Casualties, The - Social Outcast Lyrics

We are the enemies - of this society

To the deprived
And the neglected
To the unwanted
And all the ones discarded in this world

Social outcast - social outcast
We are the enemies - of this society

To the abandoned
And the rejected
To the unforgiving
And all of you, with nowhere to belong

Social outcast - social outcast
We are the enemies - of this society

No matter what's needed
Or how great the hurry
As long as there's rebels
You don't need to worry, we're standing beside you

Social outcast - social outcast
We are the enemies - of this society

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Casualties, The Social Outcast Comments
  1. Animecore Official - Archive

    Punk never dies

  2. Jennifer Tingelöf


  3. That Bisexual skater

    anjawestphal15 im a punk (and a goth and a skater)like a real punk rocker,just sayin' if your a true punk then i salute you friend

    That Bisexual skater

    @***** yep

    That Bisexual skater

    @***** no sorry man but i got a facebook

  4. Victoria Inlow

    haha yeah all around me theres rich white children running around thinking they are so cool listening to rap and pop oh wow how much i hate people XD

    mike burton

    Victoria Inlow
    yeah,punx not dead neither is our race.oi oi oi


    #DIG #SocialOutcasts

  6. Nathan Cruse

    Haha punk forever, punk will never die!!

  7. anjawestphal5

    Keep it up! :) punk 4 life...

  8. robert harner

    am i no enimey there my enemy fuck almost everyone in this econamy

  9. PunxNotDead

    Punk? It's pretty much fuck you!

  10. StuckInTheSky0

    Enemies? Enema ? that's aliens, bro.

  11. anjawestphal5

    yeah i know :(
    have much fun there !:)
    maybe i will go there someday ...

  12. Nick Dekker

    Ahh, it's already sold out for 2013 :(
    But I'm going!


    i dont know they wanna be cool and stuff haha if your spenidng like 70 on pants that are ripped haha tere dumb you know haha so yeah haha there dumb humans man hahaha i know where hamburg is haha kinda hahaha why cant you got o shows and stuff man
    the end

  14. anjawestphal5

    yeah wacken :)
    but i didn't have the chance to go there .. i don't know much pepole who would go there .. maybe my vather but it's expensive, too .. so i will ask if i can go there next year maybe :p

  15. Nick Dekker

    Casualties are in Hamburg actually.
    And you have Wacken every year :)

  16. anjawestphal5

    why are people bye pants for 300 ? -.- :D i don't understand the humans ...
    i come from the north of germany ... here are the most shows in hamburg if you know where it is ... i can't go to many concerts and shows :(

  17. anjawestphal5

    oh ok .. now i understand ^^
    i even don't see many real punks here ... man and girls ...
    i will meet someone who is a real punk someday :)


    i mean you should beat them up because they like to take peoples style and call it there own and make you look like your copying them and that they should get money for it
    or you can just sit there and let them take what you have haha
    plus you have to beat those dumb peoples up because there to dumb and dont know how to be them selfs so yes you should beat them up haha but you will understadn later on man haha
    whats wrong with you being a girl?
    i dont see many real punk girls
    the end

  19. anjawestphal5

    do you mean i should fight with everyone and beat people only because they are dumb ???
    btw .. i'm a girl !

  20. anjawestphal5

    if kids here would like sum 41 i were very happy !!!
    the kids of today are listening to that pop and charts crap like rihanna and justin bieber -.-'
    i don't know one person at my school who listens to punk or something ...
    that's so unbelievable sad ... !


    haha sum 41 one eveyr kid liked them back then and anti flag isnt that good anymore man hahaha but thats cool i guess haha
    you have shows there or like concerts and stuff
    the end

  22. anjawestphal5

    sum 41 isn't gay !!!
    but hey, all people have their point of views ...
    i love sum 41 and i like thier punk stuff more like the new album but they are a really good band :)
    i also listen to real punk band like anti-flag, the unseen or the exploited ,,,


    yes everything is a stuff and yes sum41 is gay ahaha
    you need better music haha they were like trying to be like all metal but punk then pop WTF hahah bunch of hooomos hehe
    how do you get them in german anyways mann haha
    there from the canaans or something
    the end

  24. anjawestphal5

    1. you use the words "and stuff" and "gay" very often !:D
    2. are you trying to say sum 41 is gay ?!


    yeah it was better like 50 years because everyone took care of stuff and stuff you know yeah the 90s were better because they didnt have gay shows like now and gay stuff like gay bands well they had gay bands but you know haha you like sum 41 hahaha thats funyn ehehe
    the end

  26. anjawestphal5

    i guess a lot of things were better 50 years ago but i'm not that old and don't know much about that things .. but i often hear that people say that it were better in the 90's or something ^^
    how old are u ?


    yes some but not alot any more because there all turning old and stuff haha
    but like 50 yearsa go theyw ere alot nicer you know
    the end

  28. anjawestphal5

    i believe that there are nice places on earth anyway :D haha ...


    yeah everything is ruined now and days like 50 years everythign was nicer now its all gay big and dumb hahaha
    yeah planing is gay
    now heres out of this planet and onto another planet and stuff
    like 45 million light years away hahaha
    thats like almost half a million years away or something hahaha
    the end

  30. anjawestphal5

    ou yea ! if they are not ruined !
    i don't know .. i don't plan things that much ...
    where would you go ? :)


    the world isnt that big haha but tis not bad but there alot of good places if osmeone didnt ruin them yet hahah
    where you ganna go then
    the end

  32. anjawestphal5

    i don't know the whole world but i think there are so many places where it can be beautiful ... :D


    the whole worl dis poop anyways hahaha
    so what place isnt poop any more
    the end

  34. anjawestphal5

    no :DD
    i think there are some places on earth where isn't poop xD haha ..


    traveling is fun where you ganna go though
    no where else thats all poop now haha
    the end

  36. anjawestphal5

    yeah :)
    i'd like to travel there someday ..


    yes the world hahah a
    the asia parts haha you ever got o shows alot there
    the end

  38. anjawestphal5

    yeah ...from the world ? really ? :o :D
    please tell me .. from which counrty are you ?:)


    yes its been rainging here i al tyrign tot work and stuff haha
    but o well
    from the aorld hehe
    the end

  40. anjawestphal5

    yeah it has rained again ... where are you from ? :)


    you cold or is it cold there haha its not that cold here rained so i didnt get ot work on car but i got some done after owrk today hehe
    weekend was eh rain so not much work done
    does it snow there
    the end

  42. anjawestphal5

    oh :D ok ... i was chillin' ^^
    hope you had a nice weekend though :)


    i guess ther enot playing tonight ther eplaying tomrorow in gay rochester ny us haha and i am working fixing car this weekend WTF haha
    well you shoudl they come there and stuff
    what you doing this wekeend
    the end

  44. anjawestphal5

    hm .. no i didn't see them ^^
    from which country are you ? :)


    abother casualties in UK and stuff haha you goignt o go see them and stuff
    the end

  46. anjawestphal5

    wait .. what are we talking about ? :D


    why not you should they got here ike every summer times now and stuff so you should see them there awesome and alot more fun
    the end

  48. anjawestphal5

    no ^^ i don't :p


    they were in the UK area ans german this summer didnt you see them
    the end

  50. anjawestphal5

    haha :D ok ..


    haha yes al they do is get in the middle then start doing like gay ninja kicking and crap and other gay stuff you know gayest thign ever haha you know
    the end

  52. anjawestphal5

    ninjas kickers :DD word of the day

  53. anjawestphal5

    have been punks there ? :)

  54. anjawestphal5

    i hope there will be punks :)

  55. anjawestphal5

    woah reading *-*
    so great if i could be there :( :D
    have fun :)


    haha ok well what do you understand because i am not english hehe i only know english but i dont understand it hehe but maybe i can like translate it would that work
    i am going to go see them in reading pa next friday haha hehe
    the end

  57. anjawestphal5

    i don't understand the whole text because i'm german ^^
    but i think i understand what you wanted to say ... haha :D


    no i rather have people know what punk is because all you see if people ware it because its cool thats all and they should be kicked there like only few punks and there needs ot be more and they should come join me in some face kickings hhahaha
    the end

  59. anjawestphal5

    you're so right ! -.-
    i cant stand it when i asked people for things that have to do with punk or even if i asked for popular punk bands ... they don't know ... only because they are like the most of people with thier charts- and hip hop- and rap- crap :/
    i wish more people would listen to punk !


    like 30 years ago nerds were picked on and punks were hated and people that did al were weird were hated and were treated wrong
    but now look at them all they call them selfs weird and stupis and nerds because now its cool to act like a nerd or be weird they only have to say there weird or nerd to fit in but they dont know what zelda is or who the ramones are or what planet they live on haha now they take punk style and call it there own thats why i hate this place
    the end


    hahaha NEVER hahaha every one says i should get new clothes i tell them get a better brain hahaha because they like to go with todays and upcoming styles and how to act its like they change who they are every 2 years to fit in and be liked haha
    and i still have clothes from like 20 years ago hahaha
    the end

  62. shtgunfacial

    lols used to be warped tour

  63. BrunoenFonaviBitch


  64. Wieśniak

    ni ma polskich punkóf?

  65. Joseph Emanoel

    NEVER DIE !!!

  66. jsh020

    I sincerely apologize on behalf of my generation, we......just fucked up everything.

  67. juggalo_misfit8888

    punk will never die

  68. JaK' Bop

    Damn right dude !

  69. JaK' Bop


  70. Matthiacle

    "No matter what's needed, or how great the hurry, as long as there's rebels, you don't need to worry, we're standing behind you" I still get fucking chills

  71. jjensku


  72. Harrison Mordecai

    @IAMDAVEAMI Best comment ever?

  73. ShoitFace

    Fuckin' love this one!!

  74. Julian Thomas

    i dont were pants bitch ha

  75. Bloodfeast

    2012 is probably bullshit but i wouldn't mind if it'd happen. i'd love every fucking second of it.
    random comment

  76. MrSackOmatic

    we are the enemies of this society!

  77. AZWIN90

    @IAMDAVEAMI yeah you're right a lot of those emo kids wear them and now i noticed even rappers are starting to wear them too. im not into the gothic/emo shit with the eyeliner and black nails and all that but what ever im not hating but that aint my style. i would be disappointed if i had a 90 pound kid that wanted to dress like a girl put make up on and put his hair up with a butterfly. but if that doesent happen i got no problem with it, just dont try to hit on me haha.


    @AZWIN90 oi
    tight jeans haha back in 80s haha
    but emo fags and scene fags ware them now and those hipster fags do too haha so i dont know if you wanna get beat up but you ware what you want haha but you know what i mean
    i ware shorts when i get mine plaids dirty but mine was like 40 dollars but i wouldnt get them again they riped but i dont like spending money on clothes haha i get used one or like find somethign laying around or people give me clothes haha i never ware haha thats all
    the end

  79. AZWIN90

    @IAMDAVEAMI ha yeah i was thinking of getting some plaid pants, i used to wear tight genes some times but those are kind of in style now so i just go with dress pants or dress shorts. how much do those cost anyway? they look comfortable.


    @AZWIN90 oi
    yes i like the plaid red pants and i dont even ware pants i only ware this becaus ei like red and its not tight its good and isnt all digging into mine legs or something it feels good even know it has a hole in it haha but yeah i dont ware pants i only own this one and shorts thats about it but when i ware mine black coat and patchs people look at me weird and call me weirdo haha but its more of what freedom i have them them herd like cows there stupid to believe tv
    the end

  81. AZWIN90

    @IAMDAVEAMI haha yeah i love the people who think i dont know i look like a weirdo, like i dont know that wearing black work boots and dickies shorts and mohawk and suspenders aint in style. YEAH im comfortable wearing this, i dont give a shit, other rockers dont even dress like that i make it up as i go along lol. only problem with it is white boys think im some sort of white supremacist they dont see im half mexican. all races should unite ! the people arnt the problem the government is !!!


    @AZWIN90 oi
    yes thats what it is haha everyone looks at me like WTF whats that haha and stuff i just wanna punch them in the face then someone told me dude you need to get new wardrob i was like what?
    hes like you need to get new clothes i was like WTF would i get that he goes because your stuff is outdated and you need to get new stuff
    i go i had this stuff from 5th grade haha and i still do i hate getting new stuff but people they like to fit in
    they can piss off and die
    the end

  83. AZWIN90

    @IAMDAVEAMI yeah i cant stand that shit, something about people that copy everything they see just pisses me off. i like dressing different than everyone else just so i know that my shit wont ever be duplicated and made the cool thing. and even if someone does copy me i respect you cause i dress fucking weird.


    @AZWIN90 oi
    never change haha everyone else around me does thats why i hate this place
    everyone has to change because they see it on tv and have to fit in just the breathe air haha you know
    the end

  85. AZWIN90

    @IAMDAVEAMI and than you grew up.. lol jk

  86. Ryan Taylor

    Oi! isn't punk.

  87. jradism


  88. jradism

    @Sweezee21 ahem dude in my book its all for the music


    someone said to me that if i go out like this looking for a job i wouldnt never get one and that a drug deal or a crimnial would get a job first just because i ware red plaid pants and have a black leather jacket and i have mine oi boots just because i ware this doesnt mean nothing why should i change? because you dont aprove FUCK YOU!!!
    the end

  90. blacklegionairsoft1


    Because....... I like Whitechapel?

  91. daltonplaysthesax

    @MrRor1606 in Seattle at the Showbox Sodo

  92. daltonplaysthesax

    i just saw these guys with Mobile Deathcamp and GWAR last night. fukin intense show and my face is still green!!

  93. Erika hernandez

    they dont own our future.

  94. Monika Zc

    Ecuador. ;>

  95. kjrody21

    is the singer hispanic

  96. Monika Zc

    Amazing fockin song!

  97. ALTO Mendoza

    @kissFAN1619 i know dude they got bills to pay. probably kids to feed. at least their not on a huge record deal or shit with all these dumb endorsements

  98. madnietzschean

    indeed a rebel anthem-sikk☺

  99. ALTO Mendoza

    the casualties are sick, but not the best. but why do people complain so much? shit... of course theeir sell outs because their good. these dudes arent rich either. they probably make average salary..