAP commercial... if GAP were still cool.

  82. Greg Curran

    Moon Pix is such a great album. Listened to it on constant replay while driving the 101 from Forks to LA.

    Al Quinn

    fucking vampires

  83. Rj Davidson XYX

    brian harkey

  84. Brian Pollock

    wow this is first time i have heard of CAT POWER. she got a new fan

  85. Victor Oropeza

    Love me some Cat Power

  86. John Sinclair

    Love the song. But the video is fucking garbage.

  87. Denis Santos

    Tão linda meu Deus.

  88. Josh Snipes

    Can someone tell me what kind of hi-hat the drummer is using?

  89. フランク

    Not enough bare feet footage.

  90. Hexy Ko

    One of the best music videos of all time.

  91. Angelz galaxy

    My shit !

  92. Achraf sebbaha


  93. Terry Fox

    definitive doomer-core

  94. Darren Zwengel

    This is genius song writing to me. Beautiful ♡

  95. Jeff Baker

    GAP commercial?

  96. literatevarmint

    my radiohead spidey sense is tingling. knives out? or ideoteque? who wore it better/first?


    I get knives out..but idioteque ? Maybe, in limbo?