Cat Empire, The - Call Me Home (Karna) Lyrics

Sometimes I feel no armour.
Sometimes I feel no ground.
Sometimes I feel the sky won't open,
And turn these words around.

At night I am woken by images of the flood, oh oh,
I'm living on the border,
I'm living on the mud.

You say there is no order.
You say there is no cause.
You say there is no reason to find,
Happiness at all.

Call me home.
Is anybody, is anybody out there?
And call me home. Is anybody, is anybody out there at all?

Have we forgot our brothers?
Have we forgot our kin?
Have we forgot who loves us dearly?
Have we forgot who's sink or swim?

And I went down to the water,
Where my heart beats slow, oh oh,
The river started flowing,
And I know where it goes.

Call me home.
Is anybody, is anybody out there?
And call me home.
Is anybody, is anybody out there, at all?
Call me home....

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Cat Empire, The Call Me Home (Karna) Comments
  1. Tom Lofmark

    Saw these guys play live a couple of days ago, absolutely amazing

  2. Timon Martinez

    the beat of this song make me feal lile a super hero💪!!! hooooooooo hey hoooooo hooooo hey hooooo 🤘

  3. silentbob82

    Huge TCE fan but Cinema was by far their weakest album. The only songs I listen to these days with any regularity are this and The Heart Is A Cannibal...

  4. Jay P.

    I heard this outside of a Red Lobster two years ago and just remembered it

  5. Molly Stewart

    Ok but i'm only calling Felix, Harryand Ross.

  6. TheUkeskywalker

    come to new caledoniaaaaaaa

  7. lucky lunie

    love, love, love, these guys, they're music is exceptional, it goes straight to your soul!

  8. Guilherme Fernandes


    Georg Strebel

    i' m sorry i made a faut i was thinking of another video at the moment

    Guilherme Fernandes

    +Georg Strebel LOL

    Wesley Bridi

    Brazil representando! Difícil achar fãs aqui né? COME TO BRAZIL THE CAT EMPIRE

    Guilherme Fernandes

    Hahahah pode crê mano, eles são muito bons, descobri eles a uns anos atrás em um vídeo de downhill e mtb de bike, ouvi a two shoes e me apaixonei, além dela tem outras faixas muito boas. Pena que eles têm poucos fãs brazucas o que torna um show aqui quase impossível, o que nos resta é aproveitar por aqui mesmo. Abraço bro


    Wesley Bridi BR são fodas haha

  9. Bruce Wayne

    juste la fin qui est bonne 

  10. dota gimly

    3:28 <3

  11. Bernie D3000

    it s music for everybody!

  12. xCosmicSociety

    lucky me i saw them at folk fest last night, my feet stil hurt from all the dancing :)

  13. Anna Garrido

    I love this song. It moves something inside me that makes me feel alive, happy, connected... as if everything was a dream, full of magic and completeness. And I just want to cry, touched by a bigger source of energy (specially when you do the climax at 3:12). The older I am, the less things make me feel this way... thank you, Cat Empire. You are big, you are INSPIRED. I can't wait to the concert next Nov in BCN.

  14. molumusic

    great song!!

  15. theuncomparable1

    Going to DC in June to see them...eagerly anticipating it.

  16. 0feedme

    wubwubwub :) i'm going to see them in december in zurich

  17. beeaffraid

    im obsessed witht the album cinema its been like over a year and im still playing it daily

  18. Rodolfo Suensqui

    the guy with taco (or is it a hamburguer) is what i hope to be like when i grow up

  19. sierradeltaNL

    hallow sieboena

  20. philipeafroboy1

    Only if they allow it to, though i admit the un-mainstream quality of this band adds a certain appeal

  21. philipeafroboy1

    this should have way more views

  22. TheSierrazulu

    literarly exploded when i saw this live on freakin stage.

  23. srryihateyou

    Just saw them a couple of days ago in Montreal, as usual they wrre fantastic :3 wish they played The Car Song though :(

  24. wagermeiser

    Maybe a few of their ex girlfriends.

  25. Mat Massini

    3 Dislikes? i mean who are these people?

  26. TheSierrazulu

    @nivblotsky yeah i was at a live concert of them it wa awesome but i wasnt surprised the they didnt play in a stadium but the only reason for that is because: alot of people arent looking for ska anymore so what they do is type in taio cruz (orsmting) but usaully when i let people that ''only like hiphop/ rap'' hear this they say:''wow thats an awesome song whats it called and do they make more of this music?. so let everyone ukow hear this song they will like it.

  27. sierradeltaNL

    last tuesday was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! btw there was a concert

  28. Scottles293

    @Scottles293 Oi Oi Oi!!!

  29. Michelle

    Like c:

  30. guanato92

    this is my kind of music, this is the music that 40 years from now it'll come on the radio and i can tell my kids "this used to be my song back in the days! it is today still" haha.

  31. Scottles293

    AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE............

  32. Poifection

    Saw these guys live in Saskatoon a year ago... Easily the best concert I've been to.

  33. TaKt11calAssassin

    What's even better is there Australian, not American which is great as I live in Australia, good national band!

  34. CptnTeaPot

    austrailian stuck in america, NEED good music.... come here plz

  35. blasterdize

    these guys r fucking awesome!!come to portugal! ill ask my mum so u can stay at my place

  36. Luís Calejo

    best song eva -.-

  37. staviwavi222

    @nivblotsky agreed, saw em live in Toronto and it was AMAZING

  38. Odlum

    @ddymondd1960 Hahah....Specials = all ska, apparently?

  39. ddymondd1960

    Sounds like a steal from the specials. They were crap too!!!

  40. Jevon Ellison-Scowcroft

    imrpessive group, epic song.

  41. elNolikoIi

    Tonight Cat Empire in Zurich! Can't Wait...

  42. Gabble Ratchet

    @NCP141111 And I'll have you know they are electric dynamite on stage! Any chance you get to see them live is the best investment you'll make! Incredible band and beautiful music indeed :)

  43. wubbyfoo

    best of the album second best over all (Days like these takes the cake)

  44. Tom Rooke

    One of my favourites of the album

  45. couchayy

    definitely one of the best songs they've done. saw them perform this live, uber awesome. :)

  46. Pete Richards

    im obsessed with this song!