Cat Empire, The - The Heart Is A Cannibal Lyrics

She hates you, then she loves you more
Underneath the shadows of her thoughts, shadows of her thoughts, she rings a bell for you
I wish that she was a statue made of gold and nobody could bring her down

Goodness knows I don't like sadness, she cries before she wakes
And so my friend, if you love her, don't turn away
Don't fight it
Don't run away
We're people, and we're animals
You're thunder, and the heart is a cannibal

I ask you do you love me more than all the men that have ever come before, come before
And when I'm a storm, kiss me, hurt me, heal me with your words, so nobody can ever bring me down


When love is gone, your thoughts are calm
Your words are holy, your days are long
Your blood gets older, and your face is old
And the days flow by like water
You miss the stormy weather
And she was gold


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Cat Empire, The The Heart Is A Cannibal Comments
  1. Ducky Boi

    How does this have more views than the actual original?!?!

  2. Melisa Coşkun


  3. Omar Luján

    mi amor por este grupo no es normal <3

  4. JuliiD Clemens

    2 motherfuckers just want to be the contrary.

  5. Calc

    cinema i think is their best album to date, after their first one of course

  6. Jordan Mack

    Cinema = The Cat Empire break up album

    Can't help but love it though.

  7. silentbob82

    Saw them live last week. Disappointed they didn't play this. The only song from Cinema that they played was Call Me Home, which is my 2nd from the album, behind this. Was still an incredible gig though. One of the best live bands in the world!

  8. leovc

    damnn, come to brazil for gods sake!!

  9. simo ricard

    besttttttttt song ever

  10. justxforxcommentsx


  11. Darksouldragon

    Cat Empire songs= epicness

  12. Conor Daly

    this live is probably the most incredible experience ive ever witnessed

  13. Alec Sprague


  14. hazirra

    @elNolikoIi Schützenhaus Albisgüetli! Was there.

  15. elNolikoIi

    @nivblotsky i'm going to hear them in about two hours!!

  16. Gabble Ratchet

    @SamuraiShampoo1 September can't come soon enough for me :)

  17. LeaFanatic

    played live, this song is totally on another level. if anyone can believe it.

  18. Bradley Campbell

    u guys r gods of rhythm

  19. Tom Rooke

    This is my favourite from their new album. That and 'Call Me Home' 'Falling' and 'All Hell'

    Generally I'm a bit disappointed in this album, I was hoping for more old school Cat Empire. But as it is with most bands they change direction and I've just got to accept that I guess. For what it is it's very good, though.

  20. Gabble Ratchet

    @dinojubz I'm in complete agreement, although the one that stood out the most to me is "On Our Way", The Heart Is A Cannibal is a close second, what a freakin' tune!

    I'm dying to hear it live too!