Casualties, The - Fallen Heroes Lyrics

Fallen heroes
Fallen heroes

The idols of today - the one's you like to praise
The idols of today - fuck them all

The symbols of today, glorify yourselves
Rock stars and athletes, low IQ and vacant heads
The world is at your feet, you feel so fucking high
With ego, drugs and money - a message to your kind

Heroes - heroes
Fallen heroes

Heroes - heroes
Fallen heroes

The stars of today - a disgrace to the world
The stars of today - fuck them all

Hey leading man, are you getting lost?
The power and the glory is taking control
Is there any truth in the lines you engrave?
When your walls crumble down, I'll be dancing on your grave

Heroes - heroes
Fallen heroes

Heroes - heroes
Fuck your heroes

See through your eyes the deception that you give
Money, silver and gold is what you seek
An icon to the masses, a disgrace to the world
Not humble or caring you're the junk of the earth

Heroes - heroes
Fallen heroes

Heroes - heroes
Fuck your heroes

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Casualties, The Fallen Heroes Comments
  1. Toxic Tox

    Los Impaled Nazarene del Punk!!!

  2. Matt Bengladesh

    @garytheoaktree That's always awkward but thing is when you're not miserable inyour life and she is you'll get the last laugh :)

  3. Gabriel Fidelis

    the real punk rock

  4. garytheoaktree

    i was at school doing a report on the computer and i put this song on the headphones and everybody looked at me and some chick told me i had problems

    Yannick Dauphinais

    Fuck that cunt ! Casualties so good

  5. thyloko

    Ñintendo me trouxe aqui :D

  6. Collin Hanes

    The casualties, the unseen, and the gouls at cbgbs! i would have killed to be there!

  7. Pat OldZchooL

    The Stars Of Today, Disgrace To The World, The Stars Of Today...FUCK THEM ALL !!!
    This song is fucking amazing !!!!! Casualties fucking kills !! Metal & Punk Forever

  8. Nick West

    yeah let's face it rancid are pretty commercial now, the latest album was a stab in the back to the people who got them where they are now...

    i seem to remember brett saying in an interview that if the original spirit of rancid were lost he would leave. SAD TIMES =[

  9. Joey Reeves


  10. Joaquinito

    what?? rancid is the best punk-rock band, he play whit ramones and joe strummer! the legends of PUNK!
    the casualties= hardcore punk
    rancid= punk-rock

  11. wanderer1031

    rancid are a bunch of homophobic fashion whores. money money money!!!!! thats what i see in tim armstrongs eyes....
    fuck rancid.

  12. wanderer1031

    no you won't. you would have to leave yer computer to find him.

  13. Joey Reeves

    i cant remmeber what i said xD

  14. Eric Last

    Fucking suckers! I will smash Jorge in the face if I see him

  15. jwatson626

    Oh, give me a friggin' break. I don't even like the Casualties, but your argument is completely stupid and meaningless. I'd love to hear your reasoning of how the Ramones "stood for something" while this band doesn't, but I'm sure it would be babble. Punk bands all stand for the same thing. Making music that they like. Sometimes there's a social or political message (the Clash and Casualties) or sometimes they just sing about sniffin' glue (Ramones). Who cares?

    You're stupid.

  16. Joaquinito

    the casualties rae good...but rancid are the legend of punks

  17. doofdum

    Casualties = My favorite band

    Rancid = sucks

  18. IMgoingtoupthepunx

    Well, ya know mostly steet. Some songs are hardcore as well. :D Who fucking cares? ITS PUNK! :)

  19. pulpa21

    it's fucking good !!

  20. vomitinyourface

    Rite on, luv the casualtieS!! :D